Sydney’s high-rise battery apartments to have high-rise battery schools

By Leith van Onselen

The destruction of Sydney’s residents’ living standards from endless immigration-fuelled population growth is well documented.

As the city’s population has ballooned by 960,000 people over the past 13-years, we’ve seen traffic congestion worsen immensely:

And housing affordability deteriorate to levels that are amongst the worst in the world:

The crush-loading is also projected to worsen as Sydney’s population balloons toward 8 million people mid-century, with Infrastructure Australia projecting worsening traffic congestion, as well as reduced access to jobs, schools, hospitals and green space regardless of what urban form Sydney takes:

The Urban Taskforce also projects that Sydney will transform into a high-rise ‘battery chook’ city mid-century, whereby only one quarter of all homes will be detached houses:

Sydney’s children, too, will have to get used to being educated in Asian-style high-rise schools, according to the NSW Education Department:

PARENTS need to get used to sending their children to high-rise schools with playgrounds on the roof — just like they do in Asia.

The state’s education boss said that is the new reality as… NSW tackles the increased demand for school places in Sydney…

“High-rise schools aren’t unfamiliar around the world. In fact they are very common in big cities, not just in Asia but in London and New York…

Mr Scott said that could ­include an oval being in the surrounding area, not inside the school gates…

So Sydney is facing a future whereby only the wealthy elite will be able to afford to live in a detached house with a backyard, and only their children will be able to attend schools with green ovals and playing fields. Ordinary workers and their children, by contrast, will be crammed into high-rise apartments and schools.

Is this really the future we want? One where Australia’s famed quality of life is jettisoned for Asian-style high-rise?

It’s time for voters to decide whether they want a ‘Big Australia’ of 40-plus million mid-century, and a Sydney and Melbourne of 8 million each. Let’s have a plebiscite on Australia’s future population.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Makes sense really!

    And this bit… “So Sydney is facing a future whereby only the wealthy elite will be able to afford to live in a detached house with a backyard, and only their children will be able to attend schools with green ovals and playing fields”… is rubbish! Poor people in outback dives will also have the same opportunities, well, if they could be bothered going to school that is!

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Poor people don’t value education, they’re too busy taking drugs and getting knocked up to care! That’s why I’m a firm believer that education really should only be for those willing to pay for it as it is a sign that they are of the better type who will appreciate it and will make something of their lives.

    • Very true Reus! Poor people will love the diversity of high rise schools packed with kids speaking various languages. The Aussie kids will have the unique opportunity to be racially and culturally vilified by bullies from all corners of Asia. The genius of the plan is that any overcrowding will be self-correcting. When it gets too bad, the poorest Aussie kids will just hurl themselves off the rooftop playground onto the street below. This is what happens when ordinary Aussie kids are too indolent to get themselves richer parents. Too busy pooing their nappies, chasing breast milk, and crying. What a bunch of negative Normans!

  2. Interesting to see whether people from Asian countries will be bothered to move somewhere that’s exactly like home, just with fewer job opportunities and higher living costs.

    • And locals who are rapidly becoming more ‘racist’; due to working out the local elites are running a full fledged feudalistic program, with a side order of extra vibrancy and grooming gangs if you live anywhere near Lakemba.

      When it all blows up, watch all those who spent the last several years calling for vibrancy and diversity change their minds overnight. It’ll be amazing to see – we will be talking white Australia all over again in 10 minutes flat.

      Who know’s maybe the left will also rediscover jobs and unions, seeing as their coalition of freaks is falling apart (feminist nut jobs, religious bigots, progressive cultists and various smaller cults who are really into freaky s*x). Sharing property and women, generally pushing degeneracy, clear hallmarks of every leftist cult for the bulk of human history.

      Like so much, first slowly, then quickly.

    • Asians are a mathematical bunch. They crunch the numbers on $/sqft and Sydney is still cheap compared to their cousins in beijing bird cage apartments.

      • Today maybe – but in 2040 or 2050 when Australia has 30 – 50% more people than today, but China has begun to shrink?

        60 million fewer people in China in 2050 than today – that’s a fair few empty apartments.

  3. Its what the nobility in Australia want which is why it is happening.
    Wonderful means of social control.
    Next step in their plan is a plummeting birth rate.
    Imagine a nation where people grow up without siblings and cousins, no aunts or uncles.

    The government will have us all by the balls then

    • Imagine a nation where people grow up without siblings and cousins, no aunts or uncles

      Don’t need to imagine – there’s already a bunch of these – Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Italy, Brazil etc etc., – and Australian birth rate has already dropped over the last few years.
      Can’t see how this fits any sort of plan, though – ultimately it’ll be one guy alone with all the dirt.

      • Robert the plan is to prevent another peasant revolt. 100 years after the Russian revolution the nobility has only now returned things to their former position.

