Weekend Reading 10-11 February 2018

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  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    DAX Futures
    12,001.5 -190.0 -1.56%

    Crisis point – nearly run out of tissues.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      When replying to comments from the one who has been banned more times than Ben Johnson it’s always timely to remember that your remarks *may* remain but their context will not.

      Gives a whole new meaning to “don’t leave me hanging”.

      Tends to depend on what mood the mod bot is in when it’s pruning branches, and, frankly, whether it got Lucky or not the night before.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Ben Johnsom eh, the TV crew came to my “Boomas Natural Gym” many years ago while they were only rumours to ask my opinion which was that I (as president ANBB) thought he was on them. Then I awaited the law suits which luckily didn;t eventuate.

  2. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Ino Is that really Mig? wish he just come out of the closet.
    Maybe someone will use his name and try to pretend to be him

    • Watching Miggy debate with Skippy is like watching a puppy hump a ball… so yeah, that’s him all right!

      • WHo’s doing the humping? Skipbot is the king of the non sequitur and a handful of other logical fallacies.

      • Lovely to see the evidence, might have to go back a few years to sort that all out, back as far as Freud and Jung.

        disheveled… migi insisted on that level of conversation, vulgarians only know how to express themselves one way.

      • @kodiak
        To be completely honest, I don’t understand what are you people complaining about Skip. His writings, whilst a little compressed and compacted make sense to me. I can’t tell you how I figured them out, they just do. He hardly ever really puts throw-away lines in there but he is a bit of an adept of riddles in their modern form.

        On the other hoof, I’m not sure why do you expect for other people to see the world like you do. If you catch someone employing logical fallacies, well, good on you… bring it on, debate it. Just be aware that sometimes lack of own knowledge may lead you to think “it looks like a logical fallacy “…

        It’s not my intention to be kissing ass, just an honest view.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Theres a few contestants, acusations have been rife lately, beyound me as to verification but I supose there are tell tale idiocyncrasies.

      • drsmithy, your theory is interesting but if you look at the average salary of British workers here on 457 visas compared to the average salary of Indian workers here on 457 visas – I bet the British staff get paid way more.

        So the market values British qualifications more than 3rd world ones and British schools way more than Indian schools.

        Thanks for saying that my problem with “Dr” Jayant Patel is is skin colour not his “qualification”! Ditto “Dr” Shyam Acharya!

      • GunnamattaMEMBER


        My thoughts pretty much entirely. In fact I have pretty much weeded almost all non member comments from my reads – apart from one or two who make pertinent and well written comms from time to time.

        The other thing I would note is that most of the flaming sessions and general rants tend to involve non members, and it seems to be non-members who have the biggest and longest running rantfests on (inter alia)

        immigration (of the type which drift into overt racism)
        same sex marriage
        global warming
        and a weirdly ALP focused hatred for the failings of our current politicians
        …and finally (and surreally) any rabidly pro or anti Russian/Putin comment seems to attract a wide range of (usually non member) nuts

        I wouldnt say that it is only non members who comment thus, but that we can be sure that wherever members do comment thus there will be a solid undergrowth of non-members ready to catch alight.

      • Gunna its worked so well for the for profit white paper journals.

        That said the solution is easy, make it a subscriber only business model, then no one can complain.

      • Stupid ^^^s meant to point to my member.

        I hope this hasn’t affected my credibility.

        Not at all. You did you best but it is a difficult thing to find.

      • The word Member next to anyone’s alias helps with credibility. Just sayin.

        Such a bright asseveration.

        Can I please have 3x membership to have 3x the weight of my arguments?
        Does membership make ad-hominem a valid argument or is it still a fallacy?
        Does being a “direct paid member” (as opposed to ads and clicks paid) make facts stated true or false?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Djenka, as one of the most correct bloggers, Skip, Ino, et al, I wish you would become a member, if only just to join the club.

      • Boomen…

        This blog is first and foremost a business concern, as such, one must consider the necessity of losing 15ish percent of your client base, which is a tax on – there time – do to excessive demands, and how that effects the relationship with your good clients in providing them with a superior service. Some very good studies on this imo.

        In retrospect ZH has high unique individual eyeballs, but its quality is not on par due to its model e.g. anything flies bear pit.

        disheveled… I don’t comment as much on NC anymore due to regional concerns, conflicts with opinions and base readership thingy, intellectually challenged. I moved to MB basically do to regional aspects, might reconsider membership based on how proprietors view civility and quality of information wrt to value for money.

  3. Trying to adjust wife’s Super investments: “Down for maintenance”



    … Sprawl vs density debate in Canada …

    Sprawl vs. density showdown: What’s better for cities? … Christopher Cheung … Toronto Metro


    The media goes wild for Demographia’s annual housing affordability survey, but critics abound … read more via hyperlink above …

    Demographia in the news


    … Anti – automobile proposed central development for Christchurch New Zealand …

    Hagley Ave resident criticises Williams Corporation’s planned Christchurch development for lack of car parking … The Press Christchurch NZ



    • A planned central Christchurch apartment block is being criticised for potentially inflaming on-street parking problems, but its developers say off-street parks would increase prices for buyers. … read more via hyperlink above …

      … Conventional suburban development Phoenix Arizona …

      Pulte Homes Suburban Development Phoenix Arizona


      Bill Gates just bought 25,000 acres in Arizona to build a new ‘smart city’ … Business Insider


      • Hi Hugh developer lobbyist extraordinaire….

        Last updated: Feb. 7, 2018
        109 Pulte Homes Consumer Reviews and Complaints

        “Original review: Feb. 7, 2018

        Bought a year and a half ago. Living in basically one room and kitchen. Had a total nervous breakdown. Yes that’s a review. Don’t buy. Not accredited. I assumed BBB. NEVER DO THAT. READ REVIEWS FIRST. They pulled us in, have chewed us you and spit us out. Looking for these BEST DEFECT ATTORNEY IN HOUSTON. But don’t stop there. Read reviews ALL OVER COUNTRY. IT’S A NIGHTMARE AND I’M LIVING IT. Had extensive hand wrist thumb surgery from moving things back and forth over and over so they could rebuild, knock out, put back up, when they show up. Sheetrock work. We all agree. That’s just a start. Closed Sept 21. 2016. Big mistake.” – snip


        Ouch one and a half stars…..

        disheveled…. you would think someone as rich as Gates would be smart, oops forgot about CORE et al, anywho has he or other investors even looked into water scarcity. Maybe they should study the case of Salton Sea, developers wet dream in near term profit, to bad about the long term consequences….

    • I’ve got Three words for you: Triffin Paradox unwinding.
      Now for those that want to do the advance course, you need to ponder the dilemma:
      How can a country that runs a Current Account surplus ever create the Global liquidity needed to replace the USD in international trade? think about the global Third party to other Third party transactions problem, hmm echos of the Silver / Opium crises.

      • A solution to that is not as difficult as it sounds but it may involve changing attitudes to when and why capital flows.

        Perhaps a bit more sand in the gears of capital mobility is not such a bad thing.

        Bad for some of course and they will complain loudly.

        Bad for everyone?. Maybe maybe not.

      • GOd I seriously hope you’re not even being remotely serious…..please dog – let this be a joke.

  5. If (as I suspect) VaR is just a measure of our collective stupidity, what does that make VIX and than by extension just wtf is XIV a measure of.

    • “VaR is just a measure of our collective stupidity”

      What is this royal our thingy about, some of us have been arguing against such contrivance from both the time travel aspect as well the human tool user problem e.g. incentives for bonuses et al.

      Then it concentrates the stoopid to triggering Minsky, resulting in the bazooka that has zero distribution vectors, tho investment preference of the [C]apital holders dictates the end results.

    • Daily index updated today. Although it’s the year on year figures that will soon make some news headlines for Sydney. Sydney is now only +0.66% year on year and if you take a look at the back series for this time last year the prices went up almost 1.5% in a month. So even if month on month prices flatline in the coming month they will end up being almost 1% down on last year

      • If the index stays static from where it is today then it will be negative yoy in under a fortnight. There were some heady gains this time last year.

  6. I doubt Mig will lose from BTC or from other crypto currencies for that matter. He was in so early that any recent pullback would be immaterial.

    • All immaterial. He says he will never sell! (lol).

      Which makes it slightly odd that he used to post USD price updates…..

      • Never sell? That’s strange. If I were him I would sell a small portion that matches the initial total cost base and let the rest keep riding.

        Well, its not my business though.

        PS Somehow the thread that came before my comment has been lost, so it lost the context. Well, never mind.

    • I agree. But I think it’s a necessary part of the pro-crypto script to claim you will never sell. It displays faith in the eventual universal use of crypto and proves you hate that worthless corrupted fiat stuff.

  7. Incredible that in the face of this treatment of the states by Turnbull over public hospital funding, Andrews can’t find it in himself to point out the reason Victoria’s population is booming i.e Turnbull importing > 200,000 in to Aus every year and that Turnbull’s plan is to wind down public services and infrastructure by diluting them in his sea of migrants.

    Victoria being ‘dudded’ on Federal hospital funding, Daniel Andrews says

    Whichever party offers the best deal on cutting immigration – and I do not care how otherwise insane the candidate is – will get my vote.

    • The Moron Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural……

      Well, Andrews knows that cutting immigration would hit the state’s stamp duty receipts hard. So he cannot stand up to Turnbull unless Turnbull can somehow find some monies from the nearly empty federal coffers that can offset the state’s foregone revenue.

      Perhaps Turnbull assured Andrews that only healthy immigrants are let in so they won’t burden the existing health system?

