Credlin blows lid on how “fraudulent” migrant intake is set

By Leith van Onselen

Find above an interesting interview with Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff, Peta Credlin on The Bolt Report, which pulled the mask off how Australia’s immigration intake is set:

PETA CREDLIN: “We plan for everything else in society. Governments overplan… We always think about everything but population. And it comes down to this one time per year – going into the Budget in May – there’s this thing called the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC). And they sit down and decide what the population should be for Australia over the next four or five years. That isn’t done based on science, it’s not done talking to real people about how many people they want to see in the cities in which they live. They don’t look at what’s our carrying capacity… how much water do we have, how much food do we have, etc. None of those things come into the debate.

It’s just about: what is the input of population going to do to Scott Morrison’s bottom line when he talks about the growth number in the Budget. It’s just a device used by the Commonwealth Government in order to ‘ratchet up’ the right Budget number on that Tuesday in May. And that’s the real problem – ordinary people are shut-out of the debate and we have no plan…

I have been inside the room when they have talked about the population number, and it is just a ratcheting device for the bottom-line. There is no considered population analysis. There’s no thought about where these people are going to live.  How they are going to integrate…

ANDREW BOLT: “It’s such a fraud, Peta, because the gains go to the federal government and the costs are borne by the states. And not only that, per person, we have to share the goodies among more people. And as we have seen over many years now, per person our living standards are decreasing while immigration goes through the roof. I think it’s a complete ponzi scheme”.

PETA CREDLIN: “It’s a fraud”.

Peta Credlin also discusses how the Turnbull Government is committing electoral suicide by not addressing this issue – something MB has argued many times.

Dynamite interview.

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Leith van Onselen


  1. An honest comment from someone recently inside the “1% circle”,
    ……who somehow get more than 51% of votes from the 99%,… who are getting completely f ked over

    • If you’re in the 99% you really don’t matter …. and ironically that holds true whether you live in a hardcore capitalist country or a socialist country. All are dominated by an ‘elite’.

    • Kormanator_T800

      Let’s hope it continues, it is still an infant and can easily be killed or the focus changed.

      The movement is still vulnerable to idjits like Pauline Hanson. The “Big Australia” playbook to kill sane migration numbers might be:
      – to ignore it
      – to stop a few boats and say they’re stopping immigration
      – to pull the “racist” card
      – to claim that our economy is so dependent on migrants that it would cause a recession

      The “Big Australia” movement will not go out without a fight. They are powerful and make lots of money out of immigration. This is just the end of the beginning.

    • I wouldn’t call softball interviews that pander to Bolt’s racist followers traction. Don’t get me wrong. I want to see traction. But this isn’t it. Once you have Four Corners actually having an open and honest (rather than a question-begging, predetermined) examination of the issue, that’s traction. It’s the fake left you need to win over. They’re a massive constituency and will swing this issue. Still, better this than nothing and “baby steps”… Well done, MB for getting this going.

      • I respectfully disagree. The vast swathes of suburban outer suburbs are the marginal seats that swing elections. These people do not watch Four Corners. These people are already worried about immigration levels.

        The Fake Left voters are a good sized bunch too but not as big, and they are in Labor / Green seats that do not change hands at elections (except possibly between Labor and Green – and yes Labor is scared to offend them because they might go Green). They are immaterial – they don’t affect the 2PP vote, they are already solidly on the Labor side.

        But the Libs do not need to pander to the Fake Left. The Libs can target the suburban masses and if they do, they will win the next election at a canter.

      • A lot of the pro Big Australia business community watch Sky News. But don’t let that fact get in the way of your racism narrative.

      • Ergh MUH RACISM. Seriously, this isn’t an argument, it’s just low tier rubbish.

        Indifferent to Bolt but he is right on the money and I’m not a conservative. Same logic applied with Tony Abbott. Everyone crucified him because they just don’t like Tony Abbott. The message is what should be debated, not this throwing of the baby out with the bathwater just because you dont like who it is.

