Leith van Onselen dismantles Turnbull population ponzi on Radio 2GB

Please find above my telephone interview on Radio 2GB yesterday afternoon, which focuses on Sydney. And here’s the key chart discussed in the interview:


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  1. Johannes Kepler

    AS a Melbournian I don’t know who Ben Fordham is – for others

    At Sydney’s No. 1 rating radio station, 2GB, Ben, since 2011, has hosted Sydney Live in the 3pm-6pm shift, a program that consistently tops the ratings.

    His efforts were rewarded at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Australian Commercial Radio Awards when he was voted best metropolitan talk presenter

    This was a REALLY impressive segment – Ben is clearly HUGE and Leith spoke really well, down to earth, clarity, on point and cut straight through the mustard.

    Took aim at both Lucy and Malcom and unleashed exactly what was deserved.

    Expect repercussions on this – SHOTS FIRED.

    I honestly think this is the most vocal, loudest, clarion call I have heard thus far on this issue and certainly by the MB team (great promotion as well – registrations incoming).


  2. sydboy007MEMBER

    It’s just about going main stream that mass immigration is not good for everyone.

    • It feels like we are finally at the tipping point. I’m a member of an online parenting forum that skews heavily left-wing and politically correct, yet I’ve been able to raise mass-immigration as an issue without being called a racist. Don’t think I could have done that three years ago….

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    That was good. Had your phrases and images that grab the attention and are easily repeatable.

    We’ll speak well of you after you’ve been ‘disappeared ‘.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      hehehe It’ll work out ok. Just put him in one of the darker rooms at your next party. 😉

      • He’s not invited, too much anti relations rhetoric. Ruins the party vibe and besides last time Reusa (Russell) was gonna jump off the roof into the pool claiming he was a golden god. He had to deal with the naysayer in the background saying “don’t jump!”


        Way to kill the fun man.

    • The 1 thing you can’t argue with is hard facts and figures. Trumps feelings every time. 😀

  4. TheRedEconomistMEMBER

    Don’t forget that 2GB is the conduit for Tony Abbott via Ray Hadleys mid morning show.

    Good luck trying to discuss changes to negative gearing or CGT concessions on 2GB.

    I have been either cut off or don’t even get passed the producers when I call.

    GB is as right wing as you can get in Sydney town.

    • Ha ha!

      Complain to 2GB about the insane regulation of bath fittings – Mr Tony “small government” Abbott or his daughters with long hair surely hate 8L/min shower heads. Especially when we have giant desalination plants.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Surely there’s still a “letters to the editor” section in your local newspaper?

      • Hey Jacob, you seem to have a lot of energy for this sort of thing. Could you add ‘tempering valves’ to the list of pet peeves about bathrooms you want changed? Bloody nanny govt reckons I dont know how to turn on the cold tap, and thinks it know better than me whether there’ll be any kids in the house…

      • Reclaim our dunnies!

        I am sympathetic I think I’ve used one of these greenie dunnies, arse feels about 10cm from the water, bloody disgusting.

  5. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    First Bolt on Fox/Sky “News”, then Alan Jones’s 2GB,…what’s next?,…a weekly opinion piece or Q&A with Tony Abbott and/or Corey Bernadi!

    I do hope your not getting seduced by the dark side of the Force, Leith.

    It is good to see you lifting MBs and your own profile and you are striking a blow against an injustice that is being leveled apon the Australian people, so Bravo to that,…but you are preaching to the already converted, on the echo chambers of Fox and 2GB,…2GB a radio station, who’s primary audience of Boomer ignoramuses (millions of them), fell Hook Line and sinker for John Howards refugee, “bait and switch”.
    I still come across old boomers at my Bowlo (all 2GB die hards), who still think Howard dropped immigration levels during his tenure,…when I point out that he actually trippled the intake during his time, I’m told I’m lying!
    Alan Jones, through 2UE, then 2GB was a relentless purveyor of this myth and will no doubt masterfully manipulate his followers again, this time to gain a Victory for the Abbott/Bernadi side of politics, who he has been heavily campaigning for of late basically calling for a revolt within the party against Turnbulls lot.

    Let’s hope your not being used to orchestrate another bait and switch.
    I suspect the loon pond, with Maquarie radio and Murdoch support, will attempt retake the NLP, and defete Labor at the polls, with a claimed major reduction of the intake, but once in Power, they are sure to disapoint, with standards of living for working people under continued assult, and the numbers of immigrants jacked up at the first opportunity.

