MP revolt over Sydney’s population ponzi deepens

By Leith van Onselen

With NSW’s (read Sydney’s) population growing at a break-neck pace (see below chart), last month it was revealed that there was a revolt underway from within the NSW Liberal Party against the federal government’s mass immigration program and over-development across Sydney (watch video above).

The most important quote from the video was the following:

“Government MPs have all told me the same thing: Sydney is full. They believe the federal government needs to have a difficult conversation about curbing immigration or it simply will not be possible to keep up”.

Earlier this month, the revolt spread to Sydney’s long suffering residents, with more than two-thirds of those surveyed declaring “Sydney is full” and off limits to further mass development, according to a ReachTel poll conducted for Fairfax Media.

Over the weekend, senior Liberal Minister, Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott, joined the revolt, declaring “enough” to further development of his electorate and warning of a voter revolt unless the population issue is addressed. From The Sunday Telegraph:

The Liberal frontbencher, who is responsible for the Corrections, Counter Terrorism and Veterans portfolios, said he is not alone, with four other NSW MPs raising concerns about a voter backlash over excessive development.

Mr Elliott wants the government to commit to building its long-promised public hospital in Rouse Hill, new schools and improvements to local bus services before allowing any new development in the region.

He sad he would be making representations to Planning Minister Anthony Roberts on blocking further development while also speaking with Education Minister Rob Stokes about the need for additional schools.

Without commitments to build more infrastructure, Mr Elliott said he would not be supporting any new proposals for the area.

“Tell ’em they’re dreamin’ is what I will say if there are moves to put more development in this area without the infrastructure,” he said.

“This is going to be a huge state election issue — it is the only issue that my constituents are talking about in my electorate, and I know several other MPs have concerns also.

“I don’t have a public hospital, an ambulance station, a police station, no courthouse, the schools are overcrowded, people are unhappy with their bus services — it is time a line was drawn in the sand. Enough”…

His outburst was prompted by an announcement by Malaysian developer Mulpha Norwest to a group of property developers last Monday that it plans to push ahead with a $3 billion residential and commercial expansion of its Norwest Business Park.

Mr Elliott said he would not support any gazetted amendments, large-scale development applications or rezoning until the infrastructure backlog in The Hills Shire is cleared.

Meanwhile, another planning fail has been revealed in Penrith’s new Thornton housing estate, which has been designed so poorly that garbage trucks cannot fit down the narrow streets. Also from The Daily Telegraph:

The tight turns of the estate’s lanes are preventing garbage trucks from doing what they should — collecting rubbish. In some of the streets, drivers must get down from their cabins and walk across the road to wheel bins back to the truck.

In others, residents are forced to haul their wheelie bins around the corner to another street just so the trucks can collect them.

So narrow is the bitumen, trucks have hit houses and garages, causing damage.

The problem in this estate and many others like it on the city’s western outskirts has led the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) to appeal for help to a parliamentary inquiry investigating the state’s housing supply. WSROC says that streets in many new housing estates are simply not wide enough to allow effective waste collection.

“There appears to be no consideration given to infrastructure required to collect waste from a household,’’ WSROC told the inquiry.

“(This is) evident in narrow street widths that do not allow for waste collection trucks to access households, zero metre dwelling setbacks where bins are presented for collection in the roadway, new dwelling styles with no bin storage space and other collection impracticalities.’’

WSROC chief executive Charles Casuscelli said the problems stemmed from state government trashing of council planning rules as it approved housing estates worth more than $20 million, saying: “The trucks can’t turn around or fit inside the areas for the garbage bins’’.

“Some of the laneways are so narrow that trucks are making five or six-point turns to turn around and the noise upsets the residents.”

Of course, the underlying cause of this madness is the federal government’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ program, which massively ramped-up Australia’s immigration intake from the early-2000s to around 200,000 people annually:

The NSW Government’s own population projections show that Sydney’s population will increase by 1.74 million people (1,650 people per week) to 6.4 million over the next 20-years, with 1.53 million of this growth (1,473 people per week) coming from net overseas migration:

With most of this population to be crush-loaded into Sydney’s West, in places like Parramatta:

Sydneysiders are not stupid. They know that extreme immigration-fueled population growth is destroying their living standards, with roads, public transport, schools and hospitals all crush-loaded and housing becoming hideously expensive.

