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  1. Boo hoo – wage stealing restaurateurs complaining about a slight change to the 457 visa rort. Why can this muppet not import cooks from NZ? Oh yeah, Kiwis will not agree to work in AUS for $10/hour.

    Jamie Oliver saw talent in homeless Melburnians with his 15 restaurant! Jamie probably paid the correct wages too.

    This bastard pays $0/month:

  2. NEW ZEALAND: Political system needs to change to get more young people voting, says youth organisation … TVNZ

    … better still … how about young people grow up … and enrol … (the authorities could not make voting more accessible / easier if they tried … please don’t bore us with lame excuses) …

    Political system needs to change to get more young people voting, says youth organisation … TVNZ

    A poll of 1200 people under 30 found the top issues young adults care about this election is housing, climate change and the mental health system. … VIEW & READ MORE via hyperlink above …

    Since initiating and co – founding the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey with Wendell Cox in late 2004 … well in excess of 30,000 hours of voluntary time …

    2017 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

    Performance Urban Planning

    … so that today’s young people have the same housing opportunities I had when I was young back in the late 1970’s … when we bought our first new home for $24,000 with a mortgage of $20,000 on my SINGLE EAERNER annual income of $8,000 a year.

    The new home was 3.0 times my SINGLE EARNER income with the mortgage 2.5 times.

    Housing through the decades, what is affordable? | Newshub

    … Can young people take AN HOUR out of their time to vote … to assist in restoring affordable housing … for themselves ? …

  3. The article about the Belgium second division is interesting but hardly conclusive. It is far from clear what brings all these respectable foreign gentleman into this famous league. I will file it away with other Belgium oddities such as supercryptic pedophile rings, world-beating mosques, and an extreme penchant for USTs.
    Can anyone explain Belgium to me?

  4. innocent bystanderMEMBER
    One of WA’s leading strawberry suppliers could face significant penalties after allegedly being caught with 36 illegal foreign workers at one of its Perth farms.
    The tortuous renewal of Collie’s Muja AB coal-fired power station, which has cost taxpayers more than $300 million, has ended after power provider Synergy revealed yesterday that it would close the plant early.