Big Sleazy breaks to new lows

Dalian is trying to rebound:

BHP is still nudging breakout:

Big Gas continues its re-rating with exporters down and the domestic gougers flying:

All I can say to that is, what a pack of bloody idiots we are.

Big Gold is powering, working beautifully as portfolio insurance. I’m still a seller here for the short term:

Big Sleazy has broken to new lows:

Big Liar is up:

XJO is again dancing with the devil of its head and shoulders topping pattern:

In short, not very encouraging.

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  1. Would love to sell my gold but Gold De Royale is out of action for THREE WEEKS DUE TO A SYSTEMS UPGRADE

    Amateur hour

  2. truthisfashionable

    This is awesome.

    7 former McGrath real estate agents have pooled their shares in the company (14.6%) in an attempt to negotiate a better price for their shares.

    Real estate tacticts in the share market, sell with your neighbours to try and attract a developer

    • I’ve got a couple of hundred dollars spare at the moment. Seems like I could make a good offer for nearly 15% of that dog.