Housing affordability presentation to Sustainable Australia

By Leith van Onselen

Regular readers will be aware that MB supports the Sustainable Australia political party, which we believe represents an important political alternative to the status quo and the loony right, and offers sensible policies on population growth and fostering innovation, among other things.

I just want to remind our Sydney readers that MB’s own Dr Cameron Murray (a Sustainable Australia member) will be presenting this Sunday at an event hosted by Sustainable Australia, entitled: Housing affordability: An honest debate.

Other speakers will include Former Labor leader, Mark Latham, as well as Daniel Cohen, First Home Buyers Australia co-founder.

The key details are as follows:


Crows Nest Centre (Johnson Hall) 2 Ernest Pl, Crows Nest NSW.


1pm (for 1:15) – 3pm, Sunday 19 March

Also for our Sydney readers, Sustainable Australia’s president, William Bourke, will tonight give a talk at the Imperial Hotel, Paddington, on the topic: Can population close the sustainability group?

The event is being hosted by TILT Organisation (A Sydney think tank).

The key details are as follows:


Imperial Hotel Paddington, 252 Oxford Street, Paddington.


7pm – 9pm, tonight, Thursday 16 March.

Please RSVP here.

We hope some of our Sydney readers can make these events.

Leith van Onselen
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      • Be sure you tell them the truth about Land Tax and not your biased version, Leith.

        Tell the audience the following truth:

        You are absolutely blind, Leith.


        Your Professor Cameron Murray clearly states that it is an objective of Canberra’s Universal Land Tax to reduce the amount of land homeowners can have. In other words…Live in small dog box apartments and dog box boundary to boundary houses on very small blocks of land.

        Murray says, in Orwellian speak, on page six or the report (my capitalization):

        Many specific objectives were nested within
        the overarching ones. For example, one objective
        lower infrastructure costs for new dwellings
        and commercial uses and meet equity objectives
        by charging rates based on the value of
        the consumption of land.


        The title of the report is:

        The First Interval – Evaluating ACT’s Land Value Tax Transition – Full Report

        You must have integrity if you are going to speak and write for public consumption, Leith, and you must be seen as honest and genuine.

      • Sooooo NT,
        Leith and Cam Murray are biased when it comes to Land Tax and you are not. These gents have argued clearly and succinctly why they endorse it whereas you clog the comments section with straw-men, slippery slopes and misdirection whenever the topic appears.

      • Footsore, don’t forget any CGT wind backs, super reform, reverse mortages or basically, anything that might take away his milk cow. Naturaltrust is all about himself and his investment properties and fuck you, me or anyone that stands in the way of it. Classic example of what MB continuously rails against in all that is wrong with this country.

  1. LabrynthMEMBER

    Sustainable Australia does not align with the Aussie Battler tag line. It immediately screams of a party more extreme than the greens.

    Change the name or you will forever not get votes at the ballot no matter how much sense you make.

    • What a farce.
      If a foreign national is in the country for more than 200days they are deemed “not foreign” and not liable for the levy?
      Audit the sales for FIRB compliance