Ardern: “We believe that housing is a right”

Great stuff from the legend:

Here’s why she is spot on, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

At the base of all human well-being is the house: food, water, warmth, rest, security and safety. If your society is not providing that to as many people as possible – especially future children – then, frankly, it’s a failure.

It’s not about markets or governments or freedoms or profits or speculators or anything else. They are only discussions about how to deliver universal access.

In any society not still domiciled in the tent, a roof over one’s head is a basic human right that trumps pretty much everything else other than general freedom.

Australia, Baby Boomer FAIL.

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  1. Honest John and his love child, Tiny Tony, told us where all this Human Rights talk would end. Communists on our doorstep and Reusa is off at a bloody party somewhere.

    • So how is that right to vote is a basin “natural” human right while rights to have a home or food are not despite being way more important and closer to the base of the pyramid?

      because people who invented notion of natural rights were rich people who never lacked any of things like food or shelter. Natural human rights were invented by the rich class only for the rich class (they were not pretending back than that to be different) but than we pushed these rights down to everyone without ever thinking about other more important things.

  2. UE – you are backing the wrong horse!!! This is a MT all over again… a source of enlightenment, a new direction, etc, etc.

    IMHO, you are better of just saying, this is what she is saying… then judge her on her actions!

    Don’t put your own credibility on someone who you know absolutely nothing about.

    • Agree, but perhaps we are all tainted by the doublespeak of our lot. I allow myself a little hope though. If she turns out to be the real deal, I’ll seriously consider moving to NZ. I like the idea of paying my taxes to a government that has earned my respect.

      • Exactly – Ardern is constantly talking about foreign investment into housing – but if you look at the figures, its virtually nil!

        Its entirely Kiwis buying houses… especially those cash buyers, given investors in Auckland have fallen by more than half. Yet the prices kept rising…

        The whole premise of MB that Ardern will show the way is an entire fiction. Moreover, some reporting yesterday, suggesting what the NZ government should do, is already enacted legislation.

        I give Peters 18 months, and there will be fresh elections.

      • Call her out now! Its all double speak presently!

        Its patiently stupid IMHO to back this horse now. Have a look at her background – and her work!!!

    • Yep. We all got fooled by Joe Hockey and his token forced sellings of mansions owned by foreigners. It was just a smokescreen.

      We should all be sceptical of politicians and The Guardian newspaper.

      • Well, Truepink.
        re ‘Australia, Baby Boomer FAIL.’
        Goes back a long time before that, started with Regan/Thatcher dogma but was written up by right wing think tanks back in the 50’s through to the 70’s by people who would be well over 100 years old now.
        I see no bright political stars of a younger generation in politics taking up a different view from the current status quo about housing being for the those dabbling in the top two ego driven bits of that pyramid.
        GenX is fully housed (same as boomers) and has a huge dick in the ‘investment’ market, so no relief there either. GenX politicians are also equally evil and culpable.

        I suspect that until we get mainstream consensus about NeoLiberal economics being bad for everyone then nothing much will change.. Housing is for the greedy aspirational and if you fail you have chosen to be one of lifes losers is the current dogma.

      • Nah mate dont remember. I lived at rockingham in those days.So it was straight up the highway and left into the road to the refinery. After work it was up to spearwood tavern for a few beers, Many times I dont know how i made it home from there. Couldnt do it now.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Visible from the semi private north road to BP before it turned left along the beach,
        Owned Boomas Gym in Shoalwater, 1980s.
        You went to the tavern, I couldn’t do it now or then.
        Better get back to work, they want me to make a robotic machine but I rather fix things than make em.

      • Now I know were you were, whenever i went past there, i had a lookout to see how many fish were on the intake screens of the refinery cooling water inlets.

    • Hey, everyone I ❤️ Jacinda too, as the editorial logo to this post says. Today she spoke quietly to the media about a number of matters, including a plan to talk with Mr Turnbull next week about previous NZ administration’s offer to assist with our off-shore asylum-seeker issue, an offer which was flatly turned down by the LNP. No grandstanding, no Liberal versus Labo one-upmanship. Just a modest mention by the NZ PM that New Zealand was fortunate not to have the problem that Australia is faced with and that she would discuss with Malcolm how she might be able to assist Australia in a humanitarian response.
      Malcolm will the complete a moral fxxxwit if he plays this for Hamsonite votes. So far, Jacinda is all class- a person first and a politician second.
      More women for PM, the LNP Bishop sisters excluded.

  3. Society and the economy should be calibrated to serve the needs of the people. Otherwise why sign up to the social contract?

    • We have a choice to sign? You mean I didn’t have to have the government taking half my pay check?!

  4. Shelter is an essential, it’s great to hear it from a politician. So take away tax incentives and stop treating it as a class of investment. Why do so many have trouble with that basic concept?

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    This one is good. She’ll say things to keep the commies happy while working hard in the background to look after our profits, as is the most important thing!

  6. First step…ban foreign speculators in domestic housing market. The fact that this makes her a legend speaks volumes about how lost we are in Australia…

    • Agree Stephen. But, the failure IMO is all sides of politics in Oz, and has been for a very long time.. If policies make housing safer than investing in the productive economy then they can’t defend what we now have. No hope for our children to buy a home. We can talk all we like about it, but until something is done to correct this crazy situation with more immigration it’ll keep going. Ok so Sydney might have stalled a bit, but is that going to be a trend. You can see society breaking down in this country, so how to fix it?? The sprukers say, well go and rent, but now that’s even harder. The move to the country is flawed as there are few jobs. Every Oz politician who can’t see this needs to be assigned to history.

