Big Sleazy tries to rally

Dalian still down:

Big Iron flat a with BHP pushing hard at break out:

Big Gas is weak, except Santos which is re-rating as the government sticks its head in its energy arse:

Big Gold is on fire. I’m still a seller into strength on the basis that the DPRK will fade and USD is done falling:

Big Bubble is flat:

And the Big Sleazy is trying to bottom with two days of long tails:

Big Liar is boring:


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  1. * ……. told me*
    Anybody who gives YOU investment advice, has to be a fool – except me ; CBA = cheap as [ lets be fair here – one could never have anticipated the current debacle at ConBank ; pre-scandal buy recommendation refers ]

    🙂 🙂

    • Did you recco to close out or short when it gapped down a Month ago?

      Watch that falling knife 😉

  2. I took a short position in CBA today. Intend to increase my position size slowly.
    I missed the CBA ascent as I did not have much capital but now I don’t want to miss the descent.