    For your message to really “set in” to the public mindset, you need to get it across to the mainstream media and all those SJWs and PC crowd on ABC and SBS.

    That’ll be a lot harder than being the “dogwistle egg head” for the Alt Right media.

    • Don’t play the ad hominem line, EP. Every time I have mentioned the issue on the ABC, they’ve edited it out or cut me off. It’s the left that refuses to discuss the issue and usually plays the race card.

      Did you see the race card being played on this segment? No. To Luke Grant’s great credit, he let me air my views uncensored. Now that’s free speech. The left could learn a thing or two about that.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Did you see the race card being played on this segment? No. To Luke Grant’s great credit, he let me air my views uncensored. Now that’s free speech. The left could learn a thing or two about that.

        Have a go at getting your ‘grey gouge’ and LVT messages out through that channel and see how they feel.

        • As usual, Dr Smithy resorts to a straw man argument. You must hate that 2GB and its listeners handled this particular issue so sensibly. Good luck getting ABC Radio to do the same. The last time I did a similar interview with them (a year or so ago) they shut me down quick smart.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        As usual, Dr Smithy resorts to a straw man argument. You must hate that 2GB and its listeners handled this particular issue so sensibly. Good luck getting ABC Radio to do the same. The last time I did a similar interview with them (a year or so ago) they shut me down quick smart.

        “Straw man” is a term that has an actual meaning, and it is far more applicable to your comment than mine.

        I am not surprised in the least 2GB and its audience was receptive to an argument for fewer foreigners. How many of them would vote SAP vs ON, do you think ?

    • I think Leith Van Onselen was very good and clear and would have gotten a lot of people thinking which is the aim to get discussion going by ordinary people affected and political people who make decisions for them but without asking, I say good job Leith Van Onselen.

      I also agree the ABC is too left and some messages like immigration levels it won’t want to talk about in any negative way because it has a big Australia multicultural agenda and most of its listeners do too I guess whereas on things like Sky and 2gb and so on you get a wide audience with different views who are at least open to new ideas this is obvious. I think we would all agree ABC is a bit of a closed shop if you get my drift so go with what I’d say are the change makers like Sky and talk radio to get ideas to ordinary and interested people like us in my view and who knows it might make ABC open its own mind?

      • I don’t think the ABC (or the BBC) give a rats what their customers think about its agenda. They will ram it down your neck because they consider themselves superior to you.

    • BaldbadgerMEMBER

      Well says EP. I was thinking the same thing.
      Be careful you don’t get labeled a right wing mouth piece.
      I’d go as far to say the average 2GB listener and the station itself don’t like immigration full stop because they don’t wogs and Asians here. It has nothing to do with standard of living depreciation.
      If you could get a live spot on a show like the drum or Q&A where they couldn’t sensor you that would be the way i go.
      I also think if you said that immigration of refugees was a good thing and showed a compassionate side you might win the left side of politics over as well.
      Just my two cents.
      Be careful.

      • “I’d go as far to say the average 2GB listener and the station itself don’t like immigration full stop because they don’t wogs and Asians here”…

        Wow. That’s a sweeping generalisation right there. Strange then that the callers that followed me took the sensible centre (as did the host’s monologue that followed), embracing multiculturalism but acknowledging that the immigration program should be halved back to historical norms.

        These people must be the anti-immigration racist 2GB listeners that you talk about.

        Also interesting how nobody – repeat nobody – mentioned race or cultural matters. Again, these must be the right-wing anti-immigration nutters that you speak of.

      • Q&A wouldn’t let UE anywhere near a microphone. They have a big Australia multicultural agenda that would suit Lucy, the telcos and the banks just nicely. And if you’re against that you are a racist, such is the depth of the analysis.

      • BaldbadgerMEMBER

        We have to get away from this thought that the ABC/Greens/Labor are pro mass immigration. LNP/One Nation/Conservative Australia equals limited or lower immigration.
        The point is through thorough research and analysis done by those way smarter than me that the way forward is limiting the growth of immigration.
        You tell it/sell it by stating all the benefits though still showing a compassionate side by allowing refugees who need our help to live in our country. No bias towards race, colour or creed will be allowed on who enters this country to seek refuge.
        That’s not Green/Labour/LNP/One Nation thinking but detailed analysis showing benefits to all.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Being a shite speller is part of my Plumbers Cultural identity, don’t you dare denigrate me for it!

