ABC The Drum counters immigration bias claim with more bias

By Leith van Onselen

Back in April, ABC’s The Drum aired a shockingly biased segment on the population (immigration) debate, which featured three avid mass immigration spruikers (including Fairfax’s Peter Martin) all pushing the Big Australia agenda.

Last night, The Drum aired another biased segment defending itself against The ABC’s alleged bias on the immigration issue, which again featured several commentators all arguing that mass immigration makes Australians unambiguously richer, while blaming concerns about infrastructure and housing in our major cities on poor planning rather than the 80,000 to 100,00 people that have been stuffed into Sydney and Melbourne each year over the past decade (and projected to do so for decades to come).

The best spin came from Alan Kirkland from Choice who argued the following:

“Maybe one of the reasons why The ABC and other media outlets have not covered this today is because it’s not a really well-founded argument. If you look at migration, predominantly people that arrive here are better educated than the rest of us, kids do better at school, and generally of workforce age, so they have this impact of giving us more people in the workforce, which delays the impact of an ageing population.

So, we’re getting a lot out of migration at the moment. It’s geared predominantly towards delivering what employers need – and that’s what fuels the economy – and that’s been one of the most consistent forces driving the economic growth in Australia decade upon decade. So, I don’t think it’s a really strong argument. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been a story in the ABC angle”…

The missing piece has been the population has grown and that has fueled economic growth. But we’ve really dropped the ball on infrastructure. And on housing, in particular. So, people are really feeling real pressure. That’s why we’ve got an issue with housing affordability – that’s one of the key factors. We haven’t really dealt with infrastructure needs… So there is, in fact value in calling-out this debate. But I think we are actually focusing on the wrong solution. Cutting immigration won’t do it. We just need to plan better for the impacts of immigration on demand for services”.

All of these failed arguments have been debunked many times on this site.

The claim that immigrants are better educated and more skilled than the general population has been thoroughly debunked here and here.

The claim that immigration can, in any way, solve the problems of an ageing population have been destroyed here and here.

The notion that Australia should just build more infrastructure to support mass immigration has been debunked here.

The claim that mass immigration has “been one of the most consistent forces driving the economic growth in Australia decade upon decade” is true in an aggregate sense (more inputs in people equals more outputs in GDP). However, Australia’s GDP per capita growth has fallen precipitously as the migrant intake was ramped-up in the early-2000s (despite epic mining and housing booms):

The key threshold issue that needs to be assessed when discussing immigration is whether the current settings are making incumbent residents better-off? Don’t just take my word for it – the Productivity Commission (PC) explicitly noted the same in its recent Migration Intake into Australia report:

The Australian Government should… specify that the primary objective of immigration and the Government’s population policy is to maximise the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Australian community (existing Australian citizens and permanent residents) and their future offspring.

Unfortunately, the evidence does not support the notion that current mass immigration settings are making incumbent residents better-off. The evidence appears to be to the contrary.

In 2006, the PC completed a major study on the Economic Impacts of Migration and Population Growth, which modeled the impact of a 50% increase in the level of skilled migration over the 20 years to 2024-25 and found that “the incomes of existing resident workers grow more slowly than would otherwise be the case”.

The PC’s latest report, while it didn’t model distributional impacts from immigration, did find that real wages under existing mass immigration settings would be lower than would exist under zero net overseas migration (NOM):

Compared to the business-as-usual case, labour productivity is projected to be higher under the hypothetical zero NOM case — by around 2 per cent by 2060 (figure 10.5, panel b). The higher labour productivity is reflected in higher real wage receipts by the workforce in the zero NOM case.
ScreenHunter_14902 Sep. 12 16.24

More broadly, The Drum gave minimal attention to the huge negative externalities associated with mass immigration, which are not captured in the broad economic statistics nor economic modelling, but unambiguously hurt incumbent residents’ living standards. These include:

  • Creating infrastructure bottlenecks, meaning incumbent residents spend more time stuck in traffic, waiting for a hospital spot, packed like sardines on a train, or jammed into an overcrowded classroom;
  • Raising the cost (and reducing the quality) of housing, as young Australians are forced to pay more for lower quality housing (e.g. a highrise shoe box or a postage stamp-sized lot on the fringe);
  • Diluting Australia’s fixed endowment of mineral resources across more people, meaning Australia must sell-off its finite resources faster to maintain a constant standard of living (other things equal);
  • Blowing-out Australia’s trade and current account deficits as the immigrants flooding Melbourne and Sydney do not materially raise Australia’s exports (since most of these come from commodities and agriculture) while significantly increasing imports (as they purchase imported TVs, cars and the like).
  • Environmental degradation, as Australia’s rapidly growing population puts increasing strains on Australia’s natural environment.

