More dodgy Chinese parliamentary links exposed

From The Australian:

Senior ALP figures are disturbed that a Chinese-born Sydney man with high-level links to a pro-Beijing lobby group not only works for rising NSW Labor star Chris Minns as a political staffer but also runs a Chinese export business with Mr Minns’s wife.

James Zhou is employed full-time by Mr Minns, the state Labor frontbencher and member for Kogarah who was first elected in 2015. Supporters rate him a future party leader.

Since January last year Mr Zhou has concurrently served as a director of NoBorders Trading, a company that helps others sell Australian goods in China. The business is based in Mr Minns’s electorate and headed by his wife, Anna.

The Labor hierarchy in NSW has become increasingly worried about reports of China’s “soft power” influence in Australian politics, and how their party’s state branch is perceived as connected, more than any other, to local groups aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr Zhou, an Australian citizen, is executive vice-president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification in China, a group that supports Taiwan becoming part of the communist-controlled mainland but most controversially backs Beijing’s territorial claims on the South China Sea.

The president of the ACPPRC is Xiangmo Huang, a Chinese citizen and billionaire property developer who, while donating large sums to both Labor and the ­Coalition since arriving in 2012, appears close to the ALP in NSW.

NSW ALP figures are most alarmed by comments such as those of independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie, who said after an ABC-Fairfax four corners ­report last week that “China has bought the NSW Labor Party”.

And the other side:

A key political fundraiser for former prime minister Tony Abbott has maintained contact with Chinese Communist Party-aligned businessman Huang Xiangmo, despite warnings from ASIO to Mr Abbott about the billionaire donor.

Mr Huang has sought to get Abbott confidant and Liberal party heavyweight, John Caputo, to intervene in his citizenship application, according to a well-placed source.

The revelation comes as the controversy over foreign interference in Australian affairs continues to grow, more than a week after a Fairfax Media and ABC investigation exposed efforts by China’s Communist Party to exert influence through political donations.

In a heated question time on Wednesday, the government and opposition traded blows over Chinese donations, with Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop urging Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to request a security briefing on the relationship between his senior frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon and his Chinese-Australian benefactor Helen Liu, after Fairfax Media revealed Ms Liu’s ties to a senior Chinese intelligence operative.

While I do not know what to make of this:

A CHINESE-only branch of the Liberal National Party has formed on the Gold Coast, dividing the party faithful.

The Gold Coast LNP Chinese Heritage Branch has just held its first meeting, with dozens of members joining several sitting MPs for the inauguration.

The new branch comes just weeks after the launch of a similar splinter group in the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank, and is reminiscent of the influx of Chinese members to the party’s federal Ryan branch when Chinese Australian Michael Johnson was MP.

While LNP officials have embraced the enthusiasm of the new Chinese supporters, some rank-and-file party members are not impressed, questioning why they wouldn’t just join existing branches.

“We welcome Chinese members, or members of any racial background, but having their own branch is more like segregation than integration,” one member told The Sunday Mail.

“There’s a lot of people quite uncomfortable with it.”

Another Gold Coast member said it made more sense for immigrants who were passionate about politics to join a local branch rather than create their own.

“I don’t understand it,” the member said.

“It’s quite divisive.”

If you’re going to run an immigration-led business model amid rising Chinese influence in the world then then you would be an idiot to expect anything else.

None of this is an issue if you’re comfortable quietly sliding into the Chinese sphere of influence, the corruption of democracy, the embrace of an authoritarian hegemon and the end of ANZUS.

If not, then it’s a problem.

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    • Like voting for the toilet brush instead of the toilet
      We need a new party, ran by quality people.

      • quality people don’t stand for office my friend…..only psychopathic shit heels do

      • Totally agree and I actually think Hanson would be easily corrupted to be honest. So I know she isn’t the solution but right now we have very limited choice.

      • We need another “Party” like we need a bullet hole in the head.
        It is the Parties that are the problem. It is the Parties that are corrupted , and allow the spivs , conmen, organised criminals, and foreign interests to take over our democracy.
        Until the Parties are abolished and we elect independant representatives , or select representatives from the electoral roll , we are doomed to this corruption.

    • drsmithyMEMBER


      Yes, the Greens, who have been calling for a Federal ICAC and donations reform for years, and are by far the most transparent and prompt in reporting donations themselves, “can’t be trusted”.

  1. When we listen to them talking about their honesty and dedication to serve the country is when we know we are in trouble. We only needed a proof
    The sad thing is that we still have our faith in these polies despite all the corruption

  2. “A key political fundraiser for former prime minister Tony Abbott has maintained contact with Chinese Communist Party-aligned businessman Huang Xiangmo, despite warnings from ASIO to Mr Abbott about the billionaire donor.”

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    • Abbott likely knew Pell was a pedophile and still supported him as it meant getting the catholic vote.

      The man is a power-hungry monster.

      • Appalling comment which really plumbs new deptHs. Surprised the moderators would let it through given they get upset about sock puppets etc.

      • Joel is entitled to his opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

        It’s so despicable it’s probably true.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        “Appalling comment which really plumbs new deptHs”

        Considering the (((stuff))) you post here that’s really saying something.