      • Well I just got home from yet another evening of (Medicare funded) treatment of non english speaking > 60 year old migrants who came to Aus within the last 10 years, appear never to have worked here and who all have complex problems requiring expensive medical care and Government funded translation services in the middle of the night.

        Now I do not know how many below legal wage, mildy overweight, insulin resistant, dyslipidaemic, chain smoking, 33 year old 457 (soon to be PR) migrants, with multiple first degree relatives with ischaemic heart disease, are needed to balance that out public revenue wise, but since they too will be lining up for their own expensive care in the next few years (which I know because I see them now for their cuts / bruises / other miscellany that they won’t see a GP for) , I’m going to say even more than Turnbull is importing.

        USUAL DISCLAIMER: I am very happy to treat anyone from any background and for the record, immigrants are much more civilised / polite / decent that white ice addicts, but this lunacy of hyperimmigration + decaying funding for public health and every other bit of infrastructure and Governments telling us there is a net economic benefit cannot go on.

      • That’s why I sometimes side with those who criticise the Nordic states and say they will collapse eventually. Basically they work when the society is homogenous and everyone has the same work ethic moral values and desire to do the right thing. You can have generous benefits for the disadvantaged, good health care systems etc.. I’m all for the socialist model. But if you start importing people who have no desire to integrate, see it as a free for all and want to take advantage while giving nothing back in return, well… It won’t be sustainable for long.

        That’s why I’d vote for Hanson, not because I agree with her, but because she is just xenophobic enough to reign in immigration.

      • It is said that chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

        Australia is in a real fix.

      • @Gavin: I agree.

        I do want to say however, that there are probably some non monetary benefits that migrants bring: whilst I have not drunk the ‘vibrancy’ cool aid, I do like the choice of cuisine and culture that the big cities offer and I think there is a bit of childminding / traditional raising of grandchildren etc that is probably preferable to 14 hours of daycare and 3 in front of an electronic device. For that, I could excuse some non integration even though the language barrier makes seeing them as patients take 3x longer.

        At any rate, there are very hard numbers in those columns in the budgets, sums which do not add up, which cannot be ignored and about which the Government continues to tell us lies. That is the number 1 crime.

        I’ll vote Hansen as well, I will just have to memorise the how to vote order, because I would be too gutless to grab a card from her booth worker on the way in the next poll!

        Anyway – on more positive note, please update up on your property quest, those combo residence / workshop places you have been looking at also get me dreaming myself …

      • Great to see people finally working out voting for Hanson is the only option we have.

        Labor have betrayed middle Australia.

      • Anyway – on more positive note, please update up on your property quest, those combo residence / workshop places you have been looking at also get me dreaming myself …

        I haven’t found anything that tickles me in the last few months, probably for the best… I am hoping something shows up when prices are well and truly down or on their way down. Gives good bargaining power and less competition.

        However I am now also considering buying a regular place with a nice-ish house and good block of land at rear to build a warehouse looking workshop. My great grand father built a home at 414 Wattletree Rd Malvern in the 1920s, a magnificent mansion which had a massive 4 car garage made of klinker bricks and a massive wooden bi-folding door. My father used to use it to work on his cars and I was always fascinated by the workshop (and house – albeit was run down at that stage).

        Shamefully the family sold it in the late 90s and it was bulldozed by developers for 3 large town houses on the block..(2 houses next door have remained in place). Ugly compared to the brilliant old house that was there. My aunt lived there for many years and I have been trying to get her to find photos of the house and I am hoping garage because I would like to replicate the workshop again. My mum has a lamp post that used to sit on it outside still (which looks very 1920s era).

        I always tell my family we should never have sold that place or the factory on city rd. Sadly I have very little photos of the place at Wattletree Road, but I did manage to find that the local council still has the plans for the house so I am going to try and get hold of them at some stage. I am hoping the garage might be on the plans, but it’s possible it isn’t.

        I do have some photos of the Warehouse on City Road (it’s still there).
        https://imgur.com/a/N9eVK (that’s my grandmother (no longer with us) and aunt) in front of it in the late 90s.
        Here is inside. (we used to play in the factory as kids, my mum worked for the family business and used to bring us in on school holidays etc..) I loved Roller Blading around the factory haha. I once found a WWII bomb shelter in there.

        I walked past with the dog around Christmas and sadly saw this planning permit there.

        It looks like they are going to change it, I just hope it’s sympathetic to the old building.

        I’ve loved Warehouses and old grand garages ever since….

        I also hate seeing nice old buildings torn down by developers in the name of progress. I’m inspired by folks like Peter Janson (racing car driver) who lives in Melbourne CBD in an old Warehouse.

        He also laments the destruction of certain grand buildings.

        My first home, the magnificent Federal Hotel, on the corner of Collins and King Streets, was demolished literally under my feet while I was living in its tower! It was replaced with one of the dreariest buildings ever to disgrace the city.

      • Basically they work when the society is homogenous and everyone has the same work ethic moral values and desire to do the right thing.

        Doesn’t exist.

        Oz had a solid supply of native bludgers, conmen, psychos and generally antisocial arseholes long before the large scale immigration started in the 2000s. Still does.

        The “no desire to integrate” could have been levelled at every immigrant demographic the country has ever seen. Hanson did it with the Azns twenty years ago, but now apparently they’re “integrated” enough that she’s allowed some in her party.

        The problem (well, one of them) is that integration takes generations, and nobody cares to think more than a few months in advance anymore.

      • drsmithy

        Why would we want to accept problems? Why do we want any migrants that cost more than they produce? Actually in a consumption society, why would we want any migrants at all?

        It’s not in our interests no matter where they come from.

      • d672 – it used to be the case that applicants for permanent residency in Australia had to pass health tests, and health testing was one of the few areas not left to the discretion of Immigration officials. The calculation used to be based on lifetimes costs hence why you had sad instances of families with a kid with a severe disability being rejected. Doctors attempting to get permanent residency used to get around it by taking a job on a temporary visa in the back of whoopwhoop then getting the local community to plead ministerial overrule for the doctor to gain permanent residency (only for the doctor to piss off back to the big smoke as soon as permanent residency was granted).

        If you are seeing lots of migrants that have chronic illness that suggests to me that either they are still only here on temporary visas or the pollies have wilfully opened the floodgates by dropping the health test rules (or perhaps there is a massive scam going on in health testing of applicants for permanent residency).

      • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

        We know this because all Australians cost more than they produce… the nation has been turned into a ponzi scheme, immigrants are keeping it alive.

      • “We know this because all Australians cost more than they produce… the nation has been turned into a ponzi scheme, immigrants are keeping it alive”

        Succinctly put.

      • Relevant

        “We know this because all Australians cost more than they produce… the nation has been turned into a ponzi scheme, immigrants are keeping it alive”

        Djenka. Why do you dislike Australians so much you’ll ignore the truth to hurt us? The truth that’s outlined daily for those with their eyes open. You want a house, yet are happy for 400k unproductive migrants to be added to the 24m unproductive Australians every year to compete with you. It doesn’t make sense.

        Please explain.

      • Why do you dislike Australians so much you’ll ignore the truth to hurt us?

        few things.
        Above is silly non-factual projection based on precast bias which I don’t fit anyway.
        There is no “us” – meaning your opinion does not represent (majority of) Australians. Neither does mine.
        I am as much Australian as the next guy, or you, or the First Fleet descendants
        wrt the rest, I have numerously expressed that I do oppose excessive immigration. Reasons are purely in numbers – for me though.
        I ain’t an idiot not to see when a certain minority disguise the own ( ______-phobism) agenda behind a real problem of excessive immigration. Stress on “minority”.

        I asked a simple question to substantiate your claim that “…migrants that cost more than they produce?” and your answer did not follow therefore I can only conclude the statement was pulled out of the one’s rear end or the answer does not suit the desired narrative hence the confirmation of above and disagreement on *your angle* at excessive immigration.
        If/When you abandon notion of “less unwanted” immigrant ethnicity, we may find more common ground. Or when simple numbers of immigrants represent the very importance AND at the same time their origin represent none for you…

    • CFMEU loves mass immigration = more construction
      CFMEU owns Daniel Andrews. = Daniel Andrews loves mass immigration

  8. Clearly lost the plot, why do they keep letting you back on here? I don’t mind banter but the personal attacks are not needed. Play the ball not the player.

    • I guess without the context of the earlier comment this looks like it’s swinging in the wind… 😛

    • agree with but some people just can’t help themselves. And some do it as they never get banned.

      For all your spam management queries feel free to contact [email protected]

      I remove comment which

      a. Is deliberately intended to offend another
      b. Is deliberately intended to obfuscate, deceive or appears to be a straight out lie
      c. Makes excessive use of cut and paste from other websites – particularly when a link to that website and synopsis of a sentence or so would suffice. This is also about not ‘hogging’ the comment board.
      d. Is excessively profane
      e. Makes potentially libelous claims or assertions (particularly if they are unsupported – if in doubt suspend the comment and refer)
      f. Is essentially irrelevant to the subject matter of the post (for whatever reason – don’t be too pedantic, but do not allow the commentary to become snowed by irrelevance).

      I would also add that any comment seen as being solely about arguing with spam management will be deleted. If anyone ever wishes to raise issues then the above email address is the one to use. But those raising minor trivialities (and there may be a PhD for someone wanting to explore the field of what anonymous internet commentators think they should be allowed to do and why they should be allowed to do it) may not get answered.

      The purpose of this approach is to create an environment where intelligent people can add their thoughts related to the discussion at hand and do so in an environment where they are not intimidated or offended, equally not smothered by materials sourced and taken from elsewhere, and equally where valid and well written points are rendered lesser for being surrounded by inanity, irrelevance, distraction, or abuse.

