Welcome to ASX the Crap

Dalian is having its own little party today as it pretends that China is stimulating again:

That has given the disco biscuit teens at big brokers the excuse they need to buy Big Iron:

Looks like RIO is pricing the next China boom. Short, I say!

Big Gas is down with oil:

Big Gold is blinding said teens returned from their boozy lunches as it shines with impeachment light:

Big Debt is in trouble as its plods into a boring utility future:

Perhaps hypocrisy doesn’t pay, eh Ken!

And Big Liar also looks troubled, other than the repulsive FXJ which has committed its last great act of whoring by pimping itself out:

Finally today, welcome to ASX the Crap, on the monthly chart looking well placed for one almighty double top:


Global recovery, Australian dung heap!

The message that we take from this is that you should invest elsewhere, and be enriched by a falling Aussie dollar rather than be made poorer by it. We can help you do that at the MB Fund (launching in the next month with 70% international stocks).

Register your interest today (if you have not already):


    • SmartDipStick

      Yes, interesting ! ….. At the time of my previous post, it was then also below the 5800 [ but not by as much as at the close ] ‘neckline’ that I referred to earlier.

      The down-turn appears ‘concretised’.