      • Free speech sucks/is awesome. Love the Catholics getting all upset about one of their own for being called out as the likely scum they are, until proven. But hey obstructing investigations and hiding horrendous activities is fine right… Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Yeah, easy on with the condemnation without proof, Joel.

        It’s not like he’s a Muslim, FFS.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        Paul I’m not a Catholic, just thinking of the publishers.
        Free speech is the foundation of our freedom IMHO.

  3. It is time for………

    A Royal Commission into political donations.
    A national live time political donations register
    A law mandating all political donations be registered with the AEC

    the removal of political pensions and any publicly funded entitlement from anyone or any organisation found to have taken funds from offshore interests knowing that they were from offshore, subsequently found to have acted in the interests of a foreign state.

    • GeordieMEMBER

      I think we’re past the point of a live, transparent single portal for political donations, Gunna. We need a portal where people and businesses can donate directly to the AEC in support of democracy, knowing 100% of their money will do towards supporting the democratic process, from administration through to campaign support.

      Cut the cord completely; they can’t be trusted at all.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I can totally understand why the chinamen don’t want to be around filthy lowlife Euros and instead create their own splinter group so as to preserve the superior political system of their homeland.

  5. It is now too late. Our politicians have sold our birthright, the treasonous bastards. We are now the equivalent of Tibet, a country in name only.

  6. Ah, Sunnybank! You can get an excellent meal there if you can read the Chinese menu! I might join the Chatswood Chinese Heritage Branch of the Liberal Party when it gets going. I expect they’ll offer Chinese language lessons so that I can assimilate.

  7. Another driver ‘rampage’ on the footpaths of Melbourne’s CBD. This one with a difference……a few apartments that could no longer be financed perhaps?

    ‘They have so far been unable to find a connection between the arrested man and the three businesses premises that were hit — the Commonwealth and ANZ Banks on Swanston St and a third “similar institution”.’

    ‘Burwood East man Chen Jie Xu allegedly struck three buildings on Swanston St, including the ANZ and Commonwealth banks, while driving on the footpath after 11pm on Tuesday.’

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      ‘No connection here chief, we’ll have to work on some other avenue of enquiry..damn these crafty criminals…’

      Is it just me or do any of you others experience some epicaricacy and/or Schadenfreude when reading about Chinese people being done for crimes in Australia?

  8. Do the Chinese even drink coffee? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them line up in front of some bearded gen y barista. None the less gen y wants mass immigration at gun point. Enrichment!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      You’ve never been to Starbucks or Glorious Jeans then! They’re smarter than us because they love the best brands while we drink no name sh1t!!

    • Are you kidding? The Chinese are bandits for sitting in well known cafes, taking photos of their smashed avo on toast, but they already own all the homes so this is their God given right

    • Ah yes. They like Gloria Jeans because I think you can still smoke in their outdoor areas. Or maybe because they are Christian. Gen y are the smartest. They give away their countries to feel smug and metropolitan. Way better than having some yucko bogan house.

  9. The Patrician

    For distinguished service to facilitation
    From the Queens Birthday Honours List 12 June 2017

    Mr Brian Arthur WILSON, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023
    For distinguished service to the financial and banking sectors through public policy advisory roles in the areas of foreign investment, taxation and superannuation reform, and to higher education administration.
    Service includes:
    Public sector:
    Chairman, Foreign Investment Review Board, since 2012; Member, since 2009.
    External Member, Superannuation Reform Steering Group, Australian Taxation Office, 2011-2015.
    Member, Payments System Board, Reserve Bank of Australia, since 2010.
    Member, Australian Government Specialist Reference Group on Taxation of Multinational Enterprises in Australia, 2012-2013.
    Member, Australian Government Review into Governance, Efficiency, Structure and Operation of Australia’s Superannuation System (The Cooper Review), 2009-2010; Member, Stronger Super Peak Consultative Group, 2011.
    Government Advisor, asbestos settlement with James Hardie, New South Wales Government, 2005-2006.
    Financial Services:
    Director, Bell Financial Group, since 2009.
    Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group, since 2017.
    Founding Managing Director (Australia), Lazard, 2004-2009.
    Vice-Chairman, Citigroup Australia, 1994-2004.
    Director, Schroders Australia, 1991-1994.
    Chancellor, University of Technology Sydney, February-November 2016; Deputy Chancellor, 2011-2016; Council Member, since 2006; Pro-Chancellor, 2006-2011; Chairman, Finance Committee, since 2006; Alternate Chairman, Joint Sub-Committee Audit and Risk and Finance, since 2006.
    Awards and recognition includes:
    Recipient, Honorary Doctorate, University of Technology Sydney, 2017”

    The sham continues

  10. Donations should be made to a central government agency which are then dispersed to the allocated politician/party. Any money taken outside of this system is illegal.

    Easy to manage, can have restrictions that only allows money to be accepted if the donor gives their details. If people try and use a front to donate the money the ATO will be onto the front asking where they got the money from…

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      What do you have to do to qualify for this money tree ? What determines how much you get ?

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      Presumably the donation recipient would need to be specified and the money disbursed according to the instruction. If done by a central authority then there would be transparency, something that we do not have in Victoria.