      It is not an exact science, and spam management is not always in play. It is more of an occasional sweep through the comments to see if anything untoward is in play. Where found delete first and ask questions later is the philosophy in play.

      That may be unfair on occasion, but it has been identified that it is superior to simply allowing the comments field to become smothered in irrelevance and inhabited by nutjobs.

      [email protected] hopes this may go some way to clearing up some misconceptions – though is acutely aware it wont satisfy all

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        f,/ is essentially irrevelant to the subject matter
        ,( except on weekends when we let our hair down and socialize for mental wellbeing as per Sigmund Freud’s balancing of id, ego and the superego.)

      • boomen…

        Freud was a mythologist, said so himself in a latter book, like a L.R. Hubbard sort, where if you get enough to believe it thingy…

      • It would be great if the spambot deleted all comments with the word “thingy” in them. Adds little and is imprecise terminology allowing the user subsequently to argue anything they like as the word thingy is all encompassing.

    • Yeah. Migtronix used personal attacks. Now I think he might have been a closet globalist – he kept excusing the fact that in 1960, the Netherlands had more people than AUS and now AUS has 7 million more people than the Netherlands!

  9. Foreign investors buying residential real estate in Tasmania will be slapped with thousands of dollars in taxes under a Liberal plan to “level the playing field”.


    Whilst the idea in principle is probably not a bad one, albeit paltry (a meagre 3 per cent addition in property transfer duty), would it not be more feasible to properly enforce FIRB policy given, “Liberal Government would introduce a tax on international purchases of land and residential properties“? Assuming of course residential property = existing dwellings in this instance.

      • I bet they would –

        Families forced to live in tents at Hobart Showgrounds
        February 10, 2018

        WORKING families with nowhere else to go are turning to the Hobart Showground for shelter — living in tents after being pushed out of their homes by the city’s rental crisis.

        Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania chief executive Scott Gadd has called for immediate government intervention as family after family turn to him for help.

        Mr Gadd estimates about eight families are seeking shelter at the showground, some in caravans, but most in tents or in the back of their cars.

        “Since the beginning of December we’ve just been inundated with homeless people,” Mr Gadd said.

  10. I’ve discovered Reusa’s true identity. He is none other than Twark Main.


    “It hardly needs to be said that it would not be consistent with my dignity to associate with the common rank and file of humanity; it would not be politic to say so, but, as a matter of fact, I not only hate work but I hate those who do work, and I would not have their stinking carcasses near me at any price. High above the contemptible herd I would sit enthroned amid a circle of devoted worshippers. I would choose for myself companions after my own heart. I would deck them with ribbons and gewgaws to tickle their vanity; they would esteem it an honour to kiss my glove, and would pay homage to the very chair that I sat upon; brave men would die for me, parsons would pray for me, and bright-eyed beauty would pander to my pleasures. For the proper management of public affairs I would have a parliament, and for the preservation of law and order there would be soldiers and policemen, all sworn to serve me faithfully; their pay would not be much, but their high sense of duty would be a sufficient guarantee that they would fulfil the terms of the contract.”

    • Was at the gym this morning and on one of the morning programmes, not sure which one but they’re both crap, there was a segment on “how you can make $50,000 a year doing nothing!!” as the camera pans across For Sale signs and houses. And now the reality; Mrs Nut has to tell these people at tax time that sorry, ATO says “no”.

    • I agree, the true Bottom fishers, haven’t even bothered looking at any Aussie RE yet.
      My guess is that it will take 2 plus years of 15% pa losses before these guys even think about baiting the hook.

    • Agents in those areas are “submitting all offers” and taking buyers low bids very seriously.

      Hang on – you fkers weren’t submitting all offers? Is that legal?

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That happened during our last rental search. The agents weren’t passing on low-balls. Places we tried for sat empty for three-four months. Two of them eventually reduced asking prices to what we originally offered. Even had the hide to call us and ask if we were still interested.

        These agents cost owners a motza.

        *waves at Ray White and Barry Plant*

    • “Cheeky”. Translation: it’s fundamentally wrong, like un-Australian wrong, for buyers not to follow the script and let sellers make a capital gain of at least 7% per annum since they purchased. Go on, do it if you must, but know that you’re ruining it for everyone, and don’t expect to get any respect from anyone involved in the process.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      *waves at water-thieves, Mattio, 17-year-old girls who have to lock themselves in bathrooms to escape drunken letches, Gina*

    • I see a number of journos trying to justify why they did not go after Joyce much earlier.


      So much for investigative journalism. Apparently Mr Joyce was asked about it and he told them it was none of their business so they left it at that. (gees, even the Daily Mirror picked up a Trump admin scalp simply by making enquiries).

      If what is in this article is even half right then it looks that for a number of months Baaanaby’s squeeze was effectively a kept woman, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer, though of course Mr Turnball and others totally deny this idea.


      At least Baaarnaby’s GF’s (estranged) dad shows a bit of humour. Gotta luv North Queenslanders.


      • To be fair, Katherine Murphy did say ” I didn’t report what I couldn’t verify, because I didn’t know that it was true.” so how can she be condemned for doing the right thing? The affair was well know in political circles but as many journalists could not or would not publish the story without hard evidence. What makes this story different to any of other half assed under-researched stories that hit the MSM is debatable, hazard a guess it was the sensitivities around the person you’re dealing with and not some dodgy tradie with 12 girlfriends and 19 kids doing a runner splashed all over Today Tonight or A Current Affair. Now the affair is out, there’s a fck load of questions that need answering that do not need to involve the Joyce family nor Ms Campion. Funny how this came out the same time as Susan Lamb’s testimony in Parliament, hazard a guess but reckon they though they could fly under the sympathy radar with this one until questions started being asked. Also reckon the Conservatives have a hand in this, they knew Turnbull’s office was involved and there’s nothing like a god smear. This will get interesting.

      • Nutty – yeah but for the journo to use that as a defence she is resorting to a Sergeant Shultz excuse surely? All the pieces of the puzzle were already on the table for much of last year and the MSM journos simply did not do their jobs and present the voters with the full picture. I reckon that Joyce will be lucky to survive this (not on the sex story itself but on the maladministration associated with attempting to cover up the sordid behavior of the two principals).

      • @Wingnut – I wonder if Darren Chester might not have had some involvement in getting the story out there as revenge for Barnaby sacking him in revenge for him not supporting Canavan for Deputy Nat leader.

  11. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    From 5.33Mins in, to the end, Brendan O’Neil nails how Identity Politics ruins Humanism and perpetuates division,…making the Solidarity required to challenge real established power, impossible to achieve.
    The left can not mount a meaningful battle against creeping Plutocracy without addressing this idelogical Fail.
    One of my favourite Brendan clips,


    • What really destroys Solidarity is people marginalising and attacking anyone who doesn’t fit into a handy predefined box. Like Brendan does.

      The hypocrisy of him opining how “we can’t move beyond” gender, race, etc to a more humanist outlook while he’s one of the people constantly making them an issue – and thus derailing any discussion of the larger problems – is breathtaking. A cynical man might even think it’s deliberate.

      He also seems to struggle with the idea of chewing gum and walking at the same time. Apparently there’s either class discrimination OR racial/sexual/whatever discrimination. Can’t have both. The black construction worker and the black professor simply can’t have had a common experience of growing up together being called worthless niggers all the time.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        OMG did you just write the “N” word!?
        You Racist Kant!!!
        I see you watched the clip,…I knew you would.
        xxx ooo

      • I see you watched the clip,…I knew you would.

        Fortunately about the only thing that really changes with O’Neill’s diatribes is the freak/weirdo/deviant/minority anecdote of the week he’s riffing on, so a) you can skip through the whole thing in a few minutes and b) trudging through a full one every six months or so (just on the off chance something in the core message has changed) is sufficient.

  12. As sure as the sun rising tomorrow, nay, as sure as bitcoin is a bubble, Zioshill is an alt for Mig.

  13. Brisbane apartment owners take massive hits as prices hit four-year low, values plunging

    I always find these articles interesting. Click bait to get every demographic in (buyers / sellers / negative Normans such as yours truly), but still skillfully deceitful – they admit a fall and that sellers are being lowballed, but are obviously being dishonest about the magnitude.

    National Property Research Company director Matthew Gross said buyers had done their sums in this oversupplied market, and they were being cheeky.

    “I think buyers have always been cheeky but now they are allowed to be cheeky,” he said.

    “They are going in and offering that 5 per cent to 10 per cent under the price, particularly for the established market, and they are getting results.

    5-10% !!!! I call crap on this.

    What they are hoping is that there are enough idiots around, who can still get finance, who will read this and think that 5-10% off is a good deal and that is where the market is.

    Were I dumb enough to buy up there, my opening offer would be 40% off and I can promise you that I would not be the only one at that level.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Lovey gets all embarrassed when I turn hardcase low-baller. She’s quite naive when it comes to such matters. Doesn’t think that people would be mean enough to rip her off. Yet she’s of the school that sometimes you have to offend someone to be truthful.

        Maybe it’s the way I turn aggresive when the slimes of the world try to talk rot and empty my pocket at the same time. Maybe we need to practice the good cop/bad cop thing. I’m good with numbers and she’s good with that politeness thing. But yeah, practice. This was us on our last rental search.


      • @Mining: apologies, I did not see that you had already linked that article above. You are clearly sharper than I am this morning. After work last night I woke up wondering what planet I was on …

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        No, not at all. My fault really. Too much spare time and all that. Idle mind and hands, left-handed mouses. Not healthy.

