Turnbull opens new student migration scam floodgate

By Leith van Onselen

A new front has opened in the student-migration scam, whereby the Turnbull Government has opened the door to international primary school students and their guardians to access Australian schools and purchase Australian property ahead of achieving permanent residency. From SBS News:

From July 1, students aged six and above would be able to apply for student visas regardless of their country of citizenship – and their guardians can also apply for Guardian visas (subclass 580)

These visa-rule changes, which were announced during Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s visit to China in April, also mean non-residents can buy several new properties or one existing property…

Dave Platter, from the leading Chinese international-property portal Juwai.com said there has been a nearly 20 per cent jump in inquiries for properties in Australia since Mr Turnbull’s announcement…

Estate agents Vera and Geoffrey Wong have hosted an open home in Sydney’s Eastwood.

Most of their clients are either Chinese or South Korean investors, and Mr Wong says when they were choosing a property, there is no doubt their children’s education is considered most important.

He said buyers are planning purchases that cater for their children’s entire education.

“Schooling … that is – I can’t emphasise it enough – is one of the main factors,” he said.

“Our clients, I would say over 70 per cent, (are looking,) at schooling and the university afterwards.”

Unbelievable. Primary schools in “good” catchment areas are already bursting at the seams. Meanwhile, Australia’s biggest cities, which is where most migrants arrive, are already struggling to digest a decade of rampant population growth (immigration), which has clogged their roads, trains, and reduced residents’ overall amenity.

ScreenHunter_13326 Jun. 03 07.22

And yet the government wants to add more immigrant fuel to the fire, just so that it keeps a floor under Australia’s already ridiculously expensive house values.

Where is the additional federal investment in schools and infrastructure to keep up with the migrant influx? And where is the consideration of impacts on Australia’s existing residents – especially young families struggling to buy a home and put their children through schooling?

Is this what Australia has been reduced to: flogging land, houses and visas to wealthy Chinese? Is this what Turnbull really means by his “innovation agenda”? Surely we can do better.

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    • Is this what Australia has been reduced to: flogging land, houses and visas to wealthy Chinese?

      Looks like it, yes. ?

      This is pretty significant news.

      Any Chinaman or Indian orwhoever with a kid over 6 can come here and buy a house, just coz they were smart enough to have a kid.

      The consequences for the housing market will be catastrophic.

      I can’t digest this. It’s pretty extreme!

      ? ?? ??
      ? ?

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        NSW needs 220+ new schools to deal with the existing situation, let alone this brain fart from Turnbull.Are the LNP restoring the education funding they cut under Abbott & Hockey?

        H&H why so surprised ? You have been calling the Aus economy Houses & Holes for years. This is the logical extension of such an economy, when thereare no new holes to dig.

    • The more bizarre this shit gets the closer we get to the implosion and realisation that the political class is COMPLETELY CORRUPT and Australia has very little to offer the world without prostituting itself.

      • Australia has very little to offer the world without prostituting itself.

        So should HnH change his byline to “Holes and Holes”? 😉 😂

      • I read this far into the article…

        “Dave Platter, from the leading Chinese international-property portal Juwai.com”

        and my internal response was

        “Is there do depth to what strings this mob can pull within the government?”

        Is EVERY single housing related policy directed to preserving houses prices? Enhancing Juwai’s dividends?

      • @R2M, hahahaha… and there’s only one kind of holes that bring the $$$ in. I’ve described Melbourne’s descent into crapness as being turned into Bangkok, but this definition gives it an entirely new spin…

    • Calm down everybody – all is AOK…………

      “In school catchment areas, where there’s potential for new development, Chinese interest actually increases the supply of housing by making it possible for developers to build new buildings, and that creates new supply, which can help keep prices down,” Mr Platter said.

      “The government has done studies on this, and they’ve found that Chinese buyers actually keep prices down by encouraging new supply.”

      There you go – it all means we are going to get cheaper housing….LOL

      FFS…….you just could not make this shit up, but our overlords have no problem spinning utter BS !

      • These sort of silly arguments are the same ones they used to use to explain how Perpetual Motion Machines work. This pushes on that which pulls another which pushes on that again. Except it doesn’t.

        Bogus arguments 101.

    • Welcome to “Ponzi Property: The Neoliberal Delusion of Home Ownership” people! Bring on the public hangings!

      “First, and perhaps most important, homeowners — and pretty much everyone else in society — have become increasingly dependent on continually rising house prices in order to maintain their living standards. Real wages, by which I mean wages adjusted for inflation, have stagnated for most people since the 1970s in countries like the US, UK and Canada. Moreover, the austerity aftermath of the global financial crisis has simply reinforced this trend with many people yet to return to pre-crisis earnings……..Rising house prices have supplanted rising wages for many people, meaning that most people have become dependent on their house to finance things like their own lifestyles, their children’s education and future, medical bills, and so on.”


      • Let us not forget…Australia will become a battleground and not before due time, we will have our own internal revolution whatever form it may take:

        “Second, and most perniciously, this dependence on housing and rising house prices breeds complicity with fiscal conservatism, encouraging and supporting the continuing stagnation of real wages, which the non-home-owning 30 percent of the population (the poorest) rely upon for their survival (as do many others).”

    • Why isn’t this news headlines and why isn’t any political party yelling it from rooftops? Is this in the best interest of Australian people? Sellout generation of Australia!

  1. lol. So they can LEGALLY buy EXISTING property!

    Straya has lost the plot. Run by classist simpletons and vested interests.

    To the youth, I repeat: L E A V E

    Your country is sucking on your blood.

    • bzunicaMEMBER

      I posted before that this could send me over the edge to staying. My young boy goes to one of these “sought after” public schools. The school has 1360 kids (most in NSW) and almost 200 in kindergarten. The school caters for more than double the classes than the government says it should. There is little room for the kids to play and I was thinking about taking him to a school where there might be room. Perhaps not move out of Australia, but out of Sydney.

    • They are putting another layer of buyers into the ponzi scheme… we have been asking who will buy the dogboxes that have been bought and left empty.

      TA-DAH!!! FTFY

  2. Oh yeah – now that is innovation, boys!! That’s the deal that Turdbott was talking about! Watch and learn how it’s done right!

    And we all thought that there’s no possible way the could juice the property market more… Here’s how! Oh, and we were taking the piss of KOD and the other tool being “brought to you by Ray White” … we thought it was a joke… Who’s laughing now?

    … f*ck me gently with a chainsaw… 🙁

    • I’m not surprised. Appalled, but not surprised.

      66% of Aussies own their home. 20% have investment property. Most Australians have all their wealth in property. This is a democracy. Do the math.

      Honestly, what did you think they’d do?

      Strip the boomers of their luxury retirement? Cut the tradies off from their annual luxury car upgrade? Yeah, right.

  3. Sigh. Happening even faster than I expected!

    This is just the first round of special visas to juice housing. If you think this is outrageous then stop watching. The states want the revenue from the foreigner property tax, the fed govt wants to keep the 66% of Australians who already own their home feeling rich.

    It is entirely possible that house prices are going up again by amounts that will beggar belief – but only in certain parts of Sydney and Melbourne.

