Weekend Chartfest 16 – 17 June, 2018


Australia – change in 20% deposit for median priced dwelling, major cities 2008-2018



Australian mortgage rates



Australia – Credit impulse and house prices (1)



Australian lending growth and house prices (2)



Housing Finance, Annual Growth – Owner occupiers



Housing Finance, Annual Growth – specufestors



Housing Finance, First Home Buyers – Percent of lending



Crazy Commutes – Melbourne



Crazy Commutes – Sydney



Sydney House Price sales over time



Australia – Auction Clearances and house prices



Australia – employment growth



Australian Unemployment



Australian unemployment – various measures



Australia – Real Average Compensation per Employee



Australia – Wages growth



Australia – labour constraints and wages



Australian Real GDP – Contributing sectors



Australia – Consumption



Australia – Household Outlays



Australian Retail Spending by state



Australian Retail Sales growth and retailer size



Australian Goods and Services and underlying Government cash balance



Overseas borrowing in Foreign Currency by Australian Financial Institutions



China M1 and Australian Exports to China


Australian exports to China and Australian Inflation



Australia – Exploration Expenditure and metres drilled



Direct West Australian mining employment  



Australian gas generation by State



Queensland Gas Royalties



Australia – Renewable Energy



Australian electricity pricing in relation to European pricing 



Australian emissions intensity for new vehicles in relation to Europe





United States & Americas


GDP Per Capita, PPP – Dominican Republic & Haiti (they share the same island)



US Economic Expansions – Historical durations


US Budget Deficit – funding sources



United States – aggregate sales balance with the rest of the world



US Corporate Borrowing



US Household Balance



United States – Assets of Generations X & Y  



United States – Government Investment



United States – debt to income & savings



United States – Spending selected categories, 1972 and now



US Crude Oil Net Imports & US Production


United States – Gas production, selected States





United States Immigration sources over time



Innovation Adoption by US Households



United States – Iconic Jobs & salaries by State



United States – Retail jobs



United States – Suicide rate changes 1999-2016





China & Asia

Japan – Bank of Japan and Japan Government Bonds


China CPI & PPI



China CPI & PPI & Real Estate





China debt by sector




China Consumer Confidence and Retail Sales



China Industrial Output, Retail Sales & Urban Fixed Asset investment



China Credit



China & Eurozone – Nominal GDP



China Bonds – Interbank Yields



China SOE Employees





ECB Bond Purchases & National Issuance 


ECB Asset Purchases



Eurozone Industrial production  – Selected nations



Germany & Italy – Target Claims/Liabilities




Eurozone Unemployment




Italy and Eurozone – Total and Public debt



Eurozone – Mobile working age



Germany Unemployment



Greece CPI



Eurozone – Labour related Taxes



United Kingdom – Manufacturing



United Kingdom – AWE





Gold Reserves – Major emerging nations






Crude Prices 



Crude – Selected US Onshore production fields



Petroleum consumption






Global Corn – Days supply




Steel production – Major Nation(s)




Capital Markets

Public & Private Capital – Selected Developed Economies




Global Central Banks – Capital Market Impacts


Asset price Bubbles – Selected Historical



Corporate v Sovereign Risk



United States – Covenant Lite 



Deutsche Bank and Lehman Bros



Flattening Yield Curves




Global Sector Indebtedness



Implied Fed hikes 




Balance Sheets – Major Central banks




Emerging Market debt & currency




The USD and the rest




US Equities and the rest



US leveraged loans v High Yield Bonds




Technology in major global equity indices



Government Bonds – Who Buys?



Global Macro

ECB & Fed money market implied moves



Corporates and Sovereigns as debt drivers


Chinese FDI in the United States



Chinese Investment in the United States as percent of total outbound investment 


Core CPI – United States and Eurozone




The decline of public capital – selected nations



Selected Emerging markets – external deficits and oil




Emerging Markets – debt by sector



Emerging & Developed Markets




Citi economic data change by region




Intergenerational earnings and mobility – selected developed economies



Gold/Oktoberfest beer




Household debt – the Anglosphere



Markup Power – developed and emerging economies (maybe all that talk about competition was………)




Manufacturing Value Added – major manufacturers



Emerging Markets – Non Resident Portfolio Flows




Old Age Support Ration – Selected Nations 1980-2015 and 2015 – 2050




Pension related Expenditures – selected nations 2013-2060




National drivers of global growth – 2017 – 2019



Robot Installations – selected nations



Trump Tariffs – potential responses



Top 1% and Bottom 50% – Western Europe




Top 1% and Bottom 50% – United States



…and furthermore…



Air Pollution – the worst




Bandwidth usage – selected games and activities




Minutes per day – TV and internet




Plastic Bags being Banned



Plastic Waste – estimated blame apportionment



Global Population Growth



Dementia Risk Factors


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  1. Thanks Gunna. This weekly chartfest has become my favorite posts on MB

    Look at the divergence between DR and Haiti.

