Dutton the next revolving door PM?

From Bernard Keane, doyen of the Fake Left today:

Naturally all this will be seen through the prism of Turnbull versus Abbott. But Abbott is no longer the heir apparent — or challenger apparent — for many in the right. The mantle has fallen on the gormless shoulders of Peter Dutton, now viewed by many as the best replacement for Turnbull if and when continued poor polling results in his knifing later this year. Dutton has been railing at Muslims and trying to sound tough on immigration in an effort to cultivate a Trumpesque persona, but it’s not so much that posturing that has driven his rise as Abbott’s ongoing alienation of his colleagues. His constant destabilisation has turned off many MPs who otherwise might have backed Abbott off the former leader.

In that context, Abbott’s interview and “manifesto” (which, characteristically for Abbott, is entirely about stopping things, not anything positive, because negativity is his strength) are less a direct challenge to Turnbull than a cri de coeur to his former followers who have shifted to Dutton to look again at the man they once loyally backed. Forget Dutton, Abbott is saying — I’m the real thing when it comes to right-wing populism.

The problem for Abbott, however, is that this is just more of the same destabilisation and undermining of the government that he’s been doing for many months, and it will likely simply drive whatever is left of his support within the party away. And it’s now a Melbourne Cup field to win the right-wing, anti-immigration populist race: Abbott, Dutton and Cory Bernardi are all competing in the Trump Stakes, but they’re up against a proven champ in Pauline Hanson, the original and best when it comes to hating immigrants and Muslims.

So Abbott comes out of this damaged still further; it hasn’t helped Turnbull either, except to the extent that it further weakens his rival. The big winner is Peter Dutton, who ever more clearly emerges as the right’s preferred replacement when the time comes.

Anything is possible, I guess, but if we have reached the level of Peter Dutton as PM then the Coalition had better prepare for electoral annihilation. Though his days as Immigration Minister will enable him to cut it without appearing too cynical, Dutton is atrocious in pretty much every way including a charisma sinkhole.

I remain of the view that self-interest will still elevate Abbott first. It doesn’t matter if anyone likes him. They all hated Turnbull. Abbott was an obviously inept PM but broader circumstances have clearly swung towards his thuggish external and sloganeering agenda and he was at least elected, lending him some semblance of legitimacy.


    • Lower. At least people liked Rudd.

      In any case, Dutton is no certainty to hold his seat in the next election.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Making Peter Dutton party leader is the electoral equivalent of inserting a white hot needle into the eye of ones own schlong to cure past indiscretions. In public.

      I liked the thought of TestosterTone as leader because I always knew he was an utter nutter

      I liked the thought of Malcolm because I thought he may have something progressive about him (boy was i wrong there)

      Thats despite loathing the policies of both of them.

      ….but the idea of Peter Dutton.  That entertainment I never dreamt of in a million years.  Getting a leader to stand naked atop a pyramid with feathers in their hair and get sacrificed by some priests would be the only clearer human sacrifice gesture they could make.  

      I think the ALP did well by bringing KRUDD back for 8 weeks of ritualistic humiliation before the electorate was given the chance to boot him.  But Dutton…..could get good ratings and the public could be in the mood for a different form of sacrifice….

      ……and i think the Australian public, once they picked themselves up off the floor, wiped away their tears of laughter, and brought their sniggering under control, would respect the seriousness of the sacrifice being made.

  1. Dutton – holy crap I’m going to emigrate to Fiji!
    IMO Morrison will get the gig if he can stop his childish antics in the chamber, but depends on how well he can sell the upcoming budget. Thus far it’s relatively quiet, but that just fills me with suspicion.

    But seriously, is the LNP electable anymore? Seems to me they are just moving deck chairs atm.

    • Morrison is the Murdoch candidate.

      It’s been pointed out that being Treasurer hasn’t done much to enhance his reputation with the voting public.

