Having trouble accessing MB?

Dear readers,

We’ve received a number of notifications that some are having difficulty accessing MB since we adjusted our ad set-up a few weeks ago.

Can you please describe any problems you are having in the comments below, including advising us on the nature of the problem, as well as what devices and browsers (including versions) are involved.

We’ll get to fixing them ASAP.

Much appreciated,

The MB Team

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. General slowness from both Chrome and Mozilla. Seems to be caused by ads on the bottom right of the page.

  2. on Chrome, keeps freezing, needing to reload, ads keep shouting at me, skippy keeps babbling bullshit…

  3. Hi. I use FireFox (latest update) which for the past 4-5 weeks has been locking up, especially if more than 2-3 MB windows are opened. It initially locks and then puts up a message to Continue or Stop Script loading. After telling it to Stop the Script loading 4-5 times, it says the Plug-In has been stopped and the site works OK. I am having the same issue with 1-2 other sites I use but MB is by far the worst.

    Thanks for all your efforts, ITAg

      • Blocking Adobe Flash from every site is a good start to improving performance to my mind. Let’s face it, most companies with an even adequate understanding of current web tech have long since thrown Flash under the bus! I stopped updating it about a year ago and I still haven’t found a website that I frequent where functionality/performance has been an issue!

  4. Using Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit)
    At times, I see the following:
    – increased memory usage since last update (related chrome.exe process using upwards of 500MB RAM)
    – slow response when typing messages (probably related to the above)
    – continuous loading of page, even when the content and ad seem to be complete (the browser shows the page as still loading)
    – the related ‘shockwave’ plugin (I think that’s the one) crashes

  5. On pc i have no issues but i use a liberal amount of Ad-blocking and cookie blocking across all devices but on my phone i have a lot of issues.

    When using my “internet” browser (its Samsung own browser) i oftern get adds that redirect me away from MB that have lots of flashing banners saying my phone is haxored or what ever, this requires me to close the tab and start again.

  6. I commonly have issues on the work computer using Google Chrome v41.0.2272.76. (cant update it unfortunately)
    The Shockwave plugin crashes and ends up with me needing to close the browser completely. Especially common when opening multiple windows to read more than one article.

    It works fine on my Android phone running Chrome so I end up having to use that instead most of the time. Thanks

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’ve now tried IE, Chrome and Firefox and am prettywell getting all of the above. Would love to know how other browsers are coping. Safari? Might be shockwave related as it crashes after a long spin refresh to nothing and a freeze where you can’t scroll.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Firefox on chrome on mobile with a really good looking ad blocker works superbly. Have turned off all ‘smarts’ on browser of course. Pretend it’s an RE agent.

      As to Safari… fun to drive until your friends see you.

  8. same issues as timmus on chrome desktop

    saw this from the Hustle may have something to do with it


    Thanks to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), readers’ tolerance for slow-loading pages is about as low as humanity’s tolerance for the word “moist.”
    Digital media companies — including yours truly — are now faced with a difficult decision:
    Host content on these platforms and give readers the quick-loading experience they want but take a cut in ad revenue (since the ‘Book and the Goog serve the ads themselves).
    Host the content on their own site and risk turning away visitors but keep all the ad money in-house.
    Not an ideal situation. Where’s that best-of-both-worlds option when you need it?
    Oh, here it is!
    Instead of surrendering to the behemoths or giving them the cold shoulder, many publishers are opening door #3: directly compete with Instant Articles and AMP by making their own pages load faster (sorry, paywall).
    How? By significantly reducing the number of “ad tags” on their sites. And what, exactly, are ad tags?
    They’re pieces of code on websites that ping multiple ad networks (a process that takes microseconds) while you’re waiting for the page to load.
    This helps sites generate more revenue because advertisers are bidding for a spot in real-time, but the lag — especially if one of the ad networks is particularly slow — is no bueno.
    Publishers like Slate and New York magazine are significantly cutting down on these tags, believing that any loss in ad revenue will be offset by an increase in traffic.
    And then there’s the Washington Post, which is straight up changing how the tags work by setting limits on how long they can communicate with each ad server.
    In short, everyone’s competing to cut down on page speed which is great for readers. As for the media companies serving up the content? Just gotta stay on our toes in an ever-changing landscape.

