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I knew it! The Trumpster is actually the Joker! Listen to Mark Hamill reading Trumps humblebrag NY tweet here:


    • sydboy007MEMBER

      the little aussie battler landlords should follow their much smarter chinese brethren and keep their properties empty and in pristine condition.

    • He makes a good point: if humans no longer need to drive, why should they be allowed to?
      What’s so enjoyable about sitting in traffic anyway?

      • sydboy007MEMBER

        It’s a curious issue that our technology may initially increase our skills, but then future generations will lack those skills.

        With cars, if it can be shown that automated cars are so much safer than human drivers, then there would be strong public safety premise in banning humans from controlling a vehicle on a public road. But 10 years after this law, all new drivers would have no skills to operate a vehicle, and those who did have lost much of the skills they had built up.

        I thoroughly recommend a short story by EM Forster – The Machine stops. It’s prophetic in the technology shown – think internet in the age of telegraph.

        what happens if our technology can look after itself, and we forget how to fix it should it break down???

      • He makes a good point: if humans no longer need to drive, why should they be allowed to?
        What’s so enjoyable about sitting in traffic anyway?

        Not much.

        But a drive along a nice mountain road or some 4WDing can be fun.

        Practically speaking, the vast majority of vehicles will some sort of manual override capability for decades, just to allow for the scenarios that autonomous vehicles cannot handle.

    • Insurance should take care of that. An accident done while a human is driving would have a higher premium than if the car was being driven by a robot.

      Also, they allow bicycles and motorcycles which are dangerous modes of transport – so how dare they ban cars!

    • So even though we have the:
      – lowest mortgage rates in history
      – highest prices in history
      – prices at triple fair value

      … “The two economists attempt to be more forward looking. They construct 144 possible future scenarios. For Sydney, 100 per cent of those scenarios suggest buying remains the best strategy, For Melbourne, buying wins in about 70 per cent of scenarios.”

      I should lol but they’ll probably be right for another year in this relentless first world hell.


    Behind paywall so you’ll need to Google Search the headline and click on the link in Google SERPs.

    Of course more supply won’t do jack shit but better planning approval would be good and all that but in reality it will just mean more poorly approved dog box apartments will get thrown up.

  2. The original “Silvester night in Dortmund” article is here,
    Which appears to be published on the 1-1-17 2 days before the Briebart article.
    A doubtful conspiracy to publish fake news between the two publications?

    The German Police, politicians and the Guardian have plenty of priors as the delayed reporting in Cologne last year demonstrate.

    It is a common problem.

    • Great article from the Spectator, all these issues are consequences of too many left leaning social justice warriors not allowing people to call a spade a spade. This is what happens. There is a cultural issue here with some of these immigrants. We don’t want this problem on our shores..

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    A good decision Prime minister ……….Now let’s get to the bottom of her claims …we expect high standards from those who seek to represent us and are well paid and rewarded to do so …….fiddling a few dollars of taxpayer money should get the same sanction those of us in the private sector would face .

    “Health Minister Sussan Ley has stood aside following pressure over a number of taxpayer-funded flights to the Gold Coast, where she and her partner own property.
    In a statement, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Ms Ley had agreed to “stand aside without ministerial pay” during an investigation by the secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

    Mr Turnbull said the secretary would “thoroughly investigate the travel claims”.

    “Australians expect the Government to deal with these serious matters very thoroughly and in accordance with the Statement of Ministerial Standards,” he said.

    “I expect the highest standards from my ministers in all aspects of their conduct, and especially the expenditure of public money.”

    Arthur Sinodinos will act as Minister for Health and Aged Care, and Minister for Sport.”


    • Yes Mr Turnbull has certainly raised the probity bar by bringing Arthur “Daley” Sinodinos back into the inner circle…

    • What makes it worse is Ley’s adamant she’s done nothing wrong and sadly due to the opaque nature of politicians entitlements will likely be found not guilty of anything serious. Cue Turdball’s announcement of yet another review and true to Turdballs form, nothing will happen. This will be the cue to reshuffle cabinet and Arfur “I can’t recall” Sionodino$ will get a nice promotion back into cabinet to help control the Conservatives.


    I would be thrilled if fracking did no environmental damage and provided cheap and clean power, or if I could gorge on sugar and sweeteners with impunity. It isn’t true, but most people wish it were. If there’s even a whisper of falsehood appended to the real, important, dispiriting truth, it will give millions all the excuse they need to believe comforting lies.

    Someone posted a link in the comments here a week or so ago of 2 lines to a theatre, 1 with “The True” written above it and 1 with “A comforting lie” written above it, nobody was queuing up for the Truth. They just wanted the comforting lie.

  5. CB: you were banned on Friday for the rest of this week SCM. Have fun time off and go do something productive.