Politics melts down as One Nation recruits first Asian-born candidate

From the ABC:

A woman believed to be One Nation’s first Asian candidate is not offended by Pauline Hanson’s infamous remark 20 years ago that the country was at risk of “being swamped by Asians”.

Shan Ju Lin said she believed she and the party would get the votes of “good Asians” in the Queensland election, slated for 2018, as they too feared the rising influence of the Chinese Government in Australia.

She understood why Ms Hanson made those comments, which included claims that Asians “form ghettos and do not assimilate”.

“For European people it’s very difficult to distinguish Chinese or Korean or Japanese, and I can understand why she said it,” Ms Lin said.

“She sees the problem ahead of everybody, including you and me.

“Everything she said is happening now.”

Ms Lin, a school teacher who moved from Taiwan to Australia 26 years ago, said the Chinese Government, namely the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was exerting too much influence on Australia.

It was already influencing the Labor and Liberal parties, she said, adding there would be serious consequences if huge numbers of its supporters moved to Australia.

“I feel the Chinese Communist Party is a great threat to Australia because they bought a lot of businesses and our harbours and properties,” she said.

“They will take over power of Australia.

“They will form their own government.

Political tensions between China and neighbouring Taiwan stretch back more than 60 years, and Ms Lin said she had disliked the CCP since birth.

The CCP is also cracking down on Falun Gong, a Chinese meditation and spiritual movement that Ms Lin has participated in.

Ms Lin said she believed CCP supporters were behind an incident in the Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank in 2010, when projectiles were reportedly fired at anti-CCP newspaper the Epoch Times.

In 2018, Ms Lin will run in the Queensland state election seat of Bundamba — not far from Pauline Hanson’s old Ipswich stomping ground, west of Brisbane.

She has ties to the area because of multicultural festivals she organised through the World Harmony Society.

Ms Lin is set to come up against former Labor police minister Jo-Ann Miller, a candidate who enjoyed a huge swing at the last election but has been dogged by political scandals since 2015.

While the Bundamba electorate is overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon, Ms Lin said she believed Brisbane’s Asian community would support her bid to win a seat for One Nation.

“The other group will be supporting CCP, and those people who support CCP are selfish people.”

For the One Nation challenger, this election tilt could be a case of fourth time lucky.

Ms Lin said the Liberal National Party and Labor had previously approached her to run in other elections, but withdrew their support because of her involvement with the Epoch Times and views about the CCP.

She ran in the Queensland seat of Moreton for Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) in the 2016 federal election, but secured less than 2 per cent of the vote.

However, Ms Lin claimed the campaign was doomed from the start because she received little backing from KAP headquarters and did not even meet party leader Bob Katter.

Having spoken to Ms Hanson in person, Ms Lin said things were different this time.

“I believe she supports me,” Ms Lin said.

She said she believed she was One Nation’s first Asian candidate.

While Queensland campaign manager Jim Savage could not recall any others, he said the party had not kept records of the ethnic backgrounds of its past candidates.

“But when we have an Asian candidate everyone wants to know about it.”

Mr Savage said One Nation supported Ms Lin’s strong anti-CCP stance.

“Is China an evil communist dictatorship? Absolutely, communism is the diametric opposite to what One Nation stands for,” he said.

Pass the popcorn.


      • As I wrote below H & H:

        “Who among those commenting here about Zeet’s comment and H & H’ s agreement thinks that calling someone Granny Clampet is not a derogatory comment?”

      • Tuckshop racism???
        I volunteered in a ‘tuckshop” Hand H. Did you ever give your time freely? to others children?

        I volunteered in a tuckshop where one lunchtime two 23 year old (Year Ten students) Bosnian refugees were knife fighting trying to kill each other near the plate glass window of the ‘tuckshop’ guess what H& H I ran out in my motherly pinny and walked straight into the fight and stopped those young men.

        Sure “tuckshops” are staffed by women. Women who are not employed. Mothers. Who do not wear dark suits. Who are not corporate.
        Women you despise.
        Seems only certain women are ok (think Julie Bishop) and have a right to be part of the electorate.
        Sounds like the abuse rammed at Hewsons wife and mother of his kids who worked and supported them all and typed his uni work while he studied. Then he ditched her on graduation and a good job for the corporate woman in the fkn suit.
        Nice one.

      • NT, why don’t you pull me up on one of the millions of abusive terms I use for elite dudes on the site?

        Yes, glo, I am an inner city faggot with a distaste for my working class brethren’s lesser attitudes. But as Senator Graccus says in Gladiator: I may not be of the people but I am for the people.

      • It’s called humor, H & H. Hmm…tell that to the Irish, the racially so called niggers and abos, the intellectually disabled, gays and lesbians and any other group that you pick out to demean for being themselves.

      • For Starters:

        Who among those commenting here about Zeet’s comment and H & H’ s agreement thinks that calling someone Granny Clampet is not a derogatory comment?

      • And now for the airing of greviences….
        “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re gonna hear about it”

      • NT, you need to lighten up mate.

        But there is a serious point to be made. Granny was a hillbilly who lived in the past and off her prejudices. On reflection, that makes her much more balanced and thoughtful than the One Nation types.

      • DarkMatterMEMBER

        The only way you can truly understand “Granny-Clampett-ism” is by watching the “Come Back Little Herbie” episode.

        Granny Clampett was a notorious oppressor of other species – Possums, racoons and other varmints to begin with, then she moved onto gorillas. Herbie was not accepted by the Clampetts as an equal, but they referred to him as “a hairy lookin goomer”, clearly violating his rights.