    • All well and good, but people think ALL information, even info worth paying for, should be free.
      Simply ripping out GTM is pointless for a lot of people.

      It’s not just tag managers/tracking scripts either

      All the code pointing to LeadPages, ActiveCampaign etc etc etc

  9. Freezes up Firefox – first runs slowly and then just becomes totally non-responsive and I have to kill the app.
    Running latest version on Mac.

  10. It seemed to get really bad there for a while and I complained. Seemed to coincide with video ads which infuriate everyone and should never be used in any circumstance ever. Doesn’t seem as noticeable now but it might be because I turned Adblock back on.

    I used to use MB on my phone heaps but started using it less when it got super slow. I need to be able to get through an article on the dunny or at a red light. Load times are still pretty slow and it means I often resort to other toiliterature.

    I pay a (not insubstantial) subscription fee for a premium service – ads cheapen the experience, especially when they talk at you.

    Android/chrome, windows/chrome

    Cheers MB

  11. I run an iPad with the latest safari, I’m not getting login issues but my complain is the advertising I received after login to subscribe to macrobusiness even though I have login as a subscriber. It’s irritating because I have to login again to get rid of the ads as it prevents me from reading the articles. Can you remove the ads for existing subscribers please.

  12. The MB site constantly freezes up. All to do with the ads. Does not happen on any other site that I use.
    I am using IE 11 and Windows 7.
    Also how about the courtesy of responding to emails ? Whats the point of having a contact email if you do not read and respond ?

  13. I’ve noticed someone else has been using my “Malcolm” handle for a few weeks …….. can’t see how this could be possible and may have nothing to do with the changes, but sure makes for confusion. I’ve already brought this to attention.

    • Yeah unfortunately the usernames are not unique. There is at least one other David and I think more likely two others. That’s why I went and added an Avatar. I might request a name change one day, but if I do I won’t ask for Malcolm 🙂

  14. Same problem for me – Shockwave flash has crashed with Chrome and Firefox (I don’t use IE).
    Updated Chrome last week to version 53.0.2785.116 and still have the problem, same with Firefox was 48.0.2 now 49.0.1.
    Installed the latest shockwave flash (


  15. Dunno who told us about ghostery but that seems to fix it in chrome. (maybe the David with the fallout gravatar)

    • Wasn’t me, I use uBlock Origin (which I would recommend) and HTTP Request Blocker (to specifically kill tekblue, which was causing performance issues a while ago). I have no performance issues with MB.

  16. Using Firefox and have no problems … but Ghostery and NoScript may have something to do with that. Mind you, it means that I do not get to see all the avatars. I can’t tell you how disappointed that makes me feel.

  17. I have the latest Internet Explorer 11, I think in Windows 7 on an HP lap top.
    Scrolling often seizes up and then I get a message that MB is not responding and the page then automatically refreshes or I have to leave then re-enter the site.

  18. Latest Chrome Browser….. got to kill the shockwave plug-in to use a page

    Menu —> More Tools —-> Task Manager —-> Shockwave Plugin —-> End Process

  19. roylefamilyMEMBER

    Its the dynamic serving of a sequence of ads to the page I am reading. It slows old hardware down terribly. You can’t scroll down the page.

  20. Frequent crashing on IE11 v 11.0.9600.18426 which has meant I’ve hardly been able to read MB for a couple of weeks.
    Work computer, so stuck with the browser…

  21. Running UBlock (free) on firefox and chrome no issues and browsing in general is fast across all sites including MB.

  22. All good for me on latest Chrome and FF. I use ad blockers on both. I still get the annoying popup everytime I access the site.

