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  1. Make it illegal to pay women less than men?

    It is already illegal.

    Or do they mean Iceland has mandated that a woman with 6 months of experience must be paid the same as a man with 24 months of experience?

    • sydboy007MEMBER

      Maybe they mean a man who is a dental technican will now earn as much as the female dentist he works for. Maybe the male veterinarian assistant will now earn as much as the female veterinarian he works for.

      I wonder when they’ll realise the current gender binary pay gap is actually a discriminatory term. NYC reckognises 31 genders, while facebook has 71.

      As a butch trans two spirit polygender gender bender cross dresser I’m really starting to feel discriminated against. those femme trans two spirit polygender gender bender cross dressers get paid more than me. RRREEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Tony Boyd is on to it:Events are moving so fast at Retail Food Group that management is having trouble keeping up with developments, as shown by the second profit downgrade within a few weeks.
    Not just for RFG for the whole business industry.
    I looked around yesterday to find most of the tourists have vanished, at least a week early. Shops have closed over xmas, still 1 in 6 tickets for the comm. Games remain unsold and the event cant attract meaningful sponsorship.
    Some, media,say the crash is 18 months away, but its already here, once the sale of panadol is banned the punters will feel the pain. A bowlo and RSL went tits up here yesterday, called in the receivers, couldn’t repay their debt.
    And just for r2mi, its snowing in the sahara??? Global warming >>rubbish.

    • Global mean ww, not to mention events such as this are expected due to the increase in energy available, along with rapid change in established systems.

      Using market based deductive reasoning methodology should not be applied to anything other than what one punter might or might not do with a bob e.g. Climate does not function on the speculation of what people might or might not do.

      disheveled…. look even the fossil fuel industry acknowledged the ramifications yonks ago, not to mention the military, not like its a leftie thingy…

      • According to the bible the sahara was once fertile and parts of iran iraq held the garden of eden and all the reprobates there, till god banished em, so what has happened. No, not many, humans around in those days
        I cant work out why you tragics dont concentrate on keeping your job rather than some myth to distract you.
        then again religion is a myth, so I guess its a lost cause,
        If you lose your job you lose your house. almost overnight
        none of this coulda or mighta or energy in the system trash
        on the footpath then on the street a simple transition to the poor house. All same 1890

      • None of what you said ww has any relevance to the topic, disjointed random musings.

        You made an anecdotal statement about snow in the Sahara, then tried to use it to refute AGW, somehow after being informed of how wonky that was you started banging on about jobs – ?????

    • it’s not that serious, the guy loved it before he set foot in it. It’s a great car *if you don’t mind your balls being frozen off.

  3. Had a chat at work with colleagues, who firmly believe that housing in Australia doubles every 7-10 years, because their parents experienced this, as well as they have. Didn’t go into too deep of an economy lesson, just showed them this link.

    I’ve posted this before. Builder wanted $675K. Deal was struck for $500K, it was during the roll-over of Florida housing market. I thought 25% discount would be a safe bet. Exact same house four doors down sold for $380K 3 months later. 44% discount.

    Now scroll down for price history for the first house. Bottomed out at $118K, sold again for $400K with massive improvements done since – pool, etc, and gone nowhere since.

  4. “Nearly 5000 public servants report seeing corruption: APS commission survey”

    Nearly 5,000 public servants witnessed corruption in their agencies as the number of bureaucrats reporting cronyism, nepotism and other misconduct grew in a new survey.

    My take: the public service is merely reflecting the actions of their political masters.

  5. The Depression article is good!

    Go to a pain management specialist with a constantly aching stump where your arm used to be & they’ll just assert it’s in your head & you’re just depressed – don’t protest, it’s absolute! No other interaction will be entered into & don’t dare to question their spurious (highly educated) assumptions. A mate offered to shake the specialist’s hand with his purpled forearm stump to prove it wasn’t all in his head, & that it was in fact physically missing! But still the specialist insisted it was in his head…… Turned out the 2 bones were rubbing & he was in high constant pain – one bone needed shortening – cured! Now they’re trying to prove all pain is in mind……