In short, the ABC panelists need to learn some basic economics as well as recognise that it is the living standards of the incumbent Australian population that is the threshold issue in the immigration debate. Living standards in the major cities are unambiguously being eroded by mass immigration via negative externalities that are not captured in the national economic accounts or modelling, such as increasing congestion, falling housing affordability, environmental degradation, etc. It is pointless fingering the failure to plan for these outcomes when it’s now been been obvious for a decade that governments have neither will, resources nor brains to do so.

Finally, pursuing high immigration is a growth fig leaf for governments and associated rent-seekers to pretend they’re doing the job rather than pursuing the more difficult but ultimately much wider benefits of productivity-directed reform. The ABC panelists have unknowingly played straight into the growth lobby’s hands.

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  1. The Drum is basically South Park’s Smug Farts episode. “Aren’t we all so educated?” but have nothing to say of any merit outside what the Politburo tell them to.

    More educated than us? Right, because Hardeep and Gurvinder that are working by the shit ton in our hospitality industry are all just waiting for their PhD confirmation.

    • Brilliant.

      Why can’t the simple question be asked, “Do you think Australian residents should accept a lower standard of living as a result of mass immigration?”

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        This is the point I continually raise at my Labor Party meetings.
        Is not our Our parties primary responsibility to the standard of living of the Working Class!.
        All these other “virtuous issues” are all good and well, but we fail as the Labor Party, if the plight of the working class is not our primary focus! WTF!

        I enjoy the arguments that follow.

        That Baird Shelia is Mike Baird’s sister! She’s not left wing like me,…you all know I’m a bit of a Socialist and yes that makes me “Left”, but these Virtue Signalling, Upper class, elitist, “Progressives” are not Left wingers!,…they are just full of shit, lying Posers and wankers!
        Obsessed with manners, polite behaviour and “not offending anyone” (other than white males of course)
        the truth of any matter, is of only a secondary concern.

        Check out this clip below, Ben Shapiro, (a Religious Right-winger with much to say that I disagree with), is simply not allowed to express a point about the transgender (which I think has merit) due to the FEELINGS of a Guy/Lady on the Pannel who threatenes to “send him home in an ambulance” and continually calls him little boy.
        I post this not as a comment about the transgender (an incredibly lower order issue IMHO) but rather as a coment on the way a well meaning “progressive Liberal Consensus” can turn into something similar to a debate crushing form of full blown Fascism.

        Warning there is 15mins of extreamly grating, circle jerking going on in this clip,

      • Nail on head Ermo. Progressives are the educated middle class who despise the working class from whence they came. In many cases it is their immediate family and you could probably write a book about the psychology behind it.

        They’ve completely lost touch with those who gave them both opportunity and political power. But without their support at the polls they can’t actually hold power and are utterly shocked when those same poor voters go for Brexit or Trump. Progressives are winners in the neoliberal consensus (in the same sense as a house slave was a winner on the plantation) and as such have a massive blind spot with regards to the greater electorate.

        For all their education they fail to see the most simple truth: all that crawls ain’t so small. The plebians expect the right-wing elites to sneer at them, it is the natural order of things. When left-wing elites sell them the exact same shit sandwhich, cloaked with social justice rather than pure corporate greed, even the dumbest hick can smell the betrayal.

      • EP, the primary responsibility of any mainstream political party is to seize power so it can reward its backers. Labor is no different. Keep fighting the good fight though. Giving more energies to Dick Smith’s party seems like a better use of ones time if this is an important issue to you (as it should be).

