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  1. These Russia leaks against Trump are so laughable they might actually be bullshit concocted by the Russians and fed to US intelligence agencies in order to destroy them.

    • the salacious videos is an interesting problem.
      I know plenty of very wealthy businessmen that secretly video every sexual encounter they have, they’re not perverts rather they’re just trying to protect themselves from claims that they raped anyone. In many northern European countries there’s a very fine line between consent and rape, even consent that night does not translate into consent the next morning. The thought of needing to maintain the security of any video that I had made was always enough to convince me that there were easier ways to prove consent, what exactly did the video prove anyway?
      Personally I’ve never made a video of any sexual adventure but I have found video recording devices secreted in the walls of hotel rooms and company conference rooms. All makes me wonder how many devices I didn’t discover, who planted them and for what purpose. The basic problem is that video recording devices are just so small and so cheap couple these with 1Tbyte memory sticks and you can easily record many hours of joy.
      Raises the question: How can anyone be expected to find all hidden Video recorders today? in 10 years time? in 20 years time? If you can’t locate them than it is highly likely that ALL future Presidents will be forced to deal with this issue.

      • to avoid false accusations; and so that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, as it were 😉

  2. So I found a folder full of property crash p$rn on my wives computer tonight.. When I confronted here with it, she said it wasn’t hers and the Russians must have planted it to discredit her. Given everything I am seeing on Twitter and in the media over last few days, I accepted her story…. Was I wrong?????

  3. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Well I sat through the Trump presser and have got to say it was surreal.

    No mention of the economy, no mention of tax cuts or the Federal reserve, no mention of his thoughts vis the US dollar or how he wants to play china and currency.

    Just chaos.

      • “Trump says Toyota will face tariffs on cars made in Mexico”

        @skippy When you were proven horrifically wrong, I’ll just remind you what you said and that you shouldn’t judge.

        “Disheveled… personally I usually wait a few years before making conclusions about presidents performance, but that’s just me…”

        Or is that everyone but the left?

    • Think Richard Nixon…….. the first order of business for Mr Trump will be to settle a lot of scores. Have these people no idea of the powers the US president has been given lately ?

      If he has any sense he will precipitate a recession early on which will make congress ante up the dollars

  4. Regarding Melbourne putting their homeless of sight for the tennis, I can remember Sydney doing the same thing when it hosted the Olympics.
    Can Melbourne also put on extra tram services so the tourists aren’t crushed on their way to the tennis.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        The difference is mostly in Bong smoking etiquette ie, in Sydney, once the cone is “pulled in one” (mandatory) the hot empty cone must be repacked for the next smoker before exhaling.

        Up your way,… its pack your own cone.

        I think the etiquette surrounding the borrowing of, say, a cigarette lighter also differs slightly.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Cones? Pfft!

        Every laundry is fitted out with a bucket bong in the basin. Comes standard with new homes.

  5. Mr Culleton is out.

    “The embattled former One Nation senator Rod Culleton has been officially disqualified from parliament.

    The Senate president, Stephen Parry, has notified the West Australian governor, Kerry Sanderson, that Culleton’s WA Senate seat is vacant.

    Culleton was declared bankrupt by the federal court almost three weeks ago, leading to his dismissal from parliament.

    “I have now received from the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy and the Federal Court Registry copies of documentation recording the status of Rodney Norman Culleton as an undischarged bankrupt as a consequence of the sequestration order issued by the Federal Court on 23 December 2016,” Parry said in a statement on Wednesday.

    “I have informed Senator Culleton and notified the Governor of Western Australia, Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC, in accordance with section 21 of the Constitution, that there is a vacancy in the representation of that state as a consequence of the disqualification of Senator Culleton.

    “I have also advised party leaders and independent senators of this development,” he said.

    Rod Culleton recovering at home after altercation outside Perth court
    Read more
    Parry says who fills the vacancy left by Culleton’s departure will be a matter for the high court. ”

    • I’ve said it for years. Greens, Labor and media are evil. At least LNP are transparent and don’t pretend to be anything but a vehicle for the elite.

    • ‘Dear Self-Proclaimed “Progressives”: as Apologists for the Neocon-Neoliberal Empire, You Are as Evil as the Empire You’ve Enabled’

      There’s a few grains of truth there but it’s basically just textbook strawman slaughter. Pretty much everything there he claims “liberals” ignore or accept, they in fact do not (the war on drugs being the most obvious example).

