Ian Narev has killed the stock market

Dalian is still running:

Big Iron is down as it goes ex-div:

Big Gas is running too. The two pensioner rorts, STO and ORG, are re-rating I reckon. The market does love a rent-seeker:

Big Gold loving it. I’m still a seller here on the basis that the USD fall is (largely) done:

Sleaze Bank is at more new lows again on the latest reports of its dreadful risk management. Honestly, this drip of bad news will go on and on, and if the banks can’t rally then the bourse is shot, Thanks Ian:

MEA is outperforming Big Liar as McGrathmaggeddon mulls private equity (if you believe him):

XJO is still stuck on the tram tracks and flat today despite the Wall St surge, with a bearish head and shoulders top plus descending triangle looming:


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  1. Just goes to prove my aged uncle is right – “shares are just gambling, property are safe as houses”.


    Sigh… 😕

      • genuine answer, you can keep my track of trading on, position only, long only, (no day trading) trades in the ASX share market trading game you will see me there as Wiley Wolf.

      • I will give you an honest answer.
        With a name like Wiley Wolf, I tend to remember what he says.
        He is right as much as he is wrong.

    • Yeah, playing with pretend money is a bit different to playing with peoples life savings……
      But this place is full of people who scream their brilliance from behind their avatar without any kind of culpability.

  2. I’m starting to feel sorry for these guys …. perhaps I should abandon my free market principles, don my looniest Leftie cap and insist on a bailout for Narev’s mob. After all, it’s only ‘fair’.

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Isn’t that what people who support terrorism want though? To destroy public confidence?

    He supported terrorism and shot the confidence horse. He deserves a bonus.

  4. The last 30 days has been painful but with Telstra cutting its dividend too the ordinary ‘mum n dad’ is taking a hit.

    • CBA is likely the biggest mums and dads stock of all.
      ….besides TLS.
      BBQs’ are gunna be cancelled I think