Cory Bernardi: Halve immigration

Immediately preceding me on The Bolt Report last night, Cory Bernardi was interviewed and called for Australia’s mass immigration program to be halved.

Note that Australia’s current permanent migrant program is 200,000, which is around 2.5 times the level that existed at the turn of the century:

Therefore, halving Australia’s immigration intake would merely return it closer to historical norms and makes a lot of sense on economic, environmental and liveabilty grounds.

Australia was a successful multicultural nation pre-2000 and we would remain so if immigration levels returned to those levels.

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  1. Cue the SJW squealing army headed by the greens in 3…2…1… Annnnnnd take it away!
    Cue the big-australia politruks of ALP in 3…2…1… Aaaaand take it away!

    Edit: Not that these prats are any better either. They just echo what might get them elected – with about a snowflake’s chance in hell to actually doing anything about it.

    • BrentonMEMBER

      As an active Labor member, I can say not all of us align with the current mass immigration program. I might also note that for some unknown reason you conspicuously leave out the government (ie Liberal Party) who run our current immigration regime.

      • Sorry – you will note the Edit which appeared probably after your note… 🙂
        Oh and also please note the “politruk” construct – which does not – in any way shape or form refer to the entirety of the party – just the responsible-for-policy one 😀

      • BrentonMEMBER

        haha yeah, I posted before the edit.

        True, true. It is an ongoing battle, but I feel immigration cutbacks is going to be all but inevitable now.

      • Dude, we have zero expectations from the LNP – so we rant against the ALP and Greens.

        Immigration under Gillard was actually 300,000/year! And she gave 457 visas to KFC! She also dumbed down Aussie degrees.

        The Greens did nothing for the homeless when they had Gillard over a barrel.

      • @Jacob
        (Re. University degrees) Cue Universities squealing like pigs when that spigot gets turned off… I know they all are running based on a very large intake of sardine-students… when that dries out them togas are just cloaks for them daggers…

      • BrentonMEMBER

        You shouldn’t take policy decisions out of context. People forget the hysteria that the GFC and it’s fallout cultivated, with every policy focused on maximum support. Still, it is obvious with hindsight that opening the immigration floodgates was a failure in the longterm and should’ve long since been wound back. Hopefully, as Ino says above, ALP leadership get onboard.

    • I think Mr Janda now has an urgent “can’t-get-out-of-it-if-you-were-dead” request to attend a long and intensive session at the re-education camp.

      • BrentonMEMBER

        I’ve always liked his commentary, him and Verrender both. It’s true that they were a little focused on the easy credit/debt overload, coupled with declining labor conditions, at the expense of coverage on immigration…but then, so was I.

        I think it is a growing consensus, but importantly, as Janda has framed it, the rationale must be economic and not devolve into race wars. IMO

      • @Brenton, that’s been a real problem with the progressive/left side of politics ignoring, or even worse, actively disparaging anyone raising this issue in a sensible way, they’ve ceded it to the right wing nut jobs, who they will in a circular logic kind of way, point to as proof that it’s racist to oppose immigration.

  2. How do you want it to be achieved? Especially considering that Gillard was stupid enough to give 457 visas to Pizza Hut and KFC – believing the lie that there is a “shortage” of burger flippers!

    I say put a massive tax on each 457 visa – offset by any income tax the “skilled” foreigner pays.

    • I read that as 457 pizza. Anyway I have boycotted dominos and bakers delight.

      Nice to see Bernadi having a policy.

      • >Nice to see Bernadi having a policy.
        Only because it bit him in the ass… which in itself is an astronomical improvement compared to his peers

      • What’s Bakers Delight done? They seem to be the only shop I go to that doesn’t have Indian staff. Are they underpaying the white teenage girls that they seem to like to hire?

      • They are using that Path internship thing GG.

        Ino I’ll give anyone a tick for that. After SAP of course.

        Although outsiders reading this blog might think we are talking about inventory and logistics software.

        Sustainable Australia Party. I think we should name them in full when we are referring to them.

    • Jacob, are you a troll who has escaped from the Fair Go (sic) website? I can see something unpleasant behind your sheer veil.

      History is going to treat Julia much better than Abbott and Rudd. At least she had that very un -LNP skill of negotiating and knows when to be quiet. It’s just a pity that she tried the ‘Real’ Julia act.