  4. I’m putting a deposit on a house today.

    Australia will populate to 40 million and will then vote to become a Chinese Provence and will then populate to hundreds of millions.

    And here’s these retarded morons, the Greens, overseeing the destruction of Australia’s youth and environment.

    300k population growth, the destruction of a World Heritage site, and they’re compromising their voter base with this mindless, nonsensical position on boat arrivals. http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2016/s4483479.htm

    In other words, sensible Australians that want to vote for an environmental party, simply can’t send their vote to a party that cannot comprehend their policy will lead to tens of thousands of people coming by boat.

    It is just remarkable. The socialist brain, while often otherwise intelligent, simply clearly doesn’t function entirely.

    Australia has lost the plot as per Ortega above and, Australians will get what they deserve pretty soon for being so dumb led by a media pretending to be socialist while stealing your country. I can’t wait to scream in the face of the morons telling me I’m a red neck “I fking told you this was coming clown”

    Australians will be refugees within a few decades. Our kids. Well done Australia.

    • greedypuppyMEMBER

      Why are you obsessed with targeting the Greens. This is a Coalition policy with consequences beyond swamping the country by Chinese. if you aint got something constructive to say just stay off this thread.

      • To be fair, the Greens’ policies are worse than this. Open borders to all is more destructive than allowing those with the financial means to bring their kids here for schooling.

      • 1. How fking dare you consider your position is superior to mine and telling me to stay off this thread.

        2. How are Greens opposing anything while over 90% of Australians won’t vote for them because of their nutter policies that far overshadow their apparent population and environment policy.

        Grow up mate, and think things through and you’ll understand.

      • Richard aka Rich42 will never back up his anti-Green obsession with facts. He relies on ignorance of the Greens’ actual policies to make his point 🙄

      • Revert2Mean

        “Richard aka Rich42 will never back up his anti-Green obsession with facts. He relies on ignorance of the Greens’ actual policies to make his point”

        Facts and Greens policy are entirely divorced from each other. Greens are a complete disaster for existing Australians, but particularly existing YOUNG Australians. You not understanding that doesn’t make my posts ignorant.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        To be fair, the Greens’ policies are worse than this. Open borders to all is more destructive than allowing those with the financial means to bring their kids here for schooling.

        That’s not being fair, that’s lying.

        No part of Greens policy involves, or even suggests, “open borders”.

      • drsmithy

        “No part of Greens policy involves, or even suggests, “open borders”.”

        Yeah it does. Greens said it last night. They’d be processed doesn’t mean a thing Greens style. Boats heading to Australia will be processed in Australia and allowed to stay and you know it.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Yeah it does. Greens said it last night. They’d be processed doesn’t mean a thing Greens style. Boats heading to Australia will be processed in Australia and allowed to stay and you know it.

        No, that’s just you making shit up again.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        You know how the system’s not working? That we’re getting almost none of what we want?

        That’s because there aren’t enough people like me. Your logic needs a rethink.

        greedypuppy. What a ridiculous comment. Nothing I’ve ever said is racist. I just think a lot better than you, that’s all. I understand things, you don’t.

        FFS, neither of you can poke holes in my logic, so you criticise and condemn. It’s hilarious.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Yeah, the system is not working, but it’s for a lot of reasons that are far more complicated than the arguments you put forward in your simplistic rants.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Nope. It’s 100% because of how we vote and you cannot argue against that. Simple rant? hahahah. A rant you’ve got no argument for.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        If I can cut through the hyperbole in your original comment, your “argument” is basically vote for Stable Population Party (or similar) and our problems go away – far too simplistic. The nth order consequences of cutting (or increasing) our population growth need serious analysis, not emotionall outbursts.

        We need some evidence-based policy; free from the influence of lobbyists and emotional reactionaries (on both sides).

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        far too simplistic? If we want to twist it and turn it into all sorts of complex BS, yes. If we just want to consider the facts, then no.

        Population growth is at the core of every problem we have, ergo, more people, original problem bigger and bigger and bigger.

        Importing consumers in an economy that produces nothing has to be the dumbest thing any country has willingly done, and most people know it. They just hope they can take the cream and everyone else pays including their own kids.

        Population growth is the ultimate selfish act, disguised as benevolence and all sorts of other disgusting twists of the truth.

        I view it as simple, because it’s simple.

      • Did not Di Natale say last night on 7.30 report that all people coming by boat woll have their claims assessed in Australia. That will be a green light to launch. One day, when someone can talk without running foul of the Border Security Act, people may learn how many billions the last relaxation (made by Chris Evans) cost the country.

    • You can vote for the Sustainable Australia Party.

      Given this latest news, this website should have a banner at the top of each article saying “vote 1 SAP to cut immigration”

    • “Australia will populate to 40 million and will then vote to become a Chinese Provence and will then populate to hundreds of millions.”
      yeah I’m sure our owners of this country (USA) will let that happen… total global airspace dominance anyone?

      keep fapping to that notion. The chinese are buggering off, this is yet another hail-mary from the gubmint to juice immigration. IT WON’T WORK.

      • There’s something like 160 thousand millionaires in China. If not there’s always India, Russia and a hundred more.

        It will work.

  5. As someone who lives in that area of Sydney, lol. This is the neoliberal’s dream: A million more.

    However, not many of them will end up in Bairds/Abbotts/Turnbull’s seats. Funny that.

    • So far no public primary/high schools are able to market themselves to overseas students, so most of these students will compete for places at grammar schools other private schools. Probably will be more competition for housing in blue ribbon liberal electorates than anywhere.

      • Alright, I’ll bite. Walk around in the areas around Oxford St or Narrabeen. Then walk around Eastwood or Rhodes. You will have a very different experience. So until that changes, no.

    • As predicted, they are going to scorch the earth before they let property prices correct.

      Hedge accordingly.

  6. This is completely outrageous. The demand for this type of visa will be huge. And I can’t understand the logic behind allowing them to buy an existing home – why not require them to buy new homes only?

    And how will this work will the schools? Do these kids get preferences over local kids?

    • The logic is simple. Protect house prices.

      Stop thinking ethically and long term. You will get it wrong every time.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        It’s a great truth! That’s the problem with people on here. They think everyone should be good but the truth is the majority of people just want to make better profits so until you start thinking about getting ahead of the losers you’ll remain the bottom dwelling that you scum.

  7. “The capital doesn’t have national uniform.” It doesn’t care about locals, doesn’t care about anyone but but its own growth to infinity. Delusional people beleaved that capital means only productive means. It means money, because money above some critical amount is capital, no matter where it is allocated. The only purpose of its allocation is to suck from the rest of the economy and to grow financially. Wake up delusional, people. Poor children of Australia, they are sacrificed like lambs.

  8. It just seems so wrong that a major decision like this can be made without a debate in parliament. Also, I can’t see this decision playing out well with some sectors of the public, so it is strange that it has happened during a campaign. Perhaps a deal was done, change the visa rules to allow this scam in exchange for donations and NG attacks ads against Labor?

    • I think this underhanded con played out behind the backs of Australia’s children needs to hit the MSM.

