ABC’s The Business slams Australia’s giant mortgage “control fraud”

In the wake of yesterday’s explosive revelations by UBS about systemic dodgy mortgage lending practices by Australia’s second biggest mortgage lender, Westpac, the founder of LF Economics, Lindsay David, was interviewed by ABC’s The Business to discuss the ramifications.


  1. Yeah – nah, mate! You’ve got it *ALL* wrong! Here’s how to kick ass!

    Also, it’s all good, check predictions, ey?

    Quoth the blogger blagger:

    Why Nathan grew a beard.
    According to Nathan, he locked himself away for most of the last year trying to understand the deeper workings of the global economy.

    Hence, the beard.

    Well – he’ll probably have to grow his pubes next, about the time he understands that both he, and the economy are f*cked.

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Gail Kelly got paid tens of million of dollars over many years because she ran a “world class bank” and set it ion rock solid footings when she left .
    When the RC is extended and it’s terms of reference are expanded ,she and others like her should be hauled in for questioning and asked to explain why what they did was not theft .


    NAB, CBA and ANZ better get a rescue chopper pretty quick to copy Westpac. It’ll be near impossible to run a ‘lawless’ lending business from now on without one.

    • ::sad::

      I tried but failed to draw an ASCII ROFLcopter that would’ve been so appropriate here!

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Isn’t that the business bird that falsely claimed that her bank forged her loan docs only to have to retract her rubbish? This segment has already been done and no one cares.

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  6. Just watching commission proceedings – I think police will have to act – AMP execs will be first but not last to be escorted in handcuffs.

  7. Have a financial advisor email me this morning with research claiming to buy WBC. Time to fire the financial advisor and sell all banks.

    • Double-plus-ungood if your “financial advisor” is moonlighting as shoe-shine boy and taxi driver Uber driver


    “The commission’s recommendation came after Treasurer Scott Morrison suggested AMP and its executives be recommended for criminal charges.”

    Although not directly related to mortgage fraud, it is an indication of where things are going. Institutions face consequences for regulatory breeches and misleading the regulator. The banks would have to be pretty nervous watching this unfold.

    I can only imagine that banks will clamp down on credit – which seems to be what is happening.

    Easy credit puts up prices – especially when interest rates are low. People needing credit to buy property will be squeezed. It won’t be what they are willing to pay, but rather how much the bank will lend.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Nathan hunkered down and broadcasting from the corner of a balcony on one of his savvy investor properties ………just like a war corespondent ( he needs a Kevlar helmet and blue vest ) ….before a shell lands and shreds him ……..this dickhead just has no sense of background does he ? ……but he sure is an expert on “the property market “