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  1. Newshub-Reid Research poll: Jacinda Ardern brings Labour back | Newshub

    The Labour Party is celebrating an explosive boost in support – and it’s all down to the “Ardern Effect”.

    In the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll Labour has jumped 9 points up to 33.1 percent.

    This is the party’s highest percentage in our polling since January 2014 when it was 33.5 percent.

    The Labour Party is celebrating an explosive boost in support – and it’s all down to the “Ardern Effect”.

    In the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll Labour has jumped 9 points up to 33.1 percent.

    This is the party’s highest percentage in our polling since January 2014 when it was 33.5 percent. … view and read more via hyperlink above …

    Poverty, gap between rich & poor and housing affordability, housing shortage, and homelessness dominate discussion in lead-up to election, says Roy Morgan poll … Interest Co NZ

    Content sourced from Roy Morgan Research

    In mid-2017, and only a few months before the upcoming New Zealand Election which according to Roy Morgan is too close to call*, the key Issues for the New Zealand Election are the inter-related issues of Poverty and the gap between rich & poor, House prices & Housing affordability and Housing shortages & Homelessness.

    The overall picture across all issues was covered extensively in our release on broader New Zealand Concerns released a fortnight ago and available to view here. We look in this release at Economic & Housing-related concerns in greater detail.

    A significant 50% of New Zealanders believe Economic issues (27%) or Housing-related issues (23%) are the most important problems facing New Zealand. … read more via hyperlink above …

    … September 2016 polling …

    The NZ homeowners who hate high house prices are revealed in Labour polling |

    … May 2016 polling … access more via GONE GONE GOING section Performance Urban Planning (click name at top) …

    Opinion: John Key’s Govt has failed New Zealand on housing … Patrick Gower … Newshub

    • Housing – New Zealand Labour Party

      … extract …

      … Remove barriers that are stopping Auckland growing up and out

      Labour will remove the Auckland urban growth boundary and free up density controls. This will give Auckland more options to grow, as well as stopping landbankers profiteering and holding up development. New developments, both in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand, will be funded through innovative infrastructure bonds. … read more via hyperlink above …

  2. So what do we do next.?
    AUSTRALIA’S over-reliance on homebuilding to support the economy will be put to the test with the residential construction market lurches towards its sharpest slide in 16 years. That would rate as the heaviest drop since the introduction of the GST in 2000, casting a pall over one of the economy’s most enduring drivers of growth and employment.
    BIS associate director Adrian Hart said the decline would present a huge challenge to the federal Budget and Reserve Bank’s predictions of GDP growth in excess of 3%.
    The Australian economy will need new investment drivers to support growth and employment.” The apartment market in particular is facing a price correction, Mr Hart said.

    The Strayan internal combustion engine car manufacturers close shop next month, just in time for Xmas.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      In the links “China to get 2000 more McDonald’s in the next 5 years”

      Gotta get the beef from somewhere mate

      • Looks to me like the strategy was, china buys a commanding share in SL Kidman, in a contra deal with Gina for iron ore sales, then markets the beef hack home via big macs
        there used to be an original john here, ran a feedlot meat processing deal out warwick -tenterfield way, last we head from him was the Chinese were holding his head under water. looks like he has gone.

      • FL there is an interesting class action in the federal court against Joe Ludwig for suspending the live cattle trade to Indonesia. It may have ramifications should the NT cattle men who are pushing the case be successful. Being a class action, 9 chances out of 10 it will be settled on the steps of the court, in favour of the cattlemen.
        In a parallel consideration many punters who made decisions about investing on the gold coast and continuing in business under the animal spirits recommendation of joe hockey may also take on the govt for the failure of the place to meet expectations. A sideline issue may also be that lack of confidence in the economy, has arisen by the failure of the govt to reasonably vet members of the govt as to their ability to become elected. I guess when expectations of investment outcomes are thwarted the punters think of riots. The oil of the commonwealth games has been thrown on this broiling water, and the punters were hoping for a get out of jail card by selling out during the games, but a 3 billion development of the spit has been pulled and the developers of the Jewel at broadbeach have the joint on the market when they are just only out of the ground, but before they are exposed to the real construction risk of time and cost blow outs as construction proceeds into a local depression. In addition direct flights from china and a theme park associated with that project are no longer on. So the punters are starting to see the shimmer of the mirage. In fact as with all good mirages the image has become inverted.
        Add to that the NRL team and the AFL team are losers, and sponsors are falling away.
        Add to that come April next year 8500 direct hires for the games will be on the street, with no reasonable expectation of employment, add to that another 20, 000 odd indirect.
        So those are the coarse issues, on finer issues drugs are everywhere and hoons on harley davidsons run around as though it is the wild west.
        So the punters are very disillusioned. But as you know the answers lie back in time.

      • Hmmm I keep wondering about The Games – who really gives a RA and wants to pay a whole lot of shekels to come and stay in an expensive place like the GC. However smarter people than me think everyone is coming from all over the world. I’m gonna stay on the mountain!!!
        If the Bris apartment construction stops at the same time there is going to be a lot less early traffic on the M1 !!!

        P.S. nah I’ll follow Reusa!!
        “”One-third of the apartment space in the landmark $1 billion beachfront Jewel towers on the Gold Coast has been pre-sold as construction forges ahead.

        China’s Dalian Wanda group, which is developing the Surfers Paradise towers in a joint venture with Ridong Group, is well into construction of the apartment and hotel complex ahead of the expected completion in 2019.

        In an announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this month, Wanda said the pre-sale of apartments started in September 2015 and “approximately 31 per cent of saleable area were pre-sold up to the end of December 2016”

        It’s ALL good!!!!

      • Just as The Greens conflate racism with discussion of these issues, you conflate *shudder*. You’re better than this Mig.

    • Props to Dick for calling out his generation as opposed to ninety nine percent of the rest of his generation.

    • Yes, great to see LVO and MB acknowledged in Dick’s ad. Interesting to see he gives Gittins a pat on the back, maybe trying to shame him into speaking up again?

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Sugar breaks down to ethanol, this is just a short cut 😂

      Can’t smoke anywhere now in Melbourne, but eating next to deisel generator doing construction is A-OK

      Melbourne is retarded