      Honestly, I think young people need to do some research and leave. The world is big. The opportunities huge for those with courage and smarts (most Strayan kids). This country is obviously captured, beholden, bought and paid for, and will soon find itself gimped, stuck between a colossal US/China confrontation.

      The most stable platform to build future improvements in living standards is being stolen right now by consecutive Strayan governments.

      As for house prices, we are the butt of international jokes, now surpassing levels of idiocy not seen since 07 in US, and elsewhere. This is all about maintaining the Ponzi no matter what, but mark my words, no ponzi goes on forever, and even Australia’s will burst and when it does it will have consequences never before seen in the annals of bubble trainwrecks throughought all history.

      • Ortega.
        We heard this many times before
        House prices WILL NOTT go down
        They are driven up by your government, RBA, APRA, RE, Media , specufestors who hold the power on this country
        I wish I can believe you, but sadly …. I can’t

      • You’re right but the timeline may be very long. They will turn this country into 3rd world ash before letting house prices fall. Don’t think that Labor wouldn’t do something stupid either if their NG policy causes houses to fall , even 10%.

    • Hah! Hell no. This is the decision that makes two thirds of Australians even wealthier! This is the decision that will see BMWs in more driveways. This is the decision that will keep tradies overcharging for granny flats and extensions.

      I can’t believe it either. Probably will prop up the AUD a bit too.

    • Up until this point i have never considered myself racist. I have always supported multiculturalism. Up to this point. Seeing our houses brought by non citizens when we cant afford one. Now australian children will lose places in schools to the higher fee paying international students. I am now feeling displaced and very angry. If they want violence in the streets they are going about it in the right way

      • A good example of the social conditioning that’s occurred. Recognising that your own government, who is elected to look after its citizens interests is, in fact, busily selling its own citizens down the river to accommodate and pander for the interests of citizens of other countries is not racism.

  9. No wonder real estate agents are sure that house prices will always go up. Thought Turnbull will help Australians getting to their first home? Vote for him to keep getting more Chinese to the country and kick us out.

  10. John Keys all over again… Abbott would have said no – Turnbull (who knows Australia is economically stuffed) – thinks, ah what the hell, bit of extra money never hurts! Despite his publicity run Republican views, the guy is run by money, he is no nationalist. Abbott for all his onion eating faults, was.

    Scary thing is, according to Wong and Co., Labour would probably make it even easier… to say otherwise is racist/homophobic/elitist or what ever term they can come up with.

    The political class is becoming corrupt. And if our views don’t match theirs, aka the homosexual debate, then they will just ram it through parliament. Because the voters cannot be trusted with important issues…

    thats why Trump is so popular – I get it now. He actually tells the truth – he blows away the political PC. He is telling American that a recession (at best) is coming. He treats women the same way he treats men, and makes a point of it, he is telling them their jobs are moving overseas.

    Its like the British upper class system, benevolent, but in control.

    Can I make a point, PC dulls analysis. Becker views are at times totally incoherent. UE is politically biased (as we all are), knows the big issues but is more willing to run the political line. NG, MP – please!!! No more. H&H, you are seriously good, but the LNG debate was a bit Odd. Gunna is biased as hell, but very cogent. Love this site, it is unique, BUT…

    The future of MB has to b content and opinion. That you all do very well. The problem is you (over time) are melding into group think. And to be honest, don’t know of an other writer than can balance that drift. But you seriously need someone who will shake the possum so to speak.

    • Tv celebrity lawyer-politicians will assure us with their fake tv smiles that they will protect us with “safeguards” that they’ll write into the agreement and which will immediately be gamed by rich foreigners, just as is already happening with the Chafta labour rules. Either they are imbeciles or they are liars, or probably a bit of both. This is such an open case of selling out ordinary Australians, that it’s going to turn the people against the Looting and Nepotism Party. Tones is also a sell out kingpin, but I doubt he’d have done this, not on moral grounds or loyalty to Autralians, but only because it’s too obvious. The revulsion is going to be enormous. This is literally selling out of Australia’s public services to rich foreigners for private gain in the most shameless way possible.

    • “Can I make a point, PC dulls analysis. Becker views are at times totally incoherent. UE is politically biased (as we all are), knows the big issues but is more willing to run the political line. NG, MP – please!!! No more. H&H, you are seriously good, but the LNG debate was a bit Odd. Gunna is biased as hell, but very cogent. Love this site, it is unique, BUT…”

      Politically biased? Really? funny how I never hear from you when I denounce Labor on super (often) or when I slammed the Greens frequently under Christine Milne. You were also conveniently quiet when we heaped praise on Turnbull initially, only to change track once he sold-out.

      I support Labor’s NG policy (and attack the Coalition) because I want NG abolished. If the boot was on the other foot (i.e. the Coalition proposed to reform it), I would be rallying against Labor.

      It’s not political bias – it’s called arguing based on the merits of policy. It just happens to be that Labor’s is better at this point in time.

      You hate that I slam Costello’s super reforms. But any non-partisan analysis shows that they were a shocker.

      • Sorry, that seems personal above, and its not. I apologise. Yes, stop the financial wrought’s. I have a rural bias, religious, conservative, and I don’t trust presidents. Tough background, I am big on self reliance, and believe in true free markets. Believe in a Big country, believe in big development up north. Believe that a heap of major infrastructure projects city and rural, especially in dams, transport will have utilisation befits for hundreds of years. I believe in tidal, geothermal, wave and wind technologies – but think solar will always be boutique. Don’t believe in multicultural, because that creates pockets of like minded. Believe in promoting a national culture – whatever that form takes.

        I have reasons and arguments for all the above. No national Party closely resembles any of that, the closest the Nationals. But barely.

        I have bias’s and hopefully have reason why. In regards to NG – sure, I think it a silly idea, but most countries have something similar. I would put it to you it has absolutely nothing to do with this recent house rise, rather cheeper credit and massive Chinese influx. MP in NZ is bloody useless when the PM fights his own Reserve Bank. And when that crash finally comes, few will look at the real reasons…

        I would also put it to you that Labour knows this, and are playing the game, whilst letting in even larger numbers of Chinese if/when they get into power. This is an observation. Hopefully i have reasons for that.

        Good science is based on observation. Some of your articles which you have posted in good faith, have had seriously shoddy workmanship, especially that from the ANU. Australia Institute – seem a wee bit biased as well, but don’t know anything about them.

        I think some of your observations are extremely astute. Cutting even. But Ironically (from memory), they are only when they are your own!!! Play on that strength. We are all allowed bias’s. Just spell them out. I think to a couple of Greens policy posts (maybe one Labour one) a while ago that appeared a little unsubstantiated or ill conceived IMHO.

    • I don’t like Trump at all, but he hasn’t got any sort of filter and that’s why he has appeal.

      • I am not keen on him either – said I prefer Hillary to my mother, who almost threw me out of the house… certainly invokes strong opinions.

        Hilliary is pragmatic, but I admit, Sanders has pushed her far to the Left, and she now has a credibility problem. Unfortunately she won’t be the first US female President.

