MB price rise

Dear readers,

MB is going to raise the price of a subscription from $149 to $199 on August 1, 2016. The price rise will apply to all subscribers and auto-renewals as they fall due.

The main reason for this is the ongoing structural shift in the advertising market. Display advertising space which we used to sell for $40 per thousand views is now going for roughly $10 per thousand views owing to the rise of the programmatic trading of ad space (that is, bots that surf your demographic profile all over the net).

Feedback from readers is that MB will still be very good value compared to its competitors even though we can no longer offer earlier discounted rates. The AFR will cost you $559 for a year or Eureka Report $770.

Stick with us to support the good fight for better policy and higher returns!


David & Leith

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Best blog. Perhaps MB could run a news section, with a much more formal tone for the analysis.

      The problem with sharing MB articles now is it gets dismissed as a blog simply because of the tone of the articles. It doesn’t matter if MB is completely right and the MSM is completely wrong, MB gets dismissed because it is a blog and not regarded as “serious”. Whereas if MB ran two sections, one “serious news and editorial” section and one “informal and agile blog” section, it would be able to have the best if both worlds. It would also make it easier for me to present the information to other people without them dismissing the whole site because of the juvenile yet fitting poo hats.

      • I complained about the foul language and juvanile images that this website used.

        Also, I like photos, so if they could have a photo at the top of each article (CC licence photos will do).

      • If it is used to help you manage your financial affairs, it’s an expense, a bit like your accountant.
        or change accountants

      • “If it is used to help you manage your financial affairs, it’s an expense, a bit like your accountant.”

        Not quite. You need to be able so show that it’s directly related to earning assessable income to be able to claim a deduction.

      • As a teacher I can claim up to 300 on journals subscriptions (professional) without any questions !

        And really good value

      • haroldusMEMBER

        AB that’s right – I can’t see how to make it relate.

        Still….. only 200 bucks for my only social outlet (well bit of an exaggeration, I also have yelling at people while naked in Bunnings on saturdays)

      • Could you argue that your MB subscription stopped you from trading thereby defending your assessable income?

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Yes, I claim it (legitimately) as a business expense. No different then a subscription to the AFR or any other industry / trade data source that you pay for.

  1. Worth every penny. But a small bit of feedback – would be great if we could have an “ignore” function to block out some of the regular bores and trolls. Thanks MB!

  2. BaldbadgerMEMBER

    No need to justify boys. It’s worth every cent.
    All you need to do now is get the MB fund going and you’d have a lot of very happy subscribers.

  3. I still occasionally spend more than that on a night out.
    Concert tickets, booze, food, uber.
    MB is far better value.
    I’m happy to wear it.

  4. Still more than worth it. Keep up the good work, and kudos for being upfront and honest about the price rise and its drivers.

  5. bolstroodMEMBER

    Even on the pension (no IP’s) it is worth every cent.
    Tips m’ lid to youse blokes.
    Agree with Pyjamas.

    Oh! just saw I have 361 days til next renewal. Bonus

  6. “Display advertising space which we used to sell for $40 per thousand views is now going for roughly $10 per thousand views owing to the rise of the programmatic trading of ad space ”

    There was something on the ABC recently about this. Personally I’ll struggle to find the money, but it’s worth every cent! Keep up the good work.

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      I found a non auto-renewing option by subscribing via the ‘My Account” section. However, when I was trying to subscribe via their ‘subscribe now’ option on locked articles I was only getting the “auto-renew” option.

  7. Yes ……. MB is good comparative value ….. but i wish i could put my fees up 33%. A bit rich.

    • think the price is ok; yet am really wanting to pay for exclusivity. It’s not really exclusive when anyone without a subscription can access most of our comments. If articles can be locked down and Chatham house rules put in play; would actually be quite interesting

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      That’s a petty comment, Jason. You just acknowledged it offers good comparative value.

      What you’re saying is that it used to be [i]really[/i] great value, and now it’s just great value. That sounds a bit like sour grapes to me.

  8. Perhaps you need to expand to make it like a news site. Make it easier for others to submit articles as volunteers. Not just Economics columns but other sections that will attract casual readers and get them interested in the current stuff too. THis site is great but as long as it looks like a blog, it will never be respected as a real news source.

  9. Royale With Cheese

    Mediawatch did a whole episode on plunging ad rates a few weeks ago:


    Interesting words from Alan Kohler, who timed his exit immaculately:

    “ALAN KOHLER: We were getting $50 CPMs, which is per thousand, and when we started the business in 2007 the view was that that was pretty good we could just about make a living at that sort of price …

    … And in fact it’s collapsed, the price has collapsed, and now the going rate for CPMs is two to five dollars, so it’s really fallen to a tenth. It’s one of the greatest price collapses in history really. “

  10. No worries, this is our fiat doing what fiat does anyway and your services valued in my bullion holdings remains pretty much the same 🙂

  11. Not a great call for young clients. 200 bucks invested in a 6% yielding account is worth $1148 in 30 years time when we may be needing to pay for all sorts of things that you can’t comprehend whereas $150 bucks in the same account is merely an $861 sacrifice.