        This whole thread is becoming a real can of appendage challenged nemotodes – to the point where it is very hard to identify exactly what is proper thinking. We may actually require Rational Radical to come over and deconstruct this ideological furball for us.

      • You are resorting to 1960’s cultural norms that included referring to aborigines and others in derogatory terms that were/are demeaning and intended to undermine and dominate individuals whom you choose to harm, DarkMatter.

      • Neville Gearless

        ErmingtonPlumbing: Chiang Kai-shek was a hero to Taiwanese? Maybe the 3 or 4 million who live in Taipei, who can barely speak Taiwanese and identify themselves as mainland Chinese rather than Taiwanese. Outside Taipei mate, they are full on Taiwan nationalists who acknowledge the generalissimo for what he really was, a corrupt tyrant. With that “good Chinese” comment maybe Shan Ju Lin is one of those Taipei rabbit KMT supporters, commie paranoid and typically mandarin speaking.

        Lest they forget the Feb 28th massacre.

      • DarkMatterMEMBER

        “You are resorting to 1960’s cultural norms that included referring to aborigines and others in derogatory terms that were/are demeaning and intended to undermine and dominate individuals whom you choose to harm, DarkMatter.”

        Naturaltrust – you are obviously not a fan of zany 1960s american comedy. Who could have guessed?

        Herbie is a Gorilla. Actually, he is an actor in a gorilla suit sent over by the greedy banker “Mr Drysdale” to appease the Clampetts who have decided to obtain a gorilla – thinking it is a larger and potentially more useful monkey. There are various comic devices exploiting the unsophisticated lifestyle of the Clampetts – who are the archetypical “deplorables” – as they attempt to housetrain Herbie.

        I suppose we would all be better people if “The Beverley HillBillys” was banned and all copies burned on a fire.

      • Oh no it’s so close to Christmas and somebody has hurt this delicate little snowflake with words…life is so cruel!

    • Zeet you may want unlimited migration, lots dont.
      The benefit of having any asian supporting ON helps manage the self serving abuse re racism.
      Chinese research found that at 21% Han chinese immigration the host culture was gone.
      ON is looking at 17% support already.

      • I’ll join in here. I pick that Zeet is an establishment progressive who is “anti racist” and hence “pro unlimited immigration” and pro multiculturalism. That comment was similar in tone to the “anti-racist” progressives in the USA who would call Clarence Thomas or even Martin Luther King, an “Uncle Tom”.

        People of colour are of course, meant to leave western civ enlightenment values, to people with white skins, and stick to the western cultural-marxist narrative that those with non-white skins are the victims of white imperialism, and that their own culture is superior anyway and would result in equal economic and socio-economic outcomes at the very least if it were not for the white imperialism. For a person of colour to remain attracted to the universality of enlightenment values, as Martin Luther King explicitly stated, is inconvenient to the cultural Marxists and will result in smear terms like “Uncle Tom” or “A cross between Chiang Kai-Shek and Granny Clampett”, which are the corollary to the smear term of “racist” deployed against anyone who disgrees on immigration or multi-culturalism, on grounds of culture or economics – regardless of whether they have a life track record of racial inclusiveness. For example, John Ansell in NZ, routinely attacked by the left as a “racist”, has an Asian wife and 50/50 kids.

      • Ok just to clarify, “Cultural Marxist” was a slur used against communists during the days of the Nazi party pre-WW2.

      • Gee Phil, I’m conflicted. Natural Trust calls me a racist. You call me an anti-racist.

        Maybe I’m neither. Maybe I’m both.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “John Ansell in NZ, routinely attacked by the left as a “racist”, has an Asian wife and 50/50 kids.”

        Jesus Christ phill !! 50/50 kids!! WTF dude !!.
        I Suppose you call the transgender and hemaphrodites “50/50s” as well !!,…Outrageous.

        How do you know Johns Kids dont identify with being African American?,…instead you state ,they have ” a touch of the yellow brush” by calling them 50/50s !!,…its not their fault their dad is a Racist, who is clearly predijuice against white women, for their independant, Selfish, lazy and obease characteristics.

        You sir/madam, are a RACIST and SEXIST ENABLER !!!

  1. I voted for Lin once already. I guess that makes me a good Asian. Australia could definitely do with fewer bad Asians. This should go down a treat with the CCP.

      • From the article:

        “She ran in the Queensland seat of Moreton for Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) in the 2016 federal election, but secured less than 2 per cent of the vote.”

      • Katter’s Australia Party if I remember correctly. She ran in the Moreton electorate (Sunnybank and surrounds) which is Brisbane’s #1 Asian community. Fantastic Chinese and Korean restaurants, you can’t go past the Korean BBQ or fancy yum cha.

      • “The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would feel more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.”
        –Miriam Faine, editorial committee member of the Australian Jewish Democrat

      • Has this Miriam Faine noticed that membership in the politically correct, multi-culti establishment also requires one to be pro-“Palestinian” and anti-Israel?

    • Shan Ju Lin said she believed she and the party would get the votes of “good Asians”………….

      Sounds a bit like you are either with us or against us depending on your voting preference. She will fit in well then seeing that ON takes great delight in being a divisive, abrasive bunch of bigoted, racist, a-holes……….

      If they were to gain the ultimate reign of power in this country maybe all the bad ones could just be rounded up and deported ?

      • “For European people it’s very difficult to distinguish Chinese or Korean or Japanese, and I can understand why she said it,” Ms Lin said.

        She is effectively saying mainland Chinese are the bad guys, they are all CCP moles, all other Asians are superior.

      • Yes Kevin she is, and as long as she isn’t advocating rounding up mainland Chinese she can have her opinion and I welcome her starting that conversation. Of course we should be aware of her motives and allegiances, but it’s better than just hearing from the CCP via our ex pollies we still pay a fucking pension to!