      But I expect the full symphony of Daily Telegraph BS if he gets up. Dutton is no chance- he’s barely got the neurones to cope with his own portfolio let alone being PM.

    • Morrison will be a dead duck after the budget. Or if GDP is negative next week, then it is game over for him (and the PM for that matter…. No wonder there is a bit of hurry on).

      • True, although this Medicare rebate freeze removal kite that’s being flyed makes me a bit suspicious that ScoMo has held his cards close to his tits.

  2. “I remain of the view that self-interest will still elevate Abbott first. It doesn’t matter if anyone likes him.”
    No. This will lock the non-Catholic hard right in behind Turnbull.
    It will strengthen him.

    This weekend is Newspoll weekend and Abbott is doing some destabilization to that end.
    But Abbott is so stupid that he ends up shooting himself in the foot when he tries these things. We see it again and again.
    It is for that reason he ain’t coming back. Rudd was smart. Abbott is dumb.

  3. Dutton has the personality of a brick wrapped in a burlap sack rubbed in coal dust encased in a layer of broken glass. The mere idea that he could be a PM shows the depths to which we’ve sunk.

    Between him, ScoMo and Abbott, I think it’s now clear that the over-riding qualification to be Australian PM is – who can be the nastiest to vulnerable human beings at their time of need.

    Just have a puppy-bludgeoning contest and get it over with.

    • Fake Left is exactly right.
      Who are these people kidding: A huge serve of inequality, flat wages, a bit of unemployment, roll back the welfare state, and wash it all down with a bit of identity fun!
      My question is: How have these imposters been getting away with it for this long?
      Get ready for the return of the real Left 3d. Bread and Land and Law and Order for the 1%.

  4. Have to say, that photo of Dutton you used for the article.
    Frankly he has never looked better. Wonder who the photographer was, to be able to highlight his best features like that.
    Hope they use that portrait for all his official photos.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Since he’s shaved his head and put a few pounds on there’s been a remarkable resemblance to Frank Thring happening. I always thought that was what Brandis was aspiring to but fate eh.

      • Frank Thring! Jesus that’s gold. 🙂 I just snorted milk out my nose, and I’m not even drinking milk right now.

  5. Sportsbet odds for LNP leader at next election.

    At start of week:
    $2.50 – Julie Bishop
    $5.20 – Peter Dutton

    $4.00 – Peter Dutton
    $6.00 – Julie Bishop

    “Peter Dutton as PM then the Coalition had better prepare for electoral annihilation”

    I will bet you a case of beer that if Peter Dutton becomes leader then LNP will retain govt at next election, albeit a minority govt with One Nation busting everyone’s chops.

    • No ScMo odds?
      I think they already have their finger on the self destruct button anyway Freddy, so maybe they figure to go out with a bang. Like children when they are not winning just trash the whole game out of frustration. I wouldn’t put it past them to turn out the lights and leave; they are a disparate bunch.

      • ScoMo and Abbott both $7.50

        All the major political parties will self-destruct. The votes though are just shifting from one set of conservatives to another. There will still be a coalition but it will be a more conservative (right-wing) coalition. Left-wing of Liberals will be told to piss off.

    • Do not forget Senator Cory. Clive Palmer recorded a video of himself singing “Cory, Cory, Cory…do you love me”. The video was uploaded to Twitter by Clive recently.

      Cory is not against Islam I think. Cory wants the overall number of people coming here to shrink just like most of the electorate!

      If Cory is funded by Gina and Clive, why the hell does a miner need immigration? Even if they want 457 visa staff in the mines, there is no need to give them an Aussie passport – just deport them after a 4-year stint and bring in a fresh lot of 457 visa staff into the mines. No need to allow them to even visit SYD and MEL.

    • If One Nation can’t win a lower house seat in WA, how are they going to win them nationally outside of LNP seats in Queensland? Therefore they won’t hold the balance of power because the Libs would be losing seats in Victoria if it looked like a deal would have to be done.
      NXT would have more chance if they win a few more seats in SA (which they almost did).

