Coalition disaster: Cory attracts 18% vote

Via The Guardian:

Cory Bernardi’s new Australian Conservatives party could win support from 18% of Coalition voters according to the latest Guardian Essential Report, which also shows the two major party leaders in the doldrums with voters.

The new poll for Guardian Australia suggests voters are profoundly fatigued with the zero-sum political antics in Canberra, with Malcolm Turnbull recording his worst net approval rating as prime minister, and the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, marking his worst rating since March 2016.


These votes appear to be largely in addition to the “other” category. If within cooee of the truth this is the effective end of the Coalition as political force. Expect mushrooming policy madness.


  1. That’s great news. It’s great to see a slave boat demasted by the incompetence of its captains dashed against the rocks.

    • LOL! So true. I was weeping for the ever expanding protest vote but day by day I’m starting to enjoy this. It’s like the two major parties have been so smug and comfy in their positions they need a gang of pathetic, useless buffoons like Bernadi and Hanson to shake them up.

    • Given the way our electoral system works its still pretty meaningless. If Bernardi can get 18% then that’s 18% of votesgoing to LNP via preferences (perhaps he can win a seat or two with high profile candidates, in which case he will vote for LNP government anyway).

      More interesting is that LNP seems to be making back some ground on ALP in two party preferred. Shorten completely unable to capitalize on their incompetence, may yet lose the unloseable.

      • Shorten completely unable to capitalize on their incompetence, may yet lose the unloseable.

        I’m expecting the Coalition of the Useless to get a third term for the reasons you describe. And I give the Coalition a 50/50 chance of it being a minority government. I think we’re a long way off the political chaos of the past 7 years settling down.

      • It’s not meaningless. It means even more power to the senate which is already quite fragmented. If Xenophon can do what he did today, then Cory will only add to the woes. The bonus is he will probably cause pain for both sides.

      • Even if Bernardi agreed in advance to form a coalition with the Coalition, it still means 18% of the Coalition MPs who could lose their seats, screaming at their party leaders to do something. But then he wouldn’t make that agreement in advance. So if accurate, this is massive.

      • No way. 18% of the vote evenly across all electorates means zero seats. Of course would expect it to unevenly skew to a couple of high profile candidates and reckon he could get 2-3 seats, maybe spoil a couple for coalition.

        Senate perhaps do a bit better, get some back from Hanson, but still they’re going to vote with Coalition on most important issues.

      • Torch, I’ve seen menaquins exude more personality than Shorten. Turnbull must feel like he’s been saved by a sardine when Shorten’s being a nuisance in Parliament. It’s only the LNP’s ability to do dumb shit or implode or both is what’s keeping Labor in front.

  2. I saw Q & A yesterday. Lambie was on it.

    She is pro-poor and anti-457 visas!

    She is the more sensible version of Pauline. William Bourke made the fatal mistake of renaming the party “SAP” for Aussies do not care about pollution and sustainability. Aussies do care about getting themselves replaced by 457 visa staff on illegal wages.

    • Lambie did well on Q&A. But she is not a smooth talker but i suspect her down to earth manners are part of her appeal to many people. Her skepticism and distrust of the libs and their political donors and that they wont tax corporations properly are issues that resonate well with the electorate.
      Unfortunately what she did not do well was to counter the arguments of that muslim lady, sorry i cant remember her name.
      I think it is really sad to see an otherwise intelligent, educated woman who has had the benefits of this country actually choose to adopt a medieval religion and then go on national tv and miss represent it as a non oppressive life style.

      • I had to turn it off when she stated, demonstrably, with a serious expression that Islam was a feminist religion.

        Seriously , where do they find these people ?

      • I think it is really sad to see an otherwise intelligent, educated woman who has had the benefits of this country actually choose to adopt a medieval religion and then go on national tv and miss represent it as a non oppressive life style.

        I think the same thing every time I walk past a church.