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        “That Baird Shelia is Mike Baird’s sister! She’s not left wing like me,…you all know I’m a bit of a Socialist and yes that makes me “Left”, but these Virtue Signalling, Upper class, elitist, “Progressives” are not Left wingers!,…they are just full of shit, lying Posers and wankers!
        Obsessed with manners, polite behaviour and “not offending anyone” (other than white males of course)
        the truth of any matter, is of only a secondary concern.”

        We don’t know Baird or what she stands for. I’ve never heard Julia Baird bashing unions or heard her demanding cuts to legislation that has protected the working class.

        If being a genuine left winger means having to conform to this narcissistic class-cucked social conservative point of view the ALP might as well just give up.

      • Ermington, what is the reception of your heretical ideas within the party? Once people are informed do they shift their positions?

      • “This is the point I continually raise at my Labor Party meetings.
        Is not our Our parties primary responsibility to the standard of living of the Working Class!.
        All these other “virtuous issues” are all good and well, but we fail as the Labor Party, if the plight of the working class is not our primary focus! WTF!”

        Maybe EP, but then you lose a bunch of Lefties like me that care about issues like structural unemployment, the plight of single mothers, homelessness etc if you just focus on the working class. It’s a big reason I came to disliked Gillard so much. She didn’t care about single mothers or the long term unemployed. But that said the party can probably afford to lose our vote (for now).

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        W T F!

        Single mothers are the working class!,…so are the homeless. Structural unemployment is a Working class issue,…fuck! 80% of the population are working Class,…it’s just half of em can’t/won’t admit it!

        My beef is with Identity politics, PC issues and virtue signalling SJW issues, becoming the primary concern of “the left”,…a decision made by the upper class beneficiaries of the Neoliberal consensus, who have taken over the parties of “the left”.
        The left is the tank and file,…the people,…not the bunch of self appointed Cunts who have taken over the show!

        If people can’t get this,….then a kind neo feudalism is going to become the future for us All

      • “My beef is with Identity politics, PC issues and virtue signalling SJW issues, becoming the primary concern of “the left””

        They forget that the ALP was first and foremost a trade union movement. Fix wealth equality and labour rights, then concern yourself with broader social justice issues. Ironically, a byproduct of servicing wealth equality and labour rights is that many social justice issues are incidentally soothed in their own right.

      • “The plebians expect the right-wing elites to sneer at them, it is the natural order of things. When left-wing elites sell them the exact same shit sandwhich, cloaked with social justice rather than pure corporate greed, even the dumbest hick can smell the betrayal.”

        I suppose you’re right up to a point. As peon/plebeian I don’t blame the free market zealots for the state of things, they’ve just pushed their world view and agenda. Personally I blame 30 years of Labour of treachary. They unquestioningly followed the neoliberal dogma to it’s inequitable conclusion. They have got good advisors, they talk to the working class, they’d know that workers like me have suffered under shame contracts for decades. They’d know that a decent and growing chunk of society have become unemployable. They know
        They’ve sold a chunk of the working class out. I don’t think the progressives you’re talking about know any better. Ignorance isn’t an excuse, but it’s Labor that actively have betrayed us low skilled workers. That’s the real betrayal in my mind

      • I watched the drum episode and they appeared to push back on that question by asking:

        “Do you think Australian residents WILL HAVE a lower standard of living as a result of mass immigration?”

        Because basic math is beyond most commentators.

      • EP, of course they are working class issues, but they’re no longer framed that way. Labor and the Coalition perfer to “other” these groups so they can demonise them. When Liberal or Labor talk about working families they sure as hell not talking about sh1t kickers like me, nor are they talking about some poor unemployable bugger that has been on Newstart for two years..

      • To add to what EP is saying, social justice without economic justice is a bit of a Pyrrhic victory. Quite frankly I think the most basic social justice is economic, having enough money to eat well, universal health care, opportunity for employment and affordable, stable and decent quality housing. I think everything else flows out of that.

    • Couldn’t watch it.

      “most migrants who come to Australia are better educated and more hard working than us”.


      • Despite I agree with the narrative that immigrants are more educated than the locals (I see quite a majority of non English speaking background doctors, engineers and scientists), but still does not justify the numbers taken each year, why it is always the extreme opposite opinions trying to defuse each other by extreme examples ?
        Yes I agree immigration is essential for the surviving of this country but not to the point of accepting anyone with a pulse.

