Howard: Dastayari should leave Parliament

Quite right from Honest John:

“I think Sam Dastyari should leave the parliament,” Mr Howard said at an event at his former electorate of Bennelong.

“Who is standing behind Sam Dastyari? Bill Shorten because he relies on his factional support.

“I think the sight of him mouthing a line of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government ought to disqualify him from parliament.”

Mr Howard rejected claims the government’s clamp down on foreign influence could put off the large Chinese community in Bennelong ahead of a crucial by-election.

…“I don’t think the government is overreacting.”

I’ve had plenty of problems with Honest John over the years but what a relief to hear a clear position! Shorten’s failure on this will haunt him badly.

That said, this appears to be a “non-core” promise from Honest John:

CHINESE Communist Party-linked donor Huang Xiangmo’s former adviser — who was present in the room when Labor’s Sam Dastyari warned Mr Xiangmo his phone was under surveillance — has joined John Alexander’s campaign team in Bennelong.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Tim Xu has been campaigning for Mr Alexander.

Mr Xu was Mr Huang’s adviser, confidante, interpreter and communications manager from March 2014 until August this year. Mr Xiangmo, a prominent political donor and Chairman of the Yuhu Group, has been accused of seeking to further the interests of the Chinese Communist Party in Australia.

He does not speak English and rarely went anywhere without Mr Xu.

…On Mr Xu’s LinkedIn site, it states: “In his current role with Yuhu Group, Tim is a trusted adviser and confidant to company leaders, including the chairman and CEO. This position requires discretion, sound judgment and the ability to solve complex problems.”

…Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there could be a security investigation into Senator Dastyari’s links with Mr Xiangmo. A Liberal Party spokesman said: “This person is a private individual, and is not employed by the Yuhu Group.”



  1. Yeah, just a bit hypocritical that John Alexander MP for Bennelong has received $80,000 from the same Chinaman Sino Sam got his $5,000 from.

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      Exactly. Howard et al are hypocrisy on legs. Dastyari didn’t even try to hide it, probably because “all the older hands were doing it” so he probably thought it was ok. I think the other politicians thought he was massively undermining the going rate, and that’s what really pissed them off.

    • Dastyari’s a very cheap lay/drunk/buy whatever. Was clearly doing their bidding for on the surface very little. What’s underneath?

  2. And the Honest John moniker is ironic: it stems from a lie. The schoolyard taunt, ‘takes one to know one’, seems right.

      • 💰💰💰💰💰 Are Aussie pollies cheap? 💰💰💰💰💰

        I want the best government money can buy 🤑 just like in the US

      • You’ve always had it. It’s just now the it is the best Australian government the Chinese can buy. That doesn’t even happen in the US.

      • Kodiak – I want this on a t-shirt

        “The LNP – the best Australian government the Chinese can buy”

  3. “I’ve had plenty of problems with Honest John over the years but what a relief to hear a clear position! Shorten’s failure on this will haunt him badly.”

    Absolutely. Dastyari is a liarbility and must go. Labor can do this, not jeopardise its China ties and vastly improve public perception (on which generally all political interests fail miserably).

  4. The Centre Unity have a few questions to ask after the last of these stuff up. Seem to be the source of the all the scandals in the Labor side at the moment.

  5. He can’t be sacked from Parliament as he hasn’t broken the law. I don’t even think the ALP can expel him can they? The only thing Shorten can do is remove him from the front bench which he has done.

    And merely supporting the views of a foreign government seems to be a pretty low bar. We have a bunch of that at the moment around the capital of Israel.

    • HadronCollision

      Pretty sure they can boot him?
      Don’t they have internal codes of conduct for which they can sack people from the party?

      In any case, this demonstrates two things
      1. Shorten’s APPALLING judgement. He is showing himself to be un-Prime Ministerial. I’d whinge to my local MPH but he’s a Nat.
      2. Sino Sam’s appalling emotional intelligence. Zero self awareness. If he can’t see his politrickian career is done, he’s just dumb. And/or obviously greedy and happy to sit on the public teat. It’s doubtful Labor will have clear air whilst he sits in the Senate. Every q time point by Labor about integrity, security etc can receive this answer from the LNP “Sam Dastyari”.

  6. Just this thought – If ASIO can listen in on your phone even when it is turned off who the hell else is listening? A..ehole Apple? F…..g Facebook? Godforsaken Google? Who else?
    Dastayari is a MINOR issue!!!

    • +1
      Would like to see privacy commissioners budget quadrupled to start investigating data collection and use on a much larger scale. The average punter would be mortified if they knew what normal businesses do with their info.. can only imagine the pitchforks if we actually uncovered what the elite businesses are secretly doing with it.