    • BaldbadgerMEMBER

      Yes UE you may see it as a sweeping generalisation but i’m telling you how i see it.
      2GB is the Fox News of Australian Radio. Tony Abbott is their God. How does he see immigration?
      The other night on the Bolt report, Mr Bolt more than once tried to equate mass immigration with the Apex Gang.
      Your motives and stance can’t be faulted when someone reads this blog. People hear you for 10 minutes on a radio show saying mass immigration should be halted and many will cry racist. That’s why i say if you mention about refugee intake you can’t be called a racist. You are way smarter than them but watch for their cunning.
      I live right in the heart of Conservative Australia. Tony Abbott’s seat. It is a throw back to 1950/60’s Australia here and that’s how they want it to stay. I know how they think. I’ve been here for over 10 years.
      As i said be careful.

      • This is about re-mainstreaming this critical issue so that we don’t get absurd ad hominems – that are purely designed to silence debate and undermine democracy. Well done LVO.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The aim is to make the issue mainstream enough so the LNP will half the immigration rate. This shuts down One Nation’s path to power. Because the ALP and the Greens are definitely not going to cut immigration.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        The aim is to make the issue mainstream enough so the LNP will half the immigration rate.

        Do you think they’ll halve it by attacking the skilled immigration/investor portion, or attacking the refugee/family reunion/foreign student portion ?

      • I’ll take either at this stage, but would prefer the former to the latter… such is the compromise that is politics though. Much easier to reduce the black intake when the populace see they are the ones doing all the robberies on the street.

    • PolarBearMEMBER

      EP I don’t think Lieth is in danger of selling out his values. Like he said at least 2GB let him talk uncensored, they must know his political views. It’s not easy to do any live radio as well as Lieth did in that segment, so ur “egghead” comment was going too far!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        If anyone actually had a serious dig at Leith or his performance, I’d stick up for him,… he’s doing a good job and has my full respect.

        The “dogwistle egghead” was just a brotherly tease of him and a reference, not to his bald head, but rather to his intellect and academic credentials.
        What was it that other skin head said?,..that’s right.
        “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”
        Mahatma Gandhi

        Leith’s message needs to be put out there and I agree he should do so, through any avenues he can, but I make no apologies for calling out Maquarie Radio and the Murdoch Press for the dangerous, partisan propagandist that they are.
        Whether they jump on board certain righteous issues or not,…they are poisonous to our democracy,…so to is the SJW and PC mentality that stifles so much debate IMHO.

        Both deserve to be relentlessly called out.

        But yeah,…keep up the good work Leith,…I’m cheering for ya.

  6. Stoked you are getting more media time. People are starting to wake up to the madness.

  7. Why don’t you call it the “Politicians’ Population Ponzi”?

    (Apostrophe after the s)

    They’re all to blame. Not just Turnbull.

    • Because I mentioned Lucy and Malcolm Turnbull directly in the segment. Turnbull, as PM, is primarily responsible for Australia’s current mass immigration intake. And Lucy, as head of the Greater Sydney Commission, has cheered it on.

      • Roger that. But for your newly expanding audience you may want to make it clear that it’s ongoing policy for both major parties and the so-called Greens.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        ^^ Yes, it was a lost opportunity to cane the Greens megalike to an audience that would have loved to hear it!!

      • But Lucy is very careful to keep the growth out of the rich suburbs. She has a “three city” solution for Sydney, to ensure the great unwashed stay far West of any harbourside mansion.

    • it was perfect to mention the terdballs as 2GB listeners know and mostly vote for them, well played

  8. We do need more people like you to speak out, and more to listen and take action. Nice work again UE 👌

  9. Well done Leith. It’s finally starting to gain some traction. As with any change these things start slow but eventually build. People are starting to take notice that they are going backwards.

    It was refreshing to stumble on the Macro Business website a few months ago. I get accused reguarily of being a grumpy old man (I’m only 32) by the people around me because I’m always discussing the things that are raised here everyday. I was starting to think I was the only one. But it’s great to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t swallowed the Kool-Aid.

  10. I am a pro immigration person but at a slower level what level I don’t know but is there something to read or someone who can explain how say a halving of current levels would directly have impact on the economy? I’m still a bit confused by this as in would jobs be lost or gained and profits too?

    One thing jumped out at me and it was that current growth levels make property look like a no brainer because everyone needs a house and I’ve never been in the Western Suburbs as an investor so I might have a think about it down the track learning all the time I guess.