        Interesting side note. I was flicking back through the garmin records. The amount of exercise I did dropped by about a third during the six months I didn’t work. All that spare time and a reduction! What must it be like for the forcibly unemployed to get motivated?

      • MB, thats because you can put things off knowing there is always time tomorrow, next week, next month. It was always a mad rush to get things done in the last couple of days before going back on tour, now nothing gets done in a timely manner!

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Used to low ball when looking to buy factory in Brookvale years ago, must have embarrassed the agent cause he still scowls at me in the surf.

    • So much exciting news coming out of SA at the moment. I know it’s an election year, but it still seems like a good idea. The hydro storage, molten salt, more batteries, virtual power plant and now this. Hope it all works out to bring prices down. Go Jay!

      • If they ran the generators from Gas (methane) reclaimed from the Waste Water reatment Plant we would be “cooking with gas.”
        As they say.

      • They used to collect the gas from Wingfield dump. That was back in the 90’s. Dunno why they can’t from the treatment plant unless it’s just not worth it economically.

    • I’d like to say a word for the SPAMBOT
      A paragon of virtue and good taste
      It keeps in check the rabid rambling
      Of the feckless and profane rants and raves
      Emanating from the maws of the great unwashed
      Potty mouthed Money cranks and Joyless Scolds
      Must bend the knee alike
      In pious mediocrity
      As SPAMBOT redacts with an Iron Fist
      And mouthy minions are brought to heel

  14. My bro is selling his apartment, $10k a year in strata, elevator was down for a year, sinking fund must be Sh!t. But plan on buying at Bexlet small house, I told him to wait it out, see how he goes.

    My sister bought off the plan 2 years ago Richmond VIC, the shell of whatever was there before is still there, apparently if not complete after 5 years can get the deposit back, either way will sell asap once completed. People have to learn the hard way.

  15. An etiquette question.

    Is it more polite to embed the link like d% did above in the brisbane article, or just paste it. For some reason I want to put () around them – I think it’s a hangover from putting links into word docs and mixups with .’s

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      For those on mobile devices the raw URL is less worrisome, for those with hover capability on their device/PC it makes little difference. And if anyone really cares about the links they open before they click on them they’ll use copy and paste and create a new tab/page manually anyway.

      So taking the LCD out of the picture (lol) the meaningful non-gobbledigook version is always going to be more pleasant to read. I always used to include both though – until MB upgraded WordPress. Now I’m lazy and it’s just the URL.

      • Sad because we need more male teachers! I’ve even thought about it, after getting sick of working in the Corporate World I thought perhaps mistakenly that it would give some form of meaning to your life… 🙂

      • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

        Gavin, I know a few teachers.

        Imagine the despair you’ve previously outlined over KPIs, management stupidity, unaccountability etc., now change the context from running an efficient business to the future of the country.

        Voila, you are now a teacher!

      • Teaching is a profession which we seem to have completely trashed, respect wise, in contemporary Australia – particularly for men.

        When I was a kid I had male and female teachers. One of the things I have noticed with my son is that he has had far fewer male, and i do tend to the view it does have an impact on boys. The point you make about the #MeToo – which I dont really think relates that much to teachers – is one I have had raised more generally, particularly when I was considering going into teaching (and doing the Grad Dip) a few years ago. I had a number of male teachers and former male teachers all relate that they had got out, knew others had got out, or (more interestingly) gone into the private system because they felt there was a pervasive (in the public system) but not particularly detailable (and not generally involving the harassment of subordinate female teachers) sense of blame hanging over them when behavioural issues involving kids arose. One particular male teacher who had my son in Grade 2 a few years ago when he was being bullied by another older kid at the time replied, when i told him I had told my son to ‘Ignore the name calling, or call him something back. But if you think there is going to be some biffo – all bets and rules are off – hit first hit hardest, & keep hitting until you dont think you have any need to hit more ‘ that he personally agreed in the circumstances with what I had told my son, but that there would be ‘hell to pay’ if it came back to the principal (female) that that was his view.

        I never did go into teaching, and noted that that teacher took off for Europe at the end of last year, and that the school currently has a teaching staff of 16 with one other male.

        I tend to see the idea about getting ex-tradies into teaching being reflective of……

        – a society which no longer values conceptual learning, and wants day to day ‘applied’ skills slapped in instead ( I would have thought might be OK, but not if it diminishes the conceptual skills coming out of the students at the end of their education)
        – a society which thinks teaching is largely child minding and is therefore relatively easy (and that it therefore involves less ‘learning’ to become a teacher)
        – and possibly still a dynamic where secondary school graduates with decent marks were effectively discouraged from going into teaching.(due to low social respect, the risk of parent and kids with behavioural issues, and some aspects of a largely managerialised and feminised workplace – meetings KPIs and values etc)

      • Teaching is a profession which we seem to have completely trashed, respect wise, in contemporary Australia – particularly for men.

        I suspect half the problem in attracting male teachers is the borderline contempt with which a sizeable proportion of the country holds the profession (if not the fundamental concept of “intellectualism”).

      • I suspect its because they still have a Union, usual suspects will use any method of removing that impedance to fundie market based individualistic bargaining.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Tradies built the export apartments for the Chinese …now they can be part of the other great export operation ..EDUCATION for the Chinese …..and teach what ?….why apartment construction of course !! ….jobs and growth ……jobs and growth ……..getitintaya straya !!

      • “STEM jobs will follow.”

        Like it did in the run up to the GFC wrt the FIRE sector….

        disheveled… someone does have to build the robots…

    • Vote to take our democracy back.

      LOL, that’l be the day.

      Democracy can ever return only by violence.

      • Correct. But some will say just because we are allowed to be critical of the government we do have a democracy. Lol

      • @ Ric
        If that’s what it takes, that’s where it’s going
        Violence comes only after most cannot fit the latest iPhalus into their budget.
        This will never come here. They’re too smart to allow that.

        @ Nikola
        Careful there,
        even direct paid members can be banned for blasphemy.

      • I don’t agree. Wait until generations that thought they had everything work out they’ve been sold out and have nothing. This can’t go on much longer before that happens. Every new migrant hastens our demise and it’s been ramped up over the past decade, meaning the slow melt is hastened and felt over a couple of generations.

        You’re a paradox Djenka. You seem to understand the dire situation but accept 400k migrants a year.

      • You need not agreeing Ric,
        Wait until generations that thought they had everything work out they’ve been sold out and have nothing.

        I cannot sum up my life in a sentence or two to well enough explain why I am certain that Australian common pleb is as consumer as one can be (or the second place of it) and for that very reason I am certain that the only thing that will rebel the plebes enough to raise to the streets and not give up until the change returning the democracy is made is the absence of purchased happiness, or simplified “inability to budget the next iPhollus”
        When it becomes more difficult to suffer than change – the change will come. Perhaps not even then, but for sure not before.

      • Sadly, I think I agree.

        You haven’t explained being okay with massive population growth. I guess you figure it makes no difference, it just hastens what’s inevitably coming.

    • @ Haroldus
      More alphabet, Tg psy op scare mongering – sympathy and social engineering for confused people who feel victimised and marginalised because of lifestyle choice. Rally the masses behind them. STAND WITH THEM. FMD
      Truth be told Im JEALOUS of this community as I wish the political class would get behind people marginalised by being ‘under’ employed and struggling to put a roof overhead.
      The Balinese want their country back – CANGU Seminyak land grab. Because lets face it the only people who can afford to live in a million dollar Cangu villa are those who flogged their Melbourne metro triple fronted brick veneer AV Jennings special, purchased pre 1996 for less than 200K to a newly arrived FN on house buying spree.
      Got to talk in circles – nod to SB.

  16. Flying out of Sydney domestic airport today and the traffic entering and then trying to get out is in total gridlock…..all the way around the terminal 😝 It’s actually come back around so far it’s stopping people coming in. I got dropped off 3 blocks away and walked as you should do in a 1st world banana republic

  17. Well, there goes all their hard won official inflation…oil off about 20%


    Nice bounce off the 200 DMA… a step too far ?


    If history is going to rhyme and this is 1966 redux bond holders have about a couple of years to bail.


  18. That Micheal West story about the FF industry is infuriating. Seems that just about everyone who worked for Ian McFarlane ended up on FF boards or lobbyists for the FF industry. No wonder Morrison held up a lump of coal in parliament. Our entire political class seems to have been bought by the FF industry. Scum the lot of them.

    • Timmeh, I’ve known this for years. Why do you think I’m so outspoken on the coal issue?

      Pollies here are bought and paid for by special interests, just like in the US. Democracy in theory only

    • Necessary and welcome.

      Appointees appear to be suitable candidates for these positions and likely understand the importance of mineral exports to our economy. Indeed, these exports are even more a priority if we flood the country with imported renewable technologies. Balance of trade, mate. We’re gonna have to dig more holes and ship out more dirt to pay for wind and solar flirtations!

      • You really are a special kind of parasite 3D. Sucking our blood whilst cooing in our ear that it’s good for us.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yep. But it was still correct. And even funnier than usual. It’s been doing well in that regard recently. (being funny)


  19. For those who have been following the Tether / Bitfinnex scandal, although can it be a scandal in a completely unregulated market ? How about conjob of all conjobs…

    There is pretty clear evidence from this week that they are working together (remember they’re owned by the same shadowy entity) to pump up crypto values.

    Tether prints (creates) $87 million of new tethers. All major crypto immediately all reverse declines start increasing.

    Great charts halfway down this page:

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Quél suprisé? Non.

      One of the few benefits of regulation is that when siht like this gets pulled individuals *might* go to jail. It was obvious this was a likely explanation as soon as the first breakdown of which % owned what % of BTC was published. The rest just followed a greed is good strategy.

