MB Fund rock-n-roll thunder tour (the movie)

For those who couldn’t make it in person to the MB fund rock-n-roll thunder tour events around the country, we recorded the Melbourne concert.

The first video is me explaining the history of MB, it’s purpose and the evolution of the MB Fund.

The second video is Leith explaining his history with MB.

The third is Damien Klassen, chief investment officer, describing the fund’s methodologies.

The fourth is Tim Fuller, operations manager, describing how the fund fits within financial planning.

The final five videos are the Q&A session.


Over the last 6 years of MacroBusiness, what would you say is your biggest win and loss?

Macrobusiness journalist readership and its impacts on mainstream media?

Whats your view on Carbon Pricing and how does this impact your investment decisions?

What influence does the blog have on the investment decisions of the MB Fund?

What is your immediate term view on the housing bubble and what are the risks the economy?

Here are the fund’s first two months of performance (full report here):

Nucleus September 2017 Performance

So far in October, Growth, International and Aussie portfolios are up roughly an additional 2% apiece.

If you’re interested in the fund, register now and we’ll be in touch:

The information on this blog contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Damien Klassen is an authorised representative of Nucleus Wealth Management, a Corporate Authorised Representative of Integrity Private Wealth Pty Ltd, AFSL 436298.

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  1. Leith, your thing about growth is what has done my head in since I was a kid! Why does everything have to grow all the time. Can’t we just get to a point and breathe a sigh and go, yep, this is good. “hows the serenity”

    • New entrants are what’s behind the “magical” investing rule of 72. We’re breeding like petrocharged flies & the worlds economies are built on that growth continuing till the earth is consumed…… There’s growing awareness, but critical mass currently says run with it or be run over….. If you find a way to sidestep it let me know!

  2. I had a chunk of change sitting in a soi-disant “high interest” bank account. I put some of that money into the MB fund, and am currently achieving an annualised return roughly 10 times greater than the bank was giving me. That’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

    • i’ll track this. sickening how much interest is taxed in this country… basically pointless chasing it

  3. “…individuals wedded to ideologies and paradigms that cannot cope with imbalance.” Never has the whole situation been more elegantly stated. There stands a gentleman unafraid to speak the truth. Inspiring stuff guys. I find I’m angry a lot of the time now days, but better that than docile ignorance. Thank you and for God’s sake keep going!

  4. MB readerMEMBER

    Thanks for this, very interesting! Damien’s comments about big data confirms my concerns that it very difficult for the small investor to operate alone in anything other than a sea of disinformation.

  5. Why is this website called a blog and why is there no photo in each article?

    A photo of William Bourke in many of your articles would do wonders for raising awareness of SAP.

    When people buy appliances, they say “I have never heard of that brand before” and buy brands they have seen advertised on TV.