        But then I remember I know lots of otherwise rational and nice people who profess a belief in sky ghosts and I figure so long as they’re not hurting, or seeking to hurt, anyone else, they can do whatever they want with their weekends.

        If we’re going to start targeting religions, I say we start with the Catholics who have done far more real, demonstrable harm to Australians than any other religion. Decades of institutionalised and mostly unapologetic child abuse, anyone ?

  3. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Lets look at the backdrop shall we……

    John Winston Howard – duplicitous entitled lying psychopath
    Kevin Rudd – paranoid lying entitled psychopath
    Julia Gillard – ambitious to lead a fractured government lying entitled psychopath
    Tony Abbott – deranged lizard like Captain’s pick lying entitled psychopath
    Malcolm Turnbull – Waxed and loquacious pomegranate spiced chicken entitled lying psychopath

    Then theres …..

    Bill Shorten – ALP Kingmaker ‘has my full support’ lying psychopath
    Scott Morrison – Is there any more to the economy than house prices lying psychopath
    Barnaby Joyce – lets vertically integrate foreign ownership of agricultural assets lying psychopath
    Christopher Pyne – 75 billion submarine entitled lying psychopath
    Steve Ciobo – that FTA is really good for all Australians lying psychopath
    Eric Abetz – Planet Z, do not adjust your set lying psychopath
    George Brandis – lying psychopath who has been called to the Bar and may not know the truth from clay
    Julie Bishop – sponsored by Jeep and Pironi to attend the polo in Portsea with her boyfriend lying psychopath
    Matthias Cormann – free tickets to the NAB corporate box with taxpayer funded travel entitlements lying psychopath
    Kelly O’Dwyer – fixed foreign buyers of Australian houses, FIRB and political entitlements lying psychopath
    Josh Frydenberg – coal is good for the environment lying psychopath
    Peter Dutton – the only good foreigners buy plane tickets and then they can stay lying psychopath
    Penny Wong – privately education lesbian representing progressive politics lying psychopath
    Tanya Plibersek – nobody mention affordable housing lying psychopath
    Tony Burke – lets take the family lying psychopath
    David Feeney – lets negatively gear it lying psychopath
    Richard Marles – he knows what hard work is like lying psychopath
    Arthur Sinodinos – oily lying psychopath
    Sussan Ley – here have a contract and ‘I’ll buy it’, and I wanna fly, lying psychopath

    down to

    Richard Di Natale – foreigners are good for the environment when they provide cheap nannies lying psychopath
    Pauline Hanson – another term and she gets a much better parliamentary pension lying psychopath
    Nick Xenophon – I am different (but still am a property speculator) lying psychopath
    etc etc etc

    I find myself wondering if

    Cory Bernardi – flat earth, terrorists everywhere, bible bashing, no poofters, lying psychopath

    is going to make all that much difference……

    a few extra deep fried items on the menu at the local chow down doesnt mean it has gone haute cuisine

    • +1.

      Being a sociopath sometimes comes with the territory. What Australia needs is one of the duplicitous, lying, cunning, will mow you down and cut you off at the knees “doing it for the good of the country” kind of psychopaths back into the fold. Sadly they are very rare!

    • I think most of them are malignant narcissists and sociopaths. Not so much psychopaths – they are literally not smart enough. Brandis on the other hand ticks all boxes.

    • Gunna for PM – you almost got it right.
      Matthias Cormann – free tickets to the NAB corporate box with taxpayer funded travel entitlements, and Bill Shorten is very caring.. lyching psychopath
      Fixed. lol

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I so wish Mathias was Minister for Foreign Affairs… life imitating art… “My mission is to protect Sarah Conner. Get me a helicopter. Come with me if you want to live.”

        Shame about the dead Policeman, sincerely. However, apart from that, would have been priceless.

    • Do you know what psychopath means?

      Gillard gave 457 visas to KFC because she was utterly stupid.
      Abbott gave 457 visas to Domino’s because he is sinister.