    • Nick, you’re right and this blog has been ‘saying don’t buy now’. House prices can be juiced another 20% this year in Sydney, and the dollar is going to 80c in the next few weeks. At least we can see the transparent auditioning for mainstream media!

      • If you want to buy into the bubble, be my guest.

        “At least we can see the transparent auditioning for mainstream media!”

        Why would I move into the MSM? I am co-founder and part owner of this site, my own boss, work from home, and can say what I want uncensored. That’s a unique position to be in.

    • Nick
      Cutting immigration will mean lower GDP growth, lower profits, higher unemployment.
      However maintaining current immigration means higher debt and, more importantly, a higher and accelerating CAD problem and, therefore, higher foreign debt. We will need continuing accelerated sales of businesses mines farms to foreign interests in order to maintain the value of the A$. In essence we are selling out following generations for our ”living standard” Of course, as can be seen our living standard is being blown to hell and gone by this schmozzle of a policy.
      So in whose interest is immigration being promoted? Banks, Big business – the big retailers and big builders. Of course smaller builders et al are benefiting but it is the banks et al who KNOWINGLY promote this while totally understanding the the devastating effects on future generations. The execs of these companies seem to have no conscience in terms of what has to be sacrificed for their pay and bonuses.
      In the end, with huge immigration intakes, of course Sydney and Melbourne become totally unsustainable and unlivable except for the ultra elite. The foreign debt will overwhelm the economy at some stage. We’ll run lout of assets to sell to foreigners. The whole economic, political and social structure will collapse and we become Venezuela.
      Our choices are not good but this is the result of 60 years of poor policy.

      P.S. Nick Understand this idiocy can go on. You have to look at what is going on in teh rest of the world. If the Fed and ECB continue to print Aus will look like a stable country and a good destination for a fair proportion of the printed money.

      • Thanks Flawse I thought it might be complicated or tricky to do but I think you’ve made it sound impossible because I guess we’re buggered if we do and buggered if we don’t so all in all we are in a real pickle and this doesn’t look to me to be an easy fix and I’ll only say that politicians and voters too love easy fixes so what are we to do?

        I’ve read stuff saying one day Australia might be like Argentina or I guess as you say Venezuela a very sad and scary prospect in my view instead of Canberra we will have Caracas which might be fitting as a lot of bad decisions and high and mighty living on the hog in both places brought down by ordinary people they’ve dominated for so long. What a mess it that would be but I guess change does need the mutual sacrifice a writer here spoke of the other day I don’t think there’s any other way for any chance of a good outcome.

      • Flawse. Can you explain to uninitiated me of how selling off our country directly funds our existence. I get it but don’t understand the ‘accounting’ aspect it. Thanks in advance.

    • @Nick “everyone needs a house” – and then you want to be an investor and help make that impossible for more people. Also, you may want to think a little more deeply about what the word “invest” actually means. Over the last decades many “investors” have made money from Sydney Real Estate merely by buying existing houses and speculating. The “wealth” they have gained has been a byproduct of the financial and taxation anomolies. The traditional idea of “investment” was that it had positive effects. Now it is a new way to perfect a scam on the less fortunate members of our society.

      As for “always learning”, do you think there is some irony in the idea of scouring the media for alternate views so you can more effectively put your “investor” boot on the necks of the battlers of Western Sydney?

      • I’m not sure what you’re saying but I have property in Sydney and Melbourne where I have aspirational homes in good areas which I been lucky enough to find have been great investments over the years always in demand and also great price gains which I don’t really worry about as I got them at a good price and got some from my grandfather after he passed away and I keep to his plan re property which is good houses good locations well looked after and you can’t go wrong.

        I’ve never invested in the Western Suburbs of either city and I don’t see why you say it’s putting boots on anyone if I or anyone else did? People need a roof over their head and I guess they are not always in a position to buy or don’t want to buy for some personal reason of their own so someone else buying and leasing to them is a benefit all round the way I see it. I’m not saying I will as it is out of my comfort zone but as Leith Van Onselen says the West is going to have big population growth so it’s a thought.

      • You obviously haven’t read much of this site yet. Do you really think that the reason people in Sydney don’t buy a home is because they don’t want to? Nothing to do with turning houses into a asset class for investors to speculate on? Nothing to do with the ratio of income to house price hitting 1:12 or more?

        If the average person just puts their head in the sand and goes with the flow, then I suppose they can’t really complain about the social and economic problems that are heading our way. Try googling “The tragedy of the commons” for an explanation of what this problem is.