        It’s like saying ” a little glass of wine is healthy, let’s drink 3 bottles in a row “

      • This is so infuriating, even on its own terms. Our education system isn’t working, so let’s consign all those who it failed to the dustbin. Too fkn hard to do the work of fixing the failed system.

      • It’s all a matter of perspective – I’ve worked with a lot of immigrant software developers and IT workers. They all have Masters degrees (some even have PhDs). And they do work long hours. But those I’ve worked with generally seem to take twice as long as people with a western undergrad degree to finish anything, and then tend to need more review before the code gets in…

        So sure, many are more educated and harder workers. After years of experience though, I’d rather hire someone educated in the west.

      • To all of the above – the comments were MOST IMMIGRANTS.

        SOME migrants may well be highly educated- SOME – a small percentage.

        Your anecdotes are about as useful as Bronwyn Bishop claiming everyone has a carrot up their bum because she does.


        The stats are given here every single week – Australians are working harder and harder every single year – that is MORE productive.

        Are we importing 400,000 doctors every year ? 400k Masters of Computer and Science engineering in a country with IT IQ of next to nothing because it produces nothing (Atlassian aside).

        Spare me. I feel like Bugs Bunny Bait with all these carrots being waved at me.

        .The list of Skilled migrants – includes hair dressers, one of most targeted areas after petrol pump cash register attendant, closely followed by pizza delivery drivers and pea pickers is anything to smash the building unions – mainly shovel leaner, traffic control officers (I can hold a stop sign).

      • Yep ‘educated’ has become some perfectly proportional sorting mechanism for the cathedral. For some who are just smart enough to repeat what they are told but not smart enough to think critically about what they are being told, ‘educated’ has become pre poisoned semantics as opposed to actually being capable and having ability.

      • I am liking your addition to this webzineblog, Mademoiselle Germain

        Best not get too attached. It’ll be a different mathematician/philosopher/scientist in a week or so.

      • Our education system isn’t working, so let’s consign all those who it failed to the dustbin. Too fkn hard to do the work of fixing the failed system.

        Not hard, ideologically ‘wrong’ big-Government socialism.

        The market must rule, and the market says it’s more efficient to import skills than build them locally.

    • Sharp. Well said.

      Baird’s body language and interest was one of ‘do i have to waste my time with this shit’. A metaphorical ‘eye roll’. Used to enjoy watching the ABC. Not anymore. PC bullshit has wrecked the joint. If they were serious they would have had LVO on.

      WTF is some muppet from Choice being asked questions about immigration? Ridiculous.

      • Of course. The show’s editor decides how the narrative is to unfold and selects guests accordingly.

        Balanced argument? Lol.

        In the event that a ‘debate’ were to be aired you can rest assured the ABC would invite some candidates of low credibility to fight the “No” (to immigration) argument thus denting the credibility of the side it wants to lose.

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Lol. The lefty websites continually bag The Drum because of Baird and her IPA dominated panels. Yet today they’re cheering it in because Dick BOO.

    Where’s Bluey? Right up his alley this one.

  3. We’ve heard these arguments so many time before:
    1. Immigration leads to “growth” (the same way climbing leads to “height”), so it must be a good thing
    2. The problem is not high immigration but lack of infrastructure. Translation: I forgot to put the trampoline underneath before jumping off the building, but I think I should go ahead and jump anyway.

    • Well put Yogi. When I hear the, ‘The problem is not high immigration but lack of infrastructure’ type statements I am starting to hear it being said in a parrot voice. Value capture tax farms for all!

  4. The most enjoyable part in all of this is watching a generation virtue signal its way out of relevance and prosperity, and pat themselves on the back as they march towards irrelevance and poverty.

    I’m sure when they hit 50 they’ll have a think (maybe), and swing so far the other side it will make Trumpy look like Sarah Hanson-Young. But then its too late.

    • Yep, ex far lefty here. Until I realised they were behaving like children and cultish. The inability to discuss this shit rationally is frankly, insane.

      These fuckwits would hand away anything and everything for that feel good warm fuzzy feeling, then shake their fists at the politicians “but why, why are there no trams / hospitals / jobs?!!?!”

      Fucking idiots.