  7. Some old labor types would say that immigrant sam committed treason against his adopted country and should be dealt with very harshly and summarily

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I reckon he should resign,…and AFTER the next election, if he wants to compete for preselection and get himself re-elected again and is able to pull it off,…then good on him,…By then Sideshow Sam should have learnt a valuable lesson.
      Though a bit misguided (wrong faction, bad choices) I still think he’s better than most in Parliament,…but who really knows.

      If we are all going to have a discussion about “Traitorous Behavior” ,…well what about the authors of “Free Trade agreements”?,…aren’t they designed to prevent/circumvent Democratically elected governments, interfering in “Free trade”.

      One could argue our Western multinational corporations/institutions that lobby and demand FTAs are working against Western Democratic Nation state interests.

      How has China, a Communist military dictatorship, with still over 600 million peasants, come to wield so much financial clout and influence in, not just our country, but the entire world?

      This Nation State (China) which has every right to pursue its own goals, has Nuclear weapons pointed at us and our Western allies and yet a massive percentage of their capabilities, both Militarily, industrially, technologically and financially is largely thanks to the Treasonous sell out of Western Working and Middle class workers,… by their own Western corporations!,…all in the pursuit of cutting manufacturing costs and creating new markets for themselves.
      The Technology transfer and access to Western markets is what has given China, the Financial and Industrial capacity to today, apply so much pressure on our Democratic Governments!

      How much power would China wield today without this access to Western Markets?
      Markets built up, with over a Century of Democratic Parliamentary compromise, between the minority of individuals who hold most of the wealth of our country and the majority who do not.

      How does China negotiate such competing interests within its borders,… with its Labor force that is undermining the wages and conditions,… of every country in the Democratic West.

      You want someone worthy to blame for Chinese soft power influence in Australia,…try looking past side show Sam, and paying a bit more attention to Western Corporate Power and the outcomes of their 30 years of Lobbying activities.

      • HadronCollision

        Normally agree with you but this is whataboutism

        It’s possible to agree with what you said AND want Sam gone.

        There is no chance I’ll vote for Labor whilst he’s there

        He’s shifty as a sh$thouse rat. Actually a sh$thouse rat has more integrity.

        And if he’s not dodgy he’s just inept, greedy and dumb

    • Thinking, >>>>>>I dont advocate you should shoot those parliamentarians>>>
      >but placing them under guard on say Ross Ice shelf would be a good start.
      they wouldn’t try to escape from there, surely,, but if they did.

    • HadronCollision

      What are you about?
      Get a Cat C and you can get semi auto whatevers
      Or a Cat B gets you a 5 shot Adler (if you like that kind of thing)

  8. Fkn Howard should be indicted for war crimes & hate speech with children overboard – still the gold standard for political slimebag.

  9. Sam should have written down on a piece of paper “turn off the phones and leave them inside” instead of speaking it.

  10. He needs to go and find a new career as he’s been shown to be very dodgy. However, none of them are gold standard . We need new enforceable rules for pollies and a complete stop to corruption. What’s the next thing we’ll find out about? The trust has gone as it’s clear they don’t represent our interests imo. If they do I’d like to know what they are really doing so we can decide.

  11. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    Sam needs to go for the sake of Australian democracy. Everyone else is clever enough to take the donations and then keep their mouth shut on the policy paybacks. He’s going to bloody ruin it for everyone.

  12. “Mr Howard rejected claims the government’s clamp down on foreign influence could put off the large Chinese community in Bennelong ahead of a crucial by-election.”

    If it pisses off that large Chinese community, then that would just demonstrates the actual sympathies of that community. And if that is the case, then the members of that community are just as disloyal to Australia as Dastyari has shown himself to be.

    No Australian citizen should welcome the subversion of our political processes by a foreign power. Austalian voters who act individually or as a group to follow the instructions and serve the interests of a foreign power are not our friends, they are invaders and traitors.

  13. He’s a little fellow keen to play with the big boys.

    He isn’t working in the interest of the public, as a public servant. Rather it is all about the power.

    He will do anything for the power and be seen to be a ‘player’.

    He’s all ego.

  14. It’s time to be practical and change the writings in the Parliament House to have it in Chinese.
    That is in large Chinese font and then a small American English below.
    Kinda like those one can see in Chatswood nowadays.
    To reflect the reality on the ground

  15. If Honest John wants him out, I change my previous comments and now want Sam to stay. Howard’s loyalty to nation? Has not Howard done more than any other major politician in living memory to maintain the dispossession of indigenous First Nations? Howard is loyal to the white colony. Forget the 50,000 plus years of the continent before British rule.

  16. Regardless of whether John Howard is right or wrong on this subject, he shouldnt be speaking out on it.

    He’s not in politics any more, yet he speaks out more than any other ex leader I can think of, manipulating it from the sidelines.