      I believe some people like to refer to this sort of article as “virtue signalling”.

      The real problem, which is tangentially implied but never close to outright stated, is the comprehensive victory of neocon economics and politics over the last few decades mean that if you are a “real progressive”, you’ve basically had nobody to vote for.

      ‘Hungary Plans to Crackdown on All Soros-Funded NGOs’

      Sounds awesome.

      “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he wants to abandon liberal democracy in favor of an “illiberal state,” citing Russia and Turkey as examples.”

      “He listed Russia, Turkey and China as examples of “successful” nations, “none of which is liberal and some of which aren’t even democracies.””

      “Orban, who was re-elected in April for a second consecutive four-year term, has clashed with the EU as he amassed more power than any of his predecessors since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, replacing the heads of independent institutions including the courts with allies, tightening control over media and changing election rules to help him retain a constitutional majority in Parliament.”

      You guys are just salivating at the idea of telling everyone else how to live their lives, aren’t you ? What makes you think you’ll be the butchers rather than the piggies ?

  6. The Traveling Wilbur

    “There is a “void” galaxy so isolated that if the Milky Way were to be situated in the same way, we would not have known of the existence of other galaxies until the 1960s.”

    So, New Zealand then?

  7. “Germany’s ugliest word of the year is “traitor of the people” – or Volksverraeter: The word is seen by many as having Nazi overtones and has been used recently by right-wing groups – BBC (nationalism is ugly, full stop)””
    Nationalism is a complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with one’s nation. It is expressed as a political ideology oriented towards achieving and maintaining communal autonomy, and sometimes sovereignty, over a territory of historical significance to the group.

    Notice also the extremist nazi style labelling that occurs towards people who happen to think that allowing unlimited unchecked entry of youths, who follow an politically extreme movement and who have nothing in common with the democratic and cultural ideals of their nation and community, is a VERY BAD IDEA.
    This labelling done by a group who think they are in some way intellectually superior and therefore believe themselves to be the real rulers and who can therefore crush free speech in their cause.
    Notice also the old news media smearing tactic “the word is seen by many” Who exactly? How many? What survey was done?
    And again, if you oppose the importing, or even suggest a slowing or better screening, of an extremist ideology into your country you’re an extremist Nazi!!!

    Who is being extreme in these circumstances

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Just makes me want to embrace this word,..
      I Wonder, if enough of us start using this word regularly, to describe our typical Laberal party politicians, could we get this word into the Macquarie Dictionary?

      Couldnt find the proper pronunciation easily.äter

      Going to teach my kids this word when watching the news with them.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Nationalism is a complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with one’s nation. It is expressed as a political ideology oriented towards achieving and maintaining communal autonomy, and sometimes sovereignty, over a territory of historical significance to the group.”

      By the above definition, nearly all people that I know and meet would consider themselves “Nationalists”.

      The disaster of Nazisism, certainly has confused the democratic process in the west, esp in Germany. They’ll be self flagelating themselves out of existance on their current path.

      A pity the only kind of “Nationalism” on offer is of a ” National Capitalist” varity,… where is our champion of a”National Socialism “?


    • Looks like it’s time for all Diesel cars to use Miller Cycle operation coupled with Hybrid electric power boost. without this change the future of conventional diesels is bleak indeed. That said I’m not sure what to make of all this NoX paranoia, sure Nitros Oxides are pollutants but diesel engines are not the only only source of these pollutants, there are lots of other sources of NoX generation so I’m not sure that the paranoia about car (and other smallish motor) emissions are really warranted.
      I certainly don’t think the world is better off with higher levels of diesel particulate emissions and that’s what you get when you drop the operation temp to eliminate NoX generation.

      • and the flip side is as someone wrote in comments yesterday, you need finer and finer filters to cope with the particulate emissions and these clog up expensively and inconveniently.
        Extra cost at point of vehicle sale, I assume servicing and maintenance are more expensive (?), nasty emissions…doesn’t make much sense for small vehicles. Driven by CO2 worries, but is that worse than NO2 or minuscule particles that go straight through your lungs into your bloodstream?

  8. sydboy007MEMBER

    Russia not only faces an issue with a lack of HIV prevention – partly due to Putin blocking various harm minimisation schemes that are successful in the west – they also have a massive problem with TB with an infection rate of 80 per 100,000 each year. It’s a marked improvement from 2005 where it was 1258 per 100K, but still a scary total, especially as MDR-TB is rife within the federation.