  7. Presumably there needs to be some time to see what she can do, but I am not hopeful. If she were concerned about foreign investment, why limit concerns to existing properties? Otherwise developers can do the purchasing of existing houses and demolish them to build new housing which can then be legally sold to foreign investors. Same rort that goes on in Australia.

  8. Sounds like her words fell apart and she put them back together with all the vowels in the wrong places. That said, good start, but how about announcing a robust methodology for tracking these purchases to give those words meaning? And what about stating some official figures to the NZ people to firstly validate this cause and set a baseline for improvement? I’m sceptical.

  9. “…It’s not about markets or governments or freedoms or profits or speculators or anything else. They are only discussions about how to deliver universal access…”

    I am pleased to see that Labour’s whole policy includes allowing the private sector to compete and deliver housing on land that has not been racketeered. I hope they avoid the mistake that almost all socialists make without fail, that the “solution” is always only ever “the State” directly involving itself in building and operating housing with taxpayer subsidies.

    Leaving property markets inherently rigged by urban planning, and trying to solve the distortions with another layer of even bigger and much costlier government involvement, inevitably “runs out of other people’s money”. Thatcher might as well have been specifically referring to “Public housing” which by her time, housed 1/3 of Poms, and the “demand” was still insatiable. In these distorted markets, the injustices of the distortions are always deflected up onto whatever cohort still does not quite qualify for the public housing. So that a large number of the population are worse off BECAUSE they work, earn, save, and pay their own way. Guess what is the result of incentives like these?

  10. Yeah, but…

    We don’t need to own a house to have shelter anymore than we need to own a lake for our water supply.

    I’m pro-change to support improved affordability, but everyone is going to have different ideas around how shelter should be provided on reasonable terms.

    • It doesn’t matter, we are way past any rational point even if your home market looks O.K. This is the largest credit boom in the history of the world…..this is where we are now

      Central banks keep driving our economies in exactly the wrong direction……the Fed should have hiked quickly back in 2014 at 6.5% unemployment like they planned but they lack the courage of their own convictions…… is too late now to deflate this without a bust…….we will all be collateral damage but the US looks the best of a bad bunch

    • I’m pro-change to support improved affordability, but everyone is going to have different ideas around how shelter should be provided on reasonable terms.

      Well neo-feudalism could “improve affordability”, but it doesn’t necessarily better the lot of the nation. That is one thing the Japanese tried to rectify when it came to shelter. And it has succeeded reasonably well.

    • When some a-hole owns the only lake and appoints a few of his mates as the only authorised resellers, who charge $3 per litre, you’re going to want your own lake or a chance to sink a well.

      In Australia this is where we are.

      Metaphorically. Substitute land, zoning decisions, developers and housing appropriately.

  11. christopherMEMBER

    Why not take it one step further?…And make it illegal for foreigners to own residential property; period. That would return much needed supply to tax paying citizens who are in real need of local housing and provide investors with a ready rental market to non residents!

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      If someone wants a right to a really big house, they pay more tax. Proportionate and simple.

  12. The problem with “Housing being a right” is that someone else shouldn’t have to pay for you to have that “right”. What you end up with is more and more people demanding “housing as a right” which can only be funded by the tax payer, which the bulk of is made up of the middle class.
    Housing isn’t a right, its earnt through hard work and sacrifice. Now shelter on the other hand is a basic human right, which should be everyone’s “right”. But there should be limits, basic shelter means “basic”…This doesn’t mean the tax payer should be funding a standard of living to your expectations because it’s your “right”. 2017 Social security and welfare stands at $164 billion that’s approximately 1/3 of the nation’s income and yet to arrive is the NDIS at $22 billion. This level of spending is not sustainable for citizens “right to have”. Something has to give to release this pressure, either recession, depression, social upheaval.

    • Yup … UBI, home-ownership rights, you name it.

      The chilling thing is, people who are supposedly proficient at maths and er, economics, actually think it IS sustainable in the long run. Proof that higher/tertiary education is no cure for ignorance.

      • Sounds a lot like communism. UBI, Central Planners, Massive State – oh no, we live in a capitalist society and it’s all capitalism’s fault. Central banking and progressive taxation are two fundamental pillars of communism. Most of us are so brainwashed after 12-18 years of government indoctrination camps we have no clue what’s going on, and worse, think the wrong things!

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Good comment. Give and take is another core principle of society (or ‘everyone contributes’). Should someone receive free housing for making (deliberately so) absolutely no contribution to society? I think not.

      All sorts of tricky ethical questions here. But the financial reality is as you say.

  13. Jack, What about WAR is that a right. The feds have been droping Democracy Bombs on the desert a world away costing billions for over a decade now. Its the middle class that pays for this foreign adventure with no positive results, while local mofos go hungry and homeless

  14. You do not have to own a house…you can rent! This is not communist China where housing is provided by the state, this is survival of the fittest where you need to work to survive!

  15. Jacinda is worth more than all of our lot combined. Here’s someone actually trying to change things.