      • The stats on the links this morning did not look good for Trump. I saw his and Obama’s speech after Orlando and it was clear that Trump had hit a Democrat nerve. The Trump speech, of which I saw about half, was really hard hitting, some might say too hard, but it was impossible to ignore.

    • Ah, no. Abbott hates it when poor voters get jobs. He would rather the jobs be given to 457 visa workers.

      Or he thinks that smashing the wages of Aussies will make the economy boom!

  11. So who of us will be surprised when someone leaps to their misguided feet screaming “Australia first..!!!.”

      • And you’d have to reckon there’d be a bit of nervousness on the hustings from now on…..

      • I’d like to see all the anti population parties (red neck or otherwise) preference each other.

        Leave Greens last.

    • I really hope so, it’s putting foreign interests above ours. If you own a home or not. If I had kids in schools and didn’t want them to be stuck in over crowded class rooms I’d be outraged also.

      Why can they buy 6 new properties anyway? Who needs 6?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      A reminder of new Senate voting rule : You have to vote 6 numbers above the line, or 12 below. You don’t have to leave them last, just don’t number them at all.
      The Green don’t even run a candidate in my electorate at the last election.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I believe there’s also a provision in the legislation for a single vote of ‘1’ above the line, but that vote will expire if the candidate is eliminated.

      • adelaide_economist

        Your vote will still be counted even if you just put a 1 above the line and nothing else. Obviously the electoral commission has an interest in people doing the ‘right’ thing which is why they don’t publicise the ‘savings provisions’.

        You’ll need to dig in the explanatory memorandum for the legislation but single votes above the line in Senate voting *will* still count. The difference is that there is no longer any automatic preferencing so if you do only place a 1 above the line and that candidate doesn’t win, your vote is extinguished and can’t be passed via candidate/party set preferences.

    • Leave Greens last.

      You back here again with your anti-Green monomania? Weren’t you banned under your old username “rich42”?

      • Thanks Ronin.

        @Revert2Mean stick to the issue of Greens being traitors to Australians and being a complete environmental failure because they’re far more stuck on social issues but more so don’t oppose 300k population growth.

        Grow up and question it.

      • “Grow up and question it.”

        I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the Green’s policy is smart politics. They know they can steal progressive voters from Labor on this issue and they’re exploiting it for all it’s is worth. Everyone else politicizes this issue, why not the Greens? You think Labor and the Coalition really care about the wellbeing of refugees or what we think, it’s all about wedging the other side politically.

  12. Ronin8317MEMBER

    This policy, if informed to people, will flip a lot of Liberal seats in Sydney, assuming the ALP is willing to take it. WTF????

  13. Sigh, all we have are houses and holes. Holes are everything, that’s why both sides approved the Adani mine, reef and climate change be damned. Now that’s all looking hopeless, so we fall back on houses. Ye gods, what a predicament

  14. Can’t say I’m all that surprised I believe the old limit was 9. The problem is that now most affluent Chinese families have two children.
    If you do the math, the NSW Selective Schools math that is, you’ll need to be in Australia for all of 5th grade (average student age 10) so 9 as a cut off worked well until most wealth Chinese started having two children, since the second child is 2 to 3 years younger meaning the cut off needs to be 6 or 7.

    I’m not sure this is a great deal for Australia because typically the husband will remain in China/ Korea/Japan earning big bucks but not paying Income Tax in Australia. I guess the family pays Sales taxes, land taxes and Sydney Rents but in exchange they’re hoping for a Selective Schools education and University at resident rates. Naturally they get the added benefit of Australian residency for themselves and the bread winner, the last point being especially important if the SHTF,,,they typically want to be able to parachute into an existing life outside China.
    If you’re wondering about what kinda marriage this is, well lets just say, from my own observations that it’s not all that unusual for a Chinese couple (especially over say 40) to remain married but live completely separate social / personal lives where each is free to do as they please with the one proviso that they never do anything to embarrass the family or their spouse.

    • Bottom line though is that another Aussie property is taken off the rental and/or sales market by a non-Australian

      Thanks for the insight into the marriage dynamics.

    • Way off topic, but…ageing musician Robert Fripp married aspiring singer Toya Wilcox in the mid 80’s, and they then happily spent all but 8 weeks odd of their married lives, completely separate – mostly different counties. When asked “Why is that Robert?” the answer was a pragmatic “So we both have someone to be with when we get old”. Your Chinese relationship situation no doubt similaly applies.

      • “So we both have someone to be with when we get old”
        Yea not sure that’ll ever happen, once the xiao-taitai (mistress …literally little wife) establishes herself the hatred just seems to grow, but they stay married, go figure.
        In China today we have a weird sort of Japanese 90’s Enjo flashback whereby wealthy businessmen are looking for youngest bit of arm-candy they can find, it’s got to the point where they’ve bypassed the Uni students and High schoolers. I’ve seen more than one marriage where the partners headed for separate continents after the the husband developed a fixation for having ever younger eye/arm candy.

    • Thanks Bob for the insight. I was of the understanding that for a long while Australia was one of the few countries that handed out student visas for primary school kids (used to be mainly for the expat families working in the South Pacific) and those student visas always came with carer visas. You seen to have clarified that the only major change is the lower age limit for the kids.

      One reason why I doubt that this will result in a flood of Chinese families into Australia is that the best outcome of Chinese families is for their kids to get accepted into the best schools in China and then go onto study at one of the top 100 Chinese universities (a bit like our sandstone unis but even more so).

      For most Chinese families I think it is only when it become obvious that their kid is not destined for such success that families will think of other options, one being a foreign education, and I think if the kid is only 6 or 7 then the parents’ dream would still be on a Chinese education. It used to be that once a Chinese kid leaves the Chinese schooling system they cannot rejoin: a mainlander child that completes primary and / or high school in Australia will not be accepted back into their universities.

      Sure some mainlander families use their kids studying in the west solely as a bolthole but they also want to ensure their little emperor has every chance in life.

      • Yeah,

        I kind of feel that there would be relatively few Chinese parents who would want to expose their children to very much of Australia’s education system from a results perspective. Their child would in some sense need to have be completely assured of success regardless of educational outcomes.

      • Just to e clear there’s nothing second rate about a NSW Selective schools education, the results speak for themselves.
        Sure a revised NSW education curriculum would be good but it’d probably be more beneficial for the average school than the likes of James-Ruse or Hornsby Girls (which are two of the schools that these Asian parents are hoping to get their children into). I know several Selective schools teachers and they tell me that most of the kids in their classes will knock out the entire years study in a few weeks, which gives them plenty of time to do whatever interests them. These kids are typically 2 to 3 years ahead of their peers so they just need to revise what they are suppose to know for this course. Apparently one of the biggest problems with these kids is having them un-learn what they’re not expected to know….Many High school Science questions are looking for an 8th grade answer not a graduate level discussion paper, so the marking rubric expects (requires) 8th grade text book responses, you get points based on the inclusion of certain standard phrases / words. Problem is there are many issues in Science that are less clear cut at Post Grad Research level than the 20 year out-of-date 8th grade text book would imply.
        Similar issue with Math where these kids will typically be familiar with methods to solve a problem that go way beyond 8th grade Math.