      • Quelle surprise, mais non?
        Surprise it’s a feminine substantive, therefore “quel” has to match it so it’s “quelle”. Also surprise doesn’t have an « accent aigu » or you would have to pronounce that “é”…

        Get it right!! 😎

    • So Tether can be used to buy bitcoin on the exchanges. And all Tethers are supposedly backed 1 for 1 with USD. Although redemption is on Tethers terms. All completely unregulated. The more you read about this stuff the worse it gets.

    • Ric, get a life. Your mysogony, dressed up as RWNJ comments, is sickening. For credibility, apply your standards equally to the ladies (and men) of the right – there are only few but often quite unpleasant.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yep. They both suck. Obviously ‘he’ should have also pointed out how vile all of the male leadership of the Labor party are as a preface to having made any comment on a female member.

      • Has nothing to do with misogyny. In fact it’s you making it about women isn’t it?

        I love women. Hanson for example. Big fan.

      • The traveling Wilbur

        lol. Seriously, the article is about Wong.

        I constantly bag the other clowns. I shouldn’t need to include them to not be labelled a misogynist.

        Grow up itag.

      • RWNJ because I don’t want my country sold along with open borders.

        You’re going to see RWNJ for sure, not from me, but it’s coming. The left are such fools.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        @Ric get a few IQ points from ebay and then read my post again with your sarcasm detector turned on.

        You might be right, but I guess that’s by accident. Muppet.

      • The travelling Wilbur.

        You’re right. I misread what you said. I realised quickly and edited it to aim it at itag but not enough. Apologies.

      • DarkMatterMEMBER

        Don’t you just love it when the thought police come stomping in their clod hoppers and declare something as “sickening”? The other one is “vile ….”. Yep it is vile and sickening (sometimes both) when someone says things that don’t toe the party line.

        @ITAg .. here is a thought. Have you considered that you don’t go far enough with your outrage at ideological apostates?

        Let me get you started. You should have blasted Ric with both barrels. Don’t hold back! Try something like this …

        “Your VILE and SICKENING racist attack on Penny Wong has given me ebola and my brain is squirting out my ears! You are an evil RETARD who should be rounded up and sent to a re-education camp. There is just no reasoning with RIGHT-WING monsters like you!”

        It’s the only language they understand, and getting it off your chest will make you feel good about yourself.

    • lets hope labor picks her as their next foreign minister nominee so it sinks their chances. i reckon australians wont brook her holding that much power.

      she should be working reception at the front of a police station, not serving in our parliament.

      • bc she is horrible and that is the only acceptable level of power she should be allowed to exercise.

        also police station receptionist is perfect for her cuz its kinda masculine and kinda feminine at the same time.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Fair enough. Though you’ve set a fairly high bar for the rest of Parliament.

        E.g. there’s a certain ex-Police Minister who should​ never see the front counter of a station again. Quite a demanding role actually (spelled r-o-l-e for those paying attention to the markets on this site).

      • Agree Stag. When Penelope was Finance Minister, she implemented the Public Service efficiency dividend which in itself was not a bad thing. Problem is, once the low hanging fruit savings were harvested, the dividend went up and job cuts were ordered. When the Departmental Secretaries advised her of that, her response was “that’s your decision” effectively washing her hands of any policy ownership. Policy cowardice was not unheard of upto that point but it did pretty much become modus operandi after that.

    • I agree Ric i couldn’t care less if it was a woman or man, shes unaustralian and a sellout. I am ex labor because of mps like her

    • Again, Labor delineates Australia’s potential future relationship and role in the region with eloquence and panache. Far preferable to the bumbling, quasi racist, interrogative exhortations of Turnbull and Co.

      With continued work ethic and judicious exercise of intellect, Wong promises to be a fine Foriegn Minister.

      • Australia will never vote for closer relationships with China. Labor finding more ways to make sure Australia vote LNP back in. My bet on Turnbull taking LNP to the election and another on LNP winning is looking better and better.

        Labor, you’ve gotta laugh.

  20. One for boomengineering: a couple of weeks back you were posting about how Captain Cook was not the European who “discovered” Australia. I’ve just finished reading a book, first published in 1967, about the Palmer River Gold Rush (which mainly ran from 1873 to 1876). To set the scene for James Mulligan and his mates’ first discoveries the author talks about how for centuries Chinese and Malay fisherman had been making landfall in the Gulf and how a century and a half before Cook got to North Qld, Dutch and the Portuguese expeditions went there looking for gold (the Staaten River was given its name by the Dutch in 1623). They found no gold but did find the land unattractive and “natives” agressive and hungry, which apparently was enough to discourage further efforts.

    • There is a couple of towns in Aus where the Aboriginals wouldn’t go to. One is Kurumba at the bottom of the gulf. So the story goes, the PNG headhunters used to disembark there on their hunting trips. Oddly enough, the other one I know of is Exmouth in WA, but I don’t know the story behind that one. Not many people going to be landing in that part of the world. (yes, I know the dutch did a few times, Batavia etc.)

      • Timmeh – I’m only going on what was in the book I read (River of Gold, Hector Holthouse): cannibalism was also widespread amongst the tribes of the Cape York Pennisula, and it was viewed as a foodsource not ceremonial. Even within the tribes, women and children and sick and injured men were killed and eaten. Europeans who travelled through the reqion were often confronted by hunting parties of one or two hundred warriors. Captured Europeans would have their legs broken until the next meal was needed whilst sometimes Chinese captives were hung from trees using their queues (hair).

        Apparently the Cape tribesmen whilst generally referred to by the Europeans as “blacks” were described as having copper coloured skin and hair and as being well built and tall (many over 6 foot tall). The only reason why the Europeans and Chinese held their own was because they had guns and the local people only had spears and waddies. Pretty violent part of our history it seems.

        Do doubt there would have been interactions between people from the PNG and the Torres Strait with Aboriginals from the Cape. I could imagine any interaction between PNG tribesmen and Cape aborginals would have been ferocious.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        There was a fairly ferocious mob from Isa way called the Kalkadoons who would have given them a run for their money.

        Musket fire ended their world at Battle Hill in the 1880s.

      • Here’s one for haroldus – the tribe that resided in and around the Palmer River gold fields was the Merkin.

  21. I don’t think you’ve been paying attention, Doctor Finkel.

    Australia had the potential to develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars, but there was “no actual large-scale activity” to date, Dr Finkel said.

    “Around the world what you’re seeing is companies getting into it partly because there is some support from government,” he said.

    “We’ve got a workforce, we’ve got access to raw materials such as lithium … we’ve got experience in designing, building and exporting products, but we haven’t made that kind of commitment.”


    • The Traveling Wilbur

      12th time lucky. Add a ‘coal’ where you think it should go. You’re Australian. You should be good at that.

      Bush meets profit.

      http://theinternational ition.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/how-war-made-bush-family-rich.html?m=1

      Epically blastedly stupid bam spot. *shakes fist futilely*

  22. ABC Radio Sydney Wed 7 February

    Wendy Harmer shuts down debate on population growth and the impact on the environment.

    The conversation with Dr Derek Spielman, Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology at Sydney University,.starts at 1.20.00


    He makes the point that the root cause of loss of habitat is due to rapid population growth started by John Howard.
    At which point Wendy (1.26.20) chimes in with “well that’s a done deal” and cuts the discussion down.

    There must be a clear directive from ABC Management across the boards to avoid this debate at all cost.

    Listen here for yourself…..

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Happens on Melbourne ABC regularly as well. Can. Not. Question. Population. Growth.

      Geez, that Buck lad made a blue with such a leading question. There could only be one response to it. Betcha Harmer was giving him the evil eye over the desk as the words came out.

    • It’s as if nothing of substance can ever be discussed again in this country – straya is by a long shot the dumbest western country of them all easily

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        You’se must be racialist or summin’ to say summin’ like that!

        Oh. Wait. Now I’m confused.

        Afternoon lay-down and Chardonay time for me.

      • white light bulbs are racist these days, when will the greens and labor excrete a movement declaring all lights bulbs to reflect Australia’s multicultural enrichment and diversity, we really should all be living in the dark! Ok it’s beer time for me too

    • The ABC are a mouth piece for big Australia. That’s why LNP changed the CEO. They’re exactly where LNP want them.

      Labor and Greens should be calling for it to be shut down.

      There’s only one way out of this disgraceful mess. Vote 1 Hanson, local, state and federal.

    • Wow, just listened.
      They don’t like development but won’t talk about population growth.

    • Well spotted Stomper. Agree completely with you Mining – the immigration fatwah in action. I was very surprised not to hear a series of beeps as happens when someone comes on and lets fly with a stream of curse words. I doubt Dr Spielman will ever be a guest on an ABC program ever again. ABC has probably sent a complaint to his employer (Sydney Uni) alleging crimes against humanity for what he said.

      @Haroldus: I find her voice and overfed-white-woman-of-privilege tone about as appealing as the proverbial fingernails on a blackboard (I do not know what the modern meme equivalency is) and I ask you man, why do you keep putting yourself through this torture when there is so much else out there to enjoy?

  23. Auction Clearances via Domain

    Number Listed Auctions: 460
    Number Reported Auctions: 290
    Sold: 225
    Withdrawn: 33
    % Cleared: 70 %
    Total Sales: $225,339,067
    Median: $1,190,000

    Number Listed Auctions: 541
    Number Reported Auctions: 400
    Sold: 300
    Withdrawn: 18
    % Cleared: 72 %
    Total Sales: $194,621,751
    Median: $690,500

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      I’m rather afraid those are​ made up numbers… but if not…ROFL

      18-months y’all. Just 18-months. *giggle*

      • Does being an international student give you (or your family) an excemption from Chinese capital controls ?

