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    • Featured on Indian news channel too!

      Indian names commenting under the video saying “good” and “ban”…I guess they are ignorant of how she also wants to stop Indians from coming over in such large quantities!

      One commenter, Gary Smith, gets it “I live in Australia she is against every immigrants including hindus”.


    … Latest … Poll of Hope … Election 23 September …

    1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll: Greens plummet below five per cent, ‘Jacinda effect’ keeps Labour climbing | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ

    ‘Someone to love
    Somewhere to live
    Something to do
    Something to hope for’
    Jacinda Ardern … NZ Labour Leader

    WATCH …

    Watch: ‘New Zealand is such an optimistic nation’ – Jacinda Ardern says election about getting ‘basics’ right … TVNZ

    Poverty, gap between rich & poor and housing affordability, housing shortage, and homelessness dominate discussion in lead-up to election, says Roy Morgan poll |

    • Bombshell poll puts change of Government at even odds ,,, Tracy Watkins OPINION … Fairfax / Stuff NZ

      Last updated 05:38, August 18 2017

      OPINION: Parliament has adjourned for the election and for the first time in nearly a decade we don’t know who will be occupying the Government benches when it returns.

      A bombshell One News Colmar Brunton poll confirms Labour’s extraordinary rebound under new leader Jacinda Ardern. Labour is on 37 per cent, its highest level in 10 years on that poll. Ardern is at 30 per cent support as preferred prime minister – she is now level pegging with National leader Bill English.

      It’s not just National that’s hurting from the Ardern effect either – the Greens have been crushed, now sitting at 4 per cent. They could be wiped out of Parliament. … view and read more via hyperlink above …

      Housing – New Zealand Labour Party

      Jacinda Ardern – Wikipedia

      • BNZ’s Tony Alexander says first home buyers are buying fewer homes because house prices are ‘too high’ and the loans they would need are ‘too frighteningly big’ |

        Even if the Reserve Bank did remove its restrictions on low deposit mortgages it would make little difference to first home buyers, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander argues.

        With Prime Minister Bill English and Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern both in election campaign mode, this week they said they’d like to see the Reserve Bank imposed restrictions on banks’ high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) residential mortgage lending removed for first home buyers. Both politicians said the LVR restrictions had made it harder for would-be first home buyers to get into the housing market. English and Ardern’s comments follow real estate agents, with sales volumes down 25% nationally and 31% in Auckland, lobbying for the LVR restrictions to be loosened.

        However, Alexander says based on Core Logic data first home buyers bought 21% of the dwellings sold during the June quarter. This, he points out (see chart below), is the same percentage as just before the LVR restrictions were introduced in October 2013. … read more via hyperlink above …

        2017 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

        Note 5 Important Graphs at top …

      • ‘Conversation’ at todays Kiwiblog General Debate … … and … … and …

        Captain Mainwaring

        Your wet dream could well come true Hugh, and we will go through three years of Hell before getting rid of the incompetent bastards behind the pretty face.

        … and responding …

        Hugh Pavletich

        Capt Mainwaring … with all due respects, you are misreading the massive trends underway.

        This has been building for a very long time indeed, as issues polling has constantly and consistently made clear.

        Hopefully I have set it out clearly as well at my archival website … and in particular within the GONE GONE GOING section.

        Capt ‘Costa Concordia’ Key had no intention of course to hang around for the sinking. The 28 May 2016 Newshub Reid Research poll ( access via GONE GONE GOING section ) was the ‘tipping point’ for Key.

        Bill English was left to go down with the sinking ship 5 December 2016. He never was a leader.

        Jacinda Ardern is simply the effective messenger and credible leader for Labour.

        Effective politicians are simply poll parrots. Their survival depends on it … and they know it.

        Try asking a politician to go against the polls.

        I am extremely disappointed the centre-right … due to a long history of deceit and incompetence … is handing this issue and indeed government to the centre-left on a plate.

        There is going to be hell to pay within the National Party following the election 23 September. A ‘party’ I’m very much looking forward to.

        Nationals problems are only just starting.

  2. That’s because the guy is a fraud. You would think an intelligent person like him would disown Islam or any kind of religion.

    How many more years of terrorist attacks and rampant immigration will Europe endure before they realise they have been heading down the wrong path?

  3. migtronixMEMBER

    1400 years of similar behaviour? Pffffft!! Yours is 2000 and counting #pedogatedownunder #PedoPell

    • Not true my friend – we were feed to lions, remember! Sure Christianity has been abused as is every religion. But Islam has some special features, given a third of the Koran was written in Medina whilst a war with Mecca! Thats why the two parts are so fundamentally different. I would encourage you to read and know then maybe we have a discussion!

      BTW – Gosh I thought I was early up… where are you these days?

    • migtronixMEMBER

      We were fed to lions as the decadents who would in short time would become THE VERY HIGHEST PRIESTS AND SAINTS in Christianity applauded and raped children l !!

      Its you who needs to get some book learning.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Read what I just wrote buddy – raping children is a feature of Christianity because the new testament was curated by pedophiles..

  4. Building companies are going under like surfers paddling out at the super bank. Cept building companies are down for the count: the latest, the developer of the Gold Coast’s Commonwealth Games athletes village says a site contractor’s collapse won’t affect it. Ware Building Pt Ltd had gone into voluntary administration. Ware was delivering 82 townhouses to house Games athletes at the site.
    Is anyone keeping a tally, thats 3 billon gone plus 1.9 billion gone, plus 34 odd million a couple days ago, and now this say 40 million. talk about the games, its all happening here.

  5. Wow – got deleted here too…

    For guys who claim to expose the truth – you certainly like to curtail dissenting opinion. Thats why I lean to the Right, because the Left owns the thought police.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      It was merited – your hypocritical bigotry nor my enraged exposition of it will be missed, even by those who read it.