      • +1 triage, thanks for talking sense. Everyone is a little bent outta shape about our government’s pathetic attempts at stopping the (current) implosion. There is no way but down.

      • @CB,

        Fair enough, but if it’s only those selective schools and a few others that are being targeted, it will only take a few hundred to a few thousand families to move here for them to be full (of recent immigrants), which is insignificant in the context of existing immigration.


        wrt to yesterday’s maths discussion I agree with you in respect of insufficient kids doing two maths subjects in year 12. If you intend to continue learning maths at uni, you’re giving yourself a huge handicap if you don’t do both.

        On the other issue I was saying that in the majority of cases the kids dropping maths as they go into HSC are being completely sensible, as their preparation up that point has been inadequate or learning calculus etc just isn’t in their makeup. It’s the inadequate preparation in the earlier secondary and eveb primary years that is the real problem – there should not be so many kids getting to year 10 so light on for maths understanding (and you’d be nuts to try to make up that sort of lost ground during your last two years of high school when your ability to get into the right uni course is on the line).

  15. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 2017/18 is shaping up like economic calamity. Soon as our economy starts to stink they’ll run the other way.

    • I’m inclined to believe this also. At some point the appeal of Australia will be diminished. But as we saw in Vancouver it seems that house prices can go even higher when you import the uber rich.

      The UK has been doing it for years too! Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and just buy…?

      • I must admit trying to be rationale in the face of such distortions is hard when all statistical indicators suggest Aus in going to get some pain. My analytical mind persuades me that i’m making the right decision by staying on the side lines. But it’s arduous to keep emotion out of the game and the pressure to capitulate is ever growing in such circumstances like today’s article.

      • The cognitive dissonance you keep experiencing is a result of the rules constantly changing.

      • The cognitive dissonance you keep experiencing is a result of the rules constantly changing.

        That would probably explain it, a bit of thought riding my bike to work this morning and I recall an article recently that said in the last year most if not all of China’s growth has been the result of additional debt. Which means China is just 1 big bubble, the fast / cheap money finding it’s way into Australia from China will stop once the music in China stops, the question is when?

        I don’t want to know what it will do Australia also….

      • PantoneMEMBER

        This makes you want to buy? All this bullshit pisses me off that all it makes me do is consider how and when to get out of this fucking country.

      • This makes you want to buy? All this bullshit pisses me off that all it makes me do is consider how and when to get out of this fucking country.

        No it makes me want to vomit, but I can’t help but think that perhaps we are going back to the start of the 19th century where most didn’t own their homes and were serf’s for the upper class. As much as I detest it, I’d rather be on the winning side and own land.

        The divide between have and have not is increasing which either means violent uprisings are ahead or a reset and collapse of the current financial system. Who’s to know how the next crash will play out, but if I have a choice between renting forever or being in debt forever I’d probably pick debt.

        Of course if I really meant all of this I’d probably have bought long ago, but it’s a rock and a hard place. If you watch this BBC documentary (can’t find part 1).


        It seems to me that Britain’s policy over the last 30 years has been to let uber wealthy migrate to the UK, pay low tax and expect some kind of magical trickle down effect, they imported rich folks from the middle-east, Russia etc.. Australia seems to think that doing the same will produce different results somehow and that importing the uber rich Chinese and South Korean’s will have some kind of wealth boom for everyone here…

        London property has been on a bull run for 30 years, with a few dips in between… If you can ride out the dips you’ll be ok… Maybe Sydney and Melbourne will be the same? Buy in now, hold for the next 20 – 30 years, cash in your chips and retire to somewhere cheaper like the Adelaide hills or Gold Coast/North Queensland? haha..

  16. Yesterday HRH told us that houses are all we have.
    Today, Malcolm tells us we will be making them more easily available for purchase by foreigners.
    There is no Plan B, housing is our national product and we are committed to it.

  17. moderate mouse

    The final blow-off. When the locals are tapped out, just import your bubble! There’s never been a clearer sign that our government is managing a bubble, not an economy. But the trouble with bubbles is they are inherently unmanageable. Get your popcorn.

  18. Dumbfounded doesn’t even come close. This is just insane, Australia is careening towards a precipice and Turnbull just floored it!

  19. Don’t stress guys!

    “The government has done studies on this, and they’ve found that Chinese buyers actually keep prices down by encouraging new supply.”

  20. I predict an increase in bullying once these kids start laying out turds in the schoolyard

  21. What are the chances FIRB will turn a blind eye to visa holders buying more than 1 existing property? What with FIRB being so vigilant and all….

  22. Read this article a few days ago and made me think it is time to tap out so to speak. With 2 young kids about to hit school age and options to live elsewhere, the time might be right.

  23. Ooh, yeah! This is a pretty clear message to Australian families with kids about how much the government thinks you’re worth…. nothing!

    Hopefully this will give an extra puff into the bubble so the mean reversion is bigger. Once in a century event coming, folks!

    • Does it LD? As Melbourne trans-morphs into Mumbai or Shanghai why can’t you just make it more and more attractive to move to and go to Fishers ever heightening plateau. The diverging mortgage and price charts places Melbourne as a suburb of the other two.

    • I’m thinking of pulling up stumps and moving…seriously.

      Not an easy decision to make with two young kids. My parents moved a lot when I was young and it wasn’t good. Reseting social networks isn’t good for kids.

      Plus there’s the issue of being in this situation financially -> http://digitalsynopsis.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/thought-provoking-paintings-pawel-kuczynski-6.jpg

      I can barely afford the move. That’s the consequence of thinking this Ponzi RE Bubble is insane right from the start and refusing to participate, all the while trying to make a go of it as an engineer working on, you know, actual technological progress. Rent, the cost of living, and dev expenses are eating into my meagre savings now. Feels like a pretty hopeless situation.

      • You always need an exit plan. Whether in business or in society. Never burn your exit plan because you never know when you’ll need it.

        Similarly, my concern with relocation is the impact on young children, otherwise it’s becoming a much easier choice to pull the trigger and head overseas.

      • I don’t know what happened lately Mr Bear, but it’s like a light went on in my head and I just want to leave. I guess it just became apparent how utterly lost Australians are to financialisation. They have embraced their own doom and I really think it’s past the point of no return now.

        Hell, I’m even referring to them as “them” even though I’m Australian. I’m psychologically ready to go.

        Ironically my European wife hated it here and always wanted to go back (to Switzerland or Sweden). Now just when I am ready to bail out, she’s decided that she likes it here now and wants to stay! I’m sure I could convince her, but it really is about the kids. This is still a great place to grow up, and the extended family is here.

        If no family was involved, I’d be outta here.

      • All my family are in Oz, and the wife and 2 kids are Australian, but we left anyway. I don’t want my kids growing up in that entitled refugee bashing anti intellectual cesspit of mediocrity.

        Kids are more flexible than you think. They forgot about Australia very quickly and now have a lot of American friends.

        I’m in tech, and leaving Oz in 2011 was one of the best things I did. Since your wife is foreign, if her country is good (you mentioned Switzerland: it’s fine, I used to live there and my employer has offices there), then if you go there that makes it easier… still near one side of the family, easy visa/residency path.

