Kennett slams Bernardi, praises One Nation supporters

From Domainfax:

Liberal Party stalwart and former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett does not believe that his party is in a “panic” about One Nation and has predicted closer alignment with Pauline Hanson’s party in Parliament.

Mr Kennett has also attacked conservative Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi who was reportedly thinking of splitting from the party, saying the outspoken senator was not worth the paper his name was written on

“He has no record of note in politics; he has hidden under the umbrella of the Liberal Party for years and, if he was to walk down the main street of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, not one person would recognise him,” Mr Kennett told ABC morning radio.

“This is an individual who, for some ego-driven reason, believes he has the answers to the world; he does not.”

“I am not fearful of Pauline Hanson, I respect the people that support her party,” Mr Kennett said.

“Rather than argue that she or the Liberals are in any way in conflict, you might actually find in the not-too-distant future, there is a new alignment taking place that will deliver good government, good policy and security.”

And the key alignment will surely be…lower immigration.


  1. Let me guess, the foreign workers would be bought in using tourist visas. So the LNP will say “look, we slashed 457 visas by 99%”.

      • And GDP with it.

        Giving the government lots of cover to go a slashing away at the people who don’t vote for it. This will get ugly in many ways

      • The inevitable adjustment will accelerate, yes, though not all bad even in the short term. The dollar will fall much faster and a genuine export boom take hold in all quarters.

      • Is this a view held by both you and LvO?

        LvO’s position seems more along the lines of ‘strong immigration will continue unless some sort of radical action is taken’ which seems at odds with the inevitably of large falls in immigration implied by that comment.

      • Yes we must slash immigration to 30-40k/year. But we must also put a $50k/year tax on each 457 visa along with reserving certain jobs for Aussies:

        * HGV driving
        * forklift driving
        * Note Printing AUS jobs – including security guards
        * most NBN jobs
        * Yarra Valley Water jobs

        Stop giving NSW truck driving licences to foreigners.

      • He writes as though he feels that it is extremely unlikely that immigration will ever fall, for example frequently repeating population projections with the inbuilt (and clearly stated) assumption of significantly rising NOM over the next several decades.

      • ‘1000s of posts titled ‘Population Ponzi Overruns…”

        Yes – those are exactly the posts I’m referring to. The premise of all those posts appears to be strongly that it is more likely than not that the high immigration assumptions underpinning government population projections will continue to be met for decades to come. This appears to be the exact opposite of your comment above that I originally replied to.

      • Why will immigration fall? It’s not as though we have a say in the numbers immigrating here, and besides we keep getting told a Big Australia is good for us – you know, not enough skilled workers here apparently, and we don’t want to train them, we need more workers to pay for the pension (because immigrants don’t age, and even if they do, there will be more youngies coming behind them) and of course we need to keep the housing bubble going and growing.

      • @md,

        Stated elsewhere, HnH’s reasoning for saying immigration will fall is that political pressure to cut immigration is becoming irresistible. Hence, it will fall within a couple of election cycles.

        My view is he’s probably right, but if he’s wrong, as the US’s traditional largest supplier of cheap migrants sends fewer its way (the number of 20 yos in Mexico peaked a couple of years ago, with births falling fairly consistently over the last few couple of decades) at the same time as Germany’s biggest migrant suppliers (Russia and Poland) go into natural decline, synchronised with China’s working age population going into reverse will mean that both of those countries (bigger consumers of migrants that Australia) and Australia will have to go a lot further for migrants, and will need to cut numbers in order to avoid dropping standards far beyond what the electorate will tolerate.


    The concern comes as the Attorney-General’s Department announced it is considering opening up access to people’s personal telecommunications metadata in civil proceedings.
    In doing so the Turnbull government is quietly heading down a path that many warned was coming more than two years ago when the Coalition first introduced mandatory data laws forcing the country’s telcos to collect and keep the incredibly revealing metadata of its customers.
    If civil suits are allowed to request a person’s metadata it could one day be used by rights holders to go after online pirates.

