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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    “After nearly two years of being rangebound, between 5.5 and 6 million, the BLS’s JOLTS report – Janet Yellen’s favorite labor market indicator- showed that in June, the number of job openings soared by 461,000 from 5.7 million to a new all time high of 6.163 million, smashing expectations of a far more subdued print of 5.75K, and resulting in a job openings rate of 4.0%, also tied for record high.”

    El Trumpo – there goes AUD

    • “I’m not going to call it a bubble, but I wouldn’t personally buy into 10-year sovereign debt anywhere around the world,” “JPMorgan’s Mr Dimon was [not suggesting governments would default on their debt repayments]. Rather, the outspoken banker said bond prices were high and interest rate spreads low, a trend that would ultimately correct as the US economy strengthened.
      WW so if US interest rates rise, so do Strayan rates. Couple that with a Chinese pullout- and anything could happen.

  2. Aucklanders caught between high rent increases and low wage growth – high immigration likely to be a contributing factor |

    By Greg Ninness

    Rents are rising faster than wages in most parts of the country, with the gap widening particularly quickly in Auckland, according to’s inaugural Rental Housing Affordability Report.

    This report tracks movements in average rents around the country and compares them with movements in average after tax pay. It will be published quarterly by

    It has found that in the 12 months from the second quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year, the national average rent (based on bonds received by Tenancy Services at MBIE*) increased from $404 a week to $422, a rise of $18 a week (+4.3%).

    Over the same period, national average take home pay, (Full Time Equivalent, based on Statistics NZ’s Quarterly Employment Survey, with tax and ACC deductions at IRD’s standard rates*) rose from $918 in the second quarter of last year to $936 in the second quarter of this year, also an increase of $18 a week (+1.9%). … read more via hyperlink above …

  3. migtronixMEMBER

    “1/ Censorship is for losers. @WikiLeaks is offering a job to fired Google engineer James Damore.”

    Couldn’t agree more Mendax