        Let me repeat… leaving Oz was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Where I live now opportunities abound and things look like they’re only going to keep improving. If you stay in Oz, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to a) live through a grinding economic reset, or if that doesn’t happen b) live somewhere with limited opportunities for your kids where they’ll never be able to own their own house, where renters are treated as scum, where they’ll be taxed heavily so old multimillionaires can get pensions and never pay tax on earnings.

    • notsofastMEMBER

      The message has been pretty clear for more than a decade now. The destruction of TAFE and the fact many of our esteemed professional institutions becoming nothing more than immigration lobby groups made this abundantly clear.

      Why anybody with any wealth would bring their children to such a country of dead beats is beyond comprehension.

      • ‘Why anybody with any wealth would bring their children to such a country of dead beats is beyond comprehension.’

        That’s the question I keep asking Chinese in Beijing. Why bring your kids to Australia? For a better future is their answer. Once I explain to them the reality of Australia (which they were if course unaware of) you see them start to seriously reassess their dearly held views about how wonderful Australia is. They don’t understand the reality of Australia, but I am getting the impression that the message is slowly getting out in dribs and drabs to some parts of the population over here.

  24. Rich overseas kid needs to go to a desirable school/uni…. should they buy a new development in an outlying area and wait for it to be built? Or simply buy an existing house in close proximity to said school?

    Hmmm I wonder….

    • Yes, obvious choice isn’t it?

      Half a pound of tupenny rice,
      Half a pound of treacle.
      That’s the way the money goes,
      Pop! goes the weasel!

    • That’s right. Buying an established house will be popular. And if someone doesn’t want to, then they can buy several (6?) new ones, ensuring that any demand has maximum effect on increasing prices.

  25. All progressing as planned. If you study previous bubbles, they all exhibit the same irrational behavior on the part of the participants primarily because human behavior does not change (at least not during such a short period in evolutionary terms). The events that will bring this bubble to and end are not known (anyone who claims otherwise is an idiot/charlatan). However, a common theme across all previous bubbles is that global flow of money is a key determinant factor in trends reversing. As long as money is flowing into Australia expect this to continue. Once global investors decide that we’re no longer an attractive destination for their money, no amount of government propping will help and things will collapse.

    • When??? The Government can prop up housing by simply changing the immigration rules, or not enforcing laws that may dampen prices. That process can go on until I am dead can’t it?

      • You’re implying that the government has ultimate control over the economy. It does not, nor does the RBA. They have some tools at their disposal, but trends are driven mainly by external forces (money flow, health of the Chinese economy, AAA rating, … and disruptive technologies that impact how we use energy resources, as well as unknown events (black swans). All bubbles do come eventually to an end, that’s what history tells us. In the absence of external shocks (very unlikely), this could go on until the world has moved into alternative energy sources (10 years?) and we’re left with resources that no one wants.. At that point, expect very little money to flow into Australia.

      • Not a all. It seems to me that with the divergence of prices and mortgages that UE assembled from earlier this week that the China stimulus money is shaping the local Victorian market even more than local pressures. It is this that is driving our market. The function that the government exerts is the turning on and off of a tap. The pressure of the water comes from elsewhere and is unknown, as is the volume of the reservoir from whence it comes. How can anyone predict when this process will stop? If you can, please tell me….

        I am unsure that the MB market view is valid in such a circumstance.

      • They can’t stop people leaving though – and the numbers in that group have certainly increased over the last three to four years.

      • China stimulus money is shaping the local Victorian market even more than local pressures.
        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve said many times that China’s economy and money flow is a better indicator for house prices in Sydney/Melbourne than the traditional economic ratios..
        No one can predict, but some of the important factors are:
        1) China’s economy, Yuan devaluation?
        2) When/how the world moves into alternative energy sources
        3) Australia’s credit rating

    • notsofastMEMBER

      Its probably time to have the governmeny/public school system charge fees. This would be consistent with the governments approach to TAFE and University Education.

      The whole system sucks but…

  26. Why was this promise from MT kept secret until now?
    We only know about it three months later. While we get fed all the crap of negative gearing arguments, and how the LIBs are concerned about house prices will fall of labour win.
    We are treated as retards!
    Who cares about negative gearing if turnbullshit can import Chinese buyers and prop up the bubble further?

    • notsofastMEMBER


      It appears that it is not even up for debate in the election campaign. Regardless of whom ever wins the election it’s government policy…

  27. So why do we need to import dirt-poor immigrants who come here to work for 50c-$10/hour?

    Why not sell PR visas for $50k each.

    At least if you sell PR visas, you will not corrupt Aussie unis and make Aussie degrees worthless.

  28. Someone needs to get Shorten on record, surrounded by cameras and get clarification on whether he supports this goddamn travesty. Housing affordability and education are central pillars of Labour’s campaign – how can they stand by and let this slide with a straight face??

  29. Could easily be an Onion article:

    “Govt packs schools with foreign students; cuts funding”

    Following the Neoliberal script as played out in the USA. Cram the public schools full while cutting funding in accordance with the ideology that private schools will be incentivised to open up and service the demand. Kids will then overflow out of the public and into the private schools.

    What happens, of course, is that the flow has nothing to do with need and everything to do with wealth. The more wealthy families move kids into the private schools, the poorer families stay public and the class divide is reinforced on the way to Neo Feudalism.

    MT always fancied himself King, or perhaps Emperor.

  30. This hardly seems like a vote winner, and at least some of the schools involved are likely to be in marginal electorates. For example, the suburb of Glen Waverly often seems to be described as having desirable schools, and is largely in the marginal Labour seat of Bruce. With a less than 2% swing needed to win it, you’d have thought it would be a reasonable target for an area where the LNP could gain.

    Anyone whose kid is at an overcrowded school is going to hate this policy, regardless of the effect on house prices

    • Rob, I think you’re right. The question is, will this get sufficient play in the MSM to make it visible enough during the campaign? Will Labour be prepared to take the other side and say they will roll back the visa changes?

      • Yes those are very good questions.
        And if the answer to both is ‘no’, then there will be white hot voter anger by the next election for an Australian Trump or Palmer 2.0 to tap into.

  31. notsofastMEMBER

    “Australia will populate to 40 million and will then vote to become a Chinese Provence and will then populate to hundreds of millions.”

    Yes Australia will populate to 40 million and beyond. Then most likely it will fall apart, with different parts of the country going their separate ways.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      I suspect you are right .
      Week before last I attended a seminar about an unsolicited proposal for turning the Port of Yamba on the Clarence river into a super port with a heavy duty double rail link to Moree, bulk minerals (read coal , bauxite,uranium), live cattle & bulk grains out, heavy machinery in.
      All privately financed with Chinese money. When I asked where the 10,000- 100,000 workforce was coming from,the proponent airly said ,”Unemployed car workers.” I suspect they mean to bring in Chinese labor as the whole thing is a chinese project.

      I have been wondering why Turnbull is looking so queasy and unasured during this campaign, he must be very nervous about the reaction to this policy, that will makes us a Chinese colony.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I love Yamba. Not as much as I did before it became a retirement village but love nonetheless. I’d hate to see it destroyed. Destroyed more.