      • @mig
        That is her right to say stupid things, but equally everyone else has the right to call her out on it.

        But you seem to think some mainland Chinese don’t also have the right to say stupid things if the view point happen to line up with CCP.

      • @ mig

        Sure, when she stops saying the problem is Europeans’ failure to recognise Chinese Australian Asians rather than other Asians…

      • Seems to me Hanson’s proving again and again she’s anything but racist.

        The “racist” debate has gotten so ridiculous, it’s part of the reason for Hanson, Brexit and Trumps popularity. A whole host of people have tried a whole host of ways to tell the left that. We are just sick to death of it.

      • @mig
        “i can’t even”

        Exactly, never said it’s a good idea. People can’t even tell the difference visually anyway.

    • Yes, all “good Asians” especially the kleptocrats expropriating cash to be churned into Australian real estate should vote to pull up the ladder.


      • It could be just because she is Taiwanese Chinese and hates mainland Chinese. It’s wrong to assume Asians are any different in racism compared to any other race.

      • Racism? One lot of Han Chinese hating another lot of Han Chinese isn’t racism… Like 99% of what gets called racist, it’s just simple prejudice.

      • Taiwanese Chinese are the same race as mainland Chinese. They differ in politics, Taiwan is the home of the government in exile who fled the mainland when the Communists won the post liberation power struggle.

        She will probably get the votes of longer term resident Chinese such as those who fled Hong Kong and post Tienanmen China, Falun Gong and other dissidends, also quite likely Koreans, Vietnamese and other nationalities threatened by China.

        Also very likely will antagonize Beijing and pro-Beijing students and property lobby. Good.

      • Do you know what racism is? Whipping up fear about a group just because of their race is racism irrespective of the race of the one doing it. No where does it say racists must belong to a different race…

      • @Dan

        So getting votes from Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Falun Gong, Koreans and Vietnamese by throwing mainland Chinese under the bus?

      • Sorry but the Communist Party of China is not a race. She is quite right that there are a lot of pro-Beijing, pro Communist Chinese developing business, investment, trade ties to Australia, but also immigrating here, or coming as students and bringing their politics with them. It is the ethnic Chinese community who are most aware of this, and those with alternate political views to the CCP who are most concerned.

      • @Kevin – are you saying that we are not all the same race? I mean aren’t we all part of the human race? In which case, what’s racist anyway?

      • @dan

        CCP is not a race, but she is attributing all Mainland Chinese as CCP. She is trying justify Hanson’s “swamped by Asians” as only mean Swamped by Mainland Chinese… Others asians are all good Asians that are mistakenly tarred and feathered. By the same token, now she has tarred and feathered all the Mainland Chinese community, which is only now a somewhat smaller group.

        You yourself said the there are debates within Mainland Chinese community about CCP. Which is only natural. You are always going to have different views, but now you are making those people public enemy number two (one is Muslims). You are now not rebutting the weakness in their views, but you are saying they shouldn’t be in Australia for merely having those views. We cannot have that in a country that prides herself in giving everyone a fair go.

      • “In which case, what’s racist anyway?”

        When you judge based on superficial characteristics like country of birth or religion or “colour of their skin rather than by content of their character”.

      • “You are now not rebutting the weakness in their views, but you are saying they shouldn’t be in Australia for merely having those views. ”

        Actually I think its perfectly reasonable to discriminate against people for having particular views – as you are now- including refusing them the opportunity to become permanent residents, possibly even temporary ones. I would apply this to neo-Nazis, Jihadists, war criminals of various persuasions, Klansmen and also I think we also need to have a close look at at least the senior ranks of kleptocrats from China.

      • So its OK to discriminate based on “content of their character”, but not on their political affiliations? How do you propose judge this? Would discriminating against card carrying members of the Nazi party be racist against Germans? What’s wrong with discriminating against card carrying members of the Communist Party, and their political agitators in Australia?

      • @Dan are you seriously drawing equivalence to “neo-Nazis, Jihadists, war criminals of various persuasions, Klansmen”?

        What about the Russian leadership, or the Turkish leadership, which is arguably worse… This is going down a very slippery slope.

      • We don’t have significant immigration by Russian oligarchs or Turkish nationalists so this is a straw man (though the latter does bear watching).

        We have a very large immigration from China, and many of these people have Communist Party sympathies, if not membership. More dangerously many of these people are still subject to Beijing’s influence. A few, it must be said, are “good” Chinese who have family at home who can be threatened by the CCP. Others are political agitators and spies for the regime, reporting on the activities of those who dare express dissident opinions.

        But all the seriously wealthy, the oligarchs, the property developers, the Australia-Chinese friendship societies, the Confucius Institutes, the privately financed university think tanks are all pro-Beijing, with CCP connections and instruments of Chinese soft power.

        Australians seem divided between all Asian immigration is bad (like Hanson of old), and (like yourself and the major parties) its all good. This candidate seems to be trying to bring some nuance to the issue. Its a good thing.

      • “bring some nuance to the issue”
        We are trying to bring some nuance to the issue. We are trying address the actual flaw in our immigration policy. How many times do people have to say the candidates for immigration is below par technically and Australian are abusing 457 immigrant workers. You know, actual issues, but no, people would rather cast such a wide net and start saying mainland Chinese are CCP sleeper agents.

      • “people would rather cast such a wide net and start saying mainland Chinese are CCP sleeper agents.”

        Not all, but many are exactly that. Most Australians believe China is a benign power because they bid up our property prices, buy our iron ore and spend a mint on fine wine and harbour cruise, but its naive to think Beijing has no other ulterior motives. Its not the only issue, just one of many.