  5. I wonder whether lemmings conduct the same arguments as they overpopulate themselves into famines: “Well some might say that the issue is that there’s not enough food and water to go around, but the solution certainly can’t be to produce less lemmings. We’ll just magic up some more food and water at some undetermined point in the future, because free market.”

      • They were kept from public view, he said, to avoid sending out the message that immigration had “very little impact” on wages or employment.

        This is repeated throughout the article – the thrust being – that there was NO IMPACT on immigration and this was being suppressed, implying that they were trying to tell everyone that immigration was having a negative impact…

        WTF ?

  6. OMG. Who knew people watched The Drum. When is it even on. I’m guessing its audience comprises Macrobusiness readers and that’s about it.

      • Bogan, the Party is aiming to get 750 members in NSW so that it can contest the State election. In the beginning SAP’s membership was free all round, but the Party now needs funding for its campaign and to pay its officer. Most members would give a donation in any case.

    • Dick is very shrewd.
      He knows that if he says he will back SAP, nobody will take notice. If he says he likes PHON’s policy on immigration the media goes nuts!
      Criticising the ABC gets him a lot of airplay, especially on the ABC and the others chime in, torn between their hate for ABC and their own SJW mentality.
      Next thing, he joins SAP! Smarter than the average journalist hey!
      I also love the way the idiot commentators continue to link Dick to a business he sold 35 years ago! Dick’s wealth was really made after that sale via astute property deals, but selling electrical bits and anyway, outside of one company in Adelaide, what electronic goods are made in this country? Everything is imported.

  7. It’ll never get a fair coverage by the media.

    Yeah we dropped the ball on infrastructure. We’ve rarely seen that talked about over the last 20 years either, and the sentiment shows that they really don’t plan on talking about it for another 20 years.

    Fuck these basket weaver retards. They need to go. The average bogan on the street would do a better job on these matters. Seriously. Instead of all these basket weavers we could do with a media company with people randomnly picked from the street acting as journalists.

    • Over hearing a Bogan fishing in Ryde park area last weekend while walking the dog I think you’re right, they know their getting screwed and their onto it. They aren’t that uneducated or stupid, maybe complacent, but certainly not stupid. They know what’s wrong and how to fix it too. I do wonder when it will spill over into a form of uprising though…!

  8. Most people have very compartmentalised thinking. They actually do not have any way of linking the real world to verbal arguments. I suspect that the prospect of 50m or 100m Australia just doesn’t mean anything to them, because they have no model for that in their heads. Immigration is incremental, so they see the effects as minor on a yearly basis, and non existent daily. Thursday is much like Wednesday despite immigration, so Friday will be OK as well. See? immigration is no big deal.

    Gerry Harvey wants 100m Australia so he can keep selling kettles. Have you noticed that no one is asking for a plausible forecast for the water supply, city sizes and locations, power grid for 100m Australia? People have been trained to think that forecasting decades in the future is impossible, and incremental change is harmless.

    • Most people can see the effects of overcrowding:
      – congested roads and trains
      – dying waiting for an ambulance or hospital bed
      – having to pay for private schools

      They haven’t yet connected this lack of infrastructure with excess immigration.

      • I think they’ve made the connection, but they dare not speak of (too much) immigration by its name. In any case, who are they going to mention it to – that racist tag will stick with them for a long time.

      • They can’t mention immigration because that’s those poor guys on boats the racist old white men liberals hate!!!!

        Immigrants don’t come on planes, nearly 20x as many, do they? w.. do….h…….. wh? do they?!

    • People have been trained to think that forecasting decades in the future is impossible, and incremental change is harmless.

      People have been trained to think that forecasting with any view to influencing the outcome is wrong because “the market” must prevail.

  9. I haven’t heard or seen Mark Kenny before but he comes off as extremely disingenuous. His arguments and speech were extremely weak, petty, underhanded and disingenuous.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes I follow some of his stuff,…in his defence, he does appear, at times, to be a “reluctant” consensus follower.

  10. I’m sick of the straw-man narrative being pushed: that it is about immigration or not immigration.

    No: it is about immigration, no immigration, too little immigration, or too much immigration. Don’t let them control the narrative, or assume the options without even stating them. Call them out for either being deceptive or ignorant. It is simply not about what they are making it about, especially not about Racism.