    • Super Phoenix

      US suicide rates – the poor choice of baseline (1999 was in the middle of the dot.com boom) will make it look like suicide rates are skyrocketing everywhere. Still, it is interesting that Nevada is going backward….. Oh, I know!!! Casinos were suffering from the lack of punters back in 1999 because every punter was gambling in the dot.com bubble!!

      Wait, since when Spain became a rich country? Also what is wrong with Spain and Greece? The UE in these two countries are somehow much higher than that in Portugal, Iceland or Ireland. Divergent of the PIGS?

      The bubble trouble chart is interesting – except it is not clear what is plotted in the ordinate.

      The world population is still rising. The living standard of the global population is still rising. The energy consumption per capita is still rising. There is no way the world can cope without nuclear power – go SLX!!!

      • I was spammed with a pump for Toro yesterday…….. Currently thin & flat, with extra volume evident before their sortie.

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        Is Spain rich? Depends where you draw the cutoff. If Italy is “rich” then Spain, which has the same GDP per capita, is rich. Spain is much more developed than Greece, and its exports of manufactures is dwarfs its earnings from tourism. There is marked regional uneveness but not as extreme as Italy’s north-south divide. The still unemployment can be explained in large part (but not completely) by the collapse of the huge construction bubble. A very disproportionate percentage of the unemployed are immigrants who arrived in the RE bubble years. Note that Spain’s economy has been one of the OECD’s strongest the last three years.

  2. haroldusMEMBER

    Is this weekend links?

    It’s a lot of scrolling to get here, homos.

    Sorry. Homies.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Sorry Gents it isnt weekend links but i dont know where weekend links is right now, and i am far too busy to do one myself right at this moment.

      I will do one circa 1000 on Saturday morning if one hasnt materialised by then.

  3. Great graphs once again.

    The immigration into USA graph is profound. Does it include illegal immigration as well?

    They had mass immigration from Mexico since 1980 just because Mexico is next door. Instead, they should have got immigrants from around the world.

    • Super Phoenix

      A large chunk of USA was once a part of Mexico. So it is not quite “immigration” as such.

  4. The Penske FileMEMBER

    Crazy Commutes – Melbourne has $145 PW from Frankganistan. Yearly Met Ticket is $1683 or circa $33 PW. Now if it’s including the cost of personal security while nearby to the station.. fair enough. otherwise where did the other cost come from?

    • Super Phoenix

      But reducing the level of immigration will deplete the hospital funding because we had chosen to spend our national income for bidding up house prices.

      So don’t become sick in Straya.

      • Actually the SP post makes perfect sense. We are so far down this insane road to hell there is no way back without getting burned. If you reduce immigration, then the whole Syd/Melb/Bris RE market comes to a standstill. Stamp Duty receipts disappear. Income tax crashes. The money available for hospitals (and a whole lot of other infrastructure) drops catastrophically. If we then borrow for the infrastructure, because of the unbalanced nature of the economy, it will have to be offshore borrowings, the A$ will take a bath, interest rates sky-rocket, he economy disappears down its own vortex. (or up its own…. take your pick.

  5. So 3rd chart in, for the first time it shows that house prices are declining before the credit impulse. Is this significant? If so, what does it signify?

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Our Banks, those paragons of dog eat dog capitalism, become risk averse when they dont think they are on a one way bet with house prices

  6. As interest rates declined US Household savings declined and debt increased????? How can this possibly be????
    It is a core belief at MB that lower interest rates mean households save more!!!!

  7. So Global X offloaded about 100k shares on Friday – they are still offloading regardless of the prices. Then I think SLX will stagnate around 20c if not lower until Global X is done with offloading.

    SLX is like a beautiful suitcase on sale at a price that is 20% less than the amount of cash stuffed inside the suitcase. The suitcase itself may or may not be worth a lot, but that is beside the point.

    Such a deal does not come around very often.

    I am quietly hoping that the suitcase itself is made of platinum.

  8. Great effort – with exception of “Global Population Growth” – which is mere fiction…