Kristina Keneally to topple government in Bennelong?


Making a couple of calls to triple confirm Kristina Keneally is, in fact, Labor’s candidate in Bennelong (which is my habit), ALP folks just had one thing to say.

“We are going for government.”

Goodbye negative gearing?!?!


  1. Parachute in LNP’s best and brightest, that Rinehart chick, for the seat of Bennelong!

    Also, quick, knife MT!

  2. Does she have property developer links, stance on globalisation, and populate the max out of Oz views? Just asking.

    • Property dev links in Benelong will be important.

      There are huge numbers of new units going up in Macquarie Park, Eastwood, Epping and Carlingford, all part of Benelong now.

      • Huge amount of new units mostly filled with ethnic Chinese. Goodbye negative gearing, hello higher immigration I would guess.

        And maybe Beijing has the key to the balance of power in Australia?

      • Got to love that tunnel vision you have there Dan. The current mechanism of record immigration into Sydney and rampant developer cronyism is overseen by the LNP… you know, the people that have been in government at both the State & Federal level for the last 2 terms.

        Look across the ditch for an example of change.

      • Therein lies the rub, it is fallacious to immediately assume that the ALP represent the same by default, or as you seem to indicate, that they will in fact be worse. Again, look across the ditch, where a change of attitude is pronounced beneath a new Labour government.

      • In NZ most of the drive to put New Zealander’s first came from their coalition partners. We don’t have that here. ALP will be better on some things (e.g. negative gearing), but weaker on China, and weak on immigration. Especially so if they have a one seat majority thanks to a seat where a huge proportion of people are of Chinese background.

        We need a proper election, not a string of by-elections to decide government.

      • The policies and targets are Labour’s; NZ First shared many of the policies, but to a more extreme degree. It’s why they sided with Labour.

        ALP will be better on some things (e.g. negative gearing), but weaker on China, and weak on immigration.

        You’ve just done it again…that statement is absolute, unmitigated garbage. I just told you what a new Labour government is doing on both of those issues in NZ, yet you grasp out of thin air a BS line like that, based on nothing but bias. Let me say it clear as day: ALP will not be worse than the LNP on immigration/foreign ownership. Current record immigration/foreign ownership is maintained by the LNP.

      • Brenton

        Labor showed who they are when they had power. Until they purge the candidates, they should never be given power again.

      • If I google ALP immigration policy, I find they don’t actually have one, only an asylum seeker policy. However we do know what happened to immigration numbers under Gillard and Rudd – they kept rising. We also know the ALP vetoed the strengthening of citizenship criteria just recently, and they are currently campaigning in this seat on the benefits of multiculturalism. We have also heard Anthony Albanese recently sing the praises of high immigration.

        This is nothing at all like the NZ election. There is no major party standing for lower immigration. Your banal insults aren’t convincing to anyone, show us the evidence.

      • Refer to ALP website for the National Platform:

        Ch 2, 69. Labor will not allow trade agreements to limit the capacity of the Australian Government to
        determine immigration policies that promote education and training, permanent rather than
        temporary migration, local employment and fair employment standards. Labor will ensure future
        trade agreements do not prevent Australia from effectively regulating temporary migration,
        including by requiring genuine labour market testing for temporary work visas as well as Australian
        market wages and employment rights for immigrant workers where genuine skills shortages are
        deemed to exist. Labor will ensure trade agreements promote recruitment of local labour and
        protect the wages and conditions of local workers.

        Ch 2, 81. Labor’s immigration planning framework will take into account net overseas migration, its positive
        and negative impacts on employment and training opportunities for Australian residents,
        demographic trends and other factors, while responding to current and longer-term economic

        Ch 10, 34. In its role as a major purchaser of goods and services, government can play a role in fostering
        Australia’s manufacturing, service and information industries, particularly for emerging industries
        or companies. For goods or services to be ethically sourced, suppliers must be good corporate
        citizens who comply with the law in all matters, most notably laws regarding taxation, trade
        practices, corporations, industrial relations, consumer affairs, environment and immigration.

      • @Ric, are Rudd/Guillard/Swan still in action? Are we still living during a GFC, with a once in a lifetime mining boom? Has there been another decades worth of double digit YoY house price growth? Policy is supposed to adapt and change to the climate of the day. You and Dan can continue to believe we would be worse off under an ALP government, even as you whine about policy settings instigated by successive LNP governments (…and somehow still manage to lay the blame on ALP heads).

