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  1. Rack off Adam Bandt! Just raise the minimum price of a delivery to $10/delivery and ban foreigners from driving trucks here!

    • and yet the car manufacturers are falling over themselves to deliver electric vehicles. I don’t get it.

      • Dealers make a lot of money out of servicing ICEs. They need a lot of servicing. EVs need very little so they will have their profit per vehicle reduced by EVs.

    • alwaysanonMEMBER

      This is why Tesla has been fighting state-by-state in the US to sell direct rather than through dealers. The dealers accepted small margins on the sale to get the lucrative ongoing service money. If you take that away (EVs require very little service) then they’d expect a much bigger margin on the sale for nothing.



    Maersk to Cut Services as It Battles Shipping Glut – WSJ
    h/t todays Interest Co NZ [email protected]

    The container operator’s first-quarter loss widened amid falling freight rates and rising trade risks and fuel costs … read more via hyperlink above …

    Container Shipping – Statistics & Facts | Statista

    Google search ‘Container Trade Growth’

    • … watch these short videos …

      This Man Is the Father of Modern American Suburbia | Smithsonian

      … then … soon after … Malcom McLean created the modern container industry … dropping shipping costs dramatically … for example with what cost $6 with break – bulk cargo handling to just 16 cents with containerization ! …

      The Power of Outsiders – Video –

      … note here the extremely small costs of shipping selected items around the planet … so that transportation costs are pretty much irrelevant today in the whole scheme of things (thank you Malcom McLean ! ) …

      Malcom McLean and Containerisation | Maersk Line – YouTube

      … so that today …

      1. Standard detached housing should not cost any more than 3.0 times annual household incomes of specific metros ( refer Annual Demographia Surveys ; recent Glaeser & Gyourko paper ; Recent Reserve Bank of Australia paper ).

      2. New fringe starter house and land packages should cost around 2.5 times … at development ratios of 20% serviced lot and the balance construction ( Definition of an affordable housing market http://www.PerformanceUrbanPlanning ).

      3. Apartment / townhouses should be around 2.0 times ( to illustrate refer Houston Association of Realtors Monthly Report ).

      4. Fringe manufactured house (prefab) and land packages should be around 1.5 times ( refer Leaky Homes And An Architect’s Musing’s | Scoop News March 2010 published Interest Co NZ as ‘Houston: We have a housing affordability problem’

      The housing affordability problem is a nonsense issue.

      Only dim-witted politicians and urban planners could
      be confused by it.

  3. Wiley Wolf tag along tour: day 3: You cant pull the wool on a bushie.
    Now the wagners have spent money on this case and they want the best result. Remember AJ is the front man for defamation proceedings against various defendants (including Harbour Radio Pty Ltd, Alan Jones, Radio 4BC Brisbane Pty Ltd, Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd, TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd, Queensland Television Limited, WIN Television Qld Pty Ltd, Ninemsn Pty Ltd, Nick Cater and Heather Pascoe).
    And the last thing the wagners want is AJ swaying a jury of 12 good men and true.
    Believe me a trial by jury would be very risky for the wagners.
    So we have a trial by the bench where a sole judge makes the decision of true or false re the comments and then whether any false comments were damaging.
    You especially a don’t want juries making decisions on the latter, quite often the shiny arsed judge is well out of touch with public opinion (like politicians)

    So to day day 3 to look at a famous instance where the judge got it wrong, we go west to Roma, no google earth needed. We use the time established measure of distance in the bush.
    Roma is about a 6 pack west of Toowoomba for travel by car or a half a carton if you are in a RV.
    So now you are in the picture. Rural QLD honest, (mostly) people.

    The Judge Vs the jury: A few years ago a bit west of Toowoomba a punter was knocking off cattle.
    The stock squad searched most of the nation; they searched and searched and searched.
    Eventually they brought an unfortunate punter to court in Roma. “Starlight” was his name.
    Through the trial the prosecution and some say the Judge told the man words to the effect of
    You cant go around knocking off cattle, what do you think it is, bush week?
    Anyhow, the jury knew the story backward, many had personal experience.
    The verdict: not guilty, Too easy, counsel for Captain Starlight-aka Redford was the son of the judge.!
    The Judge then made a famous statement to the jury,
    “‘I thank God that the verdict is yours, gentlemen and not mine.”
    The judge then went in to politics, commission of inquiry etc.
    Eventually he went mad and was found drowned in the Brisbane river.
    For a decade after, Queensland cattle were overlanded along the Redford trail and today there is the HR cattle drive, but this time you bring your own cattle.

    Tomorrow day 4, bonus day, we go back to the “pulse type wave pool” at Yeppoon to look at the similarities of a finely tuned wave pool basin and the lockyer creek and earth works up to the embankment for the rail line, upstream of the town.
    Write that on your fridge, WAVE POOL. WW