  23. rob barrattMEMBER

    Firefox 49.01 on Win10. Site quickly slows Firefox to a halt. It becomes unresponsive. You often get the script stopped running error message.

  24. Microsoft edge on windows 10 –  previously described problems with writing comments (freezes when ad changes – worse with video. (Just trying to write this message to this point caused page to become non-responsive so had to write in another program and c&p)

    Moreover, when general browsing can not open several MB pages at once as pages become unresponsive and may crash the PC requiring rebooting. Have resorted to opening only one page and clicking each article and then returning to main page to read next article of interest.

  25. The factual – Latest Chrome, added Adblock which did nothing. No problems on other sites (ZH but less). Freezing, locking up, have to kill page. Trouble commenting as it freezes as I type too – so I don’t bother anymore. Can’t leave a page open for very long as more likely to lock up. And forget running more than 2-3 MB pages at a time. My hardware’s not ultra fast, but it’s above average…….

    The emotional – (what people make decisions by) I’m glad you’ve finally started to address the problem, I’m sure the experience is limiting your traffic, comments & potential subscribers. As much as I don’t like ad’s (why I left Foxtel) I’m prepared to put up with some for the quality of content on this site, but the performance of late has seen me drift off elsewhere – it hasn’t been pleasant!

  26. Firefox and Chrome. Had to put in add blocker in Firefox just to read your page.
    Non-responsive pages.

  27. I use Adblock on Chrome (for my PC), however when using Chrome on my Android (which doesn’t have any Adblock available) Macro Business (along with Zero Hedge) redirect to dodgy AF sites, hijacking your browser. See here for screenshot:


    This can indicate malware on the phone, but do not believe this to be the case and there was a similar example a couple of years ago where advertisers learned to hijack this browser: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/Q74jiLWfLdM

    I worked around it by adding Macro Business (& ZH) to an exception list in the browser which blocks Javascript, so problem is not ongoing for me, but does seem you are using some questionable ad scripts/implementation.

  28. Linux kernel 4.4.0-38 & Firefox 48.0 – Computer slows down, firefox becomes unresponsive & then crashes (usually on change of ad). Sometimes an ad railroads the browser to another site (occasionally to porn sites).
    Android 5.0.2 & firefox 49.0 – ads hide articles, performance goes to pot, firefox crashes on ad change, ads take browser to other sites (and not in new tabs).
    Which got me to finally get off my lazy arse and track down an ad blocker for both platforms, which as an aside has got shot of all that “outbrain” and other clickbait on so many other sites – so now I don’t care if you fix the problems or not and I’ve stopped getting the shits that I paid a subscription and still get subjected to all the crap ads.
    Though it still shits me that you have a contacts page that just dumps problem report contacts into the small round filing cabinet under your desk.

  29. Having consistent issues on every browser and OS you can name, slowing, freezing, crashing browsers,

    The site has well and truly gone to shit.

  30. Locks up on IE11 on PC. Also Chrome on Android tablet. Fine with Ghostery on same Android tablet as per advice here. Would love you to fix the IE11 problem because I might possibly (only occasionally) be looking at this site at work so have no control over browser.

  31. Using Opera dev beta here, absolutely NO problems whatsoever – ever. Get a real browser, not bloated spyware.

  32. Firefox 49.0.1, now it’s better than previous version, which was basically unusable, the page loading effectively stopped scrolling while waiting for the scripts/ads to load. The only time I have felt compelled to notify site admins to try to get them to rectify.

    I was trying to avoid ad blockers as I know that cuts a revenue source and helps keep subscription fees lower but was fairly cheesed off.

  33. I am using latest Chrome and Windows 10. New disc, recently reloaded computer. MB is simply noticeably slow to load. Wait up to 5 minutes. Often go to another web page and read that while waiting for MB to load. Similar on my android phone using chrome. Was always a bit slow to load say 1 minute but now its much longer.
    Maybe the good govt up here blocks me from the Adds that others are describing. Smile (Weixiao)