      • I looked it up but to be honest I don’t see the connection here because we’re not talking about equal and open access to a resource as it says because property’s aren’t equal are they and if you think about it nor is peoples ability to buy or not.

        I thought it was interesting to see the idea that people who worry about population shouldn’t have kids and parents who have kids shouldn’t be supported by welfare which would come as too much of a shock to most Australians wouldn’t it and I guess it would really confuse greens who have a foot in each camp they wouldn’t know which way to turn.

      • The idea of the “tragedy of commons” is when people operate on self interest even though it will disadvantage them in the long run. Every IP you buy pushes up the price of houses, and eventually we end up with a broken uncompetitive economy. Was it your intention to destroy the car industry? Was it your intention to turn Sydney and Melbourne into overcrowded ratholes?

        No you say – I was just making smart investments and getting ahead. So, who can we blame for the overcrowded cities and the hollowed out economy? God? Poor people? Certainly not the Nicks of this world.

        I guess they are not always in a position to buy or don’t want to buy for some personal reason of their own so someone else buying and leasing to them is a benefit all round the way I see it.

        MB has been refuting this for at least 5 years now. Buying an existing house does not help anyone except yourself. You are not creating housing stock. If a first home buyer bought it instead, then that would be one less renter. Outbidding the genuine home buyer just hurts everyone by making housing less affordable.

        What is worse is that the rules are rigged to help the advantaged and penalize the disadvantaged. Take an example of two young people, one inherits a house the other doesn’t. The lucky home owner has just won the lottery! Instead of paying $40K in rent, he has $40K to play with. With that and the 100% equity in his inherited house he can go straight out and buy an IP, rent it out and service the mortgage straight up. Any shortfall comes off his marginal tax rate. After a few years the IP may have doubled and he can sell it, also with a tax advantage, and start again if he wants. The low interest rate helps him lever up into a better IP. Also, his inherited house has also doubled thank you very much.

        Over with the houseless guy things are bad. First off he has to pay $40K after tax to rent a house. WIth living expenses he has a little left over to save for a deposit. The low interest rates don’t help with the saved deposit, and to add insult to injury, the ATO tax any interest at his top marginal rate. Everything is against him. The other lucky inherited house guy is able to bid up house prices, so in fact the houseless guy probably can’t even keep pace with the rising deposit. lose lose.

        OK, some people are lucky. The question is, why is the system rigged so heavily in favour the advantaged and so heavily against the battler. The unofficial position of the Liberal Party is that poor people are genetically inferior. Do you have a theory, Nick?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      What you want is land, not apartments or townhouses. The growth in the Western suburbs is driven by two thing : houses near railway station turning into dog boxes, and vacant land in the middle of nowhere being turn into McMansions (e.g. Marsden Park, Schofield). It really went crazy when the council rezoned, but currently there are just so many apartments and McMansions on sale it cannot be healthy.

      New immigrants have to live somewhere, however they won’t be buying a 600K apartment or a 900K McMansion when they get off the plane (with a few exceptions). Most of the buyers are investors, and from 2015 to now, apartment prices in my area went down due to the massive oversupply, and yet more are still being built!!

  11. Good shit Leith.

    The interviewer did not interrupt you repeatedly like that Bolt dick.

    You were smoother and spoke well. You’re getting better at it.

    You will eventually get an opportunity on the ABC. Really ram home in your diplomatic way how The Greens and Labor are in on it too. Will give even more credibility to the obvious as you will be seen as neutral by mainstream wombats.

    • If I was the ABC, and Leith was going on Q&A with his message, I would make sure someone like Pauline was on at the same time to well and truly torpedo his message in the tiny minds of the viewers.

      • Point taken Stagmal. Hoping MB will get a go on 7.30 , The Drum or Q & A.

        The trick is how is Leith going to get a crack at those time slots when the PC ABC are in on it?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I think Leith could have smiled a bit on his interview with Bolt, he looked way to serious. But I get that, having a sense of humour does make one look like a bit of a silly cunt, in some people’s eyes.

      But on the challenges Leith and Dave could find themselves confronting on ABCs the Drum and Q&A, I would suggest that they maybe take Eddy Izzards lead and dress in drag, show some Solidarity with the trans comunity, when selling the benefits of a reduced migrant intake.

      Anything for the cause!

      Maybe Eddy wasn’t the best example, for the fight against an open door immigration policy for our country.