        When you have no brother, sister or uncle to turn to, how can you stage a revolt ?

    • Adam Smith warned against over indebted workers as at a certain level of stress (like rats) they will stop reproducing. Are the same concerns still applicable today and into the future I wonder?

      • In one sense it’s actually difficult to tell – anywhere that has a recognisable property organised property market these days also has below replacement fertility. Even many cities in Africa, such as Addis Abbaba have below replacement TFR. Only rural areas with low exposure to commerce actually have birth rates sufficient to support expanding population into the future.

      • I don’t know if its the stress but certainly its the rat race. You now need two full time incomes to pay a mortgage. Then you need a bigger home, so a bigger mortgage to have more kids. People give up, fertility rate drops then (we are told) we need to bring in more migrants to keep our age demographic profile healthy.

  4. white ppl are so dumb they are willing to go to this extreme of an extent just to virtue signal. this is like not only letting some guy who was having an affair with your wife live with you so he can keep banging her but building him a guest house in your backyard.

    • Stagmal, with respect it seems you have never had any dealings with the Family Law/Court system. Letting you wife’s fck buddy move in is in actuality not a bad option.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        You might as well move your girlfriend in too, then you’ll have 4 incomes to pay the mortgage. House prices can increase to adjust for the increase in disposable income. The SJWs can move on from gay marriage to polygamous marriage, supported by the argument that 4 incomes are necessary to buy a house these days.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The first ‘high rise’ school in NSW is Arthur Phillips High School, where 90% of students are from a non-English background. It’s not white people who will go to his abomination.

  5. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Awesome! Soon we will be able to beat you guys at rugby league as well as rugby.

  6. Caught a glimpse of a TV news story last about “outrage” in Cheltenham, Melbourne (?) about a sign added to a house’s For Lease sign.
    The handwritten sign said: “No Chinese”

  7. I have been complaining about a lack of school ovals for a while. See autism rates soar with oval-less schools. See Australia’s Olympic performance plummet. Witness Australia’s test cricket players come exclusively from rural areas.

    • They have major problems with myopia in dense Asian cities due to children not getting enough exposure to sunlight. Let’s duplicate the problem here.

      Then there is the association between dense urban living and poor mental health – 20% increased risk for anxiety disorders, 40% increased risk of depression, and a doubling of the risk for schizophrenia. With the schizophrenia, what seems to matter is where you spent the first 15 years of your life. If you have a link for autism, it would be interesting to see it.

      • In Asian countries students and parents enjoy high rise schools the best in:

        1. Earthquake prone areas

        2. Where fire control regulations are poor and death due to fire is much higher when we stuff our children into high rise buildings

        3. When children fall from high rise buildings because of poor safety regulations – and because they are kids who are risk takers.

        4. When school fees are high because it takes millions of dollars in electricity to power air conditioning for schools in tropical environments to make them possible to exist in.

        5. When their is an increased incidence of injury due to falls in stairwells

        6. When fungal spores grow in enclosed spaces and a higher incidence of respiratory illness results for viruses circulating and causes higher levels of morbidity

        7. When their is an outbreak of Legionella pneumophila in the cooling system and people die

        8. When terrorists find that trapping 1000 kids in a high rise building or fire bombing it is a good cost-berefit strategy as far as they are concerned.

        9. When massive traffic jams result due to bottle necks and lack of good public transport – with increased vehicle mortality.

        The list goes on and on. It is insane.

        My suggestion is that a class action against the self interested morons in council talking up this insane strategy should happen as soon as one of these totally predictable outcomes happens. The people pushing the ‘enjoyment’ of high rise schooling are no better than child abusers who must be held accountable for the death and injury to children that is going to result. It is 100% predictable.

        The investors in high rise schools will be sending their own kids to low density schools in a green belt area.

        A list of the councillors approving such development and the companies and investors pushing it needs to be made. A list of the risks they are exposing children to should be sent to them. They should be made aware that these outcomes are knowable and preventable only by limiting the building density and height of school buildings. When deaths happen they should be followed for the rest of their lives, their wealth taken from them and an albatross hung around their necks.

        What we see now is a strategy being worked by disgusting individuals who are trying to change council regulations and safety ordinances to mirror those of Asian cities who have cooky-cutter proposals that they can make money from if they roll them out here – i.e. building to the same standard and model as in Asian mega cities.

        This has come about due to the usual neoliberal plan – run down government schools, cram them in, create a crisis and then offer a money making scheme to fix it.

        It puts out kids and society at risk of more than myopia. These assholes must be stopped.

    • Exactly – seems self-limiting, given population growth at current levels will only continue with continued strong Asian immigration.