The NSW Liberal ministers are right to revolt, as is the electorate. But they need to take the fight to the federal government, which is driving the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ agenda, and demand that it immediately halve Australia’s immigration intake back to sustainable historical levels.

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  1. Tom Elliott has been linking garbage trucks damaging cars to mass immigration for years on his radio show.

    There are all sorts of arguments against mass low-wage immigration – including streets getting narrower and narrower for garbage trucks.

    The utterly insane thing is how government “designs” residential roads and councils fine people for parking on the nature strip (we park on the nature strip because a fire truck would not be able to get through if we parked on the road).

    Abolish the councils already.

    • mild colonialMEMBER

      The councils knew how to control for their services but they have been amalgamated so that the two big parties from head offices can run them. That’s why local voices are not heard and all development/no infrastructure is occurring. the councils that ran legal challenges to amalgamation survived.

    • Treat the disease not the symptom.
      Abolish two party preferred voting system, as it is so easily corrupted. (which was its functional purpose)

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “Meanwhile, another planning fail has been revealed in Penrith’s new Thornton housing estate, which has been designed so poorly that garbage trucks cannot fit down the narrow streets. ”

      This is the result of Developers having to much lobbying POWER, over the land release and Development process.

      With the current rate of lot and street size reduction, we’ll have highly profitable (for Developers) shantytowns in no time!,…all justified by some housing affordability argument.

      Government should control the rate of land release, lot and street size and allow subdivisions without the Developer underwriten, front end loading of services that gives them so much leverage over Government at the “negotiating” table.

      Next time you fly to Perth or Adelaide have a look out the window at the vast amount of land circulating Sydney, less than 20% has been built on (Sydney basin) and the road to Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo could easily be opened up with high speed rail.
      Affordable Houses on 5 to 600m2 @ 2 to 350k could eaisly be achieved if our Governments put their minds to it,…instead the whole process is CONTROLLED by greedy developers trickle feeding properties on to the market.

    • Councils are a fully functioning part of the population ponzi, and all that I know of are providers to the property development dark web. Council members should not be allowed to be on council if they have any corporate connections to builders/developers or contractors in their families. They are there to provide services to the community; I know it’s a vain hope, but what if?

  2. ceteris paribus

    Who is going to win? 1. Calling all house owners, of PPORs and investments, all those with high, lower or no mortgages, Sydney has started dropping and Melbourne is slowing fast. Brisbane and Perth are off colour. Ring Macolm to wind up immigration. Or a bust is on the cards.
    2. Calling all aspiring home owners. Prices look toppy to falling. Ring Malcolm to cut immigration so it turns into a decent bust.
    You do the math.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      @CP – In a round about way, you’ve identified a really interesting point.

      Falling house prices are great for people with no house, neutral for people with only one house, and terrible for people with more than one house.

      There are far more people with no house than with more than one house.

      However, there are even more people with only one house.

      Even though falling house prices are neither good nor bad for them, these people THINK that falling house prices are bad for them because “on paper” it looks like they’re getting poorer. Never mind that they can never “realise” their wealth in their single PPOR – if they sold it they’d have to live somewhere, which means buying another PPOR which has also increased in price, hence their money has just been sunk back into the housing market.

      Yes, it is possible to sell your family home and move into a rental because you think the price is right, but next to nobody actually does this.

      The trick for those with a vested interest in high house prices and high immigration (banks, developers, rich multiple homeowners, and companies and their shareholders that rely on population ponzi as well as politicians who are on the take from the above mentioned) is to CONVINCE people who own only a single house that they are better off if their house rises in price rather than if it falls in price, even though they’re not. Then non-homeowners loses to multiple homeowners PLUS single homeowners, instead of non-homeowners winning against multiple homeowners.

      At present they are selling this lie very effectively.

      • Tassie TomMEMBER

        @ Peachy – my comment was already too long, so I didn’t cover “equity mate”.

