Weekend Chartfest 26-27 May, 2018



Australian Housing – Where headed 1


Australian Housing – Where headed 2


Melbourne and Sydney Auction Clearance rates


Australia – House prices and the RBA


Australian Consumer Confidence


Budget Tax exemption vehicles


Australia – International Student Visas


Australia Productivity & Income


Australia – Public Sector Construction


Australia – RBA OIS (How far away is that cut?)


Australia – Temporary Employees OECD comparison 2013 (and how much has it changed since?)


Australia – Under employment and wages




United States – Americas


Argentina – Current Account Balance



Latin America – Current Accounts


Latin America – Fiscal balances


Venezuela – Bolivar


Canada – 10 & 30 Year yields


United States Non Mortgage Consumer debt


United States – Debt to GDP and Outstanding


United States – Incomes


United States – Richmond Federal Reserve Manufacturing Incomes


United States – Manufacturing Surveys

United States – Wage growth


United States – Total Factor Productivity


United States – Wages & Productivity


United States – Corporate Debt to GDP


United States – Public Debt to GDP


United States – Initial Unemployment


United States – 30 year mortgage payments


United States – Foreign Central Bank reserves held at US Federal Reserve deflated by Crude  


United States – Crude Oil exports to China


United States – Birth Rates and Womens First Marriage 


Births per 1000 – United States

China – Asia


China – Stimulus indicators


China Credit growth


China and EM Credit


China – Rated Commercial Paper Spreads


China – contribution to GDP


China – Trade relative to partner GDP


China Birth Rate


Japan – Core Inflation


Japan – contribution to GDP


Turkey – Credit Growth





Europe – Selected Nations Debt to GDP


Europe – Selected Nations Minimum Wages


Europe – Manufacturing


Eurozone – Selected Nations Fixed capital


Eurozone – Job Creation


Eurozone – Youth Unemployment (German)


Germany – GDP Growth


Netherlands – GDP Growth


Italian Debt – Who Holds


Italy – Public Finances, Budget, Debt to GDP


Italy – Budget & Interest Payments


United Kingdom – House Prices


Mortgage rates – Russia/Europe (in Russian)


Capital Markets


Eurosystem – Consolidated Balance


LIBOR – USD 1 Month


LIBOR – USD 3 Month


United States 30 year Yields


Long Term EUR – USD


Italy Germany 10 Year Spread


Italy – CDS


10 Year Yields – % Sovereigns below US


IPOs with Negative EPS and Tech


Market Share of Algo Trading (who is your counterparty?)





Australian LNG – Projected and final costs


Base materials – Average Monthly year on year change April


Global Nickel 


Energy Prices and the Economic Cycle

Oil – The road back


Global Macro


Eurozone, United States & Greece – Real GDP


Central Bank Balances 


Intellectual Property receipts – China & US


China and the United States – Exchange Rates and Treasury holdings of China



EU – China Trade Balance


China & United States – Average Tariffs 


East – West Container Activity


EM Nations – Selected Current Accounts


EM Nations – Current Account & ‘Government Effectiveness’ 


EM Nations – Vulnerability


United States and Eurozone – Real & Natural Rates


US Fed Tightening Cycles


Listed Equities United States and China


OECD – Temporary Contracts Full Time


OECD – Temporary Contracts Part Time


OECD – Older Employees


Pacific Basin Shipping – Composition


Productivity and Wages – G20


Pacific Basin Shipping & Baltic Handysize


E-Commerce penetration – selected economies

…and furthermore…

Life Expectancy and Health Spending (why is our government pushing us to follow the US model?)


Coronary Heart Disease – United States Deaths (1)



Heart Disease – United States Deaths (2)


Electronic Cars – Projections


Global Defence Spending


Land use per gram of protein


Wild and Domesticated – Mammals on earth





  1. Paddy Finucane

    Epic collection of charts there G.

    On the Russian mortgages I can tell you anybody looking at under 10% here would want to have about a 50% deposit, and they’d only get it from Sberbank.

    I knew Germany was the master of manufacturing, but I didnt know the rest of the EU was that far in the shade.

    And my reading of the RBA Ozzie house prices chart is that the RBA doesnt hike when house prices are dropping – but does any central bank?

    • Paddy Finucane

      I should add we are moving towards high summer here, and the StP track is lightning fast.

  2. Regarding land use chart. I recall a farmer telling me a lot of pro-vegan “facts” like that chart are bs because that level of plant productivity is reliant on animal fertilisers. It would be interesting to see some stats on plant productivity without animal or synthetic fertiliser, no GM, no pesticide.

  3. Super Phoenix

    Thanks Gunna.

    The life Expectancy and Health Spending graph is interesting.

    Japan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, South Korea, Israel and Chile are in one group.

    USA, Switzerland, Norway, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland and Austria are in another group.

    You wouldn’t guess that the former is the good group and the latter is the bad group just by reading the names.

  4. Two charts stand out :
    Australia has the highest temporary workers in OECD.
    Part time & full time. (See above charts)

    This is worth an article by Leith / MB.

    Australia also has the highest ‘international student’ intake per population of the OECD.
    By ratios of 10 or more times other countries such as the UK, Canada, US & others.

    621,000 foreign students on a range of international student, partner, post grad & visitor visas.
    That’s the real number.

    85% are in Sydney & Melbourne.
    Occupying some 155,000 Ex Australian dwellings now converted to migrant guestworker sub let cash in hand slum share.
    92% third world origin. Unskilled.
    Pass rates of less than 4% into a high income professional vocation. (Here or in their home country)

    The main stay of the underground illegally working cash in hand labor market, destroying Australian youth & mature age employment.

    Destroying wages, job tenure, congestion, non assimilation, living in vast migrant slum enclaves.
    Destroying Australian education and social standards.
    And they are the core intake in criminal migrant run vice & illicit activity.
    More migrant guestworkers than Gaddafi had at his peak.

    Almost all doing very low level pretext ‘English’, VET or lower level generic ‘university study’.

    An industry that only has $4 billion of declared funds coming in (often faked), takes only $7 billion in actual fees (this money is earned here so NOT an export)..
    And forms a $34 billion onshore illegal working underground industry, little or no tax paid.
    Transfering or sending out over $8 billion in money flow repayment to their loan shark, agent procurers and in family remittances.
    Negative economically & socially in every aspect.
    All are doing ‘low level education’ – often available for free in their home country or online.
    A pretext for access into Australia, work illegally & gain a PR for their extended family burden to be our welfare & health care burden.

    Time for a royal commission into the entire visa racket starting with the ‘foreign student’ component.

    • robert2013MEMBER

      I think I’ve said this before but just in case: please can you assemble all the lovely facts you’ve collected and posted at MB and put them on a website. Make some flashy infographics, keep them up to date, do some promotion. Hell, seek some crowd funding. I’d chip in.