      • Gillard was the last ALP PM to “win” (draw) a federal election. I guess it is like Obama. Obama was good at giving speeches but kept an open border with Mexico – which hurt the poorest Americans. He also printed H1B visas like mad – thus murdering the careers of educated Americans.

        At least Corbyn has some decent policies like nationalising the railways.

        But England has nutters like Owen Jones who blame everything but immigration for high unemployment.

      • Hahaha Fair Go, the LNP antidote to Get Up. I call it “Class Washing”. Refer to below for the meaning of any kind of washing:

        “Greenwashing” is the same premise, but in an environmental context. It’s greenwashing when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact.”

        It aint gonna work. Plebs will see through this, history backs me on this.

  3. The Patrician

    The above chart would better demonstate the relatively insignificant number of refugees if the humanitarian intake had its own line

    • double it!
      “A report by Commonwealth Bank senior economist Gareth Aird has found that Australia’s high immigration intake is papering over economic weakness”.
      Expect the papering over to continue. That’s what’s easiest for the LNP.
      If things go bad they can double the intake to continue “papering over economic weakness”.

      • While we double it, lets lower teh rates also! That will fix it! Imagine how much prosperity we’ll have then!

  4. MichaelMEMBER

    Cory Bernadi starting to talk sense.
    If only people like Cory and Pauline weren’t so stupid most of the time, the masses might actually listen.

    • The other night Cory was having a swipe at privatised monopolies in regards to high energy prices. I am sensing a phase of enlightenment amongst some Conservatives. Maybe one day they’ll even drop the “What is good for business is good for Australia” slogan.

      • he don’t give a fuck about that.. not in the abstract policy formation way he don’t…he just wants his air con to run ..hence the big arse solar array he shoved on his home roof coz he was personally inconvenienced when the recent SA load shedding took place…he is the dress makers pin lacking only its head and its point.

    • Cory ranted against mass immigration before creating his new party. That is one of the reasons for creating his party.

      Cory has said that he is not against Islam. The anti-Islam party = Australian Liberty Alliance. Sadly, ALA has more Facebook likes than Sustainable Australia Party. But I hope SAP overtakes ALA.

      If Cory has a policy of charging foreigners $40/day for a train ticket, he is a genius.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      “If only people like Cory and Pauline weren’t so stupid most of the time, the masses might actually listen.”

      I suspect their support is more likely to delay an immigration cut.

  5. halving Australia’s immigration intake would merely return it closer to historical norms and makes a lot of sense on economic, environmental and livability grounds

    Halving the intake would still produce, conservatively, over 800 new residents in Sydney every week. How is that sustainable??? We would need 5 years of zero immigration coupled with a period of intensive infrastructure development the scale of which has not been seen in this country for a half century or more to get things to a point that is even close to reasonable, And there is no money to pay for that infrastructure anyway.

    • stagmalMEMBER

      yep halving is still too much. we need to bring it down to about 50k a year or less – and keep it there for all time.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    “Australia was a successful multicultural nation pre-2000 and we would remain so if immigration levels returned to those levels.”

    Well said. I’m sure people forget that little gem.
    Multiculturalism isn’t something that we can win at by doing it more and harder than anyone else. It is a state that can be achieved. We achieved it. Can’t improve on perfection, and now we’re just being silly.

  7. sydboy007MEMBER

    Well frack me. I’m supporting something Bernardi has said.

    What’s that? Temperatures in hell have started to fall….hhmmmm

  8. I wonder how he managed to clear that message with aunt Gina.

    Gina, I need a platform and think lower immigration is a good one, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you will still keep your 457’s for major projects and remote work.

    • I offered that solution several months ago.

      Even if Gina loves 457 visa staff on $108/year, why must they be given an Aussie passport?

  9. Why halve?
    Why not FREEZE immigration at zero until
    1.we recover from overpopulation
    2.we fully understand what the hell we are trying to achieve and why we are destined in current trajectory to turn our cities into congested shitholes with no vision to make them
    liveable again, and why we are letting vested interests groups such as property developers and foreign interests via political donations etc. dictate future directions of our cities.
    3.we FIRST have a referendum and ask the people what their views are on the benefits of immigration and what numbers.
    4.we analyse the impact to employment and ambitions and mental health of our young people who are becoming more and more disillusioned at their own prospects courtesy of self-centred baby boomer interests that are placing their own hedonistic needs ahead of anybody and everybody else’s.

    Stop voting for parties that are selling out our children’s future prosperity.
    Stop voting for the ALP, and stop voting for the LNP.