      • Honestly, I’m happy to be wrong on this. Perhaps Bolt will be the thin end of the wedge. But he himself is not real traction. Bolt is a racist. For the record I don’t think that calling for a reduction in immigration is inherently racist. The problem is that racists (like Bolt, Abbott and many of their adherents) support it. The trick is to separate the principled argument for a reduction in immigration from the racist urge. I happen to believe that Bolt won’t achieve that because racism underpins his thinking. If I’m wrong, great. I just want to see the outcome delivered for the right reasons. Slamming the door shut “because social cohesion” is a big problem.

      • McPaddy. I am racist. So What. There are certain races and cultures I don’t like. So what.

      • The masses watch “The Project” much more than the likes of 4 Corners or Bolt Report. More’s the pity as The Project has been very pro high immigration to date.

      • Four Corners interviewed industry people and very dubious “demographers” with a similar vested interest given their relationship to the same – where were the scientists and independent academics? There was no discussion of the cultural, ethical, environmental, ecological and democratic issues at stake. Instead Four Corners says that we should ‘begin’ a conversation. I think what they meant was that the ABC might now enter the ongoing conversation a decade too late. We are now at a crisis that risks getting nasty – and that’s a massive tragedy for all concerned. There is a deeply ideological motivation that explains why this “conversation” has not been had. We are supposed to be a country that is democratic and transparent. If one take home message should have been obvious it is how the Rudd Big Australia agenda was progressed by the back door and the Australian people have not been consulted about the biggest policy decision in our history. That’s just not good enough because it is in effect government by decree. It’s dangerous and any pussy footing about should be discouraged. Robust debate must be had and we have to grow up about playing the “racist” card every time someone we don’t care for says something we don’t like. What matters is whether they say something that is factual or not. Racism exists in every country, including Australia. But let’s move on and make a society that is equal and tolerant by doing more than yelling “racist” as a contribution to an important debate that actually has nothing to do with racism!

      • McPaddy, it’s so easy to call someone a racist which somehow dismisses everything they say. Would you care to elaborate why you think he’s a racist? I have heard Andrew Bolt many times and I think he makes a lot of sense.

  2. Agreed with the video, but I doubt business wants to have a debate about it… at least not big business.

    • Big business is already on the ragged edge …. and the population is growing at break-neck speed.

      You can just imagine how terrified they are!

  3. “It’s such a fraud, Peta, because the gains go to the federal government and the costs are borne by the states.”

    And there it is. The change is not going to come from the Federal gummint listening to the voters directly because they never do that. The state governments are going to see themselves suffering electoral wipeouts as infrastructure fails, and those politicians will start putting pressure on their Federal colleagues. That’s when things will start to happen.

    I saw a story over the weekend about a new highrise primary school in Melbourne built to educate the fruits of the ponzi. A giant 5 story concrete monstrosity that I would never want my kids to go to. A five story primary school FFS! There was no sign of grass, or playing fields or anything nice. It looked like a hospital inside. Horrible. And as well as that, amongst all the footage of dozens of little kids going to school, I think there was only one Anglo face. All the rest looked Asian, Indian and African. The results of the Ponzi.

    Diversity is not our strength.

    • Yeah I saw that too. How sad. What a sad life for a kid. “Yeah, I am only on level 5, I am so lucky… at least I am not in level 20 like my friend….” – that is the way it is heading very shortly. Density hell hole living… mind you, I doubt we will have so many people seeking the better life… our quality of life is eroding fast.

    • Some enterprising rent-seekers are lobbying the NSW State Government in the hope of obtaining approval to build a 12 story high rise K-year 12 school in the West End of Newcastle. With a shopping arcade on the ground floor. No mention of Maccas being included in the “development”- yet. So, in an age when emotions are aroused by the very idea of raising chickens in confined spaces, it is somewhat curious if not all that surprising perhaps that “developers” are now proposing that a not too dissimilar concept be imposed on future generations of young unfortunates during their formative years.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      They can only do this in an area full of migrants because the local would never let their kid attend this monstrosity.

    • I explained this to my Wife like this:

      “Imagine if I told you to work longer hours because I want to pay the mortgage down faster. Then when you say you need more groceries/eat out/coffee money so that you can not be hungry and tired at work I told you to behave like an adult and look after yourself while I brag about how well I manage the household budget. That’s basically how the Federal Government treats the states in regard to the immigration intake”.