    As if we needed another reason to hate wanker politicians.
    Blind freddy could see this coming.

    • thomickersMEMBER

      the civil proceedings will be fun…. movie/TV companies suing 3 million households in Australia :). I wonder who the government will support.

      • The govt will side with the corporations. Why else would village roadshow have a staffer embedded in brandis office.
        No govt in this country gives a shit about the people.
        They are all crooks, thieves and lying weasels.

      • Oh it’ll start with the pirates, but imagine the shit that will hit the fan when elites are going after each other. Wanna know what your competition (or partner) is up to? Have a mule get themselves into a position where they can extract meta data via the courts and pass it along for analysis. The sheer number of civil requests would mean you’d have a much larger number of staff interacting with the records, many of whom could be bribed or would leak for ideological reasons.

        If I was a cop who did undercover work, I’d be more than a little worried about this. Was it Escobar who used to send his mules in to deliberately be prosecuted just so that the Feds had to use their evidence during prosecution (which helped him pinpoint their sources and methods)? Setup your own little ‘Prenda Law’ with better targetted litigation, you’ve got your own criminal verification system.

  3. Ignore the prick. He can hardly dispense wise advice based on his abysmal record. He’s like Howard who gets trotted out to move his lips and then disappear. This week he gets told by the party to doff the hat to the One Nation voters ………… while wiping his arse with Bernadi. Spruiking unity as the party falls apart just tells me the LNP are quaking about their future.

    • Whatever one thinks of his parliamentary career Kennett actually talks a lot of sense in his post-political life.

      But Howard is excruciating, Costello too. If the Treasurer who turned Super into a tax avoidance and estate planning tool for the wealthy lectures us one more time about how to fix the Budget I’ll scream. And Howard’s deluded ideas about a temporary tax break for businesses somehow being enough to get us through the GFC is laughable. The old man is a fool and when the GFC hit I’m glad Howard and Costello were nowhere near the levers of power.

      • The evil part of me would have delighted in watching their economic incompetence in full flight, however recessions are a nasty thing and cause massive social problems. Personally, my Stepdad was one of the million jobless in The Recession Australia Had to Have and he ended up hitting the grog and then my Sister and I. I’ve since forgiven him and we have a reasonably good relationship and I’ve come to understand the deep dis-empowerment he felt at that time, not that it’s any excuse. Thankfully Mum still had her part time job so we held onto the house but goodness me the family budget was tight. Clothes were almost all second hand, any work that needed doing on the old car had to be done in house because we couldn’t pay a mechanic and the best outing we had was fish (no chips!) on bread with tomato sauce.

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        Don’t wish to make light of recessions and crashes Torch, and at the time I thought how lucky we were to have Rudd in charge…lol But if Howard-Costello had been in charge, they would have had to wear the Crash We Had to Have and by now we’d have a much reorganised Australia with a much stronger and much fairer economy, recovering from a much stronger position than the hollowed out bubble we have now.

      • While he gets the kudos for the gun laws that is a hoax.

        Rather, Howard’s legacy will be demonising ‘boat people’ and bowling the worst attempted off spinner in the history of cricket.

        A drip.

      • No problems St Jacques.

        Yes, had those idiots worn the crash it would have been a just outcome and we would be more reorganized at this point.

        Peace out!

  4. When I walk downtown in Brisbane or pass through parks or beaches, the population is overwhelmingly asian.
    I think that we have to accept that they like it here. There is very little resistance for them to move here or purchase property. Why would there be a reduction in migration. If the Chinese economy slips, even more will want to move to a beautiful, stable island. I just can’t see an immigration slow down without serious government intervention. And the government is too committed to the economy that immigration built – it would take a full replacement of the ALP or the LNP to modify immigration policy – this is unlikely. prob we are all better off buying over priced units now, before they become even more so in the next few years. Though? Do you want it to stop, or it is going to stop. Do you want change, or is it going to change?

    • Try walking through the Melbourne CBD on any given day and you could be excused for thinking that the Chinatown precinct has been extended by at least a dozen city blocks.