    It’s simply that there is too much immigration; NOT about whether immigration should be occurring, or whether Australia’s population should be growing.

    Crash said it well, above, alluding: if a little wine is good, then 3 bottles must be great.

    Call them out for their straw-man narratives: get informed, or be quiet.

    • The Drum website used to have a lot of diverse opinions from contributing authors, so it got shut down. It was part of a budget cut drive which resulted in the axing of.. 2 staffs.

  11. the sewer humans on reddit REALLY hate dick smith now. him picking a fight with the ABC has resulted in them all getting hot under the collar with hatred for him, they’ve finally found their excuse to let it all out. look upon the works of my generation friends — and despair. the frothing, indignant, “tolerant” and culturally correct numales of reddit australia are the crystallisation gen y’s perspective on immigration and life in general. human detritus, all of them.

    Whats eternally amazing to me is how bashing the ABC can make so many young people indignant when they dont even watch this shite anymore. the ABC average watcher is like 65 now – who are all these gen Y fans??!!

    the ABC are a pack of frauds on immigration. their biggest means of controlling the discussion here is through omission – normally they just dont talk about it, and when they do, they do it how the drum just did, only show one side – the spruiker side, while ignoring the arguments of everyone else. they should be defunded ASAP, only good thing tony abbott ever proposed.

    • Yup. Absurd response.

      The thing is these VERY SAME redditors will go BALLISTIC at the ABC because Michelle Guthrie is running a Murdoch campaign against the NBN, of colluding with the LNP regarding Aboriginals and Australia day, going absolutely BALLISTIC at media watch for exposing the posters in Melbourne shown by Channel ten against same sex marriage as being completely doctored, etc, etc, etc.

      They just switch – flip flop from side to side depending on the issue.

      Its so absurd.

      Not one of them has a house – not one.

      • Well said. Youngsters have been indoctrinated into accepting lower prosperity for the “greater good”. For the majority of them the pipe dream ends with the realisation they will never be able to afford a house and family of their own.

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this but yes, the ABC really have gone too far and defunding them may have been a good idea after all.

      I don’t trust almost any of the media but the ABC are simple not impartial, they just aren’t – very much far left in their stance.

  12. Blow me down. The Christmas Turkey’s daughter is the only one making sense on this panel. Now I’ve seen everything. So sad to see progressives playing straight into the Tories’ hands.

    • It’s only bias if it’s a topic close to your heart and covered the wrong way. Otherwise the ANC is just covering certain aspects of a story and it is churlish to think the ABC can cover all aspects of an issue in every report.

      • The only aspect Baird was attempting to cover was the anti-Christian propaganda which suited her left wing agenda.

  13. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The more people the merrier I say. It just adds to the vibrancy of the relations parties! Chinamen ladies go off when they go off!!

  14. Time to crowd fun a ad along the lines of

    Tired of people dying waiting for a ambulance because of excessive immigration, as promoted by Gerry Harvey because he want’s another race horse….. challenge your MP for lowering immigration to normal levels, 1/3 of current levels.

    And inset picture of overcrowded train, day car, road, etc.

    The should make it hit home!

  15. Good on ya Alan Kirkland! Spoken like a true growth spruiker. You’ve dropped the ball on infrastructure have you?? Well if the bath’s overflowing, turn the tap off!! It’s not rocket science.

    • Charming! sounds like Australia needs to import more of these kinds of chaps! what a star, definitely more well educated than most Australians by the sounds of the audio

    • I’m not sure the “tradie factor” was the cause of this extremely threatening outburst, my friend.

      It’s more the enrichment, I believe.

      • I remember before the boom I saw a lot more angry ones I assume because of a lack of work. Or maybe it was just the circles I was in at the time. I don’t know.

  16. Ok ABC, if it’s not bias it’s woeful ignorance and an inability to inform the community of a diversity of alternative views and get to the truth. Its like asking Big Coal about whether global warming is real – and doing so again an again.