      • “When you judge based on superficial characteristics like country of birth or religion or ‘colour of their skin rather than by content of their character’.”

        A religion is not a race Kev. I could convert to a religion tomorrow, but my race would remain the same.

        This is not a technicality. It can be used to slag preposterously those who criticise a religion, who are of gentle disposition in the hope that the slagging will enforce a PC silence.

      • I’m sorry did this guy say the Chinese political apparatus, a nondemocratic maoist regime, is worse than the pseudodemocracies of Turkey and Russia?

        To clarify:

        “Racism” only applies to discriminating on the basis of racial characters (group morphologies), not any social construct (e.g. religion, political leanings)

      • Through sheer numbers the CCP is the most oppressive regime on earth – 1.35 billion people directly. Its not as overtly violent as some but its reach into all aspects of peoples lives is dramatically increasing, even outside the country. And at heart its not an ideologically driven organization but a corrupt, nepotistic one.

    • If we needed an illustration that the charge of “racism” always has been unfair to parties like Farage’s one which fielded West Indian candidates, now Hanson has given us another object lesson.

      The biased PC media scurrilously uses the “racist” label against people who are merely against multi-culturalism but who have had friends and acquaintances of colour all their lives, and who welcome “good immigrants” of any colour, in quantities that the economy and national infrastructure can handle.

      Even I actually thought all this time, that Pauline Hanson was a real racist, unlike people like Farage, but I was only going by what the media said. More fool me.

      • “Racist” was once a powerful pejorative that enabled the accuser to avoid discussing the real issue. That tactic worked for a time but now has been seen for what it really is. Often it is used by the accuser to justify why a certain group, usually NOT a “race” should not be subject to the same standards as everyone else. If it is applied to a race, the remark is often to justify a racist value judgment by the accuser as a justification as to why that group should not be held to the same standard as the rest of society. It is the use of the word in those two dishonest senses that devalues both the word and its impact.

      • Further, assuming for the purpose of argument that a person was a racist that does not mean that everything that person says is wrong. An argument rises or falls on its own merits, it does not matter from whence it comes.

    • Absolutely agree with you, Houzi. There are Mainland Chinese cultural norms that do not fit easily into Australian culture and lead to wealth accumulation at the expense of other Australian values. Corrupt practices are a Chinese norm. Interestingly the Taiwanese appear to be far more civilized and possessors of higher moral values.

      • Yes, but this is a very interesting illustration of politics and culture creating sub-racial identity groups with disparate outcomes. No doubt South Koreans would make much more useful migrant citizens than North Koreans, too.

        Absolutely, many Taiwanese would be some of “the west’s” clearest and strongest culture warriors. So are Thomas Sowell and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Race need not be synonymous with culture or dialectically-driven social and economic outcomes. The latter IS a consequence of culture and politics; not race.

      • “There are Mainland Chinese cultural norms that do not fit easily into Australian culture and lead to wealth accumulation at the expense of other Australian values.”

        Main land Chinese is almost the most alike to Aussies in regards to wealth accumulation. Never is there any race that get as much a hard on as these two when talking about both real estate investments and dodging taxes.

        It only is a problem because these two are too alike and Aussies view the Chinese as bitter competition… Similar to two sports clubs in the same city, they make bitter rivals.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “Never is there any race that get as much a hard on as these two (White Aussies and Chinese Aussies) when talking about both real estate investments and dodging taxes.”

        Ha ha, Sure,…but we all know who is wielding the BIGGER hardon!.

        Wait,…..was that racist?

        Somebody better call the thought police.

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Perhaps this lady could try for a federal seat …….and replace sellout Shanghai Sam Dastyari ……..I’m sure her morals and sense of loyalty to Australia would surpass his ……..

  3. Upset a few lefty relatives by pointing out that the resurgence of One Nation is more about economics and declining living standards. I also said Shan Ju Lin is a perfect example of why the major parties are losing ground, and if they don’t address the economic decline of middle Australia and the fact that we’re sandwiched between ANZUS and a communist dictatorship the One Nation beast will just sprout new heads.

    Lefties really get the shits when you prick that “identity politics” bubble they live in.

    Anyway, I never talk politics or economics at family events but seeing as they were so damned determined to echo chamber about how One Nation is just a passing fad that appeals to racist bogans I had to interject.

    • That’s very true torchwood. However, it’s just as easy to prick the pretensions of the right.

      It’s actually a lot of fun dealing with the “rusted-ons” of both sides.

      Furthermore, the factions within both the right and left hate each other with a passion. So much so, they are often prepared to sell out to the other side of politics than give an inch to the opposing factions on their own side.

      How long before Bernardi and Christensen split like the DLP did with the ALP?

      All much fun in a dreary undergraduate sense. Not much fun for us voters who want government to do stuff.

      • The right are definitely just as bad. Ones from lower socio-economic backgrounds (like my other side of the family) I can stomach in a “forgive them because they know not what they do” kind of way. And yes, some of them are long time Pauline Hanson supporters!

        It’s the entitled rich wealthy right that really grate with me but thankfully I’ve had little to do with them over the years.

        All much fun in a dreary undergraduate sense. Not much fun for us voters who want government to do stuff.

        Totally. How I yearn for a government as functional as in the Hawke/Keating years 🙁

    • Yep, nice to see enlightenment on this issue, spreading. Time is up for the PC smear brigade. They cannot be trusted and people are realising this.

    • Yep, nice to see enlightenment on this issue, spreading. Time is up for the PC smear brigade. They cannot be trusted and people are realising this.

    • haha I love it, I do the same thing… Although tensions can get high when you talk politics especially with family and friends of.