        “Equity mate” does not make people richer – it just gives them access to more debt. If you’re already absolutely maxed out on debt (median Sydney house price : median Sydney household income is around 10X – how could you not be?), then having to pay back your “equity mate” is only going to make things worse.

        However, as you quite correctly suggest, “equity mate” makes people THINK that they are better off with rising house prices, and this is a powerful lie from the vested interests.

      • Tom, people with 1 house who bought it years ago have a lot of equity-mate, which is a 3,5% credit card. This isn’t “wealth”, of course, but it’s a significant benefit.

        There are many of these people, and they vote.

      • ceteris paribus

        Tassie Tom, you make an important point about the single PPOR owner. Many will never actually realise the “windfall” they have reaped in house price inflation. But it does offer a huge psychological benefit-OPTIONS, especially for those who have accrued a lot. Leave the stressful Sydney/Melburne job and retire Nowra or Bairnsdale or Bali never worry about not eating. OK. It does actually doesn’t happen much. But Tom, it fulfills the deep archetypal dream, so accurately articulated by those wretched advertising people: “Tatts me out of here”. Never underestimate the value of a dream to people, an option, even when if they never exercise it.

      • Don’t forget people with one house who are pushed into negative equity by falling prices. If they need to relocate to find work or accommodate a growing family, they are essentially trapped even if they aren’t moving into a higher price bracket.

      • Terror Australis

        It’s a zero sum game.
        And those who’d be on the “minus” side of the falling prices equation are mostly baby boomers i.e. Liberal voters.

    • Just allow more foreigners to buy – that will prop up prices.

      Mainland Chinese are the best, as they pay in cash, so no extra debt.

    • Maybe our black swan event will be the rise of the skinheads to save us?!

      That’d be pretty awesome in terms of unpredictability!

      • What would your view be on the extinction of Australian black swans (due to some terrible biological/ecological disaster) that induced the world to recoil in fear?

        That’d be pretty ironic.

      • I’m tipping it will reach a point where we see a significant incident (eg. shooting/mob violence/bomb threat/envelope with white powder etc) at an auction.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        If the government won’t step up then maybe the skinheads will?

        Either way L’s auction scenario isn’t really so far fetched, who hasn’t dreamed about a free suitcase of untraceable cash?

      • I’m sure you’re joking (slightly) but I don’t doubt for a second that the turbo-charged immigration we’re seeing will ultimately shred the social fabric in this country. Throw in a recession, high unemployment, falling house prices and you have a recipe for some serious unrest.

    • I’m telling you, don’t need the government, just need to get one of those redneck parties to stand at the arrivals terminal protesting when they arrive, it will be all over WeChat

    • Last night’s Four Corners episode on the rise of the anti-immigrant AFD party in Germany amply demonstrated that jamming lots of foreign immigrants into a society will result in cracking of the social contract.

      The people who think they are in charge of the show don’t know what they’re doing, and there will be more of this.

      • cracking of the social contract
        that’s what they’re doing. my outlook has changed significantly in 10 years…….

      • @Harold…yeah, me too. Ten years ago I was pro-immigration, pro-islam etc etc. These days, not so much. In fact, not at all.

      • If that is what 10 years can do to someone who was pro immigration and pro Islam then imagine the effects on rednecks and the youth coming of age.

        All those out of control youth parties that show no respect for society and the law could make for an interesting powder keg if they were to focus that rage at someone they blame for their there plight of no job, no house and no chance of a quarter acre block to raise a family.

        You can’t turn it around now, the foundation has been laid and calling them racists will probably make it worse.

    • “they were attacked after being asked for cigarettes – which they didn’t have – by local youths”

      Surprised to hear that Woden bus interchange hasn’t changed since I was a kid. That kind of thing used to happen to me and my friends in that spot over 30 years ago. We’re not Chinese though, I don’t think the “local youths” are too discerning about who they pick on.

      • Don’t you wish you’d had the threat of a multi-billion dollar commercial boycott as protection for yourself back then?