      The result is the same – Aussies missing out on jobs because bosses can import people from the 3rd world who are willing to work for $6/hour.

      • It’s not Gillard’s law that’s giving out the 457s, it’s Howard’s law. Gillard is stupid for not changing the law sooner, but at least she did change it unlike the rest of them. Better late than never.

    • I felt like I was in the twilight zone yesterday when I realised that the weasel Dastyari was slowly being rehabilitated via media appearances.

      They can literally be caught with their hand in the till and it’s 100% A-OK as far as the party and electorate is concerned.

    • Love ya work Gunna. Love it

      Dunno if any of these clowns are as smart as our friend Bateman.

      And literally none of them follow his (admirable) “you can always be thinner”

      if they spent more time exercising their bodies in nature instead of gorging themselves literally in the parliament kitchen and also literally at the taxpayer teat we might not be in this situation

      Yeah Budgies Tone, but he was an exception to the rule

      We are literally watching the ripping apart of the emperors clothes

      What an utterly gratifying,terrifying, entertaining disaster

    • I see it differently. We are supposed to be in a representative democracy yet no major party represent majority voters. Labor have long abandoned their working class voter base, LNP represent big business, and Greens favour minority groups and foreigners (global socialism).

      So when you ask whether Cory “is going to make all that much difference”, I say that Cory and Pauline are part of a growing snowball that will force all parties to return to representative democracy or face obliteration. Whether you like them or agree with them is kind of besides the point.

      • I see it differently. We are supposed to be in a representative democracy yet no major party represent majority voters.

        Yet for some reason something like 2/3 of the population first-preferenced Labor or the Coalition.

        The Greens are the closest you’ll get in a major party to old-school egalitarian Aussie values.

      • Pull the other one Smithy. Greens represent minority groups and foreigners. The concerns of majority Australian voters are right down their priority list.

      • Jobs, strong workers rights, comprehensive and capable public services, public ownership of critical assets, strong regulation of the FIRE sector, equality, a fair go, staying out of other people’s wars, minimising foreign and corporate influence on democracy.

        These are the Australian values I grew up with, and the things I hear people worrying about most. What are you talking about ?

      • How many times have you heard Greens discuss policies which affect majority Australians vs policies which affect minority groups and foreigners?

        I say again that the interests of majority Australians are right down their list of priorities.

      • How many times have you heard Greens discuss policies which affect majority Australians vs policies which affect minority groups and foreigners?


        Hanson and Bernadi are obsessively paranoid about Muslims and poofters. You seriously think the majority of Australians are genuinely worried about those things over jobs, workers rights, education, healthcare, etc, etc ? Cuz I reckon if I ask a random Aussie on the street if they’re more worried about getting their kids and the local school or some woman wearing a burka, they’ll go for the former.

    • You forgot the one who came immediately before John Winston Howard.
      The one who set the whole thing in motion.

    • Namely the one who sold out the labour movement, tore up the social democratic political culture which only took 100 years to cultivate.
      Oh and invented the travel expenses rort.
      That one.

    • First you are drawing false equivalencies between politicians who lie a bit and politicians who constantly lie.

      Second the bench mark is not a politician who don’t lie at all, it should be a politician who don’t lie more than the average human being. Because human beings lie, so the only way you are going to have honest politicians is to have AI politicians.

  4. Whats more concerning to me is that there’s a significant number of people who would vote for this clown, or for the racist and limited Pauline.

    … and the fact that it will probably motivate politicians to be MORE suppressive of vulnerable people.

    • Dave ….. i sincerely believe two thirds of the electorate are utter morons. Total blinkered sheep. And i am being conservative.
      Most of my comments …. and they are few …. are not enlightening. More derisory. I come here to be educated and know what is really going on. Most people don’t care or don’t want to know and improve themselves.

      Humans rock.