      • I’d say he’s actually a true lefty. Mainstream left as represented by Labor & Greens have bought into the economic orthodoxy then disappeared up their own arses focussing their progressive energies purely on social issues. As far as I’m concerned the fundamentals of social justice are based on economic justice, and until Labor type parties get back to focussing and delivering on that, they’ll continue to struggle electorally, and fringe groups like One Nation will continue to benefit.

      • What hamish said. The modern left have become so enamored with their identity politics that they can somehow boil almost every issue down to “intolerance” of another’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc.

    • Yep had that discussion in spades in the office. everyone going on about “how could anyone vote for one nation, blah blah blah racist blah blah bogans blah blah ”
      You try and point out how one nation is there becasue of the complete betrayal and F U middle finger by the mainstream parties to the average worker. But no luck.
      If the mainstreams hand not betrayed the average person Hanson would still be a foot note in political history.,
      You cant convince someone of something they dont want to believe.

    • Yes the rise of One Nation is largely about economics and the failure if neo-liberalism and globalization to deliver for ordinary people. But One Nation is still a party that appeals to racist bogans, and when you’ve got a conga line of of fuckwits saying “well said” it’s time to worry.

      • Part of the issue is that many people have a single issue that really pushes their buttons, euthanasia, abortion, immigration, etc. that are being ignored by mainstream. So, for those single issue people, if a party espouses that single issue, they get that person’s vote. In the case of Hanson and immigration, the mere fact that she’s willing to address it, drowns out anything else for a single issue voter.

        The point is, that because someone is a single issue voter other issues, such as the attendant racism, become background noise. That, of course, fires up those for whom racism is the single issue.

      • Terror Australis

        +1 The Lorax.

        If I am at the bottom of the socio-economic heap, I have two choices.
        1) Go hard left which is about redistributing the pie to give everyone some economic dignity
        OR 2) Go hard right which is about scape goating the “Other” and trying to take away their rights so that they sink lower on the socio-economic totem pole. Doesn’t make me any better off in material terms, but at least i feel better about putting those “Others” in there proper place below me.

        The Deplorables are Option 2.

      • If it appeals to non racist, non bogans as well can you be counted in then Lorax?

        And if your not at the bottom of the economic pile I suppose we can put you down as a voluntary supporter TA?

        Perhaps you should deal with the issues (remember them) instead of the identities?

  4. I’m not sure to be happy or scared that she’s making sense.

    The LibNuts and LabNuts will be worried they might have to head their sino master’s voice shortly to clamp down on Big Red.

    Maybe she can shake up the politics in WA. Surely balancing the books at a fush n chups shop would give her more insight than we’ve seen from the WA libtards over the last few years.

    if dick can keep her on message and change her rhetoric to lose the race baiting and just be honest with all the negatives of rampany immigration there’s a chance we can have some real change. get her talking about NG and reforming housing taxation, with some $$$ to help the states make the move to broadly based land taxes, some good could come of the rise of one nation.

    • There is still the Global Heating issue, the wilful ignorance of the deniers bars ON from being anything but a distraction.

      • Ironic that One Nation has the best environmental policy of all the parties. So you bolstrood have to decide:
        Do I vote for the party that accidently has a good environmental policy, or do I vote for one of the major parties that deliberately has a bad environmental policy.

  5. She is anti-CCP rather than pro-Hanson, although these days the difference is not far. Epoch Times is the mouth piece for Failong gong, a spiritual movement banned in China. Her allegiance to Hanson is questionable.

  6. I know a lot of “good” asians who as Australians worry about their children’s future and who also believe our immigration intake is too high. ON is tapping into a new form of nationalism here, that is based on sharing common interests as citizens rather than shared ethnicity. I like this new movement.

      • BINGO!

        This is NOT a “new movement”. It never was about “race” other than for a few fringe maniacs. It is the dishonest multi-culti PC establishment and its media sycophants that have had us believe for far too long, that their opposition on rampant immigration and multi-culturalism, was Nazi, KKK racist stuff that ordinary decent people should not have a bar of.

        Cultural conservatives have been decades marginalised, deprived of a voice, shut down and ostracised by whatever means the scurrilous, mendacious multi-culti Left could deploy. What is hopefully happening now, all over the western world, is that ordinary decent people are talking directly to each other, hearing out the whole story, and realising how deeply they have been lied to, and for how long, by the establishment.

    • Exactly right. The Chinese come from a country which has been remarkably successful in looking after its own citizens. Many are surprised to see Australia selling itself out through mass immigration – part of the globalist, totalitarian, New World Order Agenda.

      I love that Australia is a multicultural society, but immigration should always be part of a sustainable Australia and one that leaves behind a country for future generations as great as when we were growing up. I’m not satisfied we’re on the right path in that respect.

      • So the LBGT lobby, say, are racists if they are honestly bothered by the attitudes of some groups of immigrants belonging to a religion that still censures (violently), alternative sexual lifestyles?

    • Yep – hit the nail on the head there Robert…..

      A bit like here in Australia where we prefer our own indigenous people to preferably be sat in the corner looking interesting but keeping their mouths shut and opinions to themselves. They are the ‘good’ ones…the rest just a bunch of uppity blacks.

      • That’s the one, albeit I was thinking of an American context, such as when used by African-Americans who think Malcolm X is a better role model than Bill Cosby.

      • here in Australia where we prefer our own indigenous people to preferably be sat in the corner looking interesting but keeping their mouths shut and opinions to themselves
        Speak for yourself only dimwit.

      • No – rather I speak for all those dickheads out there that show their true colors whenever issues that relate to indigenous disadvantage in Australia are raised in the media such as life expectancy, health, education, employment, land rights, rates of incarceration etc….