    That’s the opportunity cost calc for those young gen not writing off against tax.

    Next year going to have to pass; what would be good is if MB quarantine the extra 50 subscription fee and invest it thru the year based on a voting system by subscribers on forex/resources/stock positions and strategies. Those funds could then be used to improve the website/content curation etc; rather than simply offset declining advertising revenues. Other than that last suggestions, I’ve had a good run as a collegiate contributor and will be bowing out simply as have too few hours now and need to cut fat from somewhere to finish my PHD whilst doing many other things.

    Cheers and never been a better time to make like a tree and #brexit!

  12. What’s happened to ASX at the close? Are you trying to stamp out o/nite banter & trading types?

    • Yep. Less than an overpriced cup of coffee, which is overpriced because the cost of housing has soared, resulting in labour costs going up because even baristas need a roof over their heads, and those increased costs are passed on to the punter. This was one of the first lessons I learned when I came to MB in search of knowledge a few years ago.

      I now understand vastly more about how the world works as a result of reading MB, and I’m prepared to pay $4 per week for that knowledge, even if what I’ve learned totally gives me the shits.

  13. One of the few places where I am not emotionally impacted by a price rise because I value the information and work provided so much. Good work MB keep it up

  14. I’d rather spend $0.55 cents a day reading your stuff than any other subscription to be honest!

  15. I’m in!

    Would like a comment disable setting to reign myself in on the articles that fire me up!

  16. I’m staying!

    My only comment is that I’d like to see more discussion around taking advantage of the insights offered here.

    A common theme, particularly among posters is taking defensive positions (and aggressive shorts) and discussion of an impending global financial collapse.

    The global finical collapse can, keeps getting kicked down the road and until that happens – there is still clearly opportunity in the intervening period.

    Eg My startup is working and taking advantage of the mining GFC – what I read here has framed our strategy and it has worked – we see nothing but opportunity and manageable risks.

    The risk are getting richer and people are still making money – lets’ have more discussion of the opportunities.

    Always look on the bright side of life, da da da, la la laaa laa la …….

  17. TailorTrashMEMBER

    No probs …………keep asking the questions no one in the Australian media seems to even be aware of………

  18. Cheaper than a night out by Craig Thompson on his union credit card!
    Still great value for money – keep up the good work!!!

  19. Tassie TomMEMBER

    Fair enough. You guys do a good job.

    I’ll consider it my newspaper subscription since I don’t buy the newspapers and read the free ones online instead.

  20. How about a P.O. Box, some of us with gold buried in our backyard don’t do electronic commerce.

    $15 extra for taking a cheque sounds about right.

  21. Dearie me! $199. Bernays would be impressed. Why not $199.99 then? While a round $200 will show you have shaken him off. OK by me.

  22. innocent bystander

    competition is struggling/cutting…

    Join now – just $297 for 12 months.

    This will give you full access to all Intelligent Investor, Eureka Report and InvestSMART content (RRP$770).

  23. just_the_pipMEMBER

    This is the only thing I subscribe to so I’m happy to keep paying. I trade quite frequently and the insights I get from this site inform my trading and ensure the membership pays for itself many times over.
    My only hope is that the blog creeps further into the mainstream. Alternative sources of news and opinion to counter the NewsCorp/Fairfax duopoly have never been more in need.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  24. Stormy Waters

    Seems reasonable, also kind of you to do it in August – i imagine most of your readers signed in July and will get another full year at the lower prices.

  25. But but but, everything is supposed to be deflationary…like the job ad revenues. Give Mr ShortarmsLongpockets me a reminder just before midnight end July.

  26. I watched ‘I am Fishhead’ today – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB0k7wBzXPY

    The take away for you blokes is you need ~6% population penetration before the herd will start to turn your way………… 1.5m peoples to achieve a critical mass………! I think they’re already out there, somehow you’ve just got to get them all on the same page……….

  27. Drat. Subscription renewal is August 10th.

    Any chance you can open up a prepayment option for existing members?

  28. Any chance of International subscribers avoiding paying GST and funding your government?

  29. Even StevenMEMBER

    Well worth it, David and Leith. The best economic commentary and analysis I have come across.

    I do concur with some other suggestions made here that changing the website to incorporate a non-blog section may enhance credibility amongst mainstream media. It’s silly, I know, and personally I couldn’t give two hoots, but just trying to be helpful…

  30. i’ll be happy to renew once i get an answer to my email explaining how to change my name, esp now that there’s ANOTHER CATHERINE ON THE SITE.
    who allowed that.

  31. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    The only option I’m getting is an auto-renewal. I’d like to pay on a year-by-year basis. Is this possible? It used to be. I’m willing to sign up on the proviso there’s no auto-renewal.