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  1. Wiley Wolf Desktop guided tour; Day 2.
    Grantham township and denis wagners grantham quarry, ground zero according to AJ
    (remember we had a look at the Sarmarco-BHP dam failure incident, well this aerial view is a similar insight.) Remember also this is a crime scene, people died, so you need to be looking with forensic vision. Look for what happened as well as how it is. The answers are there, about all that is not there is the names of the perpetrators, and we can work back to them.
    They know who they are, they will be pooing their pants, you will be able to smell em.
    This flood occurred on 10 Jan 2011. The $2.5m Grantham Floods Commission of Inquiry has ruled the denis wagner’s quarry played some role in the deadly flood and it has also been established that “There were only two relevant man-made structures. 1 was the quarry pit” A quarry wall or levee which breached or collapsed.

    The town is located at S27 34 33 E 152 12 02 (the overhead rail crossing RL 119m)
    Lockyer creek is 800m odd south of the town RL 115m.
    The Grantham hotel is gone, shown only now by a icon of a bed.
    In the 2011 flood 12 people died, the single greatest cause of death in any one environment in the history of Queensland floods.
    “And I was trying to suggest, as I am continuing to suggest even here, that we still have no answers as to how 12 people died.”AJ
    “They all told the same story,” AJ said.
    “It seemed impossible to believe that 12 people had lost their lives in 6 homes and we still didn’t know how and there’s no resolution.
    “These people had no answers as to how this happened.
    “I felt that was a story the nation would empathise with.”
    AJ said the Holmes commission of inquiry into the Queensland floods had only dedicated 1.5 pages to Grantham,
    and that a hydrologist’s report to the later 2015 Sofronoff inquiry left him in “disbelief”.
    Survivors claim that a “bund” bordering the Wagners’ quarry on Lockyer Creek
    collapsed at the height of the flood,
    and unleashed the torrent,
    causing loss of life that otherwise would have been avoided.
    “You alleged on more than one occasion that the Wagners engaged in a high-level cover up with politicians to hide their responsibility for the deaths in Grantham?,”
    AJ replied: “Yes”
    AJ told the court he spoke to Grantham locals who witnessed the flood and had expressed concerns about the bund of Wagner’s quarry allegedly playing a role in the flooding.
    He said the Wagners had persisted in saying the bund was part of the natural landscape, when locals had claimed seeing it made.
    “Often things that appear regional are things that have a very significant national interest,”
    Jones said he was contacted by a man named Marty Warburton off air and another man that talked about flooding in the area.
    He then asked on air for more people to get in touch, who “all told the same story”.
    AJ, Grantham residents who believed a bund from the Wagner-owned quarry was responsible for exaggerating the effects of the floods.
    AJ had earlier told the court how he became a voice for Grantham flood survivors, who he said felt had no answers about the cause of the disaster, even after 2 inquiries.

    He said after the first flood inquiry report, eyewitnesses who had seen what had happened, including some who had made submissions, had a sense of desperation.
    He claimed some people talked of a cover-up.
    “What they have said to me continuously is, it’s one thing to lose your house, it’s one thing to lose your possessions, but what is most hurtful is that we have lost the right to be believed.”
    WW seems the last major flood was 120 years ago.(and there are records of it)

    The Grantham quarry is about 3600m WNW of the village
    The quarry is about 350m square, located at S27 34 20 E 152 09 57
    The portion of the levee which washed away was at S27 34 13.74 E 152 09 56.7
    So zoom on that above location, then go back in the image history to 8 12 2011 to see the earthwork undertaken to repair the collapse, and the previous image was on 21/7 2011 to show how it was before the flood.
    So we don’t want to upstage the findings of the court, yet,
    but a stat dec by Denis Wagner which spoke of the “western embankment” being a natural feature.
    “I don’t know what the definition of embankment is, it doesn’t state it here,” AJ said, referring to the SD. “But common sense would tell you that there was a bank of the pit and there was a bund on the top of the pit.
    I read that as saying that everything that was on the periphery of the pit was a ‘natural feature of the site’.”
    “What has disturbed me, which has led to these continuous broadcasts, is that the Wagners continually denied that the bund — the wall around the quarry — was man-made.
    They argued it was part of the natural landscape, ” Jones said.
    AJ said he spoke to several flood eyewitnesses and visited the region several times and was told of the Wagner’s quarry bund becoming higher and higher.
    He said the Wagners’ stance “inflamed and angered” Grantham residents.
    He said he was told by many residents that a man-made “bund” was built at the Wagners’ quarry, which collapsed after a “backflow” of water became too great.
    He said that resulted in what he described as a “tsunami” and a “wall of water”, and spoke about some of the people who died in the floods.
    “The bund was ground zero,” Jones told the court.
    Jones “I am quite prepared for the court to test the truth of what I have said.”
    including that former deputy prime ministers Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce had conspired with one of the Wagner brothers to “cover each other’s backs” when Justice Walter Sofronoff was appointed in 2015 to conduct his Grantham inquiry.

