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    • 8 years just for the deposit here as well!

      ” the combined median pay (after tax) for an Auckland couple who are both are aged 25-29 and working full time is $1591.77 a week. If they had saved 20% of their net income for four years (allowing for movements in wages and interest rates) they would have have built up $72,862 to put towards a deposit. …. unfortunately it is not nearly enough for a 20% deposit on a home. The lower quarter selling price in Auckland was $717,200 in November, which means the typical first home buying couple’s savings would only give them a 10.2% deposit, almost exactly half the amount they would require for a standard mortgage.”

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Don’t know who this couple is, but if you’ve got their email address J. do them a favour and let them know they just need to get a better job.

  1. Looks like a concerted effort to keep the Mt Isa copper smelter open until 2022.. Qld government coming to the party… good news for IPL acid supply

    Macquarie seems to be after Central Petroleum…… they know where Australia’s future gas has to come from….. might be something in those sub salt leads out there after all. Won’t be cheap gas if Macquarie has the pipelines.

  2. There hasn’t been any Pakistan plane crash lately, so clearly the black goat sacrifice worked!!


    The latest Roy Morgan political poll shows National Party support down in December as PM Key resigns and Labour score easy by-election victory in Mt. Roskill |

    During December support for National fell by 4.5% to 45% now just ahead of a potential Labour/ Greens alliance 43% (up 5.5%).

    If a New Zealand Election was held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows it would be a very close result.

    Support for the National partners was down across the board with the Maori Party down 0.5% at 1%, Act NZ fell 0.5% to 0.5% and United Future was down 0.5% to 0%…. read more via hyperlink above … … and … with extensive further postings …

  4. “Just before Christmas 1927, Fairfield builder William James Fry paid £191 – about one year’s annual wage – to buy 29 Bent Street, Bentleigh.

    The picturesque timber home still stands there today, though its pretty garden could use a little attention. Despite its rotting porch and overgrown climbing roses, the three-bedroom home is exactly the sort of family house that sells for a fortune these days in Bentleigh.

    It will be knocked down soon, to make way for 31 apartments. The artist’s impression of what is going to replace the old house looks pleasant enough.

    I have no idea whether the apartments the Hong Kong-based developer, Carnegie Group, will build on the site will stand the test of time. But looking elsewhere along Bent Street – one of Glen Eira Council’s few designated “growth zones” – there are plenty of other new developments that clearly won’t.”

    Apartments in Bentleigh – because Hellbourne

    • mate i hesitate to be the voice of reason, but the police are saying no religious motivation.

      I assumed the same thing, but this one might be a disgruntled nutter.

      i agree with a lot of what you say, but this may be a random.

      i hope i am not proved wrong, but let us see the outcome in the next couple of weeks. the extent to which the perpetrator is hidden will tell us a lot, i think………

      but but but but – let us hope