      P.S. My Wife is a stay-at-home Mum and our mortgage is well under control so this isn’t representative of reality at all!

    • ‘Horrible. And as well as that, amongst all the footage of dozens of little kids going to school, I think there was only one Anglo face’ Its taglines like this that will derail a sensible conversation.

      • I don’t think so. It was an observation of fact. Is it racist or “derailing” to notice reality, particularly when that reality is entirely pertinent to the subject at hand?

        All of those kids, bar one that I saw, were observably from ethnic groups that don’t represent the majority population of this country, which therefore indicates a vast over representation of those groups in that cohort of kids at that school. This confirms the frequent observation that the immigrants are flooding into Melbourne, rather than distributing themselves evenly throughout the country.

        So an appalling 5 story industrial scale primary school, which is an amazing thing I’ve never heard of in my entire life, had to be constructed just to cope with the inevitable demographic results of the deluge of immigrants in that area.

        Not racist, just the truth.

      • drsmithyMEMBER


        Suddenly proportional representation of base demographics is important !

        I look forward to your future opining about the lack of 50% female faces on the boards of the ASX50.

      • Whats the point of making that observation, truth or not? Indians often smell like curry. Might be true but making that observation is not going to make the argument against the population ponzi any stronger. Even when your argument is perfect, like Leith on telly, they’ll be looking to play the racism card – why allow them to?

        If every face you saw came from Scandinavia the school would still be an abomination.

      • SupernovaMEMBER

        Truth is generations of Australians born in this country were never given the opportunity to vote on “social engineering”, except once and the ABS counted it because the politicians wanted to control the outcome.

    • “There was no sign of grass, or playing fields or anything nice. It looked like a hospital inside.”

      We urgently need to start “educating” our children to become robot friendly so that they won’t destroy the precious industrial robots just because they have taken their jobs away.

      • Whilst you’re at it, teach them about electro-gonorrhea – the noisy killer.

        Don’t date robots!

      • Dating robots…… this could open a whole range of new exciting possibilities for the mankind.

        These schools will soon need to start inviting haroldus as a guest instructor who has inventive ways to bring our evolution to the next level.

    • Very sad, for sure, but the immigrants probably think its effing luxurious. They don’t pine for green acres!

    • Still, she might have said done on this when she was the most powerful person in the country.

      • billygoatMEMBER

        Yes too little, too late!
        Femalish looking face (and yes MAN HANDS) for sure but they need someone that at least pretends towards female although totally lacking femininity to front the govt about turn on immigration – they can blame her if it goes south either way.
        And again YES MAN HANDS
        If I were a bloke I would not want them near me

    • Yeah, I never liked her but now I at least have some respect.
      I imagine her media appearance on this issue is in support of ulterior motive though.

    • Sad but funny.
      It is nice however to hear an insider say it like it. We all knew (or felt) it to be this way.

  4. UE and HNH – try searching Hansard in 2008 for Senator Chris Evans infamous quote ehen he was Immigration Minister during an estimates hearing. He literally said there is no economic modelling done they just choose a number for the year. I’ve been trying to find it but no avail. Will look again.

  5. Thanks Freddy, for the upload.

    She also exposed a ScoMo lie earlier. ScoMo said on TV “I do not recall Abbott talking about cutting immigration in cabinet meetings”. After that, Credlin said “I was in the room when cutting immigration was mulled”.

    • Almost gives me hope the Libs will one day return to being the best economic managers there are, but so long as they sing off the outdated big Australia, trickle down economics etc etc song sheets they will never be that again! They need to go through what the Labour Parties & trade union movements had to in the 80’s when they were killing the economy so as to emerge with fresh policies that are not strangling the economy as they are now.

      • They are all pretty useless – Labor and LNP. They are both infested with dullard neoliberal economic ideologues. Either party will continue to right royally trash the country while in cahoots with numerous vested interests. As for planning government’s finance/budget driven nonsense has not changed much in over a century and is totally inadequate for a modern economy..

  6. Yet we will put up with this current lot of crooks in government for another year because they have publicly tied themselves to not cutting immigration so they can’t walk back from it.

    • They can slash it hard like Theresa May did. But they would rather lose the election – just like PM Stephen Harper, PM Bill English, and PM Gillard.

