Big Banks trample APRA pansies

Dalian has just flopped into the positive today:

With Big Iron down a little:

Big Gas is up a bit as one of Australia’s most evil firms, STO, gouges the entire east coast for better profits:

Big Gold is still sickening:

Big Banks are trampling the APRA pansies:

As Big Liar trades sideways:

Another ethicists nightmare on the ASX…

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  1. mine-otour in a china shop

    Of Course they do – the original Capital proposal would have had a quicker timetable but add in some lobbying from the boards and pollies and then it gets widened out. Why would the ADI Supervisors want to fight back against the lobbying and against many of their future employers? More rubbish from the Financial Regulator, too little too late….

  2. In reality the biggest risk to the banks is not really default, the first card to fall is normally small business, coffee shops etc, disc spending businesses that banks are big lenders to. This is why they really can’t raise much from here.

  3. Even StevenMEMBER

    Has APRA said where the Aus banks will sit relative to global banks after these new capital requirements take effect?

  4. I read MB daily but won’t be renewing my subscription this year. It has devolved into too much insider speak purposefully designed to ostracise people unfamiliar. WTF is “big liar” for example.

    That’s cool if this was a free blog but not as a paying customer.

    • ? big liar, read the graph for gods sake,
      REA Group, digital ad business specialising in property. i.e