Coming to a city near you

As part of rolling out a fund, we are going to start a series of MB seminars around the country, and we are looking for input as to the best location.


The rough format will be a few hours talking investment themes and strategies on a Mon/Tue/Wed night. Myself, David & Leith will be the main speakers. Depending upon location we will wheel out some other analysts from the team and rope in guest speakers.


Basically it will be a mix of presentations, panels and audience questions.


At the end you’ll have a chance to quiz us on the fund, meet fellow MB’ers,  bail up Houses&Holes for a few hours to discuss politics and talk about what is good and bad about Macrobusiness.


If you are interested, leave your details below and vote for your favourite city:

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    • Or (save some money) and do a DoubleLine type webcast with:
      – pre-registered questions
      – online realtime questions (as appropriate) and answer/discussion
      – Webcast available online post the day

    • chadszinowMEMBER

      Agree with Dingwall. I was going to suggest the same thing but he has put better detail in.

    • Yep – at worst we will post the slides. Base case (technology permitting!) is we will have pre-registered questions and we will post a video recording.

    • Will there be a golden Reusa statue for us to praise at the seminar?
      Can the MB fund’s logo be a silhouette of Reusa?
      Can Reusa include investing/dating tips in the newsletter?
      How about an ‘Ask Reusa’ life advice column?
      Can there be a MB dating app developed, and can it be called Reusa?

      I guess I just want to know how this thing is going to bring us all closer to Reusa.

  1. Can we arrange to have,
    Mig, R2M,H&H, Skippy and Chris b seated next to each other?

    -disheveled MBer that’s my arm rest…

    Someone could get hurt.

    • Thats just the front row. I want RR and Miguel next to other in row 2. Paramedics in row 3, and a giant Reusa poster hanging above it all.

  2. Is this going to be like those dodgy real estate seminars? Use the equity in your thing to buy two more things on credit.

  3. So for the fund, are you guys only taking on sophisticated investors or is there an option for stupid people (like me) who have no idea but some money ?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Will this orgy be an egalitarian affair, with all attendees enguaging in their fair share of “Recieving”?,…or will the investment property gurus, be the only ones doing all the “giving”?

  4. All this Reusa love – The ReusaMeter – ( and he is a beautiful guy) says the top is well and truly in. I reckon its a better sign than the old Pascometer.

  5. Even StevenMEMBER

    Hmmm… seminar? Meeting people? This could be awkward.

    Imagine if my name wasn’t Even Stevens but Glenn Stevens. I’d be assaulted!

    Disclosure: I am not Glenn Stevens.

    FYI early January is probably a bit of a tricky time to gauge interest. Many people are on holidays and only the hardcore MBers are on. Still, may provide sufficient indication to host geographic seminars for your purposes. Just don’t treat absolute numbers as a true level of interest.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Well Id like to recommend the Brush park bowling club as the Sydney location.
      Not to ostentatious a venue, it hasn’t been refurbed since 1972, has cold $5 Schooners and is only a short, mostly risk free, 2-3 minute drive home for me after the blood alcohol level moves into high range.
      The 1970s style Cantonese Chinese food is a real hit with the over 65s too, ..oily with heaps of MSG and oddly soft, cheap meat of dubious origin.

      What do ya say fellas?,….about the Bowlo?