      • Not just students but they may act as proxies because they can buy existing properties legally in OZ.

        Lots of ways to get money. Borrow through Singapore or use an underground bank who launders through HK or Macao.
        Macao casino revenue jumped 40% month on month. Money laundering anyone?

        Things can be arranged if you are connected. And if you aren’t you find an ‘agent’ to take care of things for you (for a fee of course)

      • I’m worried you’re right Grammus. It looks like there is some irrational exuberance back in the market.

      • I’m worried that I’m right too. But seriously Australia’s population is going to grow by hundreds of thousands (relative to the Xmas period) over the next 30 days. It only takes a small proportion of them to buy and bingo!

      • If CNY and the international student influx can only get you to 70% in your rubbery figures, it doesn’t bode well.

      • CNY is next Friday, 16th Feb. If you’re a mainlanders student heading back to Oz after CNY not only would you miss this weekends auctions you’d miss next weekends auctions too.

      • Chinese go on holidays during CNY. Massive numbers coming here now.
        Can see it building on the streets.
        A large chunk are international students arriving for S1. We are talking very very large numbers in total.

        So much for Xi Jinping punishing Australia by turning the tourists and students off. What a paper tiger! We will need to try harder to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

      • Xi will play with the student and tourists numbers only if China loses hopes on getting Australia signing extradition treaty. This move will put Australia in extremely difficult position where we will have to do something but actually can’t. Are we going to stop selling iron ore or coal or gass..? Nope we can’t afford. And if we go nasty then China can simply cancel free trade agreement but that will only be risked if situation in the South China Sea gets close to military intervention.
        I can see China making passive attack in the form of only recognising OS. Degrees in the fields where china has strategic deficits. This way China can easily half the student numbers here.

    • Both, Syd clearance rates and med price are worrying – points to prices going up again. It will be long waiting for Friday corelogic numbers to come.

  24. Barnaby on the take with free rent from businessman mate. Cant afford to pay his own rent?

    Straya a molten cesspool of corruption.

    • By the time Mrs. Barnyard is thru with Barney he will be lucky to afford the child maintainence on the new sprog.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        He also just piled a heap of money into tourism accomodation in the area and needs the federal gubmint to okay an airport expansion to make it worthwhile.

        Now guess which MP has those sort of matters in their portfolio…

  25. Clarke, the worst Australian “captain” in my memory, never fails to put the boot into Smith, a captain who inspires near-fanatic devotion.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      So, who wants to guess how many of the poor souls the charity he helps out gives aid to are in that position because all of the jobs have gone offshore?

    • Two days ago US planes bombed Syrian forces attacking al Qaeda unles we have believe that free Syrian army really exists – especially in that part of Syria.

      • There is a deconfliction zone between Regime forces and the Syrian Kurds in north east Syria. Regime forces tried to violate it and attacked the Kurds. They were smacked hard by coalition air assets for their troubles.

        Al Qaeda has not been in that part of Syria for years. ISIS were there, but have since been smashed by the Kurds on one side of the Euphrates and the regime on the other side.

      • @brenton – Assad forces don’t fight the Kurds as they now US will defend them. Plus they left that to Turkey. The region in question is under al nusra now called whatever so it can pass as Syrian free army.

      • You’re right in saying that the Regime is fighting HTS (latest name for Al Qaeda) in Idlib, but the incident we are talking about is in the east. Regime forces (more specifically regime militias) attempted to break the truce and attacked Kurdish lines. Yanks bombed the living hell out of them in response; note that the Russians did nothing, acknowledging the deconfliction line.


        US has never provided air cover for Idlib rebels, precisely because they are intermingled with HTS.

        You’re right about the scumbag Turks attacking the Kurds in Afrin. Loved having ISIS in north east Syria for years and have supported Al Qaeda for the whole war. They only entered the war to prevent the Kurds linking up their cantons and then to attack an area that has effectively been peaceful the whole war, all in the name of their nationalistic calling for crushing Kurds.

      • If Syrian army attacked the Kurds then fair enough even though I have to point US does not give a shit about the Kurds and is only using them to justify their occupation of Syrian territory. Otherwise why is US not bombing Turkish troops? my main point is wtf is US doing in Syria? this is the most secular country in the region. Autocratic but secular. How many other religions thrive wher3 the “rebels ” are holding the liberated parts of this country and I will include the Kurdish held territories – I want to highlight that I do support the idea of statehood for the Kurds but not only on Syrian territory.

      • @wn – good point but remember that Russia only improved Syrian existing air defences by making modifications to the existing ancient infrastructure which (I might be wrong but don’t feel like googling) is based on s200, not even the s300.
        Russia is trying not to escalate the conflict but they can run out of patience eventually. If they provide s400 Israel will only have the nuclear option.

  26. Lehman Brothers should have told it’s creditors the hole in the balance sheet was a result of being hacked.
    Seems to work in crypto land.

      • At least you weren’t told your deposit had gone as the bank had been “hacked”. As would be the case in Bitcoinistan.

      • Oh the blockchain! the blockchain!
        …”Sorry you have lost your life savings. If it makes you feel any better, there is a strong chance that the top of the pyramid is now holding them in fiat denominated Hong Kong bank account”

      • Sweeper…

        Found a great term – “Schumpeterian–technophiliac–meliorist”…

        disheveled… put that in your pipe and smoke it…. maybe not…

      • “Welcome To CloudCoin™. We have created the perfect currency.”

        disheveled… so real, natural, science, ™ has been replaced by perfect…. so Bernays….

      • I thought I saw a puddy cat!

        Was it the Jellymeat or the sardines?

        Or just the way i tap the spoon.

        So you old purrer, what is the problem with Cloud Coin?.

        Just squirting out your bubble wrap slogans and “go to” memes doesnt make a case you know.

      • I made a concerted reply wrt the phraseology deployed…. regardless of your infantile mutterings.

        disheveled… do try and respond accordingly or keep up the shtick, and see how others view it….

      • More content free content from the roo.

        No surprises there. Substance has never been part of the Skippy routine. Elevating op-ed to fact is more your style.

        If you have a specific point about Cloud Coin make it. It sounds like just your usual spray by numbers effort.


        “Others” are getting bored with your slogans, memes, and Trade Mark thingy.

        Not everyone of course. Other “others” are more easily impressed by your brand of signalling.

      • I made a specific point wrt its marketing, which imo is reminiscent of fellow travelers i.e. how is it perfect and why would they need to project that image.

        Any other issues have been covered by Sweeper and myself on this blog, this one entity is irrespective of the the ideological back drop of the whole and its track record so far. I would add this is more than just an issue with crypto, but a wide swath of industries.

        disheveled… still waiting for you to deny the prospective my link unpack wrt your world view and vision.

      • As for “….your infantile mutterings..”

        I think your non-responses vindicated the point of my initial ‘whiskers’ approach perfectly.

        Day after day we have had a brawling pile on of “alley cats” the moment this topic has been raised.

        That you actually responded and responded in exactly the style I was mocking says it all really.

      • In addition the comparison to bitcoin does nothing to redress more fundamental problems, additionally, many of its claims are quite dubious at best, just from have no track record to back it up.

        disheveled… do you need to provide a disclaimer wrt this activity, I mean do have money or compensation involved or are you just a concerned sort with angels at your side.

        PS. Um just did a quick bit of due diligence – https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/cloudcoin.exchange

        Website: cloudcoin.exchange
        Title: CloudCoin :: Future Money
        Description: CloudCoin. Future money

        Domain Age: 142 Days
        Last Refreshed: Just now
        Website Speed: Average
        Website Value: $130.81

        Owner: Alexander Miroch
        Owner Address: Tsareva 2
        Owner City: Moscow
        Owner Postcode: 495
        Phone Number: +7.9262121971 [Russian Federation]
        Phone Type: mobile :Moskovskaya Oblast Sonic Duo
        Email: [United States] Related to 1 sites

        Owner Country : Russian Federation [Russian Federation]
        Website Location : United States [United States]

        Low Trust Rating 7% Safe. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.

        I think this justifies Sweeper and my concerns oo7…

      • Per your last comment, I worked in intelligence, ex regional sales executive for multinational, that you think I responded as per some plan is only in your head. That is why I called it infantile. Just the whole cat thing and laying a trap, by stating its a trap. Now your attempting to wrap some concocted big brain gotcha moment out of nothing.

        Persoanly I find it a more than a bit disturbed, especially the giggling screech that bleeds through.

        dishevhed… still awaiting your denial of the utopian views unpacked in that interview.

      • Skippy,

        I dont believe a word of your amazing so called “backstory”.

        That you keep giving one to give authority to your mutterings is a big tell. ‘Others’ are quite capable of forming a view on your content rather than you “self generated” claims to authority.

        This is what i had in mind – though of course finding a Russian connection was “job done” I suppose.

        If it is good enough for Hillary it is good enough for Skippy.


      • oo7…

        What you personally believe is irrelevant, belief is not applicable when doing sound analysis.

        How you now change your argument to being all about authority is as I and Sweeper have noted wrt to your ideological underpinnings.

        How you attempt to reshape my information about the site – you – brought in, being somehow related to Hillary is absurd. FYI I was the first on NC, years ago, during her first run at the WH against Bush Jr as being as corrupt as they come. The information about the site speaks for its self, you can refute it or not, but don’t try accusing me of concocting stories out of whole cloth. The information about cloudcoin and your use of it as an exemplar is all that is being discussed. Bringing in rubbish about Russia and Clinton is beyond sketchy and nothing more than an attempt to muddy the waters with trigger words.

