#Sardine Sydney train crash to worsen

By Leith van Onselen

Yesterday I reported how Sydney’s crippling immigration-fuelled population growth had pushed the rail network to breaking point, with one early morning incident causing mayhem well into the evening across the metropolitan train system.

Today, Sydney Trains boss, Howard Collins, admitted that soaring passenger demand means the train system is stretched beyond limits. From The SMH:

Sydney Trains boss Howard Collins admits more services on the city’s rail network makes it harder to recover after a major incident but says reverting to the old timetable would leave commuters standing outside large stations due to surging demand…

Mr Collins said he would not hide from the fact that the increase in train services meant it took longer for the network to recover from major incidents.

… he said the extra services put on as part of the new timetable were “desperately needed” to cater for skyrocketing demand…

But the veteran of London’s railway system said reverting to the old timetable, and fewer trains, would leave people standing outside the main stations by early next year because the rail network would be unable to meet the demand.

“If you do nothing and just stick to the old timetable, you will not be providing enough trains for customers,” he said…

Labor leader Luke Foley seized on it to call for the government to explain what steps would be taken to ensure the “chaotic meltdown” on Monday did not become a pattern on an increasingly stretched network…

“How is it that an incident at 6.30 in the morning grinds traffic to a halt at 6.30 in the evening at the major city railway stations?”…

The underlying cause of this meltdown is hiding in plain sight: the federal government’s mass immigration program, which is flooding Sydney with tens-of-thousands of extra residents each and every year:

It is this mass immigration program that has driven Sydney’s population up by 774,000 over the past decade (or 1,500 people a week), which has massively crush-loaded the city’s infrastructure (e.g. trains, roads, hospitals, schools, etc).

And the situation is set to deteriorate massively over the next two decades, with the State Government projecting that Sydney’s population will expand even more rapidly – growing by 87,000 people a year (1,670 people a week) – adding an addition 1.74 million people (equivalent to a Perth), 1.53 million of which will come from net overseas migration:

If Sydney’s rail system is already stretched to breaking point, how will it possible cope with another 1.74million people in just 20 years?

Clearly, the best way to alleviate Sydney’s infrastructure (and housing) woes is for the State Government to tap its federal counterpart on the shoulder and demand they slash Australia’s skilled migration program.

Because under current mass immigration settings, incumbent residents of Sydney are facing massive cuts to their living standards along with hideously expensive infrastructure bills as they try in vain to keep up.

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  1. TheRedEconomistMEMBER

    Sydney Metro opens in 2019?

    But you will see 1000’s of Commuters dumped at Chatswood Station where Northwest Metro will terminate.

    These punters will have to get to the city via the Northern Line Trains across the bridge.

    I am hearing once the North West Metro opens, most of the Express Bus Service from the Hills will feed commuters in the Northwest Metro stations.

    • I doubt many are going to get the bus to the NWRL stations.
      Car is still king in north west Sydney.
      It is going to be a f***ing shambles.

      • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

        Most commuters that catch a bus anywhere West of Norwest will have no other options than get a bus to the NWRL stations. So all services like 606, 616, 607 and 617 will cease and funnel into the train stations. The same will happen to Cherrybrook buses. They will funnel into Cherrybrook stations.

        The only service that may survive will.be m61, 610 or 614 to service Baulkham Hills and bus stops on the M2.

        The NSW Government wants to reduce buses coming into the city and also have instant patronage on the new Metro Line.

  2. Who cares? Sydney ceased to be Australia a decade ago. The new Sydneysiders are used to developing world standards. Adelaide, Hobart and Perth are the only Australian capital cities.

    • Agree add bris to that list. Unfort we are getting a lot of syd and melb so called refugees who are cashing up and destroying the areas they are coming too. Economic refugees that is

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I’ve been losing a constant stream of Family, Friends and Associates to South East Queensland for over 15 years now.
        All go between Maroochydore and the Gold coast,…I’ve always got heaps of people to get on the piss with when I’m in the area,…more than I do here in Sydney,… 🙁

      • Yeah its called White Flight, because multiculturalism is a meme concept that likely was never intended to work anyway.

      • I’m in a similar boat, considering NZ, Tas or even Ireland as options to move to which would be cheaper and away from Melbourne, which is no longer my home, it’s Chinas home away from home and not an affordable place to be.

    • There is some truth to this. I would also add that younger generations do not know any better and many believe the “life is better by any measure” propaganda being sprouted by both sides of politics.

      • Na the young have been distracted by social issues. SSM and refugees for example. Ask them about economic policy and they shrug. There is a reason why SSM got passed and $100m while TPP was largely un-noticed. Then they get older and time to have kids and a yard but it’s too late at that point.

      • I’m not a “purebred” … far from it… But I came here because I fell in love with the country of Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. Yeah, I’m one of those rare immigrants who didn’t want to bring my culture to a place with clean water and dirt and housing they’d allow the nouveau riche from rapidly developing third world countries to buy, as much as I wanted to join the Australian culture. But just over the past decade, it has become nearly unrecognisable.

        Other parts of Australia still have the, uhh, ummm, “vibe” I was looking for, but Sydney doesn’t, unfortunately. It has grown too much, too fast, and new immigrants haven’t had the opportunity (or the inclination in some cases, since some immigrant communities are now large enough that immigrants don’t NEED to interact with those from outside their own culture if they don’t wish to) to assimilate into the Australian culture that previous generations seemed to.
        It’s sad.

    • Pretty much. Sydney is more like a warm-climate version of Vancouver than it’s like Adelaide, for example. I’ve lost friends to Bowral, Wagga, and the Gold Coast hinterland in the past year.

    • This cynical bastard is actually entirely correct.
      Having seen Sydney recently and living in Melbourne, he’s totally right, sadly.

      The average person in the city, is accustomed to living in places vastly more populated, dirty, with ruder people, significantly less cultural understanding of things like queueing for things or making way for someone walking past you.

      We’ve sold ourselves out to the locusts.

  3. Your average Sydney-sider will blame the government, not the increase in immigration.

    Tell people that you think Sydney is full and you will be branded a racist, just ask Dick Smith.

  4. jenny leong just rang to say if you hold your middle finger up at the trains the problem will be solved, thanks and vote green

  5. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    Immigration my ass. Didn’t you read the transport minister’s statement yesterday? It’s because the stations are old and incapable of handling modern commuters. This means new stations are required, which is investment, which is good for jobs and growth. A ‘thank you’ would be nice.

  6. I recall when the last recession hit many commuters got back on public transport to save money. That’s going to be fun !

    • I have a feeling that the next recession is likely to be quite spectacular and accompanied by an equally impressive level of unemployment. Perhaps this will solve the roads/transport crush ..

  7. Surely it’s ‘crush’ not ‘crash’ in the headline. And most real Sydney-siders are in a Range Rover so who cares…

  8. Surely Sustainable Australia Party could hold placards at Sydney railway stations, enticing crushed commuters to vote from them.
    “A vote yes for SAP, is a vote no for Sardine Cities”