        You know, there’s something akin between an oldies’ beach town and a boatload of bawling cattle.

  32. Didn’t think you could implement such a policy whilst the Government is in caretaker mode.

  33. I don’t know what the fuck to do. I’d like to own my own place, but I can’t buy in this kind of idiotic environment. I don’t want to rent anymore, I have money for a deposit, but nobody in power gives a shit about anyone who isn’t a home owner. What will the children of every boomer be doing in the future? Renting forever? Or waiting on an inheritance of property if they’re lucky? This is awful.

    • StomperMEMBER

      Maintain the faith @Rustyshacks – this is going to end badly – the damage is already done and is just getting worse with every passing day. The level of foreign debt is the trigger – it will burst and it will cause devastation. Neither the LNP nor ALP will be able to stop it from happening.

    • I’d like to own my own place, but I can’t buy in this kind of idiotic environment

      You poor thing, you clearly are not keeping abreast of the latest advice, which is to tap “the bank of Mom and Dad”. Is that helpful? No need to thank me ?

    • steven.grellmanMEMBER

      It’s no consolation, but measures like this really show how desperate the Government is getting to try and keep the housing bubble inflated. As destructive as it is, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel, and no matter how much they try, this thing is going to pop big time.

    • I’m in the same boat RS. Forever renting, deposit saved (though now being eroded) but after years of trading I simply can’t bear to “buy high, sell low” at a time when it’s very obvious that the shoe-shine-boys are in the market.

      This sort of fucked up policy just makes me think I’ll be renting forever, putting up with invasion of my privacy, paying high rents for shitty service. Logically, it has to end at some point, but when? Given how concentrated Australian finance is in Real Estate, when it blows up then is there even going to be an economy worth sticking around to participate in? Dutch Disease and financialisation has white-anted the real economy so much that it’ll just disappear in a puff of dust when it’s called upon to take the weight.

      Seriously, screw this. I can’t save fast enough to keep up with the rise in prices. I will NOT take a mega mortgage because in the time it would take me to pay it off I could have staked out some land and built the damn house with my own two hands 10 times over, including the time taken to train and learn the required skills. It’s utterly insane.

      I’m looking at the exit door but every other English-speaking country seems infected with the same Neoliberal disease.

      • I rent in California, support a family of 5, and save 30% gross income. Try doing that in Sydney.

        The disease is MUCH more advanced in Oz because it’s economy is hollowed out so corruption is running rampant; it is a resource dependent Southern nation, after all. Countries like the US have corruption too, but there are still large parts of the economy that actually produce valuable stuff, which limits the reach of the corruption. New sectors are actually allowed to develop here and destroy old entrenched sectors.

    • wasabinatorMEMBER

      Owning isn’t all that. I sold just recently and am delighted to not have to worry about the myriad cons of ownership.

  34. This sounds like a great opportunity for those who have kids but can’t afford a property. They can offer their kids for adoption by overseas property buyers who would then be allowed in the country. In return the new guardians could gift one of the properties that they would buy to the parents. /sarc off

    • Lol, this says something about our psychology. The very first thing I thought when I read about this was: “how is this going to be gamed?”. But I was thinking from the Chinese side rather than the Australian side.

      There’s going to be a grey market in incoming Chinese primary school students with very dubious Guardian relationships. Watch for kids regularly changing “guardians” once they get here.

      • “Australian Government Champions Child Trafficking”

        No, it’s not a title from The Onion but government policy!

        But don’t worry, Malcolm has you covered as it’s only “slanty eyed kids” or “darkies” being trafficked and boosts house prices to the moon! Oz is sooo rich! Don’t you feel sooo rich…!?

      • @mrmedved:
        “Australian Government Champions Child Trafficking”
        No, it’s not a title from The Onion but government policy!

        No, it is real: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jun/16/goddard-inquiry-child-migrants-abused-australia

        “David Hill was 12, “so bloody poor” and living in England with his single mother and three brothers when they were given a brochure for Fairbridge Farm school in New South Wales, Australia, and the promise of a better life.”

        “Parents were told, ‘If you really love your kids, you’ll make the ultimate sacrifice and send them away for opportunity and education.’

        ” The education was poor and many children, including him, were forced to leave school by the age of 15 to labour on the farm in brutal conditions. Food was poor quality and scarce. For many children, emotional, physical, psychological and sexual abuse was a frequent occurrence inside Fairbridge and other educational institutions for migrants run by the Australian government, the states, religious institutions and charities.”

        “Some were abused before being brought to Australia, chosen for the program because of their vulnerability.”

      • rob

        maybe a bridge too far – lets make it all encompassing – if you are an Australian citizen you can buy, but if not, they you can rent/lease – this rule (or close to it) applies in many countries…

        for mine, we should also place migrants where we want them (smaller capitals/regional towns) for a set period of time – say 2 or 5 years rather than allow them to cluster into Sydney and Melbourne – migrant placement is also common elsewhere – many stay where they start off

        plus no dole or welfare assistance until they become a citizen as well – we are inflating house prices in a couple of capital cities; now crowding out our schools and importing holes in our already leaky bucket

        these suggestions aren’t draconian – most migrants would accept them (many with open arms) – we just need to make them rules and stick to them

        that is a major problem in the country – we have rules of law – not the rule of law – and we keep changing the rules

        oh and whilst I am at it – Friday pm, very quite in the office based business world given the pending election (any excuse in Oz to sit on ones hands) – we should have a flat tax across everything (consumption, business, personal) – 25% and wipe out all other industry specific taxes/benefits – stamps, land tax, negative gearing etc. plus sack the RBA and let the market determine interest rates – they do a better job


    • No. Wong has said there should be no restrictions to buying. It would be racist.

      Sustainable Australia is the only party that will look after Australians.

    • As much angry I am Reusa, I get really upset reading your posts.
      Your jokes are not funny, and if you think we are all losers, why do you bother reading our posts.
      I suggest you stick to Domain fax, where all your mates belong.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        I think reus provides some refreshing and much needed balance against the left wing bias, political correctness and boomer-bashing that quite frankly diminishes this site.

      • Reuse is a golden god, and much more successful than youse permawrongs. I for one think he should get an OBE from Sir Tony.

        Remember in 2000 when The Onion wrote a satire article that basically predicted the next 8 years? Reuse is the Oz real estate version of that.

    • It’s starting to disturb me that you’re the only one that has been making the right calls this entire time. You’re just too damm handsome.

      • “It’s starting to disturb me that you’re the only one that has been making the right calls this entire time.”


      • haroldusMEMBER

        He’s the only contributor here that my dog Jack considers a must read

        Yeah but do you read him everyone’s posts?

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Yes…no. Some types here are too wordy. It might be the character voices I do. Reusa is Barry White like. Jack likes Barry White. I do mine like Bill Hunter. He likes that too. Not as much as Reusa though.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        I’m disturbed that Reusa never breaks character. That kind of dedication…

        … And he’s too freakily good-looking.

  35. “social conditioning”

    Exactly. Australians have been conditioned to walk to the slaughter house without a whimper. I’m glad to see a few people starting to wake up to it.

