The paradise that is Sydney 2037

Some days this place truly is a mad house, Domainfax:

Self-driving cars on roads with solar panels, hologram commercials, drones making deliveries, skyways between buildings, a magnetically-levitating train pulling into Circular Quay and trees. Lots more trees.

It’s a view of how Sydney could look in 20 years.

A virtual reality vision of the future city has been launched as part of the four-day International Festival of Landscape Architecture in Sydney.

As well as removing the Cahill Expressway and the shops below to open up the city to the harbour, it suggests a future where cars will be replaced by a variety of futuristic vehicles – some self-driving, others that look like high-tech scooters and rickshaws.

The city will have taken a lead from China and Tokyo with a mag-lev high-speed train. There will be a lot more public art. And pedestrians and cyclists with share plazas with the odd robot.

As well the virtual reality look at the city in 2037, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has turned a section of Alfred Street, near Circular Quay, into what it calls a Future Street for the festival.

Chief executive Tim Arnold said the institute wanted to suggest a greener and smarter city and show how landscape design, infrastructure and technology could make it more livable.

That meant creating a street that had been reclaimed from cars.

“Cars still may be a part of it but it’s about making it a zone for the community where they can come and relax, entertain, rejuvenate and mingle with their friends and colleagues,” Mr Arnold said.

“[There are also] all the environmental benefits of a green canopy that makes our streets cooler, absorbs all the energy and is a lot better for our air pollution as well.”

Given the Fake Greens aim to drive Sydney population up by another 1.54 million to 6.4 million on the back of rampant immigration:

MB has commissioned some more honest artist mock-ups for what the place will look like:

Domainfax: Independent Always.


  1. The future always looks like architects’ porn: sleek buildings, a shady arbor or two, electric vehicles, and a few people in causal dress.

    No beggars or garbage or traffic jams in those children’s illustrations.

    • Yeah, it is just the thing for Lucy Turnbull and her plans for a segregated Sydney.

      Rich inner Eastern suburbs and Mosman where Lucy Turnbull and her friends reside have almost no planned growth, despite some having lots of open space suitable for high rises. The new urban ghettos are being built out of site of the old rich Liberal voters in the West and North West.

      There are no poor people because they cannot afford the road tolls or trainfares to get into the city. There are no beggars or homeless because they have been “moved on” Tony Abbot-style the state security police (SS), just like those who camped outside the RBA a few months back.

      All that’s missing is a vidscreen on every building of Dictator for life Dutton telling us how fortunate we are and to respect out CCP overlords…

    • The future always looks like architects’ porn: sleek buildings, a shady arbor or two, electric vehicles, and a few people in causal dress.

      I’m sure you could find somewhere in Sydney, on a cold Sunday morning during school holidays, when some CBD streets might look like that for a few minutes, if you positioned your camera well.

    • Meanwhile, at the Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc., Mr Cosmo Spacely is bulying his 457 employee: JETSOOOOOOON!!!
      (an employee of distinctly Indian descent comes running into Mr Cosmo’s office): Yes my maharajah,…errr…. I mean Yes sir?
      Mr Cosmo (thoroughly confused): Who the hell are you? I called for Jetson…
      (employee, with thick accent): But I am Jetson, sir.. Jetson 659, to be more precise.

  2. the only problem is the architecture in your second Macro mock up is way too nice for what sydney is going to look like. think flammable cladding skykennels. all those stately elegant buildings that made sydney sydney will have to go – if they have not already gone, to make way for the battery hens of the future. those conceptual picture slook like complete shite. what a soullless place; and LOL at suggesting that ‘solar freakin roadways’ is ever going to be a thing.

    heres what sydney used to look like. before the dark times. before the ponzi.

    even in black and white you could see it was a place of real majesty, rivalled any of the great cities of europe and then some.

    now its just another place in asia with a funny looking opera house and a big bridge.

  3. ThePensumMEMBER

    haha the perennial “get rid of Cahill expressway.” I’d be doubting that even if they targeted 2100.

    • haha yeah good old Boston pulled it off.