        Also I don’t even know why your bringing in other people into the discussion, seemingly inferring that I’m somehow trying to force them. They can look at the information “freely” and do the rest themselves. Seems your trying to appropriate others as a means to insulate yourself, couching everything in the fear base line. Skippy is an authoritarian trying to force you how to think, where as oo7 is about freedom of thought.

        The link was just evidence wrt the dubious nature of cloudcoin, a site you linked freely, I only pointed out its marketing ploy, its proclamations about function, and its currant security status. Rather than deal with it you go off the reservation.

        disheveled… have a look at this –

        UK ICO, USCourts.gov… Thousands of websites hijacked by hidden crypto-mining code after popular plugin hacked.


        disheveled…. I don’t think trust issues is a unreasonable line of inquire considering the evidence to date, as well as recourse.

      • Skippy,

        “…disheveled… I don’t comment as much on NC anymore due to regional concerns, conflicts with opinions and base readership thingy, intellectually challenged. I moved to MB basically do to regional aspects, ..”

        What was that all about? Some more unpacking please.

        What does “due to regional concerns mean”

        “Conflicts with opinions”

        “Base readership thingy”

        “Intellectually challenged”

        Huh you have always made out that Yves is a huge fan of yours? Did her enthusiasm cool for your content? Did other commentators chase you away?

        Intrigued – as your mutterings would seem a perfect fit for NC.

        And when do you plan to starting doing the regional aspects?

        To date you refuse to talk about the operational aspects of OUR ‘regional’ monetary system.

        You know the RBA and APRA and the regulations of the banks.

        Though you refuse to deny that you have made it clear that the reason you support the private bank role in the Australian monetary system is because it defends the liberty of SOME folks.

  27. Here is something to cheer up all those who think the world really is miserable and select their sources and docos as confirmation of that.


    Now there are a few areas where we could do better but it will put the spring back in your step.

    “..For all their dis­agree-ments, the left and the right con­cur on one thing: The world is get­ting worse. Whether the de­cline is vis­i­ble in in­equal­ity, racism and pol­lu­tion, or in ter­ror-ism, crime and moral de­cay, both sides see pro­found fail­ings in moder­nity and a deep­en­ing cri­sis in the West. They look back to var­i­ous golden ages when Amer­ica was great, blue-col­lar work­ers thrived in union­ized jobs, and peo­ple found mean­ing in re­li­gion, fam­ily, com­mu­nity and na­ture…”

      • I had not seen any video of the launch. That was spectacular!

        Good to see I can now use GoGet in space as well.

        Was the boot full of seed potato?

      • Admin and profit taking when privatizing add costs to civic infrastructure – significantly – and reduce recourse.

      • Ermo,

        That was a very interesting article.

        I assume you noticed what I noticed.

        “..In interviews ahead of Labour’s Alternative Models of Ownership conference in London, Mr McDonell claimed his plans would not cost the taxpayer a penny….”

        That is a very interesting thing to say when we know that the privatised assets have owners that will want to be ‘paid’ for the assets they ‘paid’ to privatise.

        That he did not spell how this would happen is the interesting bit.

        Sounds like someone in the British Labour Party is thinking about reclaiming some of the power over public money that was privatised to the private bankers.

        That is the first and most important project of nationalisation.

        To be clear I am talking about nationalising the power over public money not the banks themselves.

        That is a trivial secondary issue – though it excites a few old timers around here.

        That power in public control allows the public sector to do a lot.

        Whether it makes sense to have the public sector manage some of the public assets is another story. Ownership is the important thing. Getting the trains owned by the public to run on time is a separate issue. The Japanese and many other public rail systems can do it so it is definitely possible.

        That story should put a spring in the step of every #RealLefty.

        I expect it will drive the #FakeLeft nuts ….as usual… and they will thrash about with their obsfucations about what is money, what is state money, what is bank credit, what do private banks do, what are deposits etc etc. The same old stuff that much more talented private banker shills are paid to pump out day in day out in our MSM.

      • hope they do it but chances are Corbyn will end up having a car accident and..
        If they do it how are they going to pay the current owners back? I can see PH.. comments and others can speculate but really Labour would have to explain this. Are they going to just print fresh money?
        Or is he suggesting on long run it will cost taxpayers nothing as revenue generated from these assets will eventually become greater than the original price paid to claim these assets back.

  28. A new Nathan Birch video. At least I think it’s a new one. Hard to tell when he wears the same tshirt.

    He seems to be morphing into Chopper Read. Perhaps he’s been watching the new Underbelly series.

    Favourite bits for me are when he slags off Warren Buffet (“I always thought he was a bit of an idiot”) but quotes him anyway, and his attempt to explain the Australian economy.

    Ladies and gentlemen please give a big hand for Mr IQ –


    • Bloody hell, I was squirming with that spray about the negative losers with their ‘s— lives’ at the start of the video – I felt NB was about to name me personally!

      WARNING NB’s language is a bit raw so this is def NSFW. Does he usually swear this much?? Is there any chance he was pissed when he recorded this??

      • Something is not right here, surely?? This is a meltdown. I’m going to bet that this video gets pulled pronto, so I have saved a copy.

      • Or took wrong drugs. He preaches to his audience which collectively have not read a single book.
        Anyway, he is also right about the government will do anything to keep it going.
        He says this is not a financial advise but at the end he advertises his number in case anyone needs any help with..
        to sum it up he does sound bit stressed and aggressive. he must be running out of clients and must be experiencing more cashflow issues.

      • Loved the part where he says “property always go up, except when it doesn’t…”

        What I find interesting is the heavy redacting of the original video (cuts, chops) and him perma-tip-toeing

        he may be as little intellectual one can be but he is still net worth more than anyone here…

    • I liked him.

      Listen again: ponzi(s), wage slaves, immigration necessary to juice the economy, losers doing sfa sitting around moaning, media that jumps on any bandwagon. Fcuk ‘em all says NB. In the end everyone needs a house…this he knows!

      • Of course you like him. You recognise a fellow rentier!

        A colourful rant like that from another pseudo-capitalist must’ve brought back many a fond memory for you from Minerals Council shindigs over the years, hey?

      • I agree with you in some respect – he has a better understanding of the economy than most! Think about it…. he has listed the major themes that MB cover regularly that underpin the Aus economy (ponzi, wage slaves, immigration etc)… the difference between MB readers and him is the fact that he has acted on the opportunities presented in front of him, went ‘all in’ on property speculation and, presumably, made a motza. While a lot of us have literally stayed on the side lines and moaned how crazy things have become! It’s only now things maybe unraveling for him…

      • The discussion is interesting as its really about quantum effects in relationship to materialism or atomistic individualism and ultimately free will.

      • and maybe religion too. I’ve never had a spiritual experience, but I’d be willing to believe that people who have have somehow broken down those divisions in their brains, by whatever means….it’s all one, man.

      • JohnR…

        You have to be careful, some surgeons keep distinguishing items out of sight on top of say a cupboard. Then if a patient claims to have an out of body experience, which they claim is in high detail, quire them. So far none have identified such items.

        I think the driving condition here is how test subjects – feel – about being part of a larger entity than say the opposite. This also is conditional wrt the test enviroment e.g. their not holding it in say a prison or rave club. I also know of a person that took mushrooms for almost a week, student at CU in Boulder. Ended up scaring the girls next door and was removed to a psych ward for observation. They kept him awake for a week with stimulants, seems they needed him to come down and remove the psychotropics from his system before he could be allowed to sleep. Something about sleeping establishing a new base line like a software update, sleep is like a restart – reboot of the system. Once done it overwrites the old self, in some cases this is not a good thing.

        Back to the link.

        There is also a hint of bias seeking by the authors due to already established preferences, something we see economics all to much imo.

        disheveled… I would offer that this line of inquire is not without merit, albeit one has to be concerned about how some might like to use it to their advantage.

      • I also know of a I also know of a person that took mushrooms for almost a week

        You cannot have some today and take again tomorrow as it will have no effect. A week is usually the time you need to wait to have the same effect from the same dose. To suggest that someone was going hard for a week non-stop is absolute rubbish, after the first dose it will be nothing more than a placebo.

      • I think some have beat you too it FFS [lol] on limited trials.

        In antiquity their cases of towns being dosed by moldy rye bread, some conclude the Salem witch trials were a case study, in modernity a French town had a rye bread experience.

        disheveled… some even postulate Revelations in the bible was written under psychotropic influences…

      • cee…

        In your proforma a response in kind…

        A remastered presentation on the Philosophy of Bioshock, drawing heavily from the lore & book “Bioshock: Rapture” by John Shirley, as well as the original game released in 2007. This presentation features the life of Andrew Ryan, Rapture’s backstory, the many challenges that the inhabitants of Rapture faced and how Rapture’s downfall also mirrors our own turbulent times. Bioshock was inspired from the works and the life of Ayn Rand – depicting the glory of heroism, the triumph of the individual and the success of capitalism – which is all set against the historic backdrop of early Russian and American society.


    • Thanks Skip.
      Thanks for this link, it gives me hope.
      I have long considered Psilocybin to be the spiritual antidote to nuclear weapons.
      As for it being co-opted by some for their own advantage, the CIA in the 1970’s ,did a lot of research to adapt it to military use , but found it was not ameanable to military discipline.

    • Gee that covers 50 hikes to Maccas – there’s your next month and a half’s social calendar in Dubbo fully booked.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        K F C

        And I would walk 5 k to kfc just to bring a pepsi max right back to stagmal.
        And I would walk 5 k to kfc just to bring a pepsi max right back to stagmal.