        Some of us have an intolerant streak a mile wide – all you need to do is scratch the surface…(the flag draped around one shoulders is often a dead set give away)

    • Yeah, I was looking to say something like that; the cultural Left’s tactics have always been, that when some member of an identity group refuses to run with the victimhood narrative, and stands with western civilisation on principle, they are called names like “Uncle Tom”. Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, guys like that. Even Martin Luther King is now regarded in this way by the leftist agents of division and erosion. His ground was that of “cashing a cheque drawn on the bank of the inheritance of western enlightenment values”. Now western enlightenment values are just “white man’s cultural imperialism”. People of colour need to stay with the nature spirits, witch doctors etc that the evil white imperialists deprived them of, but without any loss of the trappings of civilisational advancement. Bah.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Im presuming you mean the word Nigger,… grow some fucking balls man, if your wanting to start a discussion about a word,….use the word.
      Its the context a word is used in, that makes it offensive and thus deserving of challange,….not the utterance of word it self.

      As for your analogy, are you suggesting we shouldnt use the word “A___n” (Asian).

    • I say, and I think these people would agree with me, that MOST Asians in Australia already, ARE good ones. What they don’t want, and neither should anyone either, are for Triads to get a foothold here, or for CCP moles to become a problem (in similar ways to Jihadist Imams), or for Australian infrastructure and housing supply to be swamped. The multi-culti PC, Ponzi-economy Quislings in the establishment, don’t want us to have an intelligent conversation on this.

    • Mate its marketing ! The Chinese that want the CCP to control Australia should vote Labor or Liberal, however the ‘good Chinese’ should vote for her. Yes it is are you for us or against us, just the way it should be.

  7. Had a good laugh reading the article. Will look forward to asking her in person what a good asian is.

    • I thought she was very clear:
      “For European people it’s very difficult to distinguish Chinese or Korean or Japanese, and I can understand why she said it”

      Europeans have difficulty distinguishing the bad Asians: Chinese from the good Asians: Korean or Japanese. I presume mean Taiwanese as different to Chinese.

    • I’m going to suggest the answer, unlike that offered by Kevin above, will be something like: those who have a work ethic, who study hard, who go to church, who act in their community and who believe in the values of Australia.

      If that is the answer she gives – whether she means it or not – a huge portion of the electorate will agree with her…

      • those…who go to church

        Interesting to see how that one plays, given One Nation repeatedly states (truthfully or not) that it is an organisation devoted to upholding Christianity and Christian values through a number of its policies, and Ms Lin is an adherent of a non-Christian religion.

      • “those who have a work ethic, who study hard, who go to church, who act in their community and who believe in the values of Australia.”

        No race can lay exclusive claim to those qualities. Also, how is go to church a positive quality?

      • For me its not but every Asian I know goes to church they’re the only people I know who do so she’d be playing to her audience.

        No one said it’s exclusive to race but it does answer the question… I’m not advocating her stance I can just see how she’ll play it

      • Well I’m confused. I’m from HK and left before it was handed back to the motherland…a raging lefty and atheist (but was formally a christian in the salvation army)…

        So am I good or bad?

      • @Miguel
        Hence my frustration, we are trying to have a real debate on immigration, then racists jump in and totally derail the conversation.

      • @mig,

        Surely it’s the dominant culture who decides who’s a ‘good’ Asian and who’s a ‘bad’ Asian, not the Asians themselves.

        Anyway, given as Temijin left HK before handover, it seems that he’s probably not terribly sympathetic to mainland interests, which should get him the ‘good’ Asian seal of approval.

      • Robert its neither here nor there, to me she appears to be representing how one side of Australias Asian communities sees the recent influx of Asian immigration. I work with loads of Asians, Vietnamese, Malaysians from Chinese decent, malay Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, you name it, they absolutely have an understanding of the Australian Asian community that I don’t – and Im glad not just one side gets influence public opinion

      • she appears to be representing how one side of Australias Asian communities sees the recent influx of Asian immigration

        Well exactly, and that side is obviously going to call itself the ‘good’ guys and label (real or perceived) enemies the ‘bad guys. Hence why only a third party can decide where those labels should go.

    • Probably a person of Asian descent who has Australia’s best interests at heart, or at least respects the local culture.

      As opposed to somebody who is just here for opportunity or to undermine the local way of life.

      • “somebody who is just here for opportunity or to undermine the local way of life.”

        Let’s be honest, all migrants are in Australia for opportunities. Virtually all migrants does not set out to undermine the local way of life, that’s more due to the locals (businesses) abusing the immigration system for their own gain.

      • There was a brilliant letter to the editor of Quadrant years ago – when some PC multi-culti types were publicly wailing at how ashamed they were to be Australians (over the boats being turned away or something like that), a Georg Nikolic wrote “I, too, am ashamed that these people are my fellow Australians”.

      • @Kevin – I guess the best example would be in the reverse. If I went to China, it would only be to exploit an opportunity. I wouldn’t give much of a damn about their local customs.

        The Jews who fled to China during WW2 to escape the holocaust may have been a lot more grateful to their host.

  8. Has anyone bothered to ask Penny Wong what she thinks of this ?
    Surely her opinion is the one that counts.

  9. FiftiesFibroShack

    Not that surprising. One Nation is identity politics – cultural identity politics. One nation is fighting a perceived threat to a culture they identify with. Twenty years ago it was the Asian threat to Australian culture, but culture gradually shifts, and with that shift comes another source of angst.

    Perhaps in 20 years they’ll wheel out Pauline to share a halal snack pack with One Nation’s new Muslim candidate.