      The Big Dig was the most expensive highway project in the US, and was plagued by cost overruns, delays, leaks, design flaws, charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials, criminal arrests,[2][3] and one death.[4] The project was originally scheduled to be completed in 1998[5] at an estimated cost of $2.8 billion (in 1982 dollars, US$6.0 billion adjusted for inflation as of 2006).[6] However, the project was completed only in December 2007, at a cost of over $14.6 billion ($8.08 billion in 1982 dollars, meaning a cost overrun of about 190%)[6] as of 2006.[7] The Boston Globe estimated that the project will ultimately cost $22 billion, including interest, and that it would not be paid off until 2038.

      • ThePensumMEMBER

        I reckon we could top that easily…

        And then sink the overpasses in Darling Harbour too!

  4. This article is genius. Please – seriously – send it to the nightly news services. They will lap it up!

  5. This MB article with those pics is fantastic. Please – seriously – send it to the nightly news services. They will lap it up!

    • You beat me to it. These people are deranged, or liars or both. On current trends, the Sydney of 2037 will be exactly like the hellish dystopia from the original Blade Runner.

  6. TailorTrashMEMBER

    We had a beautiful city back in the past ( back when Ah were a lad ) … in the future ( when I’m an old man ) it’s an over crowded failing shithole …….good to see the architects are going to fix it in 20 years though ………more wankery ….( permissible word one presumes )

  7. Good work guys
    Easily differentiates,
    Now I need one for the gold coast, but it will probably only feature waves, as everyone says it will be underwater, I’m not sure which way they mean, literally or financially, the odds are good for both.

  8. Don’t forget by then, you’d be RFID + more in your implant – mobile data direct to you eye balls folks. You might even get hacked and do something that you never did yet all the sensors say you did…sweet!

    But before they bust you up, they’ll be able to predict your next move, and clear all the pedestrians and other traffic for you from the top two graphics…even better. Amazon oz will provide everything you need, because by then the gov won’t be able to. Sorry, had to say it.

    • Nah mate! It’s likely that NBN will be half way implemented by then, and you’ll have to lug a roll of coax with you, with one end screwed into your eyeball.

  9. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s just a shame that we have to wait so long for this awesome boost to Sydney’s vibrancy!

  10. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    I recently saw Bladerunner 2049 and thought the depiction of Los Angeles could easily be Sydney with Chinese mega corps rather than Japanese being advertised on building billboards.

    • Bit of a cop out for the new BR film sticking with the Japanese theme. Back when the original came out that Japanese theme was somewhat menacing to your average Western member of the audience, and a reasonably credible vision of the future. Not so much now. An interesting creative decision. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the new one yet, but am planning to.

  11. The bottom image is taken in Pamplona during San Fermin- The Running of the Bulls.

    It’s a small scaled and super sociable urban space.

  12. what the population of Sydney is going to be in 5 years once 200k foreign students and 500k over-indebted property specufestors with over $0.5m in negative equity leave?

  13. UrbanWastelandMEMBER

    The Sydney they’ve imagined is what you get when you’re smokin’ the good shit. The real Sydney is what you get when you can no longer afford the good shit and you’re smoking dirty ice out of a broken light globe in the back of a garbage-lined laneway…

  14. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The most implausible part of the 2037 vision is cyclist sharing the footpath with pedestrians. The Pedestrian Council of Australia will never let that happen!!

  15. On the plus side with current population growth the maglev train might finally be feasible by then (no doubt the government of the day will still be slipping their mates several billion of tax payers money so that can run on coal or something so as to ensure their cushy directorship

  16. ThePensumMEMBER

    By the way can someone tell me where the photo of the buses is from? Hilarious!
    Also reminiscent of York Street/QVB in Sydney CBD every morning.

    • Internet can’t decide if it is Tijuana or Mecca. My guess is Mecca during Haj, given the tent-like structures and preponderance of white clothing on pedestrians.

    • First picture of the traffic ?
      Don’t have to wait until 2037 – try the M4 – Strathfield turnoff – going west to outlying migrant encampments.

  17. Domain’s estimations are probably closer to the mark than MBs.
    The people that make that stuff happen? We’re importing them.
    Change the hue of the individuals in the pics and it’s probably bang on.
    The whites will be lumped with the blacks somewhere off frame.

  18. Sydney CBD will be aka Guangzhou ~ Mumbai, a million or more Australian – unemployed & homeless in their plastic & cardboard hovels in the parks, living in abandoned cars & along the sidewalk.

