Sleaze Bank opens ASX trap door

Dalian has opened OK:

So too Big Iron with BHP and RIO nudging break outs:

Big Gas is stable, more than can be said for pensioner energy bills:

Big Gold is powering. I’m still a trading seller into this strength. DPRK tensions should fade:

Sleaze Bank has opened a trap door:

And is rapidly approaching the $70-72 chart target:

Given how far this story has to run I am not even sure those levels will hold any more.

Big Liar is mostly down:

S&P futures down 8 points, not much risk off apparent…

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  1. truthisfashionable

    CBA announced that 2 directors in charge of risk and audit will ‘retire’.

    Wonder why that is

  2. truthisfashionable

    And now they are planning to offshore their cyber security… What could possibly go wrong!?

    Prepare for your netbank login details to accidentally be posted to a public facing website in the coming months.