Pauline Hanson taps into disenfranchised pulse

By Leith van Onselen

Say what you like about Pauline Hanson, but she does know how to tap into the pulse of the growing number of disenfranchised Australians. Here’s part of what Ms Hanson said this morning on Sunrise:

“I think out of the message of Donald Trump’s election in America is that our politicians need to get it right. And I think a lot of them have lost touch with the grass roots Australians and the rural and regional areas, which I travel quite extensively.

People are angry underneath because they feel that our politicians are so left. You know, the waste of money that happens, you know people are destitute – there’s no job security, they can’t own their own homes, there’s so many issues here. And they feel that they [our politicians] are worried about everyone else around the world.

Our immigration – you can’t keep bringing in high numbers of immigrants into this country if we don’t have the infrastructure to be able to provide for them. Clean up our own backyard first…

This was the impact of Brexit in England because they felt the same repercussions of these politicians and these policies. Get back to the centre and start looking after your own people in your own country first”.

Like Trump, Hanson’s appeal is that she proposes to protect Australians in ways that are much more blunt than the major parties and their waffling globalism. And the more elites bash Hanson over the head with the old global order stuff the stronger she will get.

Our politicians would be wise to get ahead of her by more clearly prioritising the needs of the incumbent resident population over the globalists, the wealthy elites, and the social justice warriors.

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  1. Politicians are usually a flexible resilient mob who adapt to changing circumstances. I suppose the time lag to take up a new position does depend how much each may have sold his or her soul to the globalists, the wealthy elite or the social justice warriors. The usual starting point to finding that out would be to “follow the money”.

  2. If she drops the austerity narrative and speaks of lifting aggregate demand like Trump is than she’ll be PM.

    • Not a chance. Unlike trump, she doesn’t have a major political party as a support base. Voters like to deviate, but not too much. My money is with Macro – Abbott returns.

      • Abbott is the vicious Pommie born basted that tried to put a young woman in prison
        because she dared to Blow The Whistle on his personal corruption.
        Also give a knighthood to his idol – captains call style, and many other transgressions
        that show him to be a complete idiot. He won’t be back!

    • The mangled apricot will only ever connect with a small percentage of voters, even more when she surrounds herself with such quality members like Roberts. The cot will never be PM, nor will any of those fuckwit conservatives like Bernardi et. Australians just don’t take to extreme politics of any persuasion.

  3. I dont agree with everything Pauline says.
    However, there is a vacume in Australian Politics right now and she is able to cut through with her messages and relate to many of us.

  4. “Start looking after your own people first”. How disruptive! Implement policies that look after the people of the country rather than a bunch of foreigners and 1% corporate scum! What an innovative concept!

    Fuck Penny Wong and every other Big Australia and Big Business captured political arseclown.

    I never thought that I’d ever say this in my life, but if the major parties continue as they are and Pauline talks like that then she has my vote.

    • A cheap workforce that floods the country for a few years then returns to their own country as wages there pick-up?

    • Seems only fair, right now Australian’s are becoming the Mexican’s (outsiders) in our own country (Australia) as we watch the Chinese buyers gobble up all the nice houses, in nice neighborhoods near the best schools.

      Vote #1 Hanson lol… I can’t believe I’m behind Hanson these days… I never in a million years…but times change.

      • Yep, that is the difference and possibly more disruptive once the asset owning generations relatively decline.
        Especially what has occured increasingly over the last 5 years.
        Our only access to the 1/4 acre block will be within the confines of a Jims mowing franchise.

      • haha, man Jim’s Mowing, reminds me how sick I am of moving my landlords yard for him. At least I get to live on a 1/4 acre block for now.. As a renter.

      • I was talking to my GenX, gay brother at our “Dons Party” yesterday. Same thing Gavin, we were astounded at ourselves that we will now be voting Hanson – because we have to. He feels the same way about political correctness as I, and as do many of my other gay and straight friends ( not all though ). PC is a major factor in their overall discontent.; as is the population ponzi and the rest. Another gay friend in Melbourne sent me the article in a gay website that asserted Peter Thiel slept with men, but WASN’T GAY because he supported Trump. My friend was disgusted at this treatment of Thiel. None of these people are anywhere near right-wing, but nor are they Marxist ideologues. They were teenagers in the 1980’s and being gay made you an automatic outsider. It was tougher then than now to be gay, but it turned them into men. And they are not buying globalist SJW bullshit.

