MB Fund does Brisvegas

Apologies for light posting this morning. I’m fresh off the plane from Brisvegas where the MB Fund rock-n-roll thunder tour performed last night.

Thanks everyone for coming. It was great to meet you and another round of terrific discussion.

Next it is on to Sydney where we plan to tear the financial market towers from their foundations on Thursday 21st:

Thursday 21st September, 6pm till 8pm
Saxons Sydney
Level 10, 10 Barrack Street
Sydney, Australia

Be there or be square!


    • Come along! – From memory around 20% ladies last night, and certainly over represented in the number of questions in the Q & A.
      All welcome – a great chance to hear about the history of MB, what the driving forces are behind the blog and what the future holds. Come for the content and stay for the Q & A!

  1. JamesTheBearMEMBER

    Well, I’m in the building next door so I have no excuse for not making it. Signed up, and see you there….

  2. How about a weekly poll on the MacroBusiness website done by members only:

    * What should the immigration rate be?
    – net zero
    – 50k/year
    – 70k/year
    – 200k/year

    * What should be done about the 457 visa rort?
    – put a massive rental tax on foreigners
    – charge $100k upfront for each work visa
    – charge $140/day for each work visa
    – ban the wives and kids of 457 visa staff from working here

  3. Never quite understood the BrisVegas (mis)nomer… simply because there is some joyful activity there around South Bank? Good heavens, none of that!

    • It’s used ironically (by the locals) or sarcastically (by the mexicans).

      Rockhampton often gets “Rockvegas” with similar intent.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Indeed. In short the story goes:

      Brisbane = Vegas
      Sydney = LA
      Melbourne = Paris.

      And when you look at the folks in those cities there does seems to be some correlation. 🙂

      Of course. You cannot forget “Rad-elaide!”

      • Jake GittesMEMBER

        Melbourne = Paris. is ridiculous; absolutely nothing like it all. Melbourne is much closer to Brussels: the layout and also mix of buildings and styles.

        Sydney is like Vegas: superficial philistine, materialistic and smug to degree that assumes it’s like New York or Paris but in reality is only a provincial town.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Heh…. Hi Jake. Well, no argument from me on that point – I am just repeating what the common blurb is.
        All I could say with any confidence is that Melbourne is probably the most European-esk city in Oz, but only when you compare it with other Aussie cities (vs a European city for example). Anyway… I hear you.

      • Jake GittesMEMBER

        Hi DD – sure,not directed at you and as you say, its a common comparison. At least Melbourne is not called the Venice of the southern hemisphere, not yet anyway, but maybe in a few years there’ll be tinnies with Uber gondoliers on Collins st.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        “Venice of the southern hemisphere” OMG, the horror, the horror. What is freaking me out is I can see them trying something like that in an attempt ‘revitalise’ (for the 12th time) that urban wasteland that is the docklands precint.

        I can hear them now. “No Worries, just dig in a canal or two – be piss easy – it is right on the water. We can call it the Venice of the southern hemisphere – ‘king brilliant”.

    • dubbo is referred to as “dubvegas” as well. i thought it was because theres a highway running through town with a bunch of motels and franchise restaurants on it (like mcdonalds and kfc) so its kind of an ironic nod to our shitty “strip”.

  4. Is Reus on the register yet for the Sydney event? This is his best chance to confirm the good looking / ugly thesis (coffee table book).