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    • Same too on the coast.
      but at least we are becoming more civilized re hotels.
      20 years ago when things were tight over winter as the punters were saving up for summer, hotels regularly were burnt down
      now they are sold to the french.

    • “communist dribble” – why would you say that? Do you even know the meaning of “communist”? Why bother posting a link if you see no merit or information in the article?

      • One of the best books around for demystifying the deliberately mysterious arts of advertising.”–Salon

        “Fascinating, entertaining and thought-stimulating.”–The New York Times Book Review

        “A brisk, authoritative and frightening report on how manufacturers, fundraisers and politicians are attempting to turn the American mind into a kind of catatonic dough that will buy, give or vote at their command–The New Yorker

        Originally published in 1957 and now back in print to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, The Hidden Persuaders is Vance Packard’s pioneering and prescient work revealing how advertisers use psychological methods to tap into our unconscious desires in order to “persuade” us to buy the products they are selling.

        A classic examination of how our thoughts and feelings are manipulated by business, media and politicians, The Hidden Persuaders was the first book to expose the hidden world of “motivation research,” the psychological technique that advertisers use to probe our minds in order to control our actions as consumers. Through analysis of products, political campaigns and television programs of the 1950s, Packard shows how the insidious manipulation practices that have come to dominate today’s corporate-driven world began. Featuring an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller, The Hidden Persuaders has sold over one million copies, and forever changed the way we look at the world of advertising.

        Vance Packard (1914-1996) was an American journalist, social critic, and best-selling author. Among his other books were The Status Seekers, which described American social stratification and behavior, The Waste Makers, which criticizes planned obsolescence, and The Naked Society, about the threats to privacy posed by new technologies.

        disheveled…. kinda hard to have a functional democracy in this kinda profit driven enviroment…. eh…

  1. Obesity Thrives in the Suburbs – CityLab

    It’s the same in Australia. Living in sprawling suburbs is just bad compromise between living in low density villages where people get space, and living in high density inner cities where people get convenience and social interaction. A compromise that takes bad things of both worlds, still far from everything to engage, and still crowded enough to limit lifestyle choices.
    Suburbs were invented to make sure workers are close enough to factories yet still far from the riches of the city.

  2. bolstroodMEMBER

    Craig Kelly has a epiphany on drug law & reform.
    Good on you Craig you are on the right track (sic)
    Now what about the science of Climate Change?

    • too easy, finkel says we are going to change the way we measure it
      maybe they will go to kelvin and millibars.
      by the time they come up with a new formula and model the collapse of the economy will be on and no one will care.
      (have a meeting with Morgans stockbrokers next week, that will be interesting)

      • Its always in kelvin, they dumb it down for the unwashed, not that many jurnos these days could wrap their heads around most stuff…. for profit education and marketing demands proceeding accurate content thingy.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      “spike in pay offs and detectives driving Ferraris does not indicate increase in corruption”