      • robert2013MEMBER

        That would place you on the side of the politicians. Australians continually choose to believe that their countrymen are morons. It’s time to have a little faith because that faith is faith in democracy itself. People are doing the best they can with the means they’ve got. Remember in most families both parents are working full time to pay the mortgage and/or child support. Therefore there are very few people who have the time or job security to campaign for anything. They do what they can which is putting the major parties down the list of preferences when they vote.

  5. Aussies are faced with a tough choice:

    Vote for anti-immigration MPs Cory and Pauline to increase our chances of getting a job but suffer welfare cuts or vote for Greens to get better welfare but endure a tsunami of low-wage immigration from the 3rd world which makes Aussies unemployed.

    Having said that, the Greens did nothing for the homeless when they had Gillard over a barrel.

    • How as a country would we be able to afford ‘more’ or ‘better’ welfare? We are fast going broke when corporations, the filthy rich elites, and vast number of ‘new money laundering australians’ pay no tax. Greens also provide no medium or long term solutions for this failure of a country. Time people cast their votes to those that will rock this screwed up place to its core. Whether it be Hanson, Lambie, Bernardi, etc ….

      • Sugar tax, coal tax, tap water tax and then give out $10k/year to voters with an income of less than $25k and $5k to voters with an income less than $50k.

    • In regards to welfare I see the opposite of what you suggest. Greens will destroy/dilute welfare (or send us broke) by enabling easier access to it. Whereas, Cory and Pauline are not your typical conservatives that want to stick their middle finger up at socialism. They are more likely to revert welfare to its original intent (i.e. a safety net) by reintroducing work-for-the-dole, means-tested welfare, etc.

      So the question to ask yourself is whether you want to live on the streets due to diluted welfare, or whether you are prepared to do some work for the govt in return for a genuine safety net.

      • Abbott already reintroduced Work for the Dole.

        Bill Gates cares more about poor people in Africa than poor people in USA.

        I guess the Greens are the same – their love for refugees is greater than their love for homeless Aussies.

      • Your comment on homeless aussies is very true. Those who doubt the stats suggesting Greens voters would switch to Cory Bernardi should pay very close attention to that point.

      • Bernadi has the standard Conservative broken view of welfare that the only reason people need it is if they’re lazy, stupid or irresponsible and consequently need to be threatened so they behave.

        Though when your whole worldview and moral code is based on ‘do what I say or face an eternity of suffering you worthless scum’, it’s hardly surprising.

        Welfare in this country is already very tightly means-tested. Work for the dole is basically slave labour by proxy. If there is work to be done, pay people a proper wage to do it.

        He is utterly, utterly unsuited for dealing with the future of automation-driven mass unemployment.

  6. 9% of greens will vote for Bernardi? I’ll file this one with the Hillary’s a 97% chance of winning.

  7. I’m skeptical. 9% of greens voters are likely to vote for Cory?? He is basically diametrically opposed to the Greens on every issue (in fact he may well have said something to that effect once).

    • Believe it or not, I know of a Greens voter who thinks Bernardi is great. OK, it’s a sample of one, but as they say in Yorkshire, there’s nowt so queer as folk.

      • I would vote Green if they were anti population growth and will vote for Bernardi for the same reason. That’s 2.

  8. People like Bernardi might be good for forcing traction on 1 or 2 issues. But people are crazy if they think he will be some kind of savior. Just like one nation. Good for making the major parties take action on a small number of issues.
    But no real alternative for government.

  9. The headline figure is a little bit misleading. The “very likely” figure is one that should be of concern (3%). It is not high enough to win too many seats. Even in a DD you need to get 7.7% in the end to get a senate seat.

  10. Why are we talking about Bernardi? The guy is a total tool. Libs & Labs are better with him in the outer. The more “Bernardis” who do this the better. Its like drain the swamp in reverse. Bernardi’s a goose, don’t talk about him, he represents 2/5th’s of FA, he’s from SA also, so all said and done he’s a nobody….!