    It’s not about racism, xenophobia blah blah, it’s about money and power.

    Australia, you’ve been conned, led to the slaughter by people in the media like Wilkinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH8VC3CrTYw

    I tried to tell you all and have continually copped predictable “you’re just racist” comments for years.

    I wish I could say, “I got the last laugh”, but we’re all going to cop it in the neck. When you all (you know who you are) see your kids tonight apologise to them, you’ve destroyed their country.

    • It happens everywhere in the Western World. EU is even worse, we have big business, obviously including banks, alongside their friends politicians pushing the immigration agenda, see e.g. commissioner Frans Timmermans
      and Peter Sutherland ex Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former DG of WTO, Attorney General of Ireland and currently the UN Special Rep of the Secretary-General for International Migration

      • Their vision for the world is one nation, one government, one currency. They really believe that it will bring in an era of peace and prosperity by eliminating international squabbles. The European Union, the Union for the Mediterranean and the TTP are examples of baby-steps on the way to their goal of one Open Society.

        …this is what happens when people with no engineering experience whatsoever try to design a complex system. Any engineer worth his salt can easily explain how entropy destroys complex projects and that the only way to manage that entropy is to bootstrap up to MODULARIZE, isolating complexity into contained units that present a very simple interface to the system. This pattern bootstraps up into higher complexity.

        Turns out evolution, the Master Engineer, already figured this out 4 billion years ago and has been building highly modular systems ever since, culminating in multicellular eukaryotes like us.

        But don’t let reality influence the ideology of the Neoliberals. Just like before the first World War, these idiots’ dreams of Open Societies, from which they can best profit, will result in utter collapse of society into the very warfare that they’re allegedly trying to prevent. They are trying to DEmodularize the world and I am 100% sure that it will fail disastrously, just like it did last time.

        Their open system is brittle, not composable, complex, insecure, lacks redundancy and ends up being disastrously inefficient due to constant failures.

        Engineers would aim for a very different system structure, one that might actually work, drawing upon all the lessons learned from generations of complex systems analysis.

      • Mediocritas

        What a great comment. I remember learning about entropy at uni. Cool stuff. Let’s hope the engineers designing this pay the price. We all know it’s pure evil pushing it. Greed and power. If I’m alive when it happens I’ll make sure in some way.

    • I don’t think too many people on here would disagree with anything you’ve just said. It’s just who you choose to blame that bemuses/confuses many of us. You seem to bestow magical powers and influence on the “left”, when it is the major parties that hold most of the cards. It is the Coalition and Labor that set immigration limits and policies like this one. They’re the ones that have sold us out. You and 90% of the population can put the Green last, but guess what, the Coalition and Labor will continue to screw us. You dislike the Greens and that’s a fair enough given your political views, secretly i share some of your concern about Greens immigration policies, but don’t pretend that they have any real influence on what is happening today. The left has no say on these issues. We’re in the wildness where the Coalition, Labor and most of the country want us. So don’t blame us for the current sh!tstorm.

    • Rereading my post it comes across more aggressive than I intended. We will probably never fully agree on who is to blame, but I think can agree that we’re pretty much screwed.

      • Not aggressive at all. You come across as one of the voices of reason on this site, despite the emotionally inflammatory topics we all discuss here that causes half of us to lose whatever shred of cool we may have left after dealing with the real world.

      • You’re too kind, Popcod. But yeah, given the current political and economic landscape it’s hard not to occasionally lose the plot!!

  36. Good Old Macrobusiness. I saw this on SBS last night and freaked out. I have been madly searching for media coverage of this issue and there is 0, nada, nothing. At least some media is covering the underhanded deals of this government. Thank you MB and SBS

    • The more socially connected need to pump this into their networks. I’m sure it will go viral on its own amongst young (and not so young) Australian parents.

  37. It’s game, set and match. The genius of this visa is that it guarantees a next generation so the local Aussie youngsters are irrelevant.

  38. sydboy007MEMBER

    I don’t feel like I have any control over our borders. I want a moratorium on immigration until a viable plan on how to pay for it is worked out.

    Then we can have the debate about what is a sustainable population for the country.

  39. Is this a record, 185 comments so far. Majority of the comments are negative against Turnbull, should Turnbull be worried come 2nd July?

    • should Turnbull be worried come 2nd July?

      Well, there is a teeny tiny chance that the commenters on MB don’t all hold views representative of the average Aussie voter.

  40. Out of curiosity do the students need a place in a school before the visa is granted? If so won’t that mean its private schools that are flooded?

    • Andrew William

      No, they will spend $2 million + on a fibro shack but they will not spend a cent on school fees. Look at the pupils at Barker, Knox, Abbotsleigh, St Leos…..they are absent. Look at the government schools in the same catchment areas that are free – Killara High, St Ives High, Hornsby High School for Girls etc. all inundated.

  41. No, MB is merely following the script of ‘using a thinly veiled academic veneer to demonise foreigners’ aka Brexiters, Trumpistas, GOP alt right, UKIP, FNP, looney left, isolationists, national socialists etc.; anything that raises the emotions and bypasses the head…… agitprop.

    It’s all straight from the neo lib, neo con and ‘white nativist’ handbook of dog whistling and Pavlov’s dog, as the little guy with the moustache in 1930’s Germany knew, keep repeating the putative lie, and eventually it will become true in peoples’ minds….. like here 🙂

    Blame an external group using propaganda masuerading as facts and research on the negatived about e.g. Chinese, trade agreements, Indians, moslems, international students, jews, 457 temp workers or simply ‘immigrants’ for house prices, pressure on services, unemployment, congestion, crime, environment etc…… meanwhile life goes on for the ‘top people’ and the staus quo remains.

    For anyone claiming to be educated and supposedly tolerant you need to have a long hard think and look in the mirror about what are you really stressing about and type of society you want to create; isolated national feudalism or be comfortable with the outside world?

  42. Seriously,
    Anyone who votes for Liberal is an I D I O T.
    Anyone who votes for Labor is just as bad.
    This country is run by M U P P E T S.

    Is this what Aussies want really??????

    A nation that says “right, let’s let every single Chinaman in to buy our property, take over everything, and well, stuff our kids, they deserve nothing”.


    What a disaster this country is.

    If the ALP or LNP are elected, AUSTRALIA IS PHUCKED.

  43. Turnbull is a C A R N T.

    Plain and simple.



  44. So, who’s going to be going me as an expat by pulling up sticks and getting out?

    • I’m seriously thinking about it, very seriously. The tech I was working on got scooped by Illumina so if I can’t beat them, I may as well join them. They’re in CA too.

  45. It an international competition for high value migrants. Just google golden visa for the programs in use in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus etc. You can end up a citizen of a European country with an investment of about AUD600k.

  46. Changes to the Senate voting give me some hope. I’m voting above the line in the senate and there are enough little parties that don’t favour high immigration to fill the requisite six squares. I will start with Sustainable Australia. There will not be any need to put in anyone from Libs, Labor or the Greens. Does anyone see anything wrong with this approach, given the alternative of business as usual?