    • China has done research on retention of culture against immigration.. specifically once 21% Han Chinese then they take over the hosts culture.
      PH said ‘overwhelmed” she has been shown to be correct. I know specifically about Glen Waverley and the Melbourne eastern suburbs and Private schools. The second most immigration is from England and they change our culture too.

      Quite rightly ON accepts those who are here. Its matter of managing our population to get back to Sustainable.
      Bottomline she is the only one who cares and whom those who do, can vote for.

      • We’re at 2% Chinese born now, and getting to 20% while China’s population goes into reverse is vanishingly unlikely.

      • This is an interesting point – there are numerous nations in Asia with “indigenous” local races that are not Han Chinese. But under Communist governments, these cultures (eg the Hmong in Vietnam) suffer real cultural genocide. I wouldn’t necessarily say the same would happen if it was just a matter of “Han Chinese” culture – in any case, culture and race need not be synonymous. Someone being “Han Chinese” does not automatically make them a subscriber to a particular culture, whether Communism or Confucianism or Buddhism.

      • re the China research.. read it somewhere recently and that was all that was stated. My inference is that this could apply to any large immigrant group. I have no judgement on it. Nor do I have any knowledge around it as you do Phil.
        Also read quoted as CIA research that removal (presumable fairly quickly) of 10% of a population also destroyed culture. I was considering at that time the effect on Ireland during the 4-500 years of occupation and the big deaths at times. Despite this there is clear innate culture still there..for example in aesthetics, and a particular integrity.

  10. ***Good*** “Asian” …. wheeeeeee

    Oh I see… conforms to ridged ideology and as a token party member [based numbers thingy] its cool… sorta like Thomas Sowell….

    Disheveled… Someone should inform Pauline about the Irish in America, first its corner shops, infiltration into the police force, then the professional sector and finally the political sphere….. lulz she just marginalized herself and hers… so Python-esque I love it – !!!!!!!

    • Are the Irish descendents in America a particular problem on grounds of their dominant politics, culture or non-integration? Or have they dispersed out across all walks of life like most previous waves of immigrants? Would an Irish descendent Tea Party Republican be a moral equivalent of Thomas Sowell for refusing to identify with the “Irish minority victim” grievance industry?

    • Phil….

      In American history its a pecking order thingy, the first will lay claim to the Mayflower or say Sons and Daughters of the Revolution club, its just like geological strata. With the Irish, yeah all those before them despised the economic refugees with their culture and ghettos, Catholic did not help either.

      disheveled…. for the book challenged there is always the movie Gangs of New York… and popcorn…

    • skippy, you dont need to look to the US again for lead here.
      Irish made up the majority of people in NSW in the 1880’s and the Group 9 football teams used to have descendants of irish famine orphans girls. Further we have Kerry O’Brien, irish to the last cell back both sides of his family..O’Briens back a 1000 years. Its obvious thats clever kind twinkle yet ready to knife the fool. Then Paul Keating… so many Irish at least 7 million known Irish diaspora here. PH has a good dose of the blood.

      • Understand your point glo and agree on your regional take, tho the American case is a wee bit different e.g. the cultural impact of the Revolution coupled with in your face slavery and the north south dynamic [civil war].

        disheveled…. whilst we share anglophone base culture there are important differences in dynamics imo… in many areas the differences are quite massive…

      • and Skippy if you bring up slavery…the well covered up slave traffic from Cromwells time.. benefiting Henry the eighth and goodqueenbess onwards,
        english slavers ran down the irish men women and children (100k 10 to 12 year olds taken from their homes.. sex slaves too southern AND northern states) so 100’s of thousand over the centuries. Women were also bred with black men until the english black slave lot made it illegal… irish were cheap, black were not. Irish were literate filthy slaveowners were not. This is proper slavery not the ‘indentured’ 12 year crap which some english volunteered for. Mainland USA not just the islands. This was irishmen lasting a year at most. Irish mitochondrial DNA is in the black slave lines.. that is passed down by women. Mine is.

      • That’s my point glo…. as bad as some stuff was – is in Oz its not anything like the rest…

        disheveled…. I think John Belushi did an epic account of the Irish condition on old SNL….

  11. If I was a Martian who had the planning and foresight to migrate to Aus 10-20+ years ago, I’d be personally pretty annoyed to suddenly see a massive influx of Martians with laundered Cubits threatening my childrens’ future wellbeing. So, no, an Asian being in One Nation isn’t as strange as it sounds.

    • I loved what a West Indian UKIP candidate said a few years ago: “I came to the UK because of what it was, and I don’t want it changed from that into something else”.

  12. Neville Gearless

    But where are those crackpot racialist groups gonna go now? They must be spewin’ Pauline has recruited an asian…

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Pauline and ON are more nationalist than racist ( she just lacks the education and elequence to be able to articulate her position ) ……..it is also convienient for the major parties to label her party as racist to stop leakage of precious votes .

      I know many of the bogan persuasion ( not all of them are Anglo either ) who would say this is a good step ………….anyone who stands up for and defends and protects Strayan values and Straya is all right with them mate ! ……….so notwithstanding that this lady may have her own positioning and motives for getting under the ON umbrella ( maybe that’s her angle …..first “good Asian” candidate ) ……..good luck to her …….I also know a lot of Australians of ethnic Asian background, many with links to the gold rush and they would easily lean tomorrow without hesitation to a nationalist party that stood up for their Strayan way of life if they felt ( as many of them do) that the major parties are selling them out

  13. Aussie1929MEMBER

    Appoligies, this is nothing related, however this bs article goes unnoticed – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-21/self-managed-super-funds-growing-in-popularity-but-not-returns/8140254?pfm=ms&pfmredir=sm

    By reporter Carrington Clarke at the ABC; worked at Sky and Fairfax and In my opinion, may have vested interests from super fund city. However just a gut feeling opinion.