  7. What’s galling is how explicitly the population ramping is (according to PC) used to juice Treasury numbers.

    Very much a crime of commission, not omission

    • Well done seasonedcycle!

      Well done also to Tanya and Gavin for recognising it as the truth.

      Now, which one of them is Peta?

    • “Who is going to be the Make Australia Great Again politician?”

      Peta Credlin: she’s good on her feet, seems to read the public mood and has a reasonable policy head on her shoulders.

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        And without having to feed her input into Tones earpiece all the time. Might as well get the real deal instead of the cypher.

    • Ino’s right. The GDP construct is very deliberate — mainly based around terminal spending i.e. this allows the Govt to boost the GDP number through stimulus. It’s all about control at the end of the day.

      • Your telling me that for a set of business accounts you must write down plant you built last year if it’s hit by storm, falls over or is redundant but for an economy accounts you just build and add it, no adjustments ever, and that such a system by contrast is not open to abuse. To me it is. You will see cheaper and cheaper stuff go up, further and further out from work and production until some foreign creditor wakes up to the fact that we are just flushing money down the toilet.

      • @Pester. Sorry bud. I ready your comment several times and I’m none the wiser. Perhaps you misunderstood mine from the get-go.

  8. #AusPol #Fraud …. nothing new…. except now the people are finally seeing the truth on the matter. Lets hope democracy allows the right outcome on this issue – the outcome the people WANT !

    • Like with free education, health and the property bubble? Democracy? Who are we fooling?

  9. Politics has inverted. The left used to be anti establishment, fighting the good fight for the battlers. Now they’ve become the establishment, hiding behind political correctness to maintain the status quo, they don’t anything about this in fear of offending someone. What has happened lol I’m on the side of sky news.

  10. We are now cheering on a person who actively took part in the destruction of the country, and admits to doing so, as she is being interviewed by one of the few people who we can legitimately call a racist and whose modus operandi is to get as much attention as possible, damn the nonsense that falls out of his mouth. It’s good to see a discussion starting but the old an enemy if my enemy is my friend often ends up making all parties look the fool. Just ask Mr. D. Smith.

    Sure, say thank you for acknowledging the obvious but then slam them both for being wreckers and opportunists who are only speaking up due to the ponzi now unraveling so quickly. They are both pond scum who’d sell you all out for a bag of gold and a smug sense of superiority.

  11. This is a good practice of game theory: what would you do if you were the Emperor in the Wall Street (other than make the Australian government sell off as much of its assets to multinationals before Australia can fall into the Chinese orbit)?

    It may come in 3 stages;

    (1) Stir anger among the local populace toward immigrants, with special emphasis on the Chinese ones. This will slow the flows of Chinese migrants and Chinese capital into Australia.

    (2) Restrain Malcolm from doing anything to calm the boiling anger, let the ALP win the next election, then pull the pin on the housing bubble by refusing to roll over the maturing loans.

    (3) Reinstate the LNP government after the IMF has done with punishing Australia for living beyond its means.

  12. And by her admission we know that this government is similar to a fascist oligarchy than a democratic state.

  13. The constant bashing of the ABC by Bolt gets tiresome and makes him difficult for me to watch.

    The ABC did give Tony Abbott a hard time, not because he was wrong on the immigration issue but because he waited until the Prime Minister was out of the country before he started stirring cr*p up again. Abbott said he wasnt going to be a wrecker and he’s done nothing but that, this time cowardly waiting till the PM was away.

  14. It seems that Australia is more interested in financing and building the US infrastructure as opposed to financing and building our own. Why can’t our Super funds finance infrastructure in this country?

    The two leaders discussed the President’s plan for financing and building America’s infrastructure. The Prime Minister noted that Australia’s federal and state governments, and its private companies and pension funds, are interested in working with the United States to support building America’s next generation of infrastructure.

  15. Christ. How did it come to this?
    I’m agreeing with Tony Abbott, Peta Credlin and freakin Andrew Bolt.

  16. Pauline Hanson

    With solar power now cheaper than coal, there is enough potential for Australia to have a population well in excess of 200 million. Bump up the immigration I say, and build 20 new cities, make Australia great again!