    So some basic questions:
    The levee was man made to allow excavation of the river gravels below water table
    What were the construction details of the levee (auger survey to determine)
    That the levee failed, slipped in part, is incontrovertible (past images)
    That the slip moved levee earth into the creek is incontrovertible
    Could this earth slip into the creek have been forecast, yes.
    Could the movement of the whole levee into the creek been forecast, yes.
    So what are were the risk mitigation strategies?
    Who was responsible for monitoring and managing the water levels in the quarry pit
    What arrangements were made for a spill way for the pit water overflow?
    So what happened after the earth slip moved into lockyer creek?
    You can’t reestablish a minute by minute transient event such as this with general flood modeling,
    Especially now as the court has ruled the water level information to be inaccurate.
    So the specialist reports are technical hearsay and bullsh1t. Intended to deceive??
    Why are eye witness accounts being overlooked. (If the bloke on the Centaur hadn’t seen the incoming torpedo the authorities (cover-up) would have said it had hit a mine, 2 mines, cos it was so far off course)
    What do the wagners have to cover up here?.
    What did the wagners really get up to.
    What are their general business ethics?
    Is this their general pattern of behavior?
    Who is pulling the wagners strings?

    Tomorrow we move on to Roma, same case, different perspective.
    When you come across these cases it is always worthwhile to have a quick walk around to see if they are roadworthy. For this case someone has knocked off the wheels. Like those cars you see outside barnacles office in st George. This case is going nowhere.
    Also if anyone from the jones team are reading this can someone go and buy an auto inflating life jacket for the beak. Write a card, compliments of wiley wolf.
    See if you can get ch9 to film the handover.
    If you leave the bill at 4bc reception, I will settle when I’m next in town
    You will learn of the need for the life jacket tomorrow, facts all of you will not know. WW

    • How about this: Catholic Archbishop found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse.
      The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse — Adelaide’s Archbishop Philip Wilson — is found guilty by a New South Wales court.
      Court reporting of the wagner vs jones case has ceased???
      Too late, I already know the answers. WW

  2. “Downer’s signature appears on a $25 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation. You don’t need much imagination to figure that he was close with Clinton Foundation operatives who relayed information to the State Department, which then called the FBI to complete the loop.”
    Lock this bas..rd up!!! He can share a cell with Rudd and Gillard!! Corrupt bunch of scum!!


    New Zealanders feel better about housing market (ASB Survey) | Fairfax –

    … extract …

    … “Less upbeat house price expectations for Auckland and Canterbury are consistent with broadly flat observed house prices. Conversely, stronger house price expectations for the rest of the country are consistent with sizeable house price increases observed outside of the major urban areas,” Tuffley said.

    Christchurch was the only area where most respondents – a net 6 per cent – said it was a good time to buy.

    In most other regions pessimists outnumber optimists although the balance is becoming less negative over time. Twenty per cent of respondents nationwide said it was a bad time to buy. … read more via hyperlink above …
    UPDATE – New (IPSOS) survey reveals housing, poverty and healthcare most concern New Zealanders – NZ Herald

    A recent survey on key issues concerning New Zealanders has shown that housing accessibility and affordability are at the forefront of people’s minds.

    The first of the quarterly New Zealand Issues Monitor reports, run by global market research company Ipsos, interviewed 610 respondents over the age of 16.

    It sought to track what New Zealanders were concerned about, who is worried about what and which political parties are seen to be best able to improve matters. … read more via hyperlink above …

    … Why has New Zealand Housing Minister Phil Twyford STILL failed to learn why the smaller local government units of Selwyn and Waimakariri work … while the bureaucratically bloated Christchurch City Council (like Auckland) is a disaster …

    … ( The whacko Unitec / Kiwibuild fiasco only illustrates the Auckland Council planners are still effectively dictating housing policy … and Phil Twyford is doing as he is told ) …

    … The two smaller adjoining local government units of Waimakariri and Selwyn ‘saved’ Greater Christchurch during the recent earthquake events …
    Lincoln (South Christchurch): From mill town to boom town … John McCrone … The Press
    … h/t GF …

    It was supposed to be a post-quake phenomenon, yet there is little sign of it slowing. Why are rural fringe towns like Lincoln still growing so fast? JOHN McCRONE reports.

    The contrast is striking. In central Christchurch, Fletcher Living is taking forever to get going on its East Frame townhouse and apartment block development.

    Government and council have agreed that denser inner city housing is vital to making a success of the earthquake rebuild. Yet despite inking a deal with Fletcher to build nearly 1000 homes back in 2015, the first 20 properties won’t be finished until late this year.

    The buyers just don’t seem to be there for them. And so the East Frame development has been uphill all the way.

    However, take the road half an hour out of town to Lincoln and the story is the opposite. This once sleepy village has exploded with subdivisions. Its residential footprint is now 10 times what it was 20 years ago.

    * Rolleston: Time to take it seriously
    * Christchurch’s $600 million motorways
    * Christchurch’s next problem: bringing residents back into the CBD
    * Government ‘locked in’ to contract for delay-riddled east frame

      • Barry McKenzie

        It’ll be ok mate. Even if the PC lobby get their way (and I’ve been on the receiving end of that talk at work already (fvck Ariana Grande)) we can just go back to *stopping* dumbing down the material – most of the good stuff sails through to the keeper with such morons anyway. Sorry. Intellectually deprived muppets. Soooorry. Fellow humans with a chromosome or two missing.

        See? : )

        PS “You fools!” and “Oh, the humanity.”.

    • haroldusMEMBER

      I’m reading that brochure, it seems like a coy way to warn against expressions of excessive vibrancy, without being overt.