        @Dan, we don’t even know what the election policies will be for the ALP…just keep pulling facts clean out your rear end. We already know the LNP’s platform, we’re living it!

      • ErmingtonPlumbing

        My part of Ermo is in Bennelong also,… campaigning at Ermo shops had former candidate Lyndal Howerson feeling a little nervous at the Bogan demographic over representation.😁

  3. That would still leave them a few seats short.

    And at the same time, Lambie might run in Braddon when Keay gets kicked out which could split the ALP vote.

      • Surely ALP whats to wait until full term before gaining government, they must understand its all turning to sh1t 18 months is on long to wait when it means a possible second term.

  4. She co-hosted a programme with Peter Van Onselen on Sky. I’m not sure who was the more annoying, but on balance, Keneally.

    ALP does have a penchant for Maxine McKew type candidates.

      • Already? Just seems like yesterday that be was hinting he might retire at 64. Costello was salivating. But few can relinquish. John still likes to imagine himself as emeritus PM. This sentimental grandiosity does him absolutely no favours.

  5. Good bye negative gearing.
    This is ALL a distraction, in the real world, 15,000 scientists from 180 country’s sound a dire warning as CO2 emissions go thru the roof
    Good bye human’s and 90% of life as we know it.

    • Yep. #DeniersHaveWon
      When coworkers ask me about having children and I tell them that the world is already overpopulated AND the planet is stuffed I get a few dirties. I try to say it in the nicest way possible, but it still doesn’t go down well.

    • I sometimes think the only thing that might save us is a China crash followed by a worldwide depression for a decade or so.

  6. Any figures on number of property investors in Bennelong? Likely going to determine the result. Is this why ASX tanking?

  7. So Labor’s best shot at Bennelong who will win them government is a failed NSW state politician with an American accent? Am I missing something here? I really don’t see why they would think she’s such a hot contender. Does she still have a reputation and personal popularity that she can leverage in upper class Sydney?

    • Do they really want to win now though & swap into a knife edge majority, surely this is to look like they are giving it a red hot go, not gain the seat & then romp in at the next general election.

    • I also fail to see the excitement re a Keneally nomination ( Obied legacy lurks and she is irritating ). However I also failed to see the appeal of a ABC journalist over one of Australia’s finest Prime Ministers. Bennelong must have transitioned to nouveau riche over the years, lots of new money, essentially mundane suburbanites.

  8. Just watched the Press conference. Nope. Her and Shorten going on about One Nation and Multiculturalism. This does not bode well.

    I intend to ask both candidates what their view is on immigration, and the fact that Ryde council will grow by 60% by 2036.

    • Terri Butler telegraphed that last night on Q&A. Link One Nation to LNP via the Qld preference deal and therefore show that a vote for Libs in mutlicultural Bennelong = vote for ON.

  9. given her full name, Kristina Kerscher Keneally

    I see a hell of a campaign slogan for bennelong, “All the way with KKK”!!!

  10. McKew door knocked her way through Bennelong, targeting the new arrivals (Chinese property-loving types).

    Bennelong encompasses areas such as Epping, North Ryde, Macquarie Park etc etc. There’s no chance anyone will get elected here on a platform of removing property lurks. No chance.

  11. The ironic thing is John Alexander was one of the few Liberals who was concerned about the Housing affordability. And his losing would actually help!

    • The other point of irony worth mentioning is that in Kristina we have a person who came to Australia as an adult – and who still sports a strong US accent – contesting a seat made available through the disqualification of a person born in Australia, who had a high profile sports career representing Australia. Odd, no?

  12. ErmingtonPlumbing

    I don’t think the ALP has ever taken Government without taking Bennalong.
    Better check my Email for the next FEC, im in Bennalong.

  13. The Wealth Navigator

    As a resident of benelong for over 20 years, I can only remember one period with labor on the back of Kevin07. If you talk about goodbye negative gearing i think you are way too early given the demographic of the area- but who knows I am just one voter who has not voted labor or liberal for years. And at the last election John Alexander had over 50% of the first preference votes labor was a long way behind to me it would need a 20%+ swing to happen

    • Bennelong was won by Rudd when he swooned down Eastwood mall and did his ‘ni hao’ to everyone before settling down for yum cha. All those votes swung back after he was gone.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Ah… someone’s been paying attention… careful with that… there’s probably a law against it.