  12. I try and discreetly raise excess immigration levels in discussions with work colleagues. Also try and raise the housing bubble but the average majority is simply ignorant. As long as people have jobs and live in their own homes then they blindly accept the status quo. Only thing that will make people take notice is fast rising unemployment which will unleash the ugly side of this debate firstly before any discussions and government action takes place. There is still a long way to go in this dabate but at least its a start. Well done Leith.

    • haroldusMEMBER

      I am a figure of mockery with my call of a bubble and pop.

      Now when peeps talk about their investments, I say “go hard”.

  13. This is all just a plan for the Libs and a pretend policy of cutting immigration. 2GB is half owned by DomainFax btw.

    • Don’t agree with your conspiracy theory Owen. The game is up ….. stopping it is another thing though.

      • I think David Cameron got some votes off the back of a promise to lower immigration. They did but not by much.

        I’m probably gonna vote Green in the lower house, they’d probably be the party most likely to lose the AAA rating.

  14. HadronCollision

    LVOs new moniker: FVO

    Favourite Van Onselen

    Soft interview
    But good

    Would like to see you go up against a growther. I know you’d win but it’d be rad viewing. Up against Shorten or di Natale or Turnbull or Bowen or Albo

      • HadronCollision

        Favourite V.O.
        Fave-a Faaaaaave!

        Someone snap him with some bling and a big ol’ Population Ponzi countdown around his neck

    • HC.

      That would be juicy watching. Unlikely to happen as LVO would embarrass them so. What little credibility they have would be greatly diminished. How long can the PC brigade at Ultimo continue with this charade?

  15. just_the_pipMEMBER

    Great segment Leith, well done.
    As mentioned by some others it would be great if the left could show some courage and conviction in their beliefs by discussing this on the likes of ABC. They’re sewing the seeds of their own demise if they continue to refuse to engage with the issue.

    • HadronCollision

      The way most ABC listeners are, they prolly are sewing their seeds. In their hipster cafes that have rocking chairs and a bearded Jobe Watson serving them in their chairs. As they sew away, “Sew Sew Sew OOOOH THOSE RACIALISTS!!! -insert Left outrage-“

      • Although, this might not be the first time I’ve pointed this out, one can be quite left wing and see the immigration program as a neo liberal exploitative model and still be social justice and see through the racist screams and enjoy cafes and sew seeds and like men with beards and have discover this site through an astrology blog and have understood most of the arguments quickly without being an economist just because one has looked around one and seen what’s going on and one could even be a self identifying feminist and a member of the greens and not even see much contradiction with greens policy with the writings on this site. And listen religiously to radio national. It’s all possible. Starting to sound like Skippy.

  16. I’m really pleased to see per-capita economic analysis gaining traction! I’ve been pushing this for so many years but have achieved little. You’re doing a great job Leith.

    Politicians are well aware that their popularity is sensitive to voters’ perceptions of wellbeing. They do know that declining living standards will result in the incumbent politicians being blamed for it, regardless of their actual role in the matter. Yet despite knowing this, they then go right ahead and commit political suicide. Part of the reason for this is bad economic advice. (Yes critics, there are many other reasons; I’m choosing to talk about just one of them here).

    Because it’s not possible for political representatives to be fully engaged with massive electorates at the individual level, they depend on summary statistics to inform their perceptions. By NOT using per-capita measures, politicians can build an understanding that things are going well, people should be happy, and their political future is assured, while the opposite is actually true.

    By making the point to politicians, that they’re effectively committing political suicide by listening to bad economic advice, I hope that you can gain even more traction on this quest Leith. Fear is a great motivator. Politicians should be looking at net and per-capita statistics when assessing their own performance.

  17. CatfishwolfMEMBER

    Brilliant. I think you got his name wrong? Or were you chatting to Luke Grant… Brilliant!

  18. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Good work …..Keep pushing this …the bought Canberra sleazebags ….and the also paid for press just cannot counter your well researched and reasoned arguments ………..who knows even Pauline might cotton on and start using those same sensible arguments …..doubt it though, her brain might not have the amperage for it …..

  19. This is great. Thanks for doing this sort of thing.
    But i am disappointed you didn’t cure cancer in your spare time.

  20. Leith, that was an excellent interview!!. I specifically liked the notion about privatizing the gains and socializing the costs.. and that this Ponzi is designed to line the pockets of the rich at the expense of the standards of living of the average Australian. Keep up the good work..