    Every apartment building and residential dwelling far out to the east, west & north foreign owned, every bit of living space choked with sublet 12 hour mattress share for the 4 million migrant guestworkers.

    The mosques call to the Muhammadean intermingling with the clamour of the Asian night market shanty stalls set up on the abandoned main roads.. as the migrant hordes push and jostle around the fenced off and heavily fortified security & ethnic demarcation zones.

    The vision is here, and on display today :
    CBD Central Broadway
    Mascot square, Zetland
    North Parramatta
    North Ryde

      • Ha : Sydney ‘paradise’ 2037 …
        As described in suburbs above, on display now.
        Guangzhou aka Mumbai.
        Based on 2006-2016 trends – in 20 years that would be circa 12 million. And also based on trends & ratios – that’s 2 million Australians & 10 million third world migrants with 4 million as temporary visa holders.
        (I forgot the Indian child bridal market, the African street gang championships & the Asian slum floating villages infilling the harbour). 😊

      • Hi – yes – I didn’t even include our 64k or so illegals.

        It’s not exactly apples to apples, and at face value we appear to have a lower ratio of hard illegals – but because this is masked in the temporary visa & appeals in the bridging & protection visa numbers.
        I would say our actual illegals is much higher than UK.

        We have 8 million tourist visitors with 5% or so working illegally = 400k, something that in the UK is far more difficult to do – so added together that’s 464k ‘illegal’ in a Aust pop of 24 million so 2%.
        Britain has 65 million / 1 million illegals so 1.5%, but a much lower ratio of tourists working illegally as that’s hard to do – so let’s say that’s similar at 2%.

        We then have at least 1 million or more on clear Fake or pretext visas that U.K. doesn’t even have (8 year old Fake English course ELT students, Fake partners, rural & other visa – so another 1.5 million in some form of soft visa that’s frauded. And a huge number in appeals & bridging or protection visa – to stay & work on that lengthy delay – even tho the appeal is almost always nonsense. Added together to the hard illegals is about 2.1 million or 8% of our Pop.

        Britain only has a fraction of our intake in international students, non EU (and the EU door is being shut also) and working visas)
        UK – stats : YE March 2016, visas granted (non-EU, main applicants) skilled 54,961. Total work visas including EU 121,639.
        International Students 167,000 in YE December 2015, compared with 191,000 in YE December 2014. Including a decrease of 22,000 non-EU citizens (China & Indian ‘student’ visa decreases, restrictions & caps)
        And this year many more restrictions on visa entry, work rights, funds & police checks and rapid exit of Fake visa or protection claims (Canada & Us also) none of which we have – pushing the Asian, Indian, Arab & third world flow into ‘easy’ soft target countries like Australia.

        So the UK is three times our size in population but one third less in numbers in skilled visa and five times less in ‘students’.
        UK international students are 0.24% of total UK pop.
        Aust international students are 2.4% or 10 X times.

        We are roughly equivalent in ‘illegals’ and we are many times worse in TR & Tourist visa fraud.

        The intentionally fraudulent Chinese, South Asian, Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Arab, south & east European, Brazilian and others who can’t get into U.K., Europe, US, Canada anymore – are directed into Australia.

  19. wasabinatorMEMBER

    I have an option to retire in Japan, where the population is “horrifically” shrinking. Can’t find much of a reason to consider Aus with it’s surging population.

    • Japan regional housing is super cheap – almost anywhere in the country. With excellent & fast cheap train service. Clean, community, safe, cheap.
      $250k ($320k Aud) buys you a double story 6 bed mansion with land.

      Tokyo north east coast after Fukushima is virtually 1950’s prices.
      (Apple Store have a range of Geiger counter apps, the only one rated to actually work on a iPhone (using the phone camera sensor) is RadioactivityCounter by Hotray 😊

  20. What a laugh. 20 years?

    The thing that sticks out to me when people talk about the utopian future, is how dependent it is on a society that isn’t desperate. A self driving car covered in solar panels is effectively a free roaming bison circa 1700s USA. Its batteries and panels would be hugely valuable to anyone who can’t afford their electricity bills, and we know it’ll be programmed to stop if you stick a hazard in front (lest the company be sued into the ground).

  21. Where are the homeless? Rats eating garbage from overflowing bins? Junkies shadow boxing stobie poles?