Sydney to transform from free range to battery city

By Leith van Onselen

A new report commissioned by Urban Taskforce Australia projects that detached houses with backyards will vanish in Sydney over the next 40 years, meaning future children will be forced to grow up in apartments, many in insecure rented accommodation. From The SMH:

While Sydney’s apartments are most likely to be occupied by singles (34 per cent) or couples (27 per cent), the report highlights rapid growth in couples with children living in apartments. These households – dubbed “vertical families” – jumped from 65,000 families in 2011 to more than 87,000 in 2016, an increase of 34 per cent.

One in five apartments in Sydney is now occupied by couples with children.

The top five suburbs for these vertical families are Parramatta, Bankstown, Westmead, Liverpool and Campsie.

There has also been strong growth in the share of apartments occupied by single-parent families; they now account for 8 per cent of those living in high-density accommodation. The number of single parent families in apartments has grown by 14 per cent since 2011.

Report author Mark McCrindle said… “Couples with children is one of the fastest growing segments in the apartment category”…

Apartment dwellers are also much more likely to be tenants: 63 per cent of Sydney’s apartments are rented compared with just 18 per cent of detached homes.

Those living in apartments are very mobile and 55 per cent have lived in their current home for less than five years. They are also much more likely to be born overseas than those living in detached homes…

The report forecasts the share of detached houses to fall to just 25 per cent of Sydney’s housing stock by mid-century.

“Towards the end of the 2050s, apartments will become the most dominant housing type of any other accommodation in Sydney,” it said.

As usual, the report fails to mention the key driver behind the shift to battery living: the federal government’s 210,000 strong mass immigration program, which is behind the extra 850,000 people (+20%) that has flooded Sydney over the past 12 years:

This mass immigration program is also the primary driver of the expected 1.74 million surge in Sydney’s population over the next 20 years, not to mention the projected ballooning in Sydney’s population to 8 million mid-century:

Since when have Sydney residents been given a choice about how crowded and over-populated the city becomes, nor whether they approve of Sydney morphing into a high-rise Asian-styled city?

The Australian way of life is quickly disappearing before our eyes. And for what? Just so rentiers like Highrise Harry and Gerry Harvey can feather their nests.

Australia desperately needs a plebiscite on Australia’s future population size so that voters can determine how ‘big’ Australia comes, not have it force-fed by the ‘growth lobby’ and their political mouthpieces.

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  1. Parts of Sydney are already high-rise Asian precincts. This is how Lucy Turnbull wants it. They are all crushed into areas out West and North West where she and her kind never visit.

    No growth is planned for the rich Eastern suburbs or Northern Beaches where Lucy and her kind live.

    • As the aboriginal way of life gave way to ‘the Australian way of life’, the Australian way of life will submit to the Asian way of life.

      Cross your fingers they’re more generous overlords – doubt they will be.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Sydney can be extremely boring so this increase in dense living should create a much more exciting place to live!

    • Reusa’s Surgeon Advice: For a feeling of full all day long, use Thor XXL B*tt-Plugs! Now with Bluetooth connectivity and auto-inflation.

  3. We have a very real problem in this country with our obesity rate ‘ballooning’ out to new levels almost on a yearly basis. Turning into a nation of fat bastards has now become a national pastime….

    A recent study reported that based on figures from the National Health Survey and/or Australian Health Survey the prevalence of overweight and obesity increased from 56.3% in 1995 to 61.2% in 2007–2008 and 62.8% in 2011–2012.

    Obesity in Australia – Wikipedia

    Out in our more regional areas the rates are even more impressive….Country SA has a rate close to 73%…..regional New England also living off the fat of the land.

    So this transition to high rise apartment living means we will need to poke a few more holes in our belts to accommodate our growing waistlines ?. Or will those battery chooks get a reprieve when the elevator is broken more times than it is operating. Twenty flights up with all that grocery shopping is bound to shed a kilo or two.

  4. And for what? Just so rentiers like Highrise Harry and Gerry Harvey can feather their nests.

    Yes! The futility of “growth for growth’s sake” is depressing. What strikes me is that there should be debate about this coming from our Universities – isn’t that the point of academics? Any number of people – Urban Planners, Demographers, Social Scientists, Environmental Studies. Heaven forbid, even academic Economists. Nope, hardly a peep out of any of them.

  5. “Apartment dwellers are also much more likely to be tenants: 63 per cent of Sydney’s apartments are rented compared with just 18 per cent of detached homes”

    So, are we being racist by not having them live in houses, or because the locals do not all live in unit? Either way, we are still racist.