    • DominicMEMBER

      On the bright side, the cost of a visit to a massage parlour will soon be comparable 😉

      • I’m hoping that we’ll also have a proliferation of cheap body shops where ugly sheilas can go and get upgraded. Like they do in Korea and Thailand and sh1t.

  8. Well stop voting for the Lib/Lab parties! Sustainable Australia Party or One Nation , en masse. And voice your concerns loudly amongst family, friends, work and social groups. Eventually it will filter through to the elite that the Plebs are stirring. STAND UP PEOPLE ✊✊✊

    • Stop voting? When was the last time we voted? It’s not as though we have elections every month or even every year, and in any case when has immigration ever been a policy to vote for or against? Having said that, I’ll be voting Sustainable at the next election but knowing I’ll be in the tiny minority that’s not voting for one of the major parties who have tons of money to spend on their campaigns.

  9. Why is my comment waiting moderation MB??? I pay my subscription so I can comment! Also promote your product! 👎

  10. DominicMEMBER

    “High-rise schools aren’t unfamiliar around the world. In fact they are very common in big cities, not just in Asia but in London …”

    Bollocks. Name one. London only has about 5 high-rise buildings in total and none of them house a school.

    • The Wealth Navigator

      Dominic, I know of at least one Sydney School in High Rise – St Andrews Cathedral School at Town Hall has facilities in several buildings around Town Hall. And has a roof top play area, albeit caged so the ball does not land on someones head at ground level and astroturf. In terms of ovals they go to either Wentworth Park or Sydney Uni. Never seemed to be an issue for my kids, as far as i can see, clever use of money. Why pay for land that gets rarely used, when there are facilities nearby. Same for our local primary school. It has an oval but there are two other fullsize public ovals within 500 metres. Both of which are rarely used in school hours apart from occasional dog walker. And the school ovals sit unused in winter weekends. As it stands at the moment school needs to expand so the oval on school grounds may be lost and the activities moved to the nearby ovals. Which is no different to other nearby schools (private and public) which dont have ovals.

      • DominicMEMBER

        That’s great. I was actually challenging the fact that London was awash in high rise schools — perhaps things have changed since I was living there. I have no issue with it — when education is being funded from the public purse the consumers of such have no right to complain at the lack green pastures, particularly in inner-city locations.

  11. I’m first generation Australian – my parents are Singaporean. I’ve traveled through Asia extensively. The last place to be Australian is Tasmania… and it’s rapidly being bought up too.

    • rentsailorMEMBER

      and FNQ, it’s pretty Australian up there..

      What do your parents think of the mass migration? Im 1st gen aust and folks Malaysian. My old man hates it.

      Said he moved here to not be in Asia with asian problems.

      As one commentor said. All the problems but no benefits.

  12. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    The human being has evolved over many years from being an outdoor apelike creature hunting for food, into being far better suited to living indoors and obtaining food via online shopping on a computer.

    I even saw a pictorial illustration of how the human has evolved to its current poise.

  13. Asianisation, a neo liberal economic right ideology sprung from the treacherous elites in the mid 1970’s, wrapped in the Trojan horse of the progressive left’s multiculturalism This immigration program is the path to ruin.
    These ruinous policies began slowly (very important not to alarm the population) at the end of the Menzies reign and are now set to full steam ahead.
    What to do, seems writing to members of parliament is a complete waste of time, something more visual is needed, such as protesting at the electorate offices. signs on the wall, graffiti, the throwing of eggs etc. Should make the news and embolden people to act.

  14. kiwikarynMEMBER

    You know, if you had a decent NBN kids wouldnt have to physically attend a school at all LOL

    • Sweet! Then the schools can be closed down and the land sold to developers. The developers can then sell the houses to Chinese mums and dads that accompany their primary school children who are here on “student visas”. Profit!

      Or maybe, once we have NBN, all the Chinese primary, secondary and tertiary school children can stay home (in China) and attend our fantastic Australian schools via NBN!

      • Then the schools can be closed down and the land sold to developers

        Just like Jeff did in Victoria.

      • Yes, Jeff got Victoria out of the doldrums but selling off so many schools was, in hindsight, his worst mistake. To be fair though, nobody predicted that our federal govt would see the necessity to turn the immigration taps on full bore and never turn them off.

        Speaking of Victoria, I heard Jon Faine on ABC the other morning talk with the new Lord Mayor, Sally Capp. One woman dared to call in and talk about the congestion etc, and that immigration needs to slow down, but Jon and Sally put her back in her place by telling her that everyone wanting to move to Melb is a good thing. The caller backed down and replied that she (herself) just needs to say nothing and put up with it. Other listeners sent in messages criticising the caller for wanting to keep Melbourne just to herself instead of wanting to share. Jon was also talking about congested roads, but whenever he is sitting in heavy traffic he reminds himself this is all for the greater good. I changed stations after that.