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  1. I did not know the editor of Daily Mail is a guy.

    A few years ago I read that most of its readers are female! Fancy that, an anti-immigration newspaper has more female readers than male readers.

  2. ‘Don’t give me the mums and dads spiel’: ScoMo grilled over housing affordability … The New Daily

    Treasurer Scott Morrison encountered the angry face of the housing affordability crisis on Monday night as he fronted a town hall of voters one week after handing down the federal budget.

    Speaking to 300 voters at Gosford’s Central Coast Leagues Club, Mr Morrison was grilled about a wide range of issues including the nation’s finances, tax policy, TAFE and identity politics.

    But it was housing affordability that dominated the crowd’s attention, even sparking a testy exchange with one voter who asked the Treasurer why the government “gives preferential treatment to investors over young people who wish to buy one home”.

    “I’m a fifth generation Australian, but the sixth generation, which is the best educated generation of my family, and they are employed, are the only ones who will never own a home,” the woman, who did not give her name, told the town hall for Sky News’ Paul Murray Live program. … view and read more via hyperlink above …

    First home buyers near record lows for now … The Australian

    Morrison defends his budget to voters … SkyNews

    • Deluge of affordability data forces government’s hand | The New Daily

      Voter backlash and a slew of damaging data has made it impossible for the government to refuse to act on housing affordability, setting the scene for a May budget that unleashes superannuation fund money to fix the problem. …

      … First, Demographia released its annual housing affordability survey on January 23 naming five Australian capitals – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth – among the top 20 least affordable cities with million-plus populations. … read more via hyperlink above …


        National to build 34,000 houses in Auckland over next decade on land currently with 8,300 state homes on it; 60% to be sold off into the market … Interest Co NZ

        The National-led government has outlined plans to build 34,000 new houses on Crown land in Auckland over the next decade.

        The net addition to Auckland’s housing stock will be just under 26,000 new houses. Minister responsible for Social Housing and Housing New Zealand, Amy Adams, said the properties would be built on land currently with 8,300 state houses on.

        Of the headline number, 13,500 will be social houses and 20,600 will be “new affordable market homes.” … read more via hyperlink above …

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Ha! Those unintended consequences Scummo is warning against is what that crowd wants. Not really unintended then, is it?

      Keep it up Scott. Baseball bats are coming.