        Stagmal should’ve told us, you should’ve said, ’cause if you know we only knew…
        We woulda’ told ‘ya, we would’ told ya what we’d do…
        We’d go and bring some pepsi home to you!

        And we go out, we’d go out in the night and we’d get a dozen litres of the blue.
        And it would be awesome, it would totally be the max, because we knew we were buyin’ it for you.

        And we would, we would walk to kfc, just to bring a pepsi max to you.

        And if we didn’t, if we didn’t, it would sit there and go flat, And if we didn’t, if we didn’t, then you’ld sit there in your flat,
        And we’d never know if anyone was goin’ home with you.

        ‘Cause what’s important, what you’ve really got to know, is we’ll always bring a pepsi home to you.
        But if we go out, if we go out, and the servo’s bloody open then it pepsi from BP, not kfc, we’re bringin’ home, to you.

        … and I would walk 5 k to kfc just to bring a pepsi max right back, to you!

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I thought you didn’t know haroldus personally.

        PS well done with the fiddy.
        PPS if you want some light entertainment courtesy of watching someone’s brain take a considerably long time to adjust to a new idea, take it into your local police station and turn it in as lost property. Wouldn’t matter much if it turned into a tenner on the way there.

      • ive handed in much more valuable stuff to the police i’ve found before, such as a drone and a working iPhone 6. i decided to keep da fiddy bc i’m feeling greedy.

        and i like the proclaimers (fun fact; i’m a twin too)

    • Sadly yes. The idea that some people are getting paid for their drivel brings up an interesting point arising out of the recent work of one of her confederates, she also not unaccustomed to driveling:

      The six things I would ban if I had magic wand

      Fifth on my list of beneficial prohibitions is anonymity in social media. Nastiness happens everywhere but is worse when the perp can spout from behind a mask. Let’s have debate, by all means, but let us, as citizens, take responsibility for what we do and what we say. Let us stand for what we believe with clarity and courage. Prioritising individual cowardice over the collective good, encouraging weakness rather than strength, the anonymous Twitter account is no better than a poison pen letter and should in the same way be banned.

      To which I would say this: pay me a full time wage to spout my vitriol without risking losing my day job if I offend anyone and give me a column in the SMH and I will put my name to my words. Until that happens, go and get …

    • 2/3 of the canal estate property on the GC has between 1 to 2m freeboard at a high tide
      any decent cyclone will bring wiht it a 2 to 3m storm surge
      If a cyclone comes anywhere near here at a high tide, probably half of the real estate on the GC will go under, including many car parks of high rise buildings.
      Cleaning that up will be a bail out and a half??
      This current high could easily turn into a tropical low as it moves east??
      We are due for 1 or 3

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I was going to give a couple of examples in FNQ but it’s pointless. There’s examples spread along the entire eastern coastline.

        I’ve had my fill of beachfront living. Feel much safer in the hills even if I do have to push the treadley that last little bit home.

    • Straya falling apart piece by piece?

      Straya is like Nagumo’s carriers off the coast of Midway. You had already launched all your aircraft to strike Midway. They could not be recalled quickly and, even if they could, they would need to be refueled before they could be relaunched for another action anyway. Meanwhile, you realized that an American carrier-based scout plane had spotted you, which would mean that you were actually within the striking range of American carriers.

      There is a word for this kind of fix; sitting ducks.

      • The US, despite her chronic CAD, is not nearly as vulnerable as Straya. I also doubt that Japan or South Korea or Singapore, if they had a similar problem, would leave it the way Straya does.

      • @dumpling – us still have massive manufacturing and Trump, despite the globalists (slave seekers) efforts, will bring back even more. Our manufacturing has been gutted and building sector is our biggest employer. Hence why mr IQ is right when he says government will do everything to keep the scam going and H&H is also right when he says we also need external shock for the RE bubble to burst.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        At least Nagumo had a task force to throw up a bit of a defence.

        We’ve got the kontiki raft and two fibreglass canoes.

    • they must have watched the German couple traveling the Americas on Netflix.
      On more serious note government will find a way to tax them and force them back to their stratospheric mortgages so banks can have their slaves back – if too many people start doing it.

      • I was thinking same thing, if this BUS thing catches on, then there will be a “private bus tax” and new signs saying no parking all over suburbs for vehicles over X length. There will be higher registration taxes and insurance costs etc.. It’s all about playing in their field and anyone who finds a way out of their bind will be shut down and forced to play in their casino.

    • We have reached the next stage. Trailer-trash are the new middle class. Of course they will still have to pay taxes to provide a house for someone who cannot afford a bus/trailer of their own.

  29. Just saw the Russian girl figure skating and what can I say. First time in my life I can say I saw music..

  30. GunnamattaMEMBER

    I will start thinking Shorten and company at the ALP are serious when they start looking seriously at re-nationalising Australian services


    Public Transport
    Public Services – including IT, Recruitment, Auditing, Security Vetting etc
    Energy generation and distribution

    …..and even money creation…

    Sadly I dont think they have the cojones to go where UK Labour is sniffing the breeze (and they will probably never get elected as a result)

    John McDonnell says nationalising services would cost nothing
    Shadow chancellor says Labour’s public ownership agenda is an economic necessity
    – Guardian

    • EP posted this further up. Anyway, your right about our labour party.
      Just interested how they plan to nationalise those assets at zero cost. UK labour will have to provide some detail there.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        sorry for the repeat old coq. Ermington Plumbing was quite right to note it. I do go through the comments before I post, but missed it this time.

        I tend to the view of your Corbyn will get whacked line. He may well do, and even if he doesnt one would imagine the uber set will be keen to start addressing this sort of sentiment soonish. Too many people are asking too many questions where all too often ‘profits for the 1%’ is the answer.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        …..and today in ‘Creatures of the world around us’ we take a look at an overeducated underachiever in life who has spent much of the day trying to outsmart birds getting into his walls by climbing up to his spouting at a range of locations around his abode and smearing himself and various sites with a number of cans of thick glutinous substance which sets rock hard and is impossible to remove from skin or clothing – and looking like an idiot to his neighbours to boot.

        He gets referred to as ‘Dear God’ by a fellow commenter on a blog he frequents.

        How does it affect his sense of self?

      • Tailor TrashMEMBER

        Geez Gunna ….now that’s cryptic beyond us simple folk
        ……are you referring to one banned here who still has audience in other places ?

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        would you believe it has been written by a man who has spent much of the day up a ladder and who has come down to consume alcohol and type?

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Yes …time to “ lock it in Eddie “ ……and weld it into a nation …….we are running out of time

      • Years ago, I had a long career in casinos. People were barred for many reasons – occasionally it was for their own good. The true addict would go to any length to disguise him/herself in order to sit at e.g. a Blackjack table and feed the addiction. Sometimes the disguise was elaborate and expensive, yet the way the person walked, talked, pointed to the hand in play to take a card or not, smoked a ciggy when he/she wasn’t a smoker, gave the game away every time. We didn’t have to be Holmes or Poirot to see it.
        Similarly, when he returns, as he will, he’ll be, more or less, instantly recognisable regardless of his latest ID, driven by the same old demons, real and imagined.

      • Yeborsky, am fascinated to know more. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the people who design and run Casino’s know more about compulsive behaviour and addictions than the quacks that try to fix them! So many little tricks to hit that reward centre in the brain!

  31. I’m hanging out for barnyard to come out with “I’m quitting to spend more time with my families”.

    Also, Labor are apparently calling out “Daddy”in parliament.

  32. GunnamattaMEMBER

    …..and your Sunday evening gossip from the Geelong Rumour Mill is that the ALP is fairly certain that a conservative MP who was conspicuous in the anti SSM debate has had a staffer on the side to play hide the sausage with for quite some time (not Barnaby).

    During a telephone conversation today when this was noted towards the party’s ‘leadership’ with the idea that it could be raised in Parliament, the reply was received that the issue would likely ‘blow up in everyone’s face’ like the S44 foreign citizenship issue because ‘as everyone knows, there is a fair bit of sleeping around in Canberra’ and ‘the electorates time for politicians is near all time lows.’

  33. Rant time.

    What bothers me most about the selfish incompetents that seem to fail their way upwards to positions of power in government is that they can fail again, and again, and again on a pretty coin, get caught stealing (misuse of travel entitlements and expenses is stealing), and then have the nerve to claim that others in more tenuous and stressful positions (I’d rather be Tony Abbott making a tricky political decision than an underemployed single parent trying to hold it together while wondering where the next rent payment is coming from) only have themselves to blame for their current circumstances and if they were only if a better character and worked harder it would all be rainbows and lollipops. It shows lack of awareness about the world and themselves, as well as a dearth of empathy and understanding, which anyone in a position of power requires to be an effective leader of people.

    I know this petulant little outburst is pointless. Should anyone that it is aimed at read it it is unlikely that they possess the maturity, intellect, decency or humanity to acknowledge any fault within themselves, or if that does happen, to apologize to the nation for being such destructive and parasitic scum and just disappear.

    But should I be wrong. Should you be reading this and a flicker of something good still be inside you, I offer this advice. Louis CK set the example. Just acknowledge that you are a hypocritical excrement of an excrement and remove yourself from public life. Pretty please and kisses

    Sorry, just needed to vent. Carry on as per usual.

  34. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Well,…Ive done my bit to get us over the 500 posts line,…only 5 to go,… come on Guys (Unisex meaning of the word “Guys”,…Girls😘)

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Thank you,…this Plumber will always try and do his best,…esp for you my dear Harry.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Well,…if the moderator wasn’t so discriminating against our Miguel,…. we’d probably be hitting over 600 posts! each Weekend.
        I find his personality disorder, endearing and entertaining,….I miss him.