      • NXT will have Cory Bernardi’s party to contend with.

        You underestimate the revolt which is occurring. Voters would vote for Mr Bean ahead of the established parties. It’s not that Mr Bean would do a great job, just that he couldn’t do much worse and it would piss off the established parties.

      • They are all eating into the same base. Except for Xenophon who some how is able to bridge the gap.

      • @Freddy…spot on. That’s exactly how I feel. I’d definitely vote for Mr Bean if it meant sticking it to the other fuckwits on both sides of Parliament. As it is, it’ll most likely be Pauline, because Sustainable Australia don’t seem to have any momentum at all.

        I wish I could address Parliament to let those sonsabitches know what I think of them.

    • I wouldn’t have thought Dutton could detect sh$t in a feedlot but there you go, QPS’s finest.

      Duplicitous Deranged Dunderheaded Dutton Delivers Douchebaggery Delightedly

  6. Dutton looks like a dope. But there is recent video footage of 2 Liberal MPs sitting on either side of Tony Abbott – Mr Ciobo and Mr Dutton.

    Ciobo does not look like a dope and was probably the first MP to be interviewed on television after Abbott was knifed in 2015. I could tell that in that interview that Ciobo hated how PM Abbott got knifed.

    So I guess PM Ciobo would be a better choice than PM Dutton.

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Dutton reminds me of the Libs version of Bill Shorten. A nobody with no oomph. Will be funny if we have those two losers up against each other. I’ll vote for whoever gives the best breaks to property investors and developers.

  8. Ill take that bet. Not a chance! Bishop is the only one not universally hated.
    HnH, how do i change my name, it seems there are two jacobs? I cant work out how

  9. May I suggest Jane Prentice for PM.
    Nobody has heard of the 63 year old assistant minister for disability services; in the current circumstances this is a major advantage.

  10. Didn’t Tony Abbott vow, the day or so after being dumped, to not be a wrecker. He seems to have done nothing but snipe and wreck since. Just when Turnbull was beginning to make things uncomfortable for Shorten too. Tony must not have liked that much.

  11. proofreadersMEMBER

    Perhaps, the Lib’s best option is for them to beg Pauline H to rejoin the party and instal her as leader?

  12. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Malcolm is not for turning ……”we need the best and the brightest to meets the needs of our economy” ( to work in 711 and dominoes ………and of course be tennants for the debt enslaved landlords of Sydmelb”…………..nice bit of ” nation building ” ………………I think your picture says it all …..lets put a potatoe in the PMs chair …..I’m sure it would do an excellent job …..and it might be more sensitive to the citazens concerns and wishes ……..


  13. Keane might need to review whether Dutton is gormless or his shoulders are. Or, of course, both.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Advertorial for Harry and his mates .( Did he make that speech at a developers launch of more skyboxes ? …..what a bought and paid for look ) …lots of skyspace to be sold in the next 12 months .set yourself up for life with a 2 bed room Sydney Skybox …..for ONLY $900k….imagine what you might buy in rural France or Ireland for that?.

      Young strayans ….take your medicine ! This will be good for you …..set you up for life !……..yeh …right ! ………

  14. I’ve been looking forward to Abbott coming back and getting pantsed at the next election. There are few more deserving of a humiliating defeat.

    But Dutton intrigues me. With the intelligence and personality of damp cardboard, he is someone who has defied the Peter Principle to be promoted not only to his level of incompetence, but far beyond it. To see him lead the Libs would be entertaining, but he might need Tone around to explain things to him in 3 word sentences.

    Also looking forward to series 2 and 3 of the Killing Season.

    • Yeezus,
      Abbott being Credlin to Dutton’s Abbott.
      I don’t think that’s quite what Australia needs at this point in time.

      • There is nothing dumber than Dutton…
        …which makes it ever more likely that the Libs will pick him as next leader.

        Lorax you are needed here, to fight the good fight.