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    It is a pity the previous New Zealand Government failed with housing … check out … in particular …

    1. VIDEO John Key Housing Reform 2007
    2. The 5 Important Graphs
    3. The GONE GONE GOING section

    Jacinda Ardern has to hit the ground running … Tracy Watkin opinion | Fairfax

    … extract …

    … Ardern’s challenges are not just domestic ones.

    A trip across the Tasman must be a priority, even before the Apec summit in mid-November. The news of Labour’s win has been cast as largely negative across the Tasman, where John Key and Bill English had an almost cult like following in the Australian business community for their success over the last nine years.

    Successive Australian prime ministers’ made no secret either of their admiration for the Key and English government and their desire to emulate their success.

    The New Zealand story is repeatedly held up as one of the world’s most dramatic economic success stories, and Australian media have been casting Ardern’s win as a financial shock that could throw out the economic gains.

    Given New Zealand’s huge dependence on the Australian economy, Ardern can’t afford to let these perceptions take root and grow. She will need to go on an all out charm offensive with Australian business and political leaders and reassure them that she is a pragmatist. Ardern’s good relationship with New Zealand business shows it can be done. … read more via hyperlink above

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    • Matthew Hooton (and others) on 9 wasted years … Whaleoil

      On 18 August, I wrote in the NBR that the outgoing National government “has proven itself over nine years to be lazy, visionless, arrogant, complacent, dishonest and house-trained by the … Wellington bureaucracy.” I stand by that. It has been a wasted nine years with ministers mostly acting as PR spokespeople for their departments rather than leaders. I am surprised by how pleased I am to see the back of them.

      … with Cam Slater / Whaleoil adding …

      … To add further insult to injury, my understanding is one of Winston’s demands was that Nick Smith get no jobs whatsoever. Bill English refused on that point, in order to protect his mate. He chose to go into opposition in order to save Nick Smith a ministerial job. Just silly, silly stuff. … read more via hyperlink above …

      • A review of things you need to know before you go home Tuesday; TSB’s hot 3yr rate, compounding underbuilding, AI banking app, cheap covered bond rate, Hugh’s truism relearned, swaps flat, NZD firms … David Chaston … Interest Co NZ

        … extract …


        Residential land costs in key markets have soared to a new high with vacant land in Sydney now over AU$1,000 /m2. The results are contained in the latest edition of the HIA-CoreLogic Residential Land Report. Get the land price wrong, said Hugh Pavletich many years ago, and everything else will be wrong for housing affordability.


        UpandComer … thank you for your kind comments.

        I happen to be a National Party supporter who has at least got through to the Left … and I am as mad as hell John Key let us all down out of the 2008 election.

        There are massive consequences medium / long term when a supposedly centre – right government fails with these issues of housing … and by extension … poverty.

        It all up there on my archival website … .

        The most important thing is … what are those associated with the National Party going to do about it going forward ?
        … in response to …


        Hugh in retrospect I apologise for being so dismissive. But seriously, I hope your housing ideas work. I don’t think they will, but at least you have them.

    • That is exactly what Milne should have done. Give every poor voter a $500 annual cheque – funded by the carbon tax that she put in. But the fake left wing is too stupid to do that.

  2. Never heard this sort of language before from a UK minister….

    pretty remarkable guy actually – walked across afghanistan in 2002

    From 2000 to 2002 he travelled on foot through rural districts of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Nepal, a journey totalling around 6000 miles, during which time he stayed in five hundred different village houses.[12][13][14] He also walked across West Papua in 1998,[15] in addition to making a number of long walks through Cumbria and Britain.[16][17]

    He later travelled into Libya a day after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi.[18] He has also written about theory and practice of travel writings in prefaces to Thesiger’s Arabian Sands, Doughty’s Arabia Deserta and Byron’s The Road to Oxiana.

  3. Yesterday’s NBN ‘debate’ was a new low point in Australian politics. Just when you think politics (and politicians) in this country cannot get more stupid… It certainly made me loose whatever little hope for the country I had left.

    So, so looking forward to the younger generations taking over.