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    Generally, I endeavour to update this archival website twice a year. First, around a month or two following the release of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey late January. Second, around October / November.

    Readers will note I spoke in glowing terms about the change of New Zealand government September / October last year, within the Introduction section of this year’s Demographia Survey. And too, highlighting the major housing policies within the Ardern / Twyford section near the top of the front page of this website.

    Following the Christmas break and the release of the Demographia Survey Monday 22 January, things ‘went to custard’ somewhat, as Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford went seriously ‘off message’, inflicting us with constant doses of density drivel (with light rail for bad measure), as he unwisely capitulated to elements to the left of Labour. … read more via hyperlink above …

    • As I, among many, initially thought Turnbull would be good for Australia, so I held out the same high hopes and optimism for Ardern. How galling that ‘they’re all the same’. And yet when we get a ‘politician’ with the courage to ‘do as he was elected to do’; Trump, he gets nailed to the cross for fulfilling his promises ( or trying to!).
      John Key, who told us what was needed before getting ‘in’, then ‘did what he was told’ by unelected players.
      There is little to no hope that needed change will come because there is no alternative. 1929 or 1890…here we come…

      • Mike Hosking: Developers running scared of Twyford, Kiwibuild … NewstalkZB … h/t GF

        My wife was talking to a developer last night and he was saying, what we were talking to another developer about and they’re all singing from the same song sheet at the moment, the market is very fluid. Things are very uncertain in the house building area at the moment.

        And they all seem to think this government is, at least, partially to blame.

        A report out from Colliers this week that says developers aren’t building with any urgency so the problem here is, basically, building is in a holding pattern.

        And it can’t afford to be, because we need more houses. … read more via hyperlink above …

  2. Indoctrination, Prison Gulags, Executions

    Gillard did run offshore detention gulags and the ALP is still committed to them to try and pretend they are against mass immigration.

    Indoctrination? Yeah, the Greens and ALP are into indoctrination. Anyone who points out that Canada and Holland have a slower immigration rate is taken to the cleaners.

    Executions? Yeah, Sally McManus wants to murder the careers of 190,000 Aussies per year. The Greens also love how homeless Aussies die.