    • Don’t be ridiculous.


      These countries already supply a hige number of migrants under the dodgy student scheme and are already a large part of the underpaid underclass.

      • So you only take things literally then?
        I posed a question relating to the stereotypes involved in those “events”.
        But yes I wonder what is different that those you mentioned don’t get the attention our Han migrants get.
        I would suggest that they really do the jobs locals don’t want and pose less risk of dispossessing the middle.
        Having grown up with Italian refugees I would also probably have less issue with those you mentioned.

      • One obvjous difference is that apart from the Indians, the number of people in Australia born in those countries is pretty small compared to the number from China. For example, 480k Chinese compared to 55k Thais, and smaller numbers of people from Nepal and Bangladesh.

        And as far as the Indians are concerned, they do seem to get a fair bit of attention, even if not quite as much as the mainlanders.

    • The Chinese will become our overlords by proxy.
      Their cashed up upper middle class is massive compared to the population of Australia
      Immigrants from India etc will form most of the “mexicans and proles” of Australia because being a “mexican and/or prole” in Australia is still better than eking out an existence in an overcrowded second to third world country.

    • No, the Chinese are to become our owners and landlords the way we’re going. Our Mexicans and Poles will be the poorer immigrant type who are currently heavily hitting up welfare (not all of them are bludgers, obviously) those guys will be the Poles and Mexicans.

    • Lol Chinese are not Mexicans my friend. They will acquire all the productive assets and rent it out back to the white guy with no capital. More like Economic colonisation.

      See case study in Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Phillipines etc and the current sad state in real estate for reference.

  5. You can understand the disillusionment.
    They said free trade will create more local jobs – but they used it to reward their favourite companies and set themselves up for a career after politics.
    They said economic reform would increase our standard of living – but only for those who knew the right people and went to the right schools.
    They said we needed to reduce our emissions – so they provided funding to their backers in the pollution industries and on the farms.
    They said foreign investment would make us all richer – but only if you already owned the assets the foreigners wanted.
    They said we needed immigration to make our country great – when they really wanted cheaper labour, more buyers and more construction sites for their donors.
    They said we needed to save for our retirement – so they developed a tax evasion scheme for the top 1% and a guaranteed income stream for the finance sector.

    • *so they developed a tax evasion scheme for the top 1%*

      Tax avoidance, not evasion. Tax evasion lands you in jail. Tax avoidance makes you rich.

      *a guaranteed income stream for the finance sector.*

      Indeed. I don’t know many people work in the superannuation industry – funds managers, administrators, accountants, IT people, advisers, hangers on – but it must be at least 100,000.

      • Super is the greatest financial ponzi scheme ever. 1-3% of 9.5% of everyone’s salary every week is a lot of money for the industry. Find out in a couple of decades whether you can actually get any of it back. Depends if government is prepared to subsidize a savings scheme offering long term negative returns as those drawing down begin to outnumber those contributing.

    • They said the economy couldn’t afford big pay increases – but then they gave themselves big pay increases

    • Yes, it may have delivered cheaper goods, but too few people stopped to ask about the long term cost! Asset bubbles and debt covered up the rot for a few decades, but now it’s time to pay the price..

    • Currently Australia spends over 1 billion dollars a year locking up aslyum seekers n Manus Island. The people who need to pay for it are not the Chinese, but Indonesia.

  6. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”
    – Charles Darwin. A message for our major parties?

  7. It’s more about identifying and bringing to the public domain awareness of a serious problem.

    The sentiment is now there to oppose it, good people will now be emboldened to confront them.

  8. I was listening to a Republican in Leo’s new Save the World doco…… his thoughts were that there are no political leaders, they follow the masses, not the other way around.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    She’d better make her move then.

    She needs to think bigger than euthanasia and other small-fry issues. Next she’ll be suggesting a gay marriage plebiscite.
    Not to say these aren’t worthy causes, but they can be addressed after the big ones are.

    The biggest issue is the fact our economy is now a debt bubble secured against property.
    Good luck with that one!

