Slowly but surely, property eats Fairfax

The creep is imperceptible but it’s there if you’re watching. The metropolitan daily websites now run news first and property sections second:


Property is apparently more important than NSW, politics, commentary, business, sport, lifestyle, you name it. A year ago it was multiple sections lower. Then it started moving up on weekends. Now it’s four days per week.  Next year it will no doubt be above news.

New ads are appearing as well, obviously designed to confuse between ads and editorial . “Dream homes” that have no connection to anything and don’t even mention Domain are starting float freely across the site. And why not? The content is only there to support real estate listings. It’s all-in now.

It will be fun to watch this thing come apart when property does. The spruik will be unmatched in history.

Sydney Morning Herald: Property, Always.


    • They are only giving the people what they want which is celebrity clickbait interspersed with property. Best of all is celebrity clickbait combining steamy extramarital relations with hot luxury property.

    • JunkyardMEMBER

      See the swagger of that FHB in the photo, with the jacket casually swung over the right shoulder and tie undone. You can tell he’s just had very good relations.

      • Well spotted. Little bit of the modern-day Marlboro man. The imagery suggests knowing about property takes attitude, hard work, and kahunas. Better click for some emotional gratification.

      • @Tanmedia – wait a cotton-pickin’ minute … wasn’t the marlboro man bangin’ his mare?

        That dude looks like his bankster had his way with him without lube.. a holy mixture of pain, shame and disappointment.


    Consumers are being left with home loans larger than they need or can afford because the mortgage broking industry is rife with conflicts of interest, a new report reveals.

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s review of mortgage broker remuneration found big commissions, travel and hospitality rewards, and even “cash prizes” were “increas[ing] the risk of poor consumer outcomes”.

    Debt, Debt everybody loves debt.

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Property is at the top because it’s the most clicked on articles. In Sydney, every dinner discussion will involve talking about property. It is a reflection of the audience base. I remember when ‘Wired’ started it was a tech magazine, then during the DotCom era it transformed into a business magazine, and then it transformed itself back after the DotCom boom is over.

  3. I noticed this the other day. I think it is actually all week now in the rage.
    The Canberra Times AKA the Crimes has not yet suffered the same fate.

  4. yes I noticed this today on the smh. It usually heads near the top on the weekend and then goes lower on the weekday, but there it is in its glory at number 2. Perhaps the paper will change its name to Sydney Morning Property?

  5. Jake GittesMEMBER

    It also disenfranchises the readers that aren’t or can’t be part of the property bonanza, it erodes the brand, and leaves less scope for the inevitable change in circumstances. Very bad management.

    • As far as they’re concerned – said segment of the demographics is split in two: “utter losers” and “temporarily embarrased millionaires – aspirants to the property mortgage owner status”… Neither of those segments (even if you add them all up together) will be as big as the rest of the readership (well – and that’s making a big assumption that the rest actually can read – they’re not buying the paper for the ‘house soft porn pictures from page 5’)

  6. Ah, you can’t blame them for peddlin’ what sells the papers, can you? Unfortunately, all parties come to an end and long painful hangovers begin. I wonder what will sell the tabloids then. I remember all the house flipping shows in the U.S. prior to 2008. Funny how all those have gone into oblivion, ah?

    • The tabloids have this annoying habit of presenting the latest bullshit whether it be MKR, I am a Celebrity, MAFS, etc, etc as front page, sometimes even headline news…………now that is what helps them sell their crap, just wrap your bullshit up in even more fanciful shit !

      Says a lot about certain segments of Australian society…….

      PS: Those house flipping shows are all the rage in Australia at the moment.

  7. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Last month, in The Age, I noticed that property was actually in the #1 spot on the weekends. I screenshot the page for prosperity. It was Feb 11th. The end must be nigh ….

  8. What software did you use to capture the whole page? Or did you capture one screen at a time and stitch it together.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        So what? Getting rid of ones gayness and being able to fry an egg properly is fking important to normal people!!! As is property – it’s aspirational. Youse are the weirdo freaks, youse really are.

      • @Gavin:
        >Maybe they are related? Katy Perry might be a slightly overdone egg. ?

        Shirley you meant “overfertilised egg”, no? 🙂

  9. proofreadersMEMBER

    “Property is apparently more important than NSW, politics, commentary, business, sport, lifestyle, you name it.”

    Nah – DomainFax has realised NSW, politics, commentary … you name it, are all just subsets of the category Property. Straya is a one mindset country.

    If DomainFax were really leading edge in residential property spruiking, they would do a deal to license Reusa’s gorgeous photo as part of their Domain masthead?

  10. bigpadaricoMEMBER

    It’s odd. I’ve been trying to comment on property stories on The Age website but my comments never appear. Technology issue presumably.

    • Machine learning, you’re too negative – comment denied!

      On Fairfax comments section no one can hear you scream!

  11. But even the top news section is consumed by property ‘news’ and spruik.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see “What a Kim Jong-un nuclear launch would mean for your property portfolio.”

    • Dear sir, how are you? I hope my missive finds you well. I would liek to susbtribe to you’re news letter…