    My argument to that is, more people are realising the volatility in the markets and currency devaluations happening around the world. Now is not the time for growth, but hedging to mitigate losses in the coming 3-12 months. SMSF does fine if a little extra paper work isn’t bothersome, which apparently is for many people.

    • First rule of Capitalism….. preservation of Capital…

      Disheveled… – Risk – can be evaluated, hedged, leveraged, et al…. but…. the – unknown – can not… you can not traverse a minefield holding you finger up in the wind thingy….

      • Aussie1929MEMBER

        Everyone needs to pull the broomstick from their wind thingy and use it to traverse the minefield. Not many have patience for a long haul.

      • Aussie…

        Equity’s has zip rights and the information available to weight its risk – is – a fiction…. not to mention the momentum by short horns dog piling in and then exiting due to computational orders of magnitude or algos et al….

        disheveled… reminds me of an old Sci Fi book where aliens at the destruction of their society by a natural cause [viral] all run to their banks to pull out money…. took the intrepid human explorers till the end to figure it out [the stuff laying all over the place]…. after they became infected and died…

      • Aussie…

        Quite aware of the main stream Marxist and Socialist perspectives for decades, but I fundamentally disagree with them as much as I do the Free Market Libertarians, too much narrow ideological rigidity and fails to account for updates in Bayesian priori – axioms….

        disheveled…. as a capitalist with social democracy to smooth over the ruff edges… I can not ignore the reality we actually live in…. the utopians can go compound and send post cards…

      • Sorry Aussie….

        But your one graph without unpacking is anecdotal at best….

        disheveled… big numbers in themselves is not some monster under the bed…

      • Skippy,

        That story about the Greens is impressive – that style of political speak is not often heard these days.

        Everything old is becoming new again.

      • Edward Bernays came up with the idea of calling cigarettes ‘torches of freedom’ for oppressed women wanting to rebel in the early 20th century, however, torches of freedom was a marketing op. Nephew of Sigmund Freud.

      • Aussie…

        Your talking to the guy that introduced Bernays to this blog as well as Freud’s high jinks or Spencer’s armchair thunkit…. so if you want to have an enlighted conversation… get too the point…

      • 007….

        Since PIE… so maybe its not all about money…. maybe Foucault had a point… ummm something about reproductive advantage and flexian psychopathy [antisocial] thingy…

        Disheveled…. sad thing is… some are more adaptive because they don’t have the emotional baggage… but is it progress…

      • Aussie….

        As soon as you uttered hyperinflation you outed your self as an Austrian and I don’t do cult repair…

        Disheveled… spent yonks talking to yank Austrians from Danial Paul King to Gerard and some Koch PhDs… not a bright bunch imo…

      • Sorry your St. Louis fed graph is not a reincarnation of Gleason….

        Dishevel… I pointed out AET is not a bright bunch…

      • Aussie….

        Like I pointed out its gibberish unless you can unpack it and provide an historical perspective that fits our currant monetary system…. cherry picking is the fall back point of the rank ideologue….

        Disheveled… go piss on Friedman grave if you have a grievance…

      • You’re gettin’ there, the word “piss” was offensive in the fifties. How does your ideal monetary system work? Printing Currency like kicking the can down the road? pffft!

      • I’m shaking my head thinking, what was the point of reading that? If you’re gonna sell something, make it interesting

      • Selling is offering for people shit they don’t need… so far all I can ascertain is that is your methodology due to lack of granularity and Bernays like headfuckery to forward a perspective….

        disheveled…. my proffering is acute compared to your antics…. animal noises are not compelling Minger leg humper

      • Selling something also means convincing people of your point of view.
        Im still waiting on this one, c’mon: Your talking to the guy that introduced Bernays to this blog as well as Freud’s high jinks or Spencer’s armchair thunkit…. so if you want to have an enlighted conversation… get too the point…

      • Aussie…

        I don’t have to convince you dullard… facts or the best approximation does that ninny… unless your beguiled by individuals ability to project a power dynamic in lieu of…

        Your mentality….


        Dishevled… FFS you have problems with more than a sentence…. moan….

      • Aussie…

        I don’t have to Bernays you… the link provides all the information you need… if that is to hard seek solace in Gary North + friends….

        disheveled…. hard to think for your self much – ?????

      • Nice attempt and misdirecting the framing on me… your yet to refute or propose a counter argument to the link I supplied….

        disheveled… pay grade issues – ?????

      • Oh…. you want to talk about economics and not some cookie cutter ideological quasi religious indoctrination on the worlds orientation….

        Disheveled…. does that mean we have to discern T or F or just make it up as we go….

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Love to see some Raging debate and I’m a big fan Skip,…But grow some thicker skin,…all of ya!

  14. – “Pass the popcorn” ??? I DO NOT find this funny AT ALL !!! Because I see the larger picture and this story perfectly fits into that picture. This is EXTREMELY worrying !!!!
    – The US has been performing its “Pivot to Asia” since 2009. And this has MAJOR ramifications for us here “Down Under”. The Pivot to Asia actually already began under the Bush administration (2000-2008) and this is a strategy has already led to an increase of tensions in several parts of Asia (e.g. India & Pakistan). And this Mrs. Shan Ju Lin story is showing how the tensions in e.g. the South China Sea now has reached the shores of Australia.
    – The appointment of the China hawk (Peter Navarro) is bound to lead to more & more tensions between the US and China and in that battle Australia will be forced to choose sides. This is NOT a position I like to be in. I this situation I DO NOT want to choose between two bad choices.