      • Ironically that’s an area that could actually benefit from an apartment tower or two. Its an empty wasteland after hours, a magnet for louts. A planning failure of a different kind.

    • Been waiting for this to start occurring, I’m surprised there’s not more. African “youths” of Melbourne should be targetting the locusts if they want a wealthy victim.

  3. Sadly the fatwa on politicians discussing immigration still has some steam. This is Rob Stokes, NSW Eduction Minister, discussing school overcrowding:

    In April this year:

    NSW to spend $5 billion planning new schools as enrolments soar

    The state’s strong economy has encouraged strong interstate migration as well as, obviously, strong immigration numbers, as well as a baby boom locally and also the great learning results we’re seeing in NSW public schools.

    But jump forward to late October, and it is clear that the message from the federal liberal party – be it a horse head in his bed or whatever – has gotten through and he has now learned to keep his mouth shut:

    Demountable use to ‘double’ in schools as enrolments surge

    Enrolments are soaring due to a baby boom, the strong NSW economy attracting young families and world-class academic standards.

    I hope you got the blood and muck out of the sheets Rob.

  4. “Some of the laneways are so narrow that trucks are making five or six-point turns to turn around and the noise upsets the residents.”
    Gotta laugh at the absurdity of it all.

      • You might expect it in Newtown, but you shouldn’t, for two reasons. One, Newtown was planned to have wide-enough streets. Two, the residents wouldn’t put up with it. Whereas the poor suckers in Penrith will pay a king’s ransom for a tiny badly built dog box 90 minutes from the CBD and be grateful that they are on the property ladder. Garbage pick up? That’s what you get when you move up the ladder.

        Any house that far out from the CBD should be on 2 hectares of land. Townhouses in Penrith FFS, the world has gone mad.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Newtown? Hasn’t Jenny Leong got that covered? In any event the vibrancy means that much of the garbage will be recycled pre-pavement.

      • It’s sparsely populated because a massive amount of it is some of the most inhospitable landscape on the planet.

      • Mr Walker. I have traveled much of it. Seen and experienced it too. I am now an E-3 as I agree with it being inhospitable …..but not the landscape.

      • Daniel is right. We’re not advocating megacities in the middle of the Simpson Desert, FFS. On the edge of most Australian cities you can see densely-crammed new developments with tiny blocks and no amenities rammed hard up against a growth boundary fence – and on the other side of that fence are marginal sheep paddocks stretching away as far as the eye can see. Sydney may be a partial exception but Penriff? Come on.

        Our “land shortage” is entirely artificial.

  5. Banksters and property builders running Syd without opposition. I think it started when government bought the story of increasing supply will fix housing. But without any controls on speculation, vacant properties, population growth and the bizarre situation where easier to buy third investment property than first, it has been a failure. Good luck turning this train around though.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s good to see that development is going into the areas that deserve and need the increase in vibrancy and that the right sort of areas that are already amazing are being protected from it!

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Another example of persuing a turn around in poll numbers without actually doing anything or offering any kind political course change.

    Immigration policy is in the Federal domain, dog whistles and soundbites from State MPs are meaningless and party Apparatchiks and spin doctors know it.
    We are being Played.
    I’ve been predicting an 11th hour change to an anti-immigration platform if NLP poll numbers kept falling,…but without really doing anything about the numbers.
    This is one way “the Party” can come out strongly against mass Immigration without, really challenging the population Ponzi at all.
    Watch this NSW Liberal party “State issue”, increasingly be feed to the public, as a major talking point, …whilst nothing is actually done.
    Like the less tax mantra,…less immigration isn’t Coming from them.

  8. @Mewalker
    Plus many.
    So does the mega council that pick up rubbish in Penrith employ $457 drivers. Garbos on the old days Melton circa 1980 (Melton bloods footy players) had self rrspect and likely would have walked off the job with tiny street bull$$$$. Newly minted HR drivers in Penrith too scared to complain lest they jeopardise their job and subsequent right to claim a tiny Lolita of land in the same ‘estate’ (that word requires some meaning check-the Queen has estatesssss) after doing time for 2 years.
    HR & HC licences cost $1000 – $1500 (for 2 day course) plus additional cost for lessons. Growth industry in Victoria and even to upgrade from HR to HC need to book at least 3 weeks (paid up front) in advance. Companies apparently booking 10 ‘drivers'(newly arrived) at a time. Thats why if you look around you’ll see heaps of trucks sporting P Plates.
    Heaps of garbo jobs advertised on seek daily. Many supermarket (block – ha ha) chain supplier semis run by Indian operators so can’t get a look in. Try phoning gumtree ads and speak to ‘Tony’ or ‘Bob’ best be fluent in Hindi.