    What on earth does the average journalist and newspaper editor who sells advertising for real estate and consumer goods know about demographics or sustainability anyway? Who gives a flying F*** about what Peter Martin or The Pascometer thinks about the environmental, scientific and ethical and democratic issues that are the main deal with this issue. How about interviewing some real scientists and thinkers who specialise in such things? Or even the people suffering the consequences of the population crush? Instead we have the Ground Hog Day of the media interviewing the media in a circle jerking merry-go-round of the same spruikers and self interested commentators who have been the cheer leaders of this calamity. Whatever next ABC – will it be Jessica Irvine (aka Bridget Jones) become the population, demography, science, sustainability and ethical guru? Oh, of course, she is a Q&A talking head now – because the ABC must interview Fairfax – for balance?! But why?

    Can’t the ABC see how sick this is? Journalists interviewing journalists in the name of journalism? George Orwell seems to have missed this one in his book 1984. Perhaps even he thought that this would be too ridiculous to be a believable prophecy. We even have a program “The Insiders” that is a place for journalists to talk to each other on Sundays (when the pubs used to be closed) and recycle all their old copy that became wrapping for fish and chips during the week. The very name of the program betrays the delusion that the ABC journalist class entertain – that their opinions matter more than facts and informed comment. They know stuff you don’t because of their special access. They don’t – they get in the way of facts and informed debate by others in the community who should have this platform instead.

    They are hogs of airtime and media space in order to claw back their failing relevance through a pitch for fame and celebrity. It’s sick enough on commercial networks but downright pathological for the ABC to go this way.

  17. rob barrattMEMBER

    I thought it was rather brave of the ABC. Normally they practice censorship by omission, but on this occasion they came right out with…. a load of uninformed crap.
    I came to Aus from the UK largely because I was pissed off with commuting & general overcrowding. Only a complete [email protected]@@@@g idiot or latte swilling Leftard who would never have to commute would argue for sentencing Australia to the plight of the UK, and that’s before you even consider Australian climate related issues like water supply. Of course we could force all immigrants to immediately locate to the back of Bourke to start an instant vibrant culture there. .

  18. UE, perhaps you should offer to appear on The Drum’s panel. With advance notice of your participation I wld watch it, otherwise NEVER. But it’s unlikely isn’t it? Your probably not good-looking enough, and too old!

  19. What a complete load of duplicity!

    If 3rd world degrees are better than Aussie degrees, why do so many immigrants come here to “study”?

    If they “do better at school”, why do a great chunk of foreigners cheat on exams to come here? And even bribe Aussie professors once they get here?

    Why are foreigners involved in most of the cases in Fair Work Australia?

    Jie Shao got a degree from Guangdong Medical University but her 3rd world qualification is not recognised in AUS – so she came here on a tourist visa and botched up an operation. Now the patient is dead.

    But hey, Guangdong Uni is better than Cambridge Uni right?

    Jayant Patel, Bhavesh Shah, Shyam Acharya, and now Jie Shao – have 3rd world degrees and are awesome doctors! Better than everyone who got a medical degree from Melbourne Uni.

    Foreigners are also better than us at driving trucks. No foreigner obtains a truck driving licence through fraudulent means.

  20. EP. Agree completely with you. I left the ALP in 2001 after it became clear that the Social Tariff concept (put forward by the AMWU) wasn’t going to get a fair hearing. It was quietly sacrificed to the globalist groupthink that dominated the ALP’s thinking on trade at the time. This groupthink is really just symptomatic of the broader disdain that the Fake Left holds for Australian workers.
    At a time when the labour share of GDP has been falling overall for decades, why does the ALP concern itself with personal identity issues that are of limited interest to anyone outside of the latte belts of our major cities? Why does the ALP care more about the tiles in toilets at Sussex Inlet RSL than about the unaffordablility of housing for workers? Why does the ALP support laws that criminalise the giving of offence on the grounds of race, but condone Fake Left TV shows (Housos, Struggle St) that offend working class Australians on the grounds of our social class?
    The answer? The ALP has been dominated by the Fake Left since the late 1970’s at least. That domination is now almost total and the Fake Left is entirely focused on an agenda that places the wellbeing of Australian workers well below ‘economic responsibility’ (aka adherence to globalist, neoclassical economics) and ‘social justice’ (very narrowly defined around personal identity politics and ethnic grievance mongering).
    The ALP could recover a lot of lost working class support by simply adopting the immigration policoes proposed by Kelvin Thompson prior to his resignation. But honestly. I fear it’s too late for this once great party.