    Others include that dodgy skills shortage that seems to be never-ending. Perhaps start with this one, Pauline?

  10. ‘globalists, the wealthy elites, and the social justice warriors’
    The correct grouping – the ecosystem that has supplanted Left and Right. Its an unholy alliance that’s for sure.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Michael Moore had a good take on the Dems (although in general it applies to the entire centre-left to varying degree)

        “Angry, embittered working (and nonworking) people who were lied to by the trickle-down of Reagan and abandoned by Democrats who still try to talk a good line but are really just looking forward to rub one out with a lobbyist from Goldman Sachs who’ll write them nice big check before leaving the room.”

      • Freddy, dont you know that the Greens and Labor represent the latte sipping, inner city public servants?

      • @Bonanza, I am very well aware of that. I have a friend who used to be a Labor rep back in the 90s and who very fiercely represented the working class. Today the same person is a latte and wine sipping hipster who cheers on house price rises and slags off the working class as being racist and uneducated. Does not even give a toss about his children not being able to afford a house.

  11. Can’t say I hold any positive feelings about One Nation whatsoever, but they (and Brexit and Trump) represent a warning to the major parties to start listening to the community and stop prioritising a high immigration, ‘free’ trade/import-dependent economy over all other considerations. If neither the Coalition nor Labor stand up and make a start addressing some of these issues, the electorate’s resentment will boil over and by 2019 we’ll have One Nation and Por-loyne holding the balance of power in both Houses of Parliament.

    • I agree. I have a particular perspective – the mass 457 ICT importation is of concern. These take skilled jobs and prevent training and career progress for locals. Yes, it’s quicker to get people from India that have been supporting SAP for example, but those are high paying jobs now closed to locals, particularly young people that can’t get on the ladder. Excess immigration has so many flow-on effects from property prices, congestion, conservation, lower standard of living, infrastructure deficits .. it’s really surprising. I’m no Hanson fan either, but the message resonates because it is true.

      My associated concern is that there will be no return to the full employment days. Technology change would ensure that – but, my word, we’ve given it a helping hand by devastating our SME’s and manufacturing.

      • I do have sympathy for this as someone in the industry. When I came here in 2010 there was a clear shortage of talent in the ICT field I work in. Thats well and truly over now, mostly as a result of a large number of Indian workers appearing. (Which is also true in many parts of the world not just here). Its still hard to find good people, but entry-level roles are taken care of. Which of course blocks out local grads.

      • That’s true – bringing in overseas labour does nothing but atrophy the domestic labour force, creating a vicious circle whereby employers continue to demand more and more skilled overseas workers to make up for the ‘skills shortage’ they themselves have helped create.

        457s can suck for overseas workers too – a friend of mine was enticed to Australia on one and had begun making plans to settle here when his employer decided to cancel the arrangement (with no warning as well as reneging on earlier assurances of permanency), leaving him with no time to find alternative employment and ultimately forced him to return to America. If employers are treating this visa category as an easy way of getting skilled, disposable labour, then they don’t deserve it

      • People who have not tried to immigrate somewhere often don’t get that – it is a big risk for the person and their family as well as a big opportunity. And it does depend on ethical behavior from employers which is hit and miss.

        Companies do abuse the 457 scheme in the ICT field, but the other side of the coin is that specific skills are required at very short notice and often plentifully available outside the country. But of course as you say this doesn’t help the local workforce skill up which would be a better solution.

        Lastly there is the wages issue. When there is a shortage, wages rise a lot and this of course favours the incumbents, but also acts as a magnet for potential entrants. If you lock out immigrants then you are going to have massive wage inflation. The best example of this IMO is Polish Plumbers – getting a plumber in the SE of the UK used to be a sick joke in terms of wait and cost. Lot of Polish people fixed that problem. Everyone happy except indigenous plumbers. But if you take that approach across the board, you have a Trump/Brexit situation.

        Another approach would be to take the US path, where H1Bs (like 457s) are limited to max 6 years total (2×3) and the holder has no right to stay beyond that. The total # available is also capped. This is less fair on the immigrant, but may manage the problem a bit.