    • Indian truck drivers turn up at our place and can barely speak English most hold up their phone with the details…. how is this allowed? Sydney local industry is basically all Indian drivers no other race gets a look in but that’s not racist …. can’t be

    • The company I work at (big IT co.) replaces anyone who resigns with someone on a 457 visa. They cost around 60% of the person they replaced, don’t demand any training, and we can work them harder and for longer hours because of the threat of revoking their visa.

      • The IT industry is a disgrace. 2/3 of employees in almost all IT departments are now new arrivals.

  9. Large garbage trucks are clearly racist and stand on the way of increased vibrancy of the community!

    What Sydney needs is man-drawn carts collecting rubbish a-la Jakarta. That will attest to its global city status.

    • Yeah…and the sano-man running backwards and forwards with a big black bucket of liquid excrement on his shoulder as he empties out the longdrop toilet from each house. Ahh…memories of Morningside Brisbane back in the 60’s with no sewage and Queensland tropical heat. Those were the days, and that’s what Penrith needs now by God so that we can save on infrastructure costs and jam more people into smaller spaces.

      “Laneways” and zero property setback FFS.

    • I can remember when I was a kid the garbos having to run up the side of the house to collect the old steel bin, run it down to the street, empty it into the truck, then bring it back. Whenever I hear some talking head on telly banging on about how “people are working harder than ever these days”, I think back to those poor bastards running around in Brisbane in the middle of January and think “yeah, nah.”

      • Depends what is meant by ‘hard’. Definitely less physical and cleaner, and even most small businesses have some sort of climate control system.

        For huge swathes of people though, the idea of going to work in the morning, ceasing in the afternoon and having weekends to do your own thing on, is kind of non-existent. Emails, SMS etc have ensured that you’re always available to work, and social media has ensured that even your own identity is now part property of your employer.

        The pre-union labourers will always win the competition for ‘who works the hardest’. 16 hour days and no childhood.

    • Nah, just need some of those tiny trucks they use in Japan. Im amazed at the cars they take down what I’d describe as a ‘footpath’

  10. two plus twoMEMBER

    If a garbage truck can’t make it through, how is a fire truck going to make it? …For that matter, several fire trucks, as if there’s a decent house fire, there’s normally more than one appliance sent out.

  11. You look at that graph and see “Sydney’s full”

    I look at that graph and see that everything left of Blacktown has HUGE POTENTIAL!


    Wait… Moderation?! I didn’t even swear!

  12. Terror Australis

    That 2nd graph should be required reading for every MP. Humanitarian (asylum) visa’s are a piss in the ocean of our total immigrant intake.
    Even family visas are about the same level as 1990’s.

    Meanwhile the so called “skilled” visa category has quadrupled since 2000.

  13. JamesTheBearMEMBER

    There may be a few voices crying for change, but the bulk of the political class are up to their noses in pushing the immigration Ponzi. And don’t get me started on infrastructure…the state government have said no to building parking at Schofield’s and Riverstone despite all the overcrowding they’ve created with all the building. Blind Freddy can see that they are degrading the service on the rail network to force us onto their new shiny private Metro next year. The lot of them should be locked up…

  14. matthew hoodMEMBER

    Fitzroy River is 2nd in volume to the Amazon… maybe if we had of built the Bradfield scheme water wouldn’t be that big of a issue

  15. So who is going to pay for the retirement of all these migrants, most of whom will have nothing when they are too old to work. I suppose the tax, which I have been faithfully paying for all these years will. That’s after my income, which has been undermined by these pricks, has been steadily eroded.