  12. If either Labor or LNP change their “official” tune with regards to immigration, and promise to scale it back, what stops them from simply going ahead and doing what they like anyway (FIRB enforcement comes to mind). How do we really know how many people are settling here each year? If it is in their interests to continue high immigration, they will find a way. Voting elsewhere is the only answer.

  13. Or a another new party that combines all the elements that the people are looking for:

    Affordable housing
    Minimal immigration
    Full time jobs not casual work as and when available
    Politicians who are in touch with the people – not just lining their own pockets
    Australians first in local schools and not the crap that is happening now across Melbourne and Sydney where local Australians are being denied places because the overseas student has taken it and overcrowding is beyond a joke
    A real plan of action to help rural and regional Australia create jobs and enterprise – the regional areas are depressed but no one in government knows because they never travel there
    The killing of negative gearing benefitting the few at the cost of the many
    The withdrawal of the rorts of the system at the taxpayers expense such as the current childcare scam
    The removal of the right for temporary visa and student visa holders to buy established or new property – they can rent while they are here as many Australian families are being forced to thanks to their actions regarding pushing up the price of properties and making them unaffordable
    Getting our universities back to being respected worldwide rather than laughed at as we sell degrees to the Chinese
    Making Australia an owned country again and not a rented country
    Making things in Australia again when the cost of labour does not have to be so high because house prices have dropped to where they should be – so we become competitive again

    If only

    • Yup. Agree with that list. But for things to really change, we also need a mainstream media that is truly independent…

    • You could have a look at the Sustainable Australia Party, their policies include quite a few things on your list. Unfortunately most people haven’t heard of them and the MSM seems to want to keep it that way.

      • I’ve donated to Sustainable Australia Party, and I’ve also done letter-box drops for them. Mainstream media loves to hate Pauline, so she gets the free press!

      • The MSM; who I prefer to call the Lamestream media do not want an informed and empowered population.
        They want unquestioning viewers that are easily led and manipulated into buying more (mostly) useless crap, with money that they don’t have to impress other people that they don’t even like.

      • What’s that old entertainers’ adage, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Makes sense, politics is farce.

  14. As far as my experience goes in the Aussie workplace and streets Hanson echoes what most people are expressing.. She forgot to add the increasing employment numbers but still The LIB/LAB/CON want to keep the door open for very high immigration. The LIB/LAB/CON term was used in the UK to describe the Liberal elite before Brexit. It’s quite catchy :).

  15. Neville Gearless

    Fully sympathise with Hanson supporters here too. But can’t help thinking, free trade has meant thousands of people running things like eBay stores. These tend to be people who lost their jobs but because of globalism aren’t looking back. The internet has meant an explosion of self employment (this blog for example). Its just hard to knock anything. If housing was fixed – a task that is simple to do, this would be the best nation on earth. But does Pauline grasp that?

  16. Rather than taking on board any message from the dis enfranchised expect the current mob of political thieving weasels to combine forces to deny the opportunity for other parties or independents to get into parliament outside the current 2 party system. We can likely see a concerted effort now from the big two to destroy one nation in govt along with other alternate parties. And likely they will both be aided by the greens who hate one nation with a passion. We can likely see new legislation passed that will make it harder for other parties or representatives to actually get into parliament outside of the current big two,

  17. Pauline Hanson’s popularity will soar once Australia enters recession. People who lose their jobs, homes and security will flock to Pauline and vote against the establishment. The media and ruling elite will be caught of guard yet again as they were with Brexit and Trump.

    • Unable to edit.

      The media and ruling elite will be caught off guard yet again as they were with Brexit and Trump.

      • I don’t think they we’re caught off guard. Hillary’s Bernays Sauce was multi-versally omnipresent………. & yet it didn’t work!

  18. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The left wing of the labor party need to wake up and start putting forward the left wing argument against mass immigration and Plutocratic Globalisation,….otherwise the working class majority of the country are going to give leadership of the country to Right wing Conservatives and idiots.

    They spent over an hour on the Drum the other day crapping on about “Cultural Appropriation” for [email protected] sake!

    Give up the Neoliberalism and PC crap Penny and you could be our first Asian, Female, lesso elect!

    Though a vote for Hanson will lower the immigrant intake, the neoliberalsim and anti wealfare assaults will continue.
    Donald trump will largle fail his working class supporters, a true assault on neoliberalism can only come from the left,…but it will require a grass roots “insistence”.
    Join up and fight!

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      “They spent over an hour on the Drum the other day crapping on about “Cultural Appropriation” for [email protected] sake!”

      What you witnessed was the left eating itself, arsehole first.

    • Mate, the trouble is that the leadership of the left has been overrun by a bunch of chardonnay sipping hipster softcocks with Uni degrees in social justice and equity of outcomes who have never built a thing with their hands in their bloody lives. Thus they sit around all day on their pale, pasty, scrawny little arses congratulating each other on their virtue and promoting the benefits of mass immigration and multiculturalism as being good for the workers. Apparently because we have a social justice obligation to take care of every other bastard in the world before we look after our mates and kids who are already here.

      If those worthless shits aren’t replaced by people with brains and sympathy for their community, then blokes like me will end up voting for right wing ratbags like Pauline, who will gain in power, and it will be their bloody fault.

      I’ve voted Labor all my life until the last few years, but no more. It’s a shameful day in this country when the good of the people is clearly of more concern to far right wingers like Pauline than it is to morons like Penny Fucking Wong. I’m not sure what the female equivalent of a softcock is, but she’s one of them.

      Gough must be rotating at about 2000 RPM as he contemplates what’s become of his party.

      • I voted Liberals all my life but last election no more. I voted Hanson and it will stay that way till this fucked up country implodes in on itself.

    • This movement is more than a Left vs Right position, it’s a culmination of the total failure of our socioeconomic and political systems, it’s the realisation that people have been bullshitted to and all the promises our political class made have come to nothing. It’s odd that Conservatives have been voted in, especially in the US where that Republican doyen Reagan inflicted, along with Thatcher in the UK, the wonders of Reaganomics. What we’re seeing is the collapse of both left and right ideologies.

  19. There you have it, I agree with Pauline Hanson, right there, it’s in plain English in her speech, it’s clear, it’s simple and unlike the idiot media would have you believe, it’s not hateful.

  20. An ability to recognise or tap into a trend does not mean an ability to fix the underlying issue. The same people going on about immigration, free trade etc ruining their livelihoods are the same who would starve government because it is inefficient. The more starved the government, the less it is felt, the stronger the support for starving it.

    They will then turn around and ask corporates to provide the same services in a pay-as-you-go system, and be surprised when nobody wants to give telephony or internet to the regional areas.

    I have little faith that Australia possesses the corporate knowhow to rely on (local) private providers for most government services. So they’ll look overseas. So we’ll open trade and reduce restrictions at the whims of the corporate..and on it goes.

    I agree that the problem exists, but it seems like something that needs to be solved a lot more broadly than in just Australia. But then I don’t really understand how it is that we’re all losing. Surely someone is gaining on the trade. Presumably China?

  21. Waleed Aly has a good article today.
    The election is about class. The racism, sexism angle is just the theatrical, albeit ugly, angle emphasized by people who cut their teeth and were disoriented by the identity anti-politics of the 60’/70’s.
    Labor has a short window of opportunity to disown the Hawke-Keating disaster, abandon the identity politics crap and return to genuine social democratic reform. Otherwise their base will abandon them to people like Hanson.

    • Yes both Labour and Greens are being abandoned for Pauline, but have not had the chance to vote as the mood has changed quickly and exponentially.

    • Waleed is desperately trying to gain back relevance because he was so beyond wrong about Trump.

      I am tired of him acting as our moral authority.

      • yeah, me too. Aly has always struck me as a smug, pompous dickhead with a strong sense of his own moral righteousness.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        I reckon it would be entertaining to see Waleed discuss gay marriage on The Project with Penny Fucking Wong.

        Completely unrelated, his wife is evidently a doctor courtesy of a PhD in something along the lines of ‘The role of women in Islam’. Australian educational excellence case in point.

  22. Pauline Hanson is a [email protected]@@ing dumbarse and isn’t seeing anything, if she sprouts anything that makes since it’s because someone has put words into her mouth. Please, stop making her out to be an Australian Trump, she isn’t!

    • Ahh but she *is* the worlds first Trump, even 10 years ago.

